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Signs When A Society Is Rapidly Being Ripped Apart

April 26, 2021




Look, A Meeting Of Biden's "Woke" 2020 Major Players . . .

. . . sitting in our Capitol building, which is being made ready to be transferred over to the Democrat's 51st state. No, I didn't make that up.

Candidate Joe Biden In Wonderland: [WATCH] "If you have a problem whether you're for me or Trump, you ain't Black!"

Video Source: WashingtonFreeBeacon

When you vote for a government to give you everything you want you can wind up with a government taking everything you have. - Webmaster

Black And White Source: Shutterstock



Biden Would Like Blacks To Forget When Democrats Burned Down A Black-Owned Newspaper . . .

. . . then "stood around for a trophy photo" and chased 2,000 Blacks from their homes, murdering over a dozen Black businessmen.

"Because their campaign was so successful, Democrats won the election in Wilmington and across the state. The next day a group of Wilmington whites passed a series of resolutions requiring Alex Manly to leave the city and close his paper, and calling for the resignations of the mayor and chief of police. A committee led by Waddell was selected to implement the resolutions, called the White Declaration of Independence. The committee presented its demands to a Committee of Colored Citizens (CCC)—prominent local African Americans—and required compliance by the next morning, November 10, 1898." - NC Office of Archives and History




America Today Is Like Rome Or More Recently Just Another French Revolution Run By Intellectuals

But then who would believe Yale would have a Red Guard.

Photo Source: NathanPipho / Nero as Rome Burns.

Is he thinking, "Oh my God, I've never felt more alive in my life, allowed to fulfill my friend's mission to fundamentally transform the United States of America, Barack Obama, a real clean cut articulate guy.

He wants me to tell Americans they are racists and need to be taught the critical racist hypothesizes for his change and hope, or was that hope and change . . . ah I mean radical writing conclusion. Oh you know, that thing!




The Leader Of The Communist Chinese Party . . .

. . . in center screen must be amused, watching the President Of The United States salute his CCP's COVID attack on America by wearing the CCP's "Mask of Honor." Other national leaders looking on must be stunned.

Note in the photo below, the leader of China, again in the center screen, is not wearing a mask. Why? Because he doesn't have to. What a slap in the face this is to the 2020 America voter, a total embarrassment as their elected president sits there like a puppy dog for the world to see.

Biden is in the upper right hand corner of the zoom screen with all the other major national leaders looking on. I hope they are in horror of what may be just over the horizon.

The president of Communist China who started COVID, does not ear a mask while the stupid American president bows down keeping his mask on sitting in the open air.

Photo Source / public domain 2021 Climate Summit: Snopes



I Grew Up In The 1950's Watching NBC With My WWII Father.

But after 70 years of transformation, NBC seems to see American patriots who fought in WWII as racist while it worships the Communist Chinese Party's marketplace of 1.4 billion. Those days of reason and respect for the foundation of our Constitution are gone, NBC lead by corrupted executives that may see America as only another world customer for its far-left content.

Under his watch the outgoing CEO never stopped the lies of edited news footage and daily hate speech that comes from hosts live on air with guests allowed to refer to 74 million American voters as racists. In 2019 a NBC host could be seen berating a 17-year old boy for wearing a MAGA hat while he stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

That scene was filled with free speech that really must have annoyed the NBC spokeswoman. It wouldn't be surprising when two years later an NBC nightly news host openly said there was no need to be fair when reporting the news.

We are watching the final semblance of a network slide beneath the waves like a modern day unsinkable Titanic. See the list below of how NBC used its weight again and again to attack Americans its owners didn't like.

Photo: NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke

This says it all when corporate heads kiss each other as money vomits out of their mouths: "When Comcast acquired NBCUniversal in 2011, I never imagined it would become the fastest growing media company. Steve’s leadership and the team that he built has had everything to do with this outstanding performance,” said Mr. Roberts. - In Park Magazine

Image Sources: InParkMagazine / FOXNews

"Comcast [globalist one-world] Corporation today announced that NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke will retire on August 14, 2020, following the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Effective January 1, 2020, Jeff Shell will become CEO of NBCUniversal, reporting to Burke, who will move to the role of Chairman, NBCUniversal. Upon Burke’s retirement, Shell will report directly to Brian Roberts, Chairman and CEO of Comcast." - InParkMagazine

History Of NBC / MSNBC Controversies: Wikipedia

Richard Jewell v. NBC: The Case Of David V. Goliath And The Basics Of Defamacast In Georgia. - ForhamLawJournal, 1997

NBC Resolves Lawsuit Over 'To Catch A Predator' Suicide. - LATimes, June 2008

Comcast Purchases NBC - Wikipedia, January 2011

NBC's Today Edited A Version Of 911 Call On Purpose To Made It Appear Zimmerman Blurted Martin Looked Suspicious Because He Was Black The Full Audio Revealing Zimmerman Didn't Mention Martin's Race Until The 911 Operator Asked Him, "Is He White, Black Or Hispanic?" - HollywoodReporter, April, 2012

MSNBC Edits Tape Of Man With AR-15 At Obama Rally To Make Him Look White. (Film Crew Proves Man Carrying AR-15 Was Black, Not White, As Edited By MSNBC For It's Story Against Guns.) - March 2013

NBC News Brian Williams Admits That His Story Of Coming Under Fire While In Iraq Was False. - WashingtonPost, February 2015

NBCUniversal Lawsuit Accuses Network Of Using “Its Vast Corporate Wealth, Influence And Power” To Falsely Attack Sandmann Because He Was White, Catholic And Wearing A Red MAGA Ball Cap. - YahooNews, May 2019

NBC Today, “Jesus, Are We Doing This Again?" A 'Wound Being Reopened" As Ronan Farrow Takes Aim At Lauer, NBC Management. - VanityFair, October 2019

[NBC Picked Up] Washington Post Wrongly Attributed Multiple Remarks To Trump From Phone Call With Georgia Election Official. - FOXNews, March 2020

NBC's 'Meet the Press' apologizes for 'inadvertently and inaccurately' editing Barr clip. - TheHill, May 2020

NBC News Edited A Viral Video Of A Beleaguered California Business Owner To Remove The Parts That Show The Rank Hypocrisy Of Los Angeles City Officials And Their Cronies — Including NBC News Itself. - WashingtonExaminer, December 2020

NBC News/ 10 Included A Graphic In A News Segment That Altered The Wording On The Philadelphia Police Department’s Motto To “Coffee, Corruption, Donuts.” - PhilapelphiaInquirer, February 2021

As NBC News Lester Holt Accepts The Edward R. Murrow Award, He Says, "It's Become Clearer That Fairness Is Overrated" In News Reporting. - RealClearPolitics , March 2021

'NBC Nightly News' Lester (Fair Reporting Is Overrated) Holt Network Is Under Fire For Editing Out Key Part Of 911 Call Before Ma'Khia Bryant Shooting. - FOXNews, April 2021




Bernie Goldberg Leaves HBO: 'Infected With Bias.'

"Bernie Goldberg had a very successful run on HBO's 'Real Sports,' where he won 8 Emmys. So, why did he leave after 22 years? - Bill O'Reilly

Video Source: BillO'Reilly




The Left's Rape Of Lady Liberty

Graphic Source: Political Cartoon Artist.

TKS for the heads-up to Peggy of WNC.







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"NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke set to exit company in 2020." - FOX News