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March 8, 2021



Is This How Democrat Leadership, Dr. Fauci And The National Alphabet Media View The American People?

To the Pelosi and Schumer leadership, the American people are just a bunch of cattle to be pushed around the Washington D.C. range. - Webmaster

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Go Chew On Your Damn Stimulus Check And Shut Up! We'll tell you where you can graze, what you can eat, when to wear a mask and what shots you will take. - Webmaster




On January 31, 2021, The Epoch Times Reported This Headline:

"No Plans to Develop Database for Post-COVID-19 Vaccination Deaths: FDA." - EpochTimes


Then On March 6, 2021, The Epoch Times Reported This Headline.

Remember when the


Article Source: EpochTimes


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28-Year-Old Wisconsin Healthcare Worker Brain Dead Of Aneurysm After Taking Second Pfizer Shot. - DC Clothesline, February 26, 2021

"Austria Suspends AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Batch After Woman's Death." - NDTV

"Government Data Shows Masks Had No Impact On COVID Spread Cases Rose And Fell While Mask-Wearing Remained Constant (see chart below.)" - WND

"Surveys showed mask usage reached about 80% by midsummer last year and has remained consistent since then. During that period, however, the number of daily positive cases rose and fell precipitously. Many epidemiologists have noted the coronavirus, in a second major wave, is following the bell-shaped pattern of epidemics predicted by Farr's Law in 1840, regardless of mitigation efforts." - WND

"A graph that overlays data from surveys on mask usage with the number of coronavirus cases confirms studies that indicate the face coverings have no significant impact on the spread of the coronavirus. Using data culled from and the Covid Tracking Project from March 20, 2020, to March 3, 2021, economist Brian Westbury created the chart and posted it on Twitter." - WND



"Dr. George Fareed and Colleagues Urge Early Outpatient Treatment for COVID-19."

"For patients who do not receive antibodies, early sequential multidrug therapy (SMDT) calls for combinations of well-known, safe drugs such as ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, doxycycline, and favipiravir (outside the US), along with inhaled steroids such as budesonide and oral steroids including dexamethasone and prednisone.

The article notes that dozens of countries around the world are already using these drugs for early outpatient treatment of COVID-19, including some like Brazil and India which are widely distributing ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine in at-home treatment kits." - PRNewswire, January 11, 2021




Note: How many Americans with early COVID infections in 2020 could have been saved if these same home treatment kits given out in Brazil and India had been available to them in their medicine cabinets, the Democrat party leaders and their governors shutting down access with the heel of their boots?

WE NEED TO KNOW why these kits were so politicized, literally banning them from local pharmacies in Democrat run states.

What was the profit and global W.H.O. politics that motivated the CEO's of Comcast and AT&T, respective owners of MSNBC and CNN, to allow their cable news outlets to so viciously attack hyroxychloroquine kits throughout 2020?

How did the attacks on the American people and small businesses, trying to find relief from the effects of the virus, benefit the mainstream media working as a single unit, as if it had been delegated to destroy the middle class, which it continues to do today with its 24/7 echo chamber?

And how were these attacks going to benefit Dr. Fauci, his seeming to be more interested in the limelight, his predictions so wrong so many times? Who was paying him? What was in it for him? There is no question he had a motive, and it wasn't to heal the American people but to make sure they had fear. There is no question about that after one year.

And most important what did the Democrat Party have invested in this virus to allow so many Americans to die, Pelosi even holding up COVID checks for months? It was as if the Communist Chinese had given the Democrat Party a heads-up, everyone on the left wanting Trump out of the way to weaken America again. What was going on under the table?

Who was being paid? Who was enriching themselves? The CIA, The FBI, billionaires represented by Gates, the social media fascists or Obama, who now owns an 11.4 million dollar home on Martha's Vineyard located right on the rising Atlantic ocean?

In other words, what was the one thing these groups had a common investment in, diabolical in nature, corruption and greed its bottom line?

We know this is true without a doubt. Why? Because the Biden administration has allowed illegal aliens, crossing the border with COVID, to actually be sent to cities around the nation who will only re-infect the population! And the Democrats know that and aren't stopping it. They are instead encouraging it!

As the Spock character from Star Trek once remarked, When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

And again it needs to be asked, why did the media in rank step continue to hide the photo of Dr. Fauci, his standing with Gates Senior (vaccine investments), Ted Turner (founder CNN) and of all people, George Soros (Democrat Party donor), from the awards given out at the Carnegie Foundation meeting in December of 2001, three months after 9/11, sticking it into the eye of America 20 years ago?

The photo is represented by an official press release from the Carnegie Foundation that listed the same people in attendance. If we find out why the media banned the photo, it might answer the other questions about the COVID kits available in other parts of the world but not the U.S.

Click Here to see Carnegie photo and its related press release.

Rather than ask how many elderly people Governor Cuomo allowed to be infected and die, why not ask how many early infected American elderly did the viscous mainstream buried in its push by the left of acceptable collateral damage while a new election was looming only months away? Maybe that answers the question for us. - Webmaster

Also, why was Dr. Judy Mikovits attacked?

Why was Montana physician Dr. Annie Bukacek Attacked?

Why was ER Doctor Simone Gold Attacked?

Why were the stories of the deaths Of Chinese doctors and journalists who were trying to bring out the truth, caused by the Communist Chinese Party, buried by the Democrat-run main stream media in America?









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