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Using The Public Schools To Train Kids To Hate Their Parents

April 27, 2021



It stated decades ago with probably one of the best Democrat Party's donors, Planned Parenthood. The organization gave the excuse of increased sexual diseases to get itself into American classrooms to teach children about "safe" sex.

Under that heading, school systems felt they needed to allow Planned Parenthood's training materials, (the wolf in the hen house), to be used to teach students trapped in classrooms across the country.

Over those many years, Planned Parenthood was able to sexualize many of America's kids, sexual diseases during that time actually increasing as more kids experimented with Planned Parenthood ideas usually not taught at home.

To that end, nine years ago a warning was put out in the 2012 video found below, produced by the American Life League (ALL.) It was never heeded.

Groups such as TSER, shown at the end of this article, have therefore sprung up and also blame . . . wait for it . . . "white supremacy" for trans indoctrination accepted too slowly in public schools. It allowed sexually functioning boys to compete in girls sports if they simply said they were female . . . and of course be able to use the same locker rooms and showers.

Home is where the heart is. - Webmaster

Graphic Source: Pinterest

Therefore the break up of the traditional American family continues, openly pushed by a Democrat Party of 2020 lead by a madhatter in the White House, using new terms such as diversity, equity and inclusion. They are really not words at all, instead hammers the Democrats hope will put the final nails into the coffin of traditional American family life.

Because of this ideology, in 2021 we are no longer allowed to be ourselves, trans and sexual orientation lobbyists following a blueprint from Karl Marx that divides up a society by the words it uses. They are also being joined by the openly Marxist BLM and its worshipping corporate culture designed to destroy America's fabric of one country under God, using "ism" to rip it apart. In fact today's corporate CEOs seem to be falling all over themselves to be first in line to donate millions.

Marxist professors hired by universities for "more" diversity, such as Professor Singer of Princeton and his "sex with animals," have silently slipped in under the fence and into ivy league school such as Harvard and Yale, the latter having its own kind of Red Guard.

China's Red Guard 1960's

Red Guard shames elderly Chinese man with board, these young students not unlike those Marxist students at Yale. - Webmaster

Photo Source: EpochTimes / See story below

Yale's Red Guard 2015

Watch Yale students attack professor like the Red Guard did to the Chinese professor in the 1960's China revolution. - Webmaster

Click on photo to see professor attacked in 2021 by Yale's Red Guard, same as the above photo from 1960's.

It sadly reminds us of Mao's Red Guard of 70 years ago that attacked Chinese history. Students as young as 18 mocked old professors as the enemy of the Communist Chinese. (See photo on the right.)

The 1950's rampage murdered around 65 million Chinese who fought the communists. But the youth had already been turned against their parents, seeming to be ready to repeat itself in America.

That is probably why China is watching more closely to the goings on in American schools, waiting for the division caused by the new socialist Democrat Party to rip America's resolve apart.

This is as China attracts millions of American kids to its TikTok public social media platforms where data can be collected and facial recognitions stored for future use. It would obviously be useful in helping take down America one day at a time along with its dollar currency.

Ironically it's the CCP's COVID virus attack on America that has forced virtual learning onto America's kids, (fake classrooms.) And China's new "Zoom" technology was ready from the Chinese and just in time for its pandemic. While no news outlet wants to talk about it, the Democrat Party was obviously given a heads up by the CCP of what was going to upset the 2020 election. We must never forget the law from those who fought WWII, warning us, If anything can go wrong, it will.

China has already been investing in smaller countries with huge amounts of money, which those populations cannot pay back. It will allow China, one country at a time, to then take their natural resources as collateral for loan defaults. China is a five-thousand years old society and time is not a problem. Like the bug in the spider's Web, it will keep trying to free itself until exhausted, giving up life for the spider's next meal.

Click On the image below to watch the stunning 2012 warning video that was ignored.

Nine years ago this ran, but no one listened. - Webmaster



What Destroyed The Traditional Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts And Now Girls' Sports, Has Been Aimed At Our Kids For Years By Marxist Teachers. So Is It Any Surprise That Many Teens Don't Know If They Are A Boy Or A Girl?

Don't laugh, as parents didn't watch what was being shoved down their children's throats in the classroom for years. The results were picked up a few years ago when teens started to say they were not be sure of their sex, referred to as gender dysphoria. Far Left organizations, allowed into the public schools, were responsible for the chaos, one example below that was started by a few kids.


Trans Student Educational Resources (TSER)

Trans Student Educational Resources (TSER.)

Graphic Source: TSER

"In 2014 we changed 'equality' in our name to educational, recognizing that equality will not be enough to liberate our community. Often, equality reinforces systems of white supremacy, transphobia, and injustice.

Instead, we support a transformative practice of building broad structural change. That same year we began accepting donations quickly growing in structure as we received the Peace First Prize, our first foundation grant. We also released The Gender Unicorn, our most viral infographic and teaching tool that revolutionized how people think about gender."

After reading that copy from TSER, below is a directive from Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals to take over forms of government, creating hives for socialists and Marxists.

Take a close look at Rule #13 below, responsible for attacks on whites and the police. It was openly taught in colleges by professors such as Barack Obama and Bill Ayers. The two had been hired by the CAC in Chicago in the early 1990's to start to push social justice training onto public school children, which has lead to the rest to rip American apart.

Rule #13: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

"Alinsky’s rules can and have been used for anti-democratic designs. But he defines the U.S. as a 'society predicated on voluntarism.' His vision of democracy leans heavily on that of keen outside observer of early America, Alexis de Tocqueville, the French philosopher who 'gravely warned,' writes Alinsky, 'that unless individual citizens were regularly involved in the action of governing themselves, self-government would pass from the scene.'” - OpenCulture

Then in 2020 the following video surfaced of a student attacking her family as being racist. Without their knowledge, she recorded and posted the event to the Internet. I guess some might call this gaslighting, maybe forcing a fight that was encouraged by indoctrinating school teachers.

Click Here if video has been taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

Young white girl attacks parents as racist, without their knowledge posts their argument on TikTok. - DurttyDaily

Video Source: DurttyDaily

Finally and as previously mentioned, the generation that won WWII warned future Americans of what it called "Murphy's" Law that read, If anything can go wrong, it will.

And so it has. - Webmaster







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