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Yale's Red Guard

Wokeism? Mao rises from the grave

"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

February 15, 2021


Photo Source: WindsOfJihad


Universities in America like Yale were unique at another time in our history, an example of the best of American exceptionalism in the world.

But those days are gone, as these institutions export Wokeism they have embedded into many of their graduates for spreading the university's vile anti-American message across the country. Wokeism is just another modern new word that translates into old fashioned Communism or the fascism of the Third Reich, where only one view is accepted, no others seen as benefiting the society.

Communism has become welcomed for years at these universities by professors who brag that not only are conservative views in their departments in the minority but in some cases, such as at the University of North Carolina in 2009, those conservative views that are attached with the hiring conservative professors has reached zero! The left of course calls this "diversity."

China's Red Guard 1960's

Red Guard shames elderly Chinese man with board, these young students not unlike those Marxist students at Yale. - Webmaster

Photo Source: EpochTimes / See story below

Yale's Red Guard 2015

Watch Yale students attack professor like the Red Guard did to the Chinese professor in the 1960's China revolution. - Webmaster

Click on photo to see professor attacked in 2015 by Yale's Red Guard, same as the above photo from 1960's.

Some of these students have gone so far in their indoctrination of Wokeism to see their parents and / or their grandparents as racist, some grandparents having fought on foreign shores for the country's freedom 75 years earlier.

To understand this wokeism, you must watch in full the following video for a stunning example of the extremely disturbing disrespect these students have for the views of others around them.

In the top video link is the confrontation of many students with the professor in detail. In an e-mail the professor's wife defended the right of students to wear Halloween costumes that had been attacked by Wokeism, and they were angry, today they call it being "triggered."

Graduates of today don't seem to see a better America but a different America, the one Barack Obama promised in 2008 to be a fundamentally transformed America.

Fundamental transformation means it would no longer look like the America the world has known since the revolution of 1776. In fact European countries are beginning to worry about this Wokeism in America, since America is supposed to help to protect them in a time of war, now worried that commitment might be changing with a much younger generation looking more and more each day like the violence of Mao's Red Guard.

Yale today, as you will see in this video, reminds me of a grand church that once was a place of worship for the spread of love to your neighbor. Then years later the environment around that church changed so much to the negative that the church died, plants and trees growing literally within its empty walls. In fact it had all come to the point that the city decides to rename the church property a "reserve."

This was actually done with a massive stone Methodist Church in downtown Gary, Indiana.

Click Here to watch in detail Yale students' conflict with the professor. (Warning: Language.)

If video below has been taken down by YouTube's "community standards," click here to watch.

"In 2015, viral video of Yale's 'shrieking girl' screaming at professor Nicholas Christakis exploded across the internet. The cause was an email questioning Halloween costume guidelines his wife, professor Erika Christakis, had written.

A year after the blowup, Erika and Nicholas had both left their positions. In this mini-documentary We the Internet TV filmmaker Rob Montz heads to that university to investigate what Yale has become. Subscribe to We the Internet for more free speech documentaries. Click Here to watch Part 1 on what is happening on the university campus." - WTI

Video Source: WTI

Oregon Promotes Teacher Program That Seeks To Undo 'Racism In Mathematics.' A Toolkit Includes A List Of Ways 'White Supremacy Culture' Allegedly 'Infiltrates Math Classrooms.' - FOXNews



More Reality On Why Wokeism Is Dangerous To Freedom And Must Be Addressed Before It Metastasizes Across The Country.

Communism, Marxism, by any other name, is still fundamental transformation of the United States Of America. If you don't believe this, below is a warning from a Chinese woman who has experienced the horror of Communist Wokeism to individual freedoms, her real name omitted to protect her family from being arrested and then disappearing from society.

You only need to look at what the Communist's Chinese have done to those doctors and reporters who dared to challenge the source and purpose of the COVID virus - they're suddenly never seen again erased from the world of Wokeism.


Photos Don't Lie About The Reality Of Wokeism

Notice below the indoctrinated youth by party leaders, not unlike the Democrat Party in America today, obeying their Woke teachers and attacking elderly citizens as unwoke and to be dealt with, shaming an elder for simply existing as shown in the disturbing ritual below from the 1960's. - Webmaster

Article Source: EpochTimes

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"Yale Encourages Anonymous Reports To Enforce COVID-19 Restrictions, Creates ‘Surveillance State.’" - FIRE







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