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To The Progressives Who Voted For Biden, Here's One Just For You!

April 19, 2021




Australian Sky News Reporter, Cory Bernardi, Gives His Thoughts From Down-Under On What A Weekend With The Biden's Might Look Like.

Click On the graphic below to watch! Yes, Chuck and Nancy, from overseas they're watching the United States' newly "elected" leader, some laughing but underneath many filled with horror! If the United States can no longer defend the world for freedom, who will? And so we have a weekend at the Biden's.

Our allies are watching, horrified at what Russia and China are seeing on the other side of the world.  Stunned may be a better word. - Webmaster

Graphic / Video Source: SkyNews Australia

TKS for the heads up to Ellen of South Carolina.

Note the video is on Rumble so Obama's social media of Facebook and YouTube can't ban it.

An American "Nero," whose brain was NOT poisoned by lead from Roman aquaducts but from serving in a U.S. Democrat Congress for over 40 years, is elected in 2020 by progressive voters to run the United States as world leaders may have watched in horror.

Even liberal France was stunned at the destructive cancel culture that came with the election of a man who hid in his basement during the campaign, looking like a Norwegian legendary troll hiding under a wooden bridge.

As Biden destroys the military's trust of "those who are defending your back," he also hands over women's sports to men dressed in sporting drag under the Marxist insanity of Critical Race Theory and Identity Politics.

He couldn't help himself, then adding a death sentence to a free society from the other virus created by reforming the words diversity, equity and inclusion. They are not real words with meaning but hammers, like those found in a local hardware store. The goal is to smash incorrect free speech wherever it dares to raise its head. In function those three words are not unlike a manufactured COVID from the naughty boys over in Communist China.

In the end if this insanity results in the the United States being forced to submit to Communist China over a future war lost by territory and finance, no other country is prepared to fight them and win.

The top video from "down under" highlights all the damning things about a drugged-up president allowed to walk into the oval office, held up each day by the "forever-thugs" running Congress.

So allow me to ask, as an American whose father fought on Okinawa with tens-of-thousands of others in WWII:

What is the point of having elections of 100 different Senators to ensure freedom of individual states if half of those elected as Democrats act as one, turning their votes over to one political party, deciding not to protect the union but instead their own pockets filled to the brim with cash and back room deals?

They have chosen on their own to become a single block of predators assigned to attack the Constitution, allowing them if able to stay in power . . . forever.

In fact maybe they can arrange to get rid of those annoying elections, too. They are so corrupt, you know they will try that before November 2022. As proof, an early version of that agenda is already on Nancy's desk, titled HR1.

This is the same Democrat Party that uses the word "democracy" in hopes of fooling people away from protecting their Republic . . . the land of their immigrating great grandparents.

After 245 years, America is headed back to British-like rule with its high taxes, a foreign power that ruled the original 13 colonies and set off the revolution of 1776. Now these same Democrats want to replace 1776 with 1619, the year African Blacks were selling their own to other countries. (See map below.)

Remember those neat colorful scarves Nancy and her House Democrats wore when kneeling to BLM in Washington D.C.? The tribes who wore those same decorated scarves hundreds of years ago were selling other blacks as slaves, a reported 10% coming to America, the scarves representing their authority over the other tribes.

You couldn't make this up if you wanted to. Yet progressives fell for the fake dog and pony show in 2020 and voted for them anyway.

To that end Americans may soon be able to say, God Bless The Queen, of course meaning the 80-year old empress herself, Nancy Pelosi. Her home freezer may be seen in the future filled to the brim maybe with Ben and Jerry's ice cream. That product is made by two old white men who call other white's racists while they have lived in the most white state in the union, Vermont . . . a state more attached to Canada, eh, than the other 49. - Webmaster






Washington D.C. Where Freedom Now Comes To Die.

Just look at the Washington D.C. Democrats below in the violent summer of 2020, as they try to pretend to be "virtuous" by hanging historic African cloths around their necks.

They are so into themselves they don't even care its the same kind of cloth worn by the blacks in Africa who sold slaves around the world in the first place.

I have read that 10% or less of those slaves were brought to North America via African human traffickers, the rest sold to Europe and South America. So are there riots in those countries, too? How about Africa itself? Below is an example of the numbers, some huge:

Africans Uprooted By The Country's Slave Traders: 1514 - 1866

"This digital memorial raises questions about the largest slave trades in history and offers access to the documentation available to answer them. European colonizers turned to Africa for enslaved laborers to build the cities and extract the resources of the Americas. They forced millions of mostly unnamed Africans across the Atlantic to the Americas, and from one part of the Americas to another. Analyze these slave trades and view interactive maps, timelines, and animations to see the dispersal in action." -

Graphic Source: SlaveVoyages



How Horribly Disrespectful!

U.S. Congressional Democrats are seen wearing the colored cloth that was worn by wealthy African slave traders, who sold blacks to the American continents on the dates shown above.

But these nasty politicians are more concerned about the optics of the lie than the vision of the truth about the scarf's they have chosen to put around their necks.

This all goes to the CORE of "Barack Obama" and what exactly did he mean by "fundamentally transforming" America?

Well after 12 years, now we know.

Click Here to watch if taken down by YouTube's "community Standard."

"Sky News host Paul Murray says U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has been 'called out' after wearing traditional Ghanaian patterns during an announcement of new policing laws amid growing race tensions in the U.S.

Ms Pelosi and fellow House Democrats took a knee for close to nine minutes in solidarity with George Floyd who died at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer after he stood on Mr Floyd’s neck for a similar time period.

Speaker Pelosi said when announcing the new legislation 'this moment of anguish is being transformed into a movement of national action' while wearing – along with her colleagues – scarves with traditional African patterns.

However, Speaker Pelosi was 'called out for that rubbish' by African author Obianuju Ekeocha for the use of the patterns, who said Ms Pelosi was using the material to 'signal your virtue.'

Mr Murray said the speaker received push back for an 'unnecessary attempt to pretend they were in unison with the African American population while not really caring about the African part of African American.'" - Sky News Australia

Video Source: Sky News Australia

No Surprise Washington Democrats Performed The Above Stunt:

Kente Cloth Worn By Democrats ‘Historically Worn’ By Those Blacks In The African Empire Involved In Slave Trade. - DailyWire / ClashDaily





Wow! Another Progressive-Run City Bites The Dust.

When will citizens wake up? Or are they too drugged-up to know their city is a literal septic tank, human feces washed daily off of sidewalks. The ****-filled water then runs into city drains to literally pollute sea life in the Pacific Ocean.

It's not, "I left my heart in San Francisco," it's where I dropped my needles. - Webmaster

Article Source: EpochTimes

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Never Forget The Murder Of Retired Police Officer David Dorn by BLM Killers, Who They Left On The Sidewalk To Die, Live Streaming It On Facebook.

This Was As The Democrat-Run Obama Media Was Falling All Over Itself To Try Its Best To Bury Dorn's Senseless Loss Of Life Before Americans Would Know About It From Conservative News Outlets.







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