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2009: The Year America Was On Its Way To Being Fundamentally Transformed

"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

March 24, 2021



In His Own Words . . .

. . . retiring NEA General Counsel, Bob Chanin, tells it like it is on July 6, 2009, at the NEA National Convention of unionized school teachers, so-called professional role models for America's children.

In his speech 12 years ago, Chanin, (who was retiring from the NEA at the time), referred to conservative news outlets from FOX News to the Wall Street Journal as bastards. While he spoke that word the convention of teachers erupted into cheers. Watch.

Click On the photo below to watch these teachers cheer to the mocking of conservatives.

These are the union members representatives from town and cities across America at their annual convention in 2009. Again these are not welders or steel workers, they are classroom teachers.  In 2021, you now see the damage that the NEA has done to American traditions, eleven years later promoting equity, diversity and inclusion, the words not meaning freedom but to obey. - Webmaster


As Chanin's speech went on, he tells the conference attendees, which represents thousands of NEA leaders from across the nation, that their profession is not about the kids but instead about power . . . power that is created from hundreds-of-millions of dollars from their paid dues. As Chanin makes this claim, the NEA teachers again erupt in cheers of approval. Watch!

Click On the photo below of cheering teachers to watch the speech on power.

These are the union members representatives from town and cities across America at their annual convention in 2009. Again these are not welders or steel workers, they are classroom teachers.  In 2021, you now see the damage that the NEA has done to American traditions, eleven years later promoting equity, diversity and inclusion, the words not meaning freedom but to obey. - Webmaster


It's therefore easy to understand why union teachers today in 2021 have become so radical, seeming to care less about the kids, sometimes even using their young captive audiences to indoctrinate with dangerous identity politics and classic Marxism. They do this as they demand their taxpayer pay checks to keep rolling in while not working because of COVID, complaining today their workplace is too dangerous to go back to teaching.

How could one forget the continued disgusting arrogance of unionized public school teachers in Chicago, watching them below as they dance on Zoom over joy of the continued COVID shutdown while kids have been home for a year. Is is a stunning disrespect, as if the schools were created for them.

Well according to the NEA's Chanin back in 2009, they were.

Click Here if video has been taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

Unionized Chicago teachers in January 2021 create dance video to promote COVID lockdowns for their students, as they get paid to stay home month after month. - DailyWire

Video Source: DailyWire


So after 11 years of Chanin's speech at the annual teachers' convention in 2009, are you surprised the power the NEA has over the corrupt leaders of the Democrat Party, giving them millions in political donations, the union a self-serving organization and an oxymoron to children's education?

Within six weeks in 2021, teachers supporting the Democrat Party have destroyed girls' / womens' sports, allowed gender surgery to be paid for to transvestites who join the military establishment while added to all this abortion outside of the United States paid for with tax dollars.

Isn't it amazing what can happen after only eleven years when too many voters don't seem to care about the results of an election. Their lack of caring can be seen in a celebration of leftists at an award show televised live on the CBS network. In the video below the left displays its family values for 2021 at the annual Grammy Awards, an attitude towards family not much different than provided by today's unionized teachers.


Dr. Seuss Bad

"Podcast host Matt Walsh discusses eBay’s decision to delist the author’s work for supposed racist imagery on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ Dr. Seuss’s books seem more popular than ever amid the controversy over a small selection of titles that will no longer be sold because they were deemed to have 'insensitive and racist imagery.' Copies of the beloved children’s author’s most popular books were virtually flying out of Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s warehouses, with his most popular books making up 9 out of the top 10 bestsellers on both companies’ lists as of Thursday evening." - Fashion Behind The Scene



Grammy Awards Good

Click Here to watch if removed by YouTube's "community standards."

"Cardi B - Up / WAP feat. Megan Thee Stallion (Live from the 63rd GRAMMY's ®️ 2021)" - Cardi B

Video Source: Cardi B


The left also tried to raise worker's salaries to $15 dollar an hour, even after discovering some who receive the raise would not work beyond a weekly income that would disqualify them from a monthly government check. In other words, Sorry, I can't come to work today. I'm earning too much money.

Or under COVID, when Chicago teachers said in 2021, as kids became depressed and suicidal, Sorry, I can't come to work today. It's too dangerous.

Where Did All The Adult Role Models Go?

Teachers unions say it's too dangerous to open schools, while their members go on vacation in other "COVID areas." However this time it's by pool side with the vacation paid for by continued full salaries. Then the union warns its members, Be careful what photos you post online. We wouldn't want to give the wrong optics, as shown below, to parents / taxpayers.


As Union president Bob Chanin said in his speach to union teachers at the annual convention in 2009, It's not about the kids.  It's about power. - Webmaster

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise Americans not to travel to Puerto Rico, and categorizes the island as having a 'very high level of COVID-19' infection. 'Travelers should avoid all travel to Puerto Rico,' the CDC warns. 'Travel may increase your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19.'

The Chicago Teachers Union has threatened a possible strike if the schools reopen, according to WGN-TV. The CTU wants to delay in-person learning until all of the teachers get the coronavirus vaccine.

Chambers was reportedly fired in 2017 for 'leaving her own classroom to barge into classrooms of other teachers and issue her own instructions to students, interfering with statewide tests, and participating in a scheme to remove and transport students without any chaperone who had cleared criminal background checks.'

She was reinstated in 2019 with the help of the union." - TheBlaze

Photo Source: TheBlaze

Corrupted Chicago Teachers Union Stalls High School Reopening By Telling Teachers Not To Reveal If They've Been Vaccinated. - TheBlaze


Those comments in 2009 by the outgoing president of the NEA was also around the time that candidate Barack Obama was promising, "in just five days we will fundamentally transform the United States of America."

Some Democrat voters at his speeches in 2008 were seen jumping up and down saying, Oh he's going to pay my mortgage or He's going to pay to put gas in my car.

Others, who grew up in the world of the Simpsons and its weekly mocking of American families, were asking, What does Obama mean by hope and change? And, What is it to be fundamentally transformed?

Today, Obama who called whites racist in 2008, now owns several homes in 2021, one of them reported to be valued at $11.4 million dollars. So did the Obama's choose a home near the water's edge of Lake Michigan in South Chicago where they lived when Obama was running for the Illinois Senate?

"Nestled along the tree-lined streets of the historic Hyde Park neighborhood is a low-key piece of presidential history: the private residence of Barack Obama and his family. Here’s how you can spend an ideal day exploring some of the 44th President's favorite local haunts." - Enjoy Illinois

Obama's home when living on the South Side of Chicago.

I ask that because when Obama was living in Chicago he had a home in Hyde Park not far from where he taught at the University of Illinois, which you can see on the left. Obama already had made connections with Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky's group with its 13 Power Points to destroy a democracy and ACORN with its voter fraud.

It was a time when Obama's wife was complaining about the cost of piano lessons for her daughters while reported to be earning over $300,000 a year as VP in a Chicago hospital system, moving poor people out of the hospital to be replaced by wealthy ones with insurance.

Would you say the Obama's were privileged or that racism had held them down in America? Actually some had warned about Obama, wanting to transform America instead of making it great again with the help of a corrupted national media.

So after leaving the office of the president of the United States, did Obama return to the South Side of Chicago and help raise others up out of their poverty using his new power? Actually, no he didn't.

He chose to live on the water's edge of what he claims to be a rising Atlantic Ocean in the small community of Martha's Vineyard, where all those racist white millionaires live that Obama mocked in 2008.

If you remember, it was also Obama in 2011 who attacked what he called the 1% wealthy, using the violent attacks by the OWS to harass Wall Street investors. But when Obama left office in January of 2017, during the following spring he was seen on a yacht owned by one of the richest men in the world, enjoying a trip to Tahiti.

So you can forget those poor 1% percent Americans Obama had gone after years before, on a yacht with white privilege Americans such as actor Tom Hanks and musician Bruce Springsteen. What, you didn't know?

What has BLM said about that strange oxymoron or MSNBC and CNN? Well actually nothing. But some did fawn over Obama taking pictures of his wife on the deck of that luxury ship.


It's what community organizers do, trained Saul Alinsky activists some of Obama's favorite, you know the ones following Alinsky's Power Points, #13 one of Obama's favorite where you first identify the enemy, freeze it and finally destroy it.

That enemy could be a family advocating a return to respect for the American flag in schools or a news organization challenging the BLM, with its self-identifying Marxist training attacking small American middle-class businesses.

Obama will want to polarize them, freeze them to draw attention to them and then destroy them in his effort to fundamentally transform the country. The summer of 2020 showed that raw power by Marxists of the BLM, their words, hundreds of businesses across the country burned to the ground no matter who owned them, stores looted and statues of American heroes from the past pulled down.

Nancy Pelosi, the leader of that ideology from San Francisco, reacted to those events as only a Pelosi can do. It was to lie with a straight face and then say with approval, People will do what they do.

Hmm, but when it came to "her" Capitol building on January 6, 2021, she called it an insurrection, a riot of white supremacists trying to take over the nation as they carried those obscene American flags while wearing hats to make America great again. Those two images together were unforgivable to Nancy, not having a problem with human feces all over the sidewalks not far from her home in San Francisco, or those feces being washed down daily into the Pacific Ocean to pollute it.

So did she say for that one day event at the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., that people will do what they do?

No, she instead put a 12-foot high metal fence, topped with razor wire, around "her" Capitol building, the fence so long it was reported to take around two hours to walk around it. In fact the fence, as shown in the photos below, looks almost identical to the one that surrounds the Uyghur concentration camps in Communist China.

Yes, America is under attack. But not from Russia or Communist China. They are the least of the country's worries.


"Hold this compelling work closely to your heart. If children master academics but fail to appreciate the value of inclusivity, respect, and diversity, we as adults have fallen short of preparing them for tomorrow." - Keith Sutton, Chair, Wake Board of Educationm North Carolina / Cathy Q. Moore, WCPSS Superintendent.  <>

Photo Source: RepubicanDaily

BLM holds North Carolina public school system hostage, parent's concerns for academic excellence must be overruled as first priority of teaching students.

"Hold this compelling work closely to your heart. If children master academics but fail to appreciate the value of inclusivity, respect, and diversity, we as adults have fallen short of preparing them for tomorrow." -

Keith Sutton, Chair, Wake Board of Education, North Carolina / Cathy Q. Moore, WCPSS Superintendent.






Its Top Has A Razor's Edge So Flesh Will Be Ripped Open Of Anyone Who Tries To Climb Over It.

Even Trump didn't plan razor wire to cut any illegal who would try to cross over the new southern border wall hundreds of miles long.

It was the Democrat Party that showed it disrespects for others in 2012, wanting to remove the word "God" from its platform and that the Palestinians should own the city of Jerusalem, not the Jews.

I always thought Israel should have written to the DNC in 2012, telling them to immediately return Los Angeles to Mexico. - Webmaster


Collage contains a photo of razer wire from the BBC and the photo of the troops march around the Capitol Building. - Webmaster

Photo Sources: Respective ownership of photos by BBC (left) and AP (right.) Nancy's photo is public domain.



The Chinese Foreign Ministry and government-run newspapers in the country launched a campaign Thursday to discredit women who have testified to being raped and tortured in Communist Party-run concentration camps, referring to them as criminals and “actors.” - Breitbart

Photo Source : Breitbart

The fence that Pelosi and Schumer approved to run around our Capitol Building looks almost identical to the one above reported to surround a Chinese concentration camp.

You're not surprised, are you?






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