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Dehumanizing Populations Is Upon Us

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April 7, 2021


Historian Warns The World Of 'Digital Ghettoization' Has Arrived.

Click On photo below to watch this important interview of our times.

Now we kinow how the Third Reich would have used digital social media to rule the world. - Webmaster

"IBM and the Holocaust" author Edwin Black joins Glenn to break down Big Tech's current censorship practices, what he believes will come next, and how to stand against it. - GlennBeck

Video Source: GlennBeck




California's Very Disturbing Update: Public School Curriculum

(Reported By RT News, formerly Russia Today.)

PLEASE NOTE: Over the last four years CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post and others have seemed to looked more like the old Pravda from the USSR than RT News, formerly called "Russia Today." If you remember in 2012, the Russian media couldn't believe Americans voted the community organizer, Obama, back into office.

We tried that and it didn't work, the Russians said.

But don't tell that to CNN. MSNBC or the Huffington Post. At the time they got tingling up their legs, praising Obama in 2011 for his loving the OWS against America's one percenters that ran Wall Street. It was a time when Nancy Pelosi smiled and said, God will bless the OWS. Yes, she really said that.

Then six years later in 2017, those same leftist outlets would fawn over Obama taking a photo of his wife, both standing on the deck of a yacht owned by one of the richest men in the world, while touring Tahiti.

Since then, Obama has bought another home, this one a $11.4 million dollar mansion on Martha's Vineyard, right next to, according to Obama, a rising Atlantic Ocean. Again, so much for those poor 1% Wall Street investors, eh Barack?

To that end below is some revealing information, again from RT News, about a story on a Marxist curriculum being adopted for California public schools.

And that's why over the years I have found RT News far more reliable than CNN, MSNBC or the Huffington Post. Those three news outlets seem to have evolved into real Communist reporting in the U.S. backed by their socialist owners / CEOs from AT&T, Comcast and American Online (AOL), respectively.

Are these three corporations resolved to follow the UN's Agenda 2030 avoiding America's Constitution, being too "woke" to follow its protection of individual freedoms? Are they wanting to worship the collective their CEO owners are pushing. willing to bring Karl Marx back from the grave pumped full of steroids?

I wouldn't have asked that twenty years ago. But I am asking that today, where anything seems possible. - Webmaster

Story Source: RTNews




Progressives In California Attack "Theocide" In Favor Of Remembering Human Sacrifice.

Yes, the headline is correct. California has begun a new curriculum to encourage public school students to "chant" to the former Aztec Gods, such as the ones that sacrificed children and then burned their bodies.

It is a curriculum designed against white Christian settlers who were reported to have committed "Theocide" against those same Native American Aztecs hundreds of years ago and said to have destroyed their [blood-thirsty] Indigenous Gods. - Webmaster (Original story: - GlennBeck)



"How America Will Enforce TOTAL Wokeness." - BlazeTV,







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