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Make It A Compassion Easter!

"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

April 4, 2021


Our family sponsors a child from Compassion International. The child was four when we picked him out of what seemed to be over one hundred photos. Today he is approaching 10 years old.

Our monthly contribution to this child provides school and medical / food assistance for him and his mother. It costs about the price of an evening dinner for two, once a month, with tip to an Applebee's like restaurant in America.

You can consider sponsoring a child by checking out the March 2021 report below to see how COVID has impacted these children living in dire poverty. Or you might want to just make a contribution.

While these children are very poor, many seem happy with their lives compared to others in such places as Hollywood or parents of elite Washington politicians. If you think about it, those children of America's rich can be directed down a path that can lead to drug overdoses or suicide because of the excess wealth that has blinded them.

To help poor children in other countries, you can contact Compassion International or click on the link below. And on Easter Sunday if someone may say to you, He is risen, some may respond with, Yes, He is risen, indeed.




On December 7, 1941, Americans Didn't Surrender Like They Did In 2020.


Pray for our nation.

We must do that, seeking spiritual intervention for individual Americans to "wake up" before the satanic "Woke" up takes over them in their workplace, homes and especially public "state" local schools.

Children throughout the world, like those sponsored through Compassion International, depend on a free America. Without it, their individual freedoms will grow dim because those who were given the responsibility for freedom didn't fight hard enough to keep it.

Never forget the attack on our nation in March of 2020 by the Communist Chinese Party (CPP.) It used a manufactured virus to shut down economies and family contacts around the world. And for all we know they have already created others for release in future years.

After creating the virus the CCP cleverly knew it would force populations to communicate through the CPP's own virtual technology connecting virtually from home.

Their technology would then track U.S. users through facial recognition along with personal data, conversations and their politics. The insane social distancing rules coming with the virus and its supporting W.H.O. UN organization would then force everyone to enroll in the CCP-ready technology with the child-like friendly name of "Zoom."

Those American men and women, who lived in 1941, didn't surrender after the attack on our country. They instead fought for freedom. Others before them led the charge to never forget the early founders. They urged each American to bear the responsibility of carrying the banner of freedom to the next generation.

We can see that concept is spit on today by the elites in our college and professional sports, which includes baseball, football and basketball, many of those players kneeling at the playing of the National Anthem.

It is no surprise this first came from the Classic Marxist, Barack Obama. When a candidate for president Obama would not put his hand over his heart during the live singing of the National Anthem at a Democrat fundraiser in August of 2007. He instead put folded hands over his crotch, the military then referring to it as Obama's "crotch salute."

He then said later he would not wear "that" flag pin, the one that honored those who died in the attacks on 9/11. So role models matter. But maybe more importantly, elections matter also, as we are discovering one day at a time in 2021.

Those founders, the "first" Americans, risked their lives by putting signatures on a document they called The Declaration of Independence and breaking with the British. Over the next 245 years that document would give hundreds-of-millions freedom and not just in America, but across the world.

Those who won WWII knew the consequences if they submitted to the insurrection coming from overseas. Their fight, finishing the war in 1945, would lead to a free Germany, a free Japan and a free South Korea to name a few, millions enjoying individual freedom today and the financial independence that goes with it.

And the health and growth in Asia and Japan shows it, at the time a black eye to those traitors who supported Marxism and its dangerous control through fascism for the personal gain of a few elites.

But after 2007 that freedom won 80 years earlier is now at serious risk. America since 2007 has become weak in resolve, influenced by planned divisions against American families, their youth and ethics. Those ethics came from immigrants who came to America 100 years ago, bringing their traditions that may have gone back hundreds of years.

Too many of those children are now being taught to hate the country as they sit in captive liberal-run public state schools. That hate includes for those who fought in 1941 now being called white supremacists and racists.

This attack on individual freedom has come from a growing list of Marxists who have wrapped themselves in a cloak as if caring teachers, professors and entertainers. They work their way into main street governments in cities and towns across the nation to spread their poison.

These Marxists are too often also followers of Alinsky and others who are now embedded in America's very dangerous corrupt national media. That media is filled to the brim with worshipers whose mission is to overwhelm the system and replace it with one of their own without all that silly nonsense of a Constitution and a Bill of Rights.

The Declaration Of Independence gave rights that would come only from a higher power, not from elite individuals like the politicians embedded in Washington D.C. They are the ones who never want to leave the pig's trough that fills the Capitol building from one elaborate chamber to another.

The left's hating of 76 million people is not a mission. It is an insurrection!





Donate to Compassion International or consider sponsoring a child.


Interested In A Biblical Warning You Can Hold In Your Hand?





The Violence Some Of These Kids Have To Live Under.

The President Of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, Protected The Muslim Group That Blew Up A Christian Church On Palm Sunday In His Country, Saying, All Religions Would Not Tolerate Any Kind Of Terrorism. [Indonesia has it's "Woke" leaders, too. - Webmaster] - Newsmax / AP







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On December 7, 1941, Americans didn't surrender like they did in 2020.

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