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How To Capture Wild Pigs

(Or how the left views independent Americans today.)

"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

April 21, 2021



Do you know how to catch wild pigs?

Lying Democrats in Congress know how. Gender activists know how. The far-left knows how. BLM leadership knows how. Corporate CEOs know how. Why don't you know how? Because you're the pig!



Take heed. Time may not always be on your side! Things are changing fast, as one would expect in an end time environment. - Webmaster



U.S. Supreme Court Is Just One Vote Away From Giving A Boot To Protected Religious Freedom, The Original Cry For The Founding Of The Republic.

 "The case before the justices involved California rules that in most of the state limit indoor social gatherings to no more than three households. Attendees are required to wear masks and physically distance from one another. Different restrictions apply to places including schools, grocery stores and churches. 'California treats some comparable secular activities more favorably than at-home religious exercise,' allowing hair salons, retail stores, and movie theaters, among other places, 'to bring together more than three households at a time,' the unsigned order from the court said." - Newsmax

Photo Source: Newsmax | New York Democrats: Put the court in line with their elected Socialist leaders.

The high court halts California's COVID ruling that limited home Bible studies. This is while the court's four liberal justices, including Bush nominated Justice Roberts, saw no problem with the discrimination while other venues were kept open. - Webmaster


2008 Election; Attack On Faith-Based Citizens Begins.

I believe when dangerous liberals look to gain full control of the Supreme Court, it may happen rather quickly. For instance the Christian faith in America has almost been removed from a majority influence on the society in only a dozen years since the election of 2008.

This is while it's been reported that the number of Christians in China will soon pass those in the United States, as if the blessings on the United States as a country has been removed and now turned to other cultures to spread "the Word."

The transition of the Supreme Court to permanently be liberal may encourage the left to make a deal with the Communist Chinese Party and its advanced 5G technology to form a world agreement before the election of 2022.

That agreement could be quickly bartered with the help of the UN's Agenda 2030 with W.H.O., and may be also applauded by the Bilderberg's plus the Carnegie, Annenberg, and Gates Foundations with hundreds of fawning globalist corporations in tow helping to quickly create the new global order.

They control tens-of-trillions of dollars that would follow them, the dollar maybe even changed under a new order to a newer digital currency not needed to be carried in a pocket or purse.

Part of the agreement could be to rapidly demand facial recognition for the world's population by 2030. It would be in the name of personal responsibility in protecting humans from the effects of global warming. Of course global warming would be the excuse, not the reason, which has been around since 1975 when the concern was global cooling.

The agreement would control what foods could be sold and what products could be manufactured, but only from agreed-to-green manufacturing standards that would already use the established ISO rules, revised of course.

Corporations would be required to show how they were contributing to a better world through the benchmarks of a new world mandate of "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion." In other words, like cattle in a field of green clover, everyone would enjoy the sameness surrounded by the collective to enjoy the same exact rights.

Social media would be assigned as the online "enforcer" for a continued Orwellian monitoring around the world of speech and opinions and also including those using animation and videos.

A physical enforcement would not be necessary for those individuals that would be banned from the "approved" international and local platforms. Depending on the violation, any person could be temporary or permanent shut out. The permanent ones would be tied to facial recognition so personal responsibility would be encouraged by showing their faces.

The acceptance of those directives in the near future by corporations and governments would not be difficult. This is because so many corporation no longer see a need for allegiance to the United States. The country to them has already become just another world customer.

This has not been happening overnight but instead made to look as if occurring in the blink of an eye with brands such as Walmart, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Warner, AirBnB, Nike, Target, Netflix and others hidden under a corporate blanket protecting investor names. It already is becoming "obey to enjoy our services."

You can click here to see a partial list of corporate names that were reported to have recently donated millions to the radicals of the Critical Race Theory, which helps to enforce "equity" on cities and towns that are under the control of the Democrat Party and its elected officials across the country. If you remember Democrats are not like Republicans. You either vote with the Democrats or you're not welcomed into the party . . . period!


In 2015 The Indiana Legislature Was Attacked By Corporations Just Like The Georgia Legislature Is Being Attacked Today. Want The Reported Names From Six Year Ago?

There was a list of about 50 corporations and their CEOs who attacked the Indiana legislature six years ago in 2015 because it tried to protect conservative businesses from being cherry picked for identity politics. It would not be long before corporate agreements would be quietly changing to the three Marxist mandates of diversity, equity and inclusion.

There was even an effort back then to burn down a small pizza business for not going along with the "woke" crowd, the word "woke" not yet invented for the left's socialist movement against American freedom. The proposed attack on the small pizza business was of course first created by a journalist looking to enhance her career, then picked up by willing leftist media outlets.

Below you can see the reported list of corporations that were involved in trying to take down the Indiana legislature. They're likes are back six years later in an attempt to take down the Georgia legislature in 2021.

Here is the warning Freedom is Knowledge put out in 2015 in a news summary e-mail. But as always few listened, going about their business of shopping and seeing what's for sale on Amazon and in the aisles of Walmart.


Obama's Democrat Party Didn't Care What Could Happen To This Small Business Owner.

But Everyday Americans Did . . . And Look What Happened With A GoFundMe.


Take A Trip Back To 2015

"Indiana restaurant Memories Pizza was forced to close up shop and the owners retreated in hiding after appearing on a local news station and saying they would not cater a gay wedding because of their religious beliefs. But supporters of the business owners are opening their wallets in support of the restaurant owners." - TruthRevolt

GoFundMe (ended 4/4/2015) was established at the time by Dana Loesch at the Blaze with others to help get Memories Pizza back on its feet after being attacked by the Democrat Party's fascist hate mongers.

Then far-left site for Web uprisings tried to shut down funding for Memories Pizza, which raised over $800,000 dollars. - WND


But Alinsky's Follower Had Been Watching

Vigilantes and Dodge City Lawlessness Returns To America

85 Years Later: The return of the Brown Shirts similar to the Third Reich.


Alinsky: A Man Who Was Of Exceptional Charm

"Hillary Clinton wrote in her thesis: 'One of the primary problems of the Alinsky model is that the removal of Alinsky dramatically alters its composition,' she wrote. 'Alinsky is a born organizer who is not easily duplicated, but, in addition to his skill, he is a man of exceptional charm.' The article continues,

'A decade later, another political science major started out on the path that Hillary Rodham had rejected, going to work for a group in the Alinsky mold.'

That was Barack Obama, now a U.S. senator from Illinois and her leading opponent for the Democratic nomination. After attending Columbia University, he worked as an organizer on the South Side of Chicago for the Developing Communities Project.

Obama and others of the post-Alinsky generation described their work in the 1990 book 'After Alinsky: Community Organizing in Illinois,' in which Obama wrote that he longed for ways to close the gap between community organizing and national politics.

After three years of organizing, he turned to Harvard Law School and then the Illinois legislature." - NBCNews - Read More


BAD APPLE? Apple CEO's called out over 'hypocrisy' on Indiana Law. . . READ MORE - TheHill


Below is a reported list from Buzzfeed and others of all the corporations that helped to create a path to destroy the Memories Pizza along with all the related hateful attitudes.

You may want to place this list of these reported vigilantes next to your computer and consider closely who you want to support or where you want to invest your money, noting they may have attacked your way of life and / or your personal faith.


Reported Vigilante Corporate CEOs Who Threatened The Indiana Legislature

Sources: BuzzFeed / HuffPo / Fast Company, Accenture, Affirm, AFSCME Women’s Conference, Airbnb, Airtime, Alphalight, American Airlines, Angie’s List, Anthem, Apple, BackOps, Bebo, Box, Braintree, Cisco Systems, Cloudera, Cummins, Dow AgroSciences, Dropbox, Ebay, Elance-odesk, Eli Lilly and Co.,, EMClsilon, Emerson Collective, Emmis Communications, Evernote, Fast Company, First Round Capital, Formation 8, GAP, Glassdoor, Gogobot, Hem, Homejoy, HortonWorks, IfOnly, Indianapolis Mixbit, Infor, Intel, Jawbone, Motor Speedway, Indianapolis Star Newspaper, Jawbone, North Technologies, IU Health, Levi Strauss, Liftopia, LinkedIn, Lyft, Microsoft, Netflix, Nextdoor, NextLesson, Nike, Oracle, Path, PayPal, Platfora, Quip, Realnetworks, RedOxygen, Roche Diagnostics, Salesforce Marketing, Sequoia Capital, Sherpa Ventures, Shutterstock Images, Sidecar, Spark Capital, Subaru, Square, SV Angel, ThirdLove, Tipping Point Community, Tumblr, Twitter, YCombinator, Yelp, Walmart, Warby Parker, Webtrends, Wells Fargo, Wilco, ZestFinance, Zillow Group, Zynga

Reported Vigilante Sports Teams And Athletes:

Charles Barkley, Indianapolis Colts Owner, MLB, NASCAR, NBA, NCAA, NFL, USC Athletic Director Pat Haden, Reggie Miller

Reported Vigilante Universities:

Butler, Duke, Purdue, Indiana University, San Francisco State, University of Connecticut

Reported Vigilante Celebrities:

Ashton Kutcher, Audra McDonald, Brittany Mason, Cher, David Letterman, Ellen DeGeneres, James Van Der Beek, MC Hammer, Miley Cyrus, Nick Offerman

Reported Vigilante Cities:

District Of Columbia, Denver, Indianapolis, New York City, Portland (Oregon), Seattle

Reported Vigilante States And U.S. Senators:

Connecticut, New York, Washington, lead by Senator Schumer

Sources: BuzzFeed / HuffPo / Fast Company



Why "College Education" Is An Oxymoron

"You can’t put an opinion show on the air under the name of a hard news broadcast. It’s against the rules. But the cable network  has a problem. If you could bottle CNN you’d have a cure for insomnia. So Jeff Zucker, who runs the network, is trying to spice things up. And so he puts four women around a desk – several of whom aren’t bad looking – and tells them to spout off. I get it. But you can’t do that under the banner of a hard news broadcast.  Credibility and trust matter in news, as hopelessly naive as that sounds.'' - Bernard Goldberg

Why You Never, EVER Go To CNN For "News!"
"But after Ms. Kohn said what she said, two other women at the anchor desk raised their hands in the air, a sympathetic gesture to demonstrators who put their hands up and chant, “Hands up, don’t shoot.” A third anchor held up a piece of paper with the words, 'I can’t breathe.'” - Bernard Goldberg


Sensitivity, Diversity: They were really code words for the efforts of the new Brown Shirts in America starting in the mid 1990's.

Note: Jews who survived the Holocaust warned us years ago they couldn't believe how fast it all happened to them. Do you believe now? - Webmaster




Leaving A Permanent "Mark" On Human Civilization: The Smartphone.

The globalist agreement discussed at the beginning of this e-mail would create a new world order that will eventually need a "Mark" to track individuals across the planet. Each person would need that Mark with them 24/7 to answer messages and to prove their location, allowing them to buy and sell in the world's marketplace.

You may say to me that's an outrageous statement. But is it?

Today many people on earth already have a form of this original Biblical prediction with it's willing availability 24/7. It's called a Smartphone.

So do you think the world's population would mind a new advanced updated Biblical version coming down the road?

Of course they wouldn't mind. They would embrace it. Customers already stand in long lines in all kinds of weather for new designs and the sophisticated tracking technology built-in as they are announced.

This all started only 70 years ago in America with the innocent invention of the transistor. It was supposed to change the world. It did, but not in the way people had hoped.

Using a Smartphone, many corporations already send a 5 digit secured code for a customer to return to verify their identity before allowed to enter and complete an online transaction. It's very common today for corporations to expect their customers already own a smartphone.

Communist China has already achieved this objective in its own 5G digital world, assigning people a rating designed to define personal accessibility within the society for travel and / or to purchase / sell items.

But did you know America's sudden "woke" corporations are already considering the same quietly behind the back of the American people? So why not create an under the skin vaccine passport to start the ball rolling? Well they are.

You've seen news of a threat to privacy with elites wanting to create a personal tracking device during the recent COVID world pandemic. Calls from elites is already demanding a passport to keep the world safe from the unvaccinated. And those same elites are also talking about required annual booster shots . . . maybe the world's population having to wear masks for years?

To that end, the Epoch Times reported a new COVID strain in South America that could affect the vaccinated more than the unvaccinated. So if you were getting dressed to go back to acting on Broadway in a theatre located in the Big COVID Apple, I think you might want to put your costumes back into the closet for a little while longer.

We know the threat of what is being referred to as a "variant stain," has already found itself on the lips of all the world's elite. Someone is involved in the spread of this variant strain to keep the world in subjugation.

Maybe the strains and their potential harm to their human host has been well hidden from the world's population, like a Fauci-like time capsule put into your body to take affect on another day, month or year? Are these being designed to gradually cut the world's population under the excuse of saving the planet and why Obama and his kind have been saying climate change was more dangerous than terrorism? Do you remember those strange words coming from the lips of the country's first presidential community organizer when president of the United States?

I think you would agree, with all this recent chaos that all bets may be off the table for going back to normal. Nothing is too extreme. Anything is possible, as everything we trusted has been turned upside down by the Marxists who try to now rule the country, from Biden's transition team down to the BLM leaders looking for rewarding homes in all the most expensive places. It's what they do.


Attacks By Globalists Are Not New.

Graphic Source: WashingtonExaminer | Made in China. |

Coke hated the Georgia voting laws, BUT never said why or how they compared to voting in blue states. Talk about taking the best recognized brand in the world and putting it down a garbage disposal. Marxist do that and do it well. - Webmaster

In the mid 1970's, the elites talked about dropping soot on the earth's poles to heat up the planet, fearing a new ice age. Yes, they really wanted to do that.

Now 45 years later with new technology, they now want to create a huge shade around the globe to cut down the energy coming to earth from the sun. Obviously unforeseen problems of doing that are off the charts and may have even been the subject of a "C" sci-fi movie with actors walking away and saying, "That's stupid. It can never happen. Who would do that in their right mind?"

The person who laughed at that was too confident in the stability of the government around them, which they thought could never be changed. But not only could it be changed, it could be fundamentally changed, or in Obama's words fundamentally transformed, which meant it would never look the same as it had been.

With that in mind how are you enjoying 2021 so far? And we're only into it by four months.

Finally as I write this, Americans are beginning to understand how serious those words, fundamental transformation, were when spoken by Barack Obama in 2008 to cheering minority Americans. They actually believed if Obama was voted into office he would arrange to pay their mortgages and put gasoline in the tanks of their cars. Do you remember them dancing around at his rallies? How could you forget?

But the elites don't care. It's only people who would die in a major transformation, which Democrats today see as acceptable collateral damage. Plus those people probably needed to be removed anyway in this brave new world of John Kerry, Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci, America's new Dr. Kevorkian.

And that shade around the globe?

Chemicals would be sprayed high into the earth's atmosphere by jet aircraft. The tiny fragments of material would reflect the sun's rays back into space, much like how the earth would react to dust filling the air around the globe from a major volcano that could last for two years, one of those years possibly turning a summer into winter in some places around the world.

But what about those man-made sprayed chemicals in the atmosphere? How long with they last? And does anyone know how to get rid of them if they prove dangerous to future human life on the planet?

What if the spraying would start a new ice age and crops could no longer be grown in those warmer areas, now cooled by Bill Gates and company? Would millions starve as in the little ice age in Europe, this time global interests probably hoping so.

This is at a time when in the United States, and for the first time in its history, there are reported to be less than 50% of its citizens tied to a religion. So if that is even close to being true, all bets are off for future rulings from the supreme court on protecting religious rights so many enjoyed over the last 200 years but not to to be repeated.


But The Last Play Of The Game Has Yet To Be Sent In.

Predictions in the Bible from thousands of years ago wrote about lost cities and forgotten rulers, (which arrogant leftists said could never have existed), have been proven through on-going archeologist digs and advances in technology.

Technology started only 70 years ago has resulted in satellites being sent into space by the hundreds, no one expecting cameras high above the planet to find traces of the Bible's lost cities from thousand year old marking seen on the terrain below.

Again, those predictions from the Bible were written thousands of years when only those looking down on the planet came from stars shining in the night sky. And they weren't saying anything to the scribes writing the pages for the coming Bible, rechecking every character and counting spaces to be sure they got if right. It was their only job and they took it very seriously.

Those scribes also wrote down dates and times that foretold some prophesies being literally right around the corner if all the predictions of an end time were to suddenly drop into place.

The New Testament reads about the conditions of the end times:

"But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power." - 2 Timothy 3:1-5

Sound familiar to Democrat run cities across America?


But What If . . .

. . . biblically speaking Trump was not supposed to win, not supposed to fix things to make American great again in November of 2020?

To consider the possibility of that happening, we need only to remember what the Bible wrote about the Egyptian Pharaoh and the Jewish slaves held captive.

The Bible SAID that God "had made the pharaoh's heart hard" so the pharaoh would stay bitter to the Jewish presence that was all around him. That unique "hard heart" would eventually cause the pharaoh to allow the Jews to leave Egypt. That event would ironically lead to the rest of the writings that would complete the Bible.

If the Jews had not left Egypt, there would not be a King David. And if there was no King David than there would be no Psalm 51 where future millions of humans could read the meaning of brokenness and find peace in Christ. They would discover their own personal missteps were nothing compared to those of King David. And once forgiven the transgression would be forgotten as far as the East is from the West.

And that in itself was a very interesting statement from the Bible. Why? Because it would mean when those words were written thousands of years ago, the Bible would be telling future readers that the earth was round like a ball and not square. Early sailors worried about that. Sail too far out onto the ocean and you could fall off the earth at its corners.

So how could the writers of the Bible know the earth was round, sitting in their monasteries? Well the answer is they probably didn't know. They just wrote it down as instructed. Some would call it God breathed.

Then King David, who was supposed to be out fighting the bad guys, instead stayed home to seduce a military leader's wife. David then arranged for her husband to be sent into battle . . . and on the front lines to guarantee he would be killed.

That was David's answer to ensure the military leader wouldn't discover his wife was going to bear King David's baby, King David having sat home admiring the leader's wife while everyone else was in battle. Or as Dr. Voddie Baucham puts it, wink, wink, nod, nod.

And of course without King David of the Bible, there would be no birth of a Christ child said to follow in David's linage. There would also be no reason for Christmas or Easter for the world's people to celebrate. And no reason for a master plan for humanity. It would be as liberals believe that fish just walked out of the ocean to build rocket ships to the moon at some future date.

Those fish, however, would also need a little thing called DNA to develop, individual markers to track every human being ever on earth. But man says, "Oh, evolution did all the that," the same ones who have said "Everything came from nothing."

These same "intellectuals" in 2021 now suddenly say there are no males or females, just binary something or others. And if you just say male and female you could lose your job when working for a university with all that higher education. And a lot of those intellectuals were educated at . . . wait for it . . . Harvard, Columbia and Yale, all founded under religious intentions, now destroyed and radicalized by the left.

So it takes us full circle right back to the pagan Aztecs, doesn't it, with the ripping out of baby hearts. And that is to where in 2021 students in California can again chant their death rituals, bowing to stone gods and human sacrifices.

To that end the late Bob George once reminded his followers,

"I met a young African native living in the jungle. He talked about a God that created everything. Bob asked him how he could have known that just sitting there in the jungle? The young native, whose heart was searching for meaning to life, told Bob he had seen his father carve the idol out of a tree, which had been cut down.

So I knew where the idol came from, the native said. But I didn't know where the tree came from. And that sent him on his journey to search for a creator.


So With A Trump Loss, The Left Would Be Guaranteed A Win.

That event of November, 2020, would bring back ALL of Obama's czars from 2009, a literal NEST of liars and thieves delighted to finalize Obama's promise of 2008 to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

They would also destroy the country's Constitutional promise for citizens to have the right of free speech and to bear arms. Oh, and let's not forget the one liner about the pursuit of happiness.

A new "woke" Biden America would allow the prophesied new-world government of the "Mark" to now move forward under the radical rulings of a Biden administration, where the leader should have been in a rest home and not the oval office.

It would ensure a time not far into the future when all citizens would need a Biblical "Mark" on their right hand or forehead to be able to buy and sell anything, as foretold in the Book of Revelation.

For that world to come to pass, visualized by John while held hostage by the Romans on the Island of Patmos, would need a worldwide technology that could recognize bank accounts and private personal details.

Yet that still wouldn't be enough. More advanced technology would be needed to complete transactions created from an integrated computer chip under the skin in a size probably smaller than a grain of rice. And it would have to do that in a future world where around seven billion people would need to be tracked and their facial recognitions stored.

How could anyone conceive the idea of a "Mark" needed to buy or sell anything while they were exiled on an island in a world where the only transportation was a horse and a cart and the only things flying overhead were birds.

Yet two thousand years later that exact system is becoming available for the generation, the Bible writes, that would have seen the fig tree's final bloom, a symbol for the final gathering of the world's Jews to form Israel in 1948. For the first time in history they would be given their land as promised by the creator in the Old Testament.

With religion fading in the Western World in 2021, without that date of 1948, Israel probably couldn't have been formed in today's political climate or before the political climates of WWI and WWII when one nation was at the throat of another.

So 1948 could not have been just a random year.


The Bottom Line?

An elected Trump would have never supported a weak America to bow to a one-world government, or the society of today that pushes the fascism of "equity" and not equality, equity meaning all whites are racists and privileged.

This was while the co-founder of BLM is reported to have spent millions on at least four homes on the backs of donations from "woke" corporate CEOs. You couldn't make this up if you wanted to. No one would have believed you before 2008!

While the "cancel culture" calls all whites racists, that's a lie. Many whites living today had nothing to do with yesterday's Black History, including those who have yet to migrate to America who aren't yet on the soil. And what about Russian whites? How could they be racists in America, living on the other side of the world while immigrating to America?

So buckle up and let's see if 2021 is the year or "the season" the Bible wrote about, a time when its teachings would no longer be needed.

Why? With its prophecy brought forth and being fulfilled with Christ's return, it would then only be an old earth with those left behind to run out the seven years of tribulation living like in the days of Noah.

We live in interesting times. So be sure your life is in order. A civil war was declared by the left on the American people in Indiana in 2015 and it continues today. - Webmaster


"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Martin Luther King, Jr.







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