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Wokeness Attacks Our Military

This as Communist China is going in the opposite direction, its leader warning Chinese male youth are becoming too feminine, (from influence from the West), and he would deal with it.

"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

April 14, 2021




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Addendum On The Military Takeover By The "Woke" Left

Will the last person out please turn off the lights?

A good friend of mine, a high ranking retired military officer, who was also a fighter pilot, sent me a one sentence e-mail on the November day in 2008 when the left's chosen leader, Barack Obama, was elected to eventually bring social justice into every corner of our country.

Twelve years ago my military friend wrote the following chilling words:

"Everything I believed in and fought for was destroyed in one day without a single shot being fired."

The left's takeover was like the story of the spider and the turtle. Just like the spider, it's the left's nature to always lie.

From antifa to the BLM, the Democrat Party's Gestapo organizations have officially arrived to promote social justice madness filling every part of the society, from police protection to who will get treatment in a hospital.

And just like we would expect from a follower of Karl Marx, one of the co-founders of BLM who called whites "racists," is reported to have just bought a $1.4 million dollar complex near . . . wait for it . . . Malibu.

And that's just one of her homes, like Obama living among the rich when he was gaining power by attacking them. Remember the OWS 1% in 2011? Today those so-called one percenters couldn't afford one of Obama's homes, this one worth an estimated $11.4 million dollars on Martha's Vineyard.

It's no surprise. That's what trained Marxist do. BLM's co-founder did this openly after promoting the burning down and destroying of hundreds of buildings owned by small businesses in 2020. Yes, her organization was encouraged to do that by Democrat elected politicians in cities across America by letting it happen.

Kamala Harris had even hoped the BLM would actually continue its riots into 2021. Voters knew that fact, yet voted for the Biden "team" anyway. It would seal my friend's prediction about the future of a Republic he had once fought for, lost on a single day in a presidential election in 2008 without a shot being fired.

The BLM co-founder moving to Malibu must be on her knees tonight, giving thanks to the gods that allowed the executive goons at Walmart's corporate headquarters to give $100 million dollar in "woke donations" to support her "equity," the Marxist foundation to the BLM.

And that was just one of hundreds of CEO's who fell over themselves, trying to be the first to throw millions of dollars at the Marxist leaders of the BLM. It was not much different from Nazi Germany in the early 1930's, when big business joined Hitler after seeing the handwriting on the wall of the German democracy quickly coming to an end.

This is true for America as I write this, happening like a freight train in the night following the insurrections of the summer of 2020 by revolutionaries. Those radical thugs were allowed to destroy communities and pull down statues as Democrat Party politicians watched in glee, holding back the police in city after city that allow the destruction of the hard work of local citizens to make their lives better under the banner of a Constitution that protected individual freedom.

It could not be more proven in 2021 by a recent event where police suddenly showed up at the home of an American citizen who happened to disagree through a tweet with U.S. House Congresswoman, AOC. Those police were told her life might be in danger from the tweet, which had zero words of threat of harm, only writing an opinion that we used to be able to do in a different America, you remember the old that's now gone.

AOC said she didn't request it. But you know the fix was already in from a radicalized U.S. House of Representatives. What was amazing was that the tweeting person's address was given to police, held private in Twitter's database. Yet somehow, wink wink, it wound up in their hands.

Trump had backed the police for four years, as the left's Democrat Party attacked them in communities across the nation, demanding they be defunded and sent away. The removal of the police is always needed if Marxism is to be achieved to rule a society.

But police have salaries, pensions and careers. So they will do what they are told to do. It was just like they did at Berkeley a few years ago, the left allowing buildings to be put on fire while police were told to stand back.

They did the same in Portland, Oregon, too, during attacks in the downtown that went on for years allowed by a Democrat-elected mayor and the citizens who elected him. And it also happened in St. Louis, Minneapolis, New York City, Chicago, city after city for over three months in 2020.

They did this in Nazi Germany. And now they're doing it in America. Why do you think the Oath Keepers, made up of military and law enforcement who will not arrest anyone unless laws of the Constitution have been broken, is referred to by the left as an anti-American organization?

It is no accident, when following the "Rules for Radicals" put out by Saul Alinsky many decades ago. It is the organization that trained Barack Obama in creating insurrection and why Obama was referred to as a "community organizer."

So where did this start?

The downfall of a country doesn't happen overnight. You have to change voter opinion to achieve that. And it starts by infiltrating the public school system. Once that's under controlled they will then go after private education and home schooling to follow in rank step with the left creating laws; obey or go to jail.

The left started to push hard after the 1960's with names such as Fonda and Kerry, who are still around today. Fonda sat with a smile on her face, in a gun emplacement in Vietnam while shooting down our military aircraft. Kerry went on to lie to Congress about how our soldiers had treated the enemy when serving in the Vietnam war.

Kerry is most famous known for throwing his metals away, then years later accepting an award from the Communist Vietnamese for helping them to win the conflict.

Fonda and Kerry are both still filthy rich, seeming to see the American people as just ants to wait on their needs. You can expect that from the co-founder of BLM, too, now also a millionaire thanks to a "woke" corporate America.

As an example, I remember when living in the Asheville area in Western North Carolina two decades ago, communicating with the left's newspaper there known as the Asheville Citizen Times (ACT.) I had made contact with an aloof socialist editor, her asking for opinions about public transportation and how to make it better.

To that request I wrote and suggested she talk with the everyday people who worked in the city, such as restaurant workers and others that kept the water flowing and the electric on. She wrote back to me, like a true socialist, with the reply, Next time I need advice, I will be sure to ask my waitress.

You can't make this up about the elites who have started to take over one America city after another, one newspapers and school board after another.

Barack Obama is the next generation to carry this destructive torch, a reported hard-left "Classic Marxist" trained by Saul Alinsky's group after first being mentored early on in Hawaii by Communist Frank Marshall Davis.

Obama was to be America's first "crotch salute" president, a term named by some in the military when Obama folded his hands over his crotch during the live singing of the National Anthem at a Democrat Party fundraiser in the summer of 2007.

And that should be no surprise. It was reported Obama was introduced to Frank Davis by Obama's Communist grandfather. It was Obama who called Davis his mentor in an older video during a reading of his new book in the 90's. Before that the left's "barking dog," media over at MSNBC CNN and the others had called that fact simply misinformation. It's what good communists do to protect their comrades.

It was a younger Obama who was hired by the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) in the early 1990's to push a term called "social justice" onto the public schools of our nation for the first time. It was to start with the Chicago schools during a teachers' strike.

So it is no surprise, is it, that Chicago today is a hot bed for radicals, including a teachers' union that has become so dangerous to children's learning it prefers to indoctrinate young minds with Critical Race Theory?

It is an antithesis of our founder's hope for a free people through a truthful fourth estate that would respect their right to know.

So how did that work out for the residence of Chicago? They got what they voted for, just like the citizens of New York City got the communist mayor they voted for.

It was candidate Obama a decade after working for the CAC, and when running for president, who when asked by a reporter said he never knew the former violent Weatherman, Bill Ayers. But that was an outright lie, again typical of the left where the means justifies the end.

Obama actually did know the person he worked with at the CAC, hired to write the curriculum for social justice in the early 1990's with the purpose of indoctrinating America's school children with socialism through the mechanics of social justice. His name was Bill Ayers.

So where did the CAC get the money for starting their social justice program hiring Obama and Ayers, which today has become a spreading cancer in our schools?

The CAC program was financed from a five-year, five million dollar grant from the Carnegie Foundation. It was the same foundation that years later had an award's ceremony only three months after the planes struck the towers in New York City on September 11, 2001. The ceremony was where Ted Turner (CNN founder), Gates Senior (vaccine investments) and George Soros were acknowledged by the Carnegie Foundation.

And who else was in the photo that the press still refuses to show, the photo documenting the awards to the three globalists named about.

It was Dr. Fauci, of COVID fame in 2020, his changing his story again and again about the effects of the virus. Fauci had to know full well the Communist Chinese were not going to stop with one virus, Fauci hinting masks might be needed for years.

Finally, it is no accident the first thing the left used to promote its attack on America's founders was the Marxist media group, American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) starting in the 1980's.

The ASNE's attack on the media's truth-telling was labeled by conservatives as an attempt by the left to color the news American's read. The purpose of the ASNE was to ensure newspapers across the country would eventually report social issues, such as with immigration and sexual orientation, using the exact same agenda-driven words of the ASNE for the public to read in one newspaper after another.

In fact the ASNE went on to recommend the hiring of journalists in the late 1990's for newspapers. It was therefore no accident that reporters sensitive to sexual orientation would replace those who were reported to be faith based. While religion is a keystone to the Constitution, it was not for the ASNE and its radical left.

The media had become so corrupted to its core that three decades later NBC's evening news host, Lester Holt, would feel it was safe to say there was no longer a need by journalists to be fair in their reporting; that once the left decided an issue further discussion was over.

He gave an example, saying we all know the sun sets in the west, saying there was not a need for conservatives to challenge the left when the left had settled "the science."

NBC had come out of the closet, literally pulling its pants down on our right to know. And there in went the rest of news reporting down the toilet, which included ABC, CBS, ESPN, New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, and on and on.

We knew something was up when candidate Obama in 2008 walked Democrat candidates for president over to the far-left DailyKOS for the debates.

Then during his early presidency, Obama felt it okay to call the murder of our treasures at Fort Hood a simple act of "workplace violence." Or that Benghazi was caused by a Coptic Christian film producer in Hollywood. That story was pushed on Sunday morning news shows by liars Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton, those national news shows glad to promote the lies for Obama just before the 2012 reelection.

From the time Obama first served as president in 2009, too many news agencies chose to ignore the warnings from the late General "Ace" Lyons that Obama was rewriting the training manuals of our government's security agencies, removing references to radical Islam. In other words Obama was weaponizing our institutions from the CIA to the FBI.

Obama as a young boy was reported to have been trained on the Koran for three years, the media burying that fact deep from the public during the election of 2008. In fact shame on Sara Palin and the late John McCain for laughing at Obama "only" being a community organizer.

Didn't they know that was a function of Communism? Certainly McCain had to know. So why did McCain pat Obama on the back after a presidential debate in 2008 telling him, "Good job?" Obama at the time had looked back, as if a fly had landed on his shoulder. I'll never forget the image from 2008, dissing a former war hero.

The American people since that time have become much too comfortable with their Republic, seeming to care very little what a nightmare Obama's candidacy was going to be to the survival of a free society. The people let their guard down. Now their children and grand children will pay the price and will no longer enjoy a free society like their grandparents knew.

It is all coming to a head, and very fast, with indoctrination of our children by social media to start looking like Hitler's Youth program from 80 years ago, which purposely turned children against their parents. The German SS wanted to know what parents were saying around the dinner table at night about Hitler. And the best way to do that was to indoctrinate the children to see the SS as their best friends and dedicated to the new "fatherland."

80 year later the America's left is again achieving what the SS wanted to do in Nazi Germany. But 80 years later this is instead happening in the digital world of 2021 where children use a Chinese online software TikTok.

However today the children don't have to report back to anyone. They can simply capture what a parent is saying in the home and then transmit it around the world. They aren't old enough to understand that a parent could lose a job or be pushed aside by the "woke" society, ruining the family's ability to earn money for food, rent or a mortgage and be put out on the street.

These kids have become addicted to the "cute" software, trained on purpose to hate those who have raised them like in Nazi Germany, but never shown the consequences of their actions to their own lives.

Are you therefore surprised it is TikTok where the Communist Chinese Party can gather tons of personal data on American families?

I have continued to warn that 1776 is not a celebration of a single day for fighting for freedom on the fourth of July. It is an event to never forget 360 days a year.

In other words the fight of 1776 is never over. But could Americans lose it? They may already have. - Webmaster







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