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Biden Dared To Talk About Our Democracy In His Speech To Congress

But wow, did Senator Tim Scott knock it out of the park!

April 28, 2021




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President Biden, in his address to the nation, talked about Democracy while he demonized those Americans who walked into the Capitol Building on January 6, 2020, saying some who were protecting the building on that day were killed.

Actually no one protecting the Capitol Building was killed, while on the other hand several Americans were hurt, one even shot dead by the Capitol Police. The family of that fallen retired Air Force servicewoman is now suing for the information, which is still being withheld probably and by Nancy Pelosi since she is responsible for their actions and always worries about the optics like Obama.

However Nancy Pelosi used the hero Capitol police officer, who later died of a stroke, (and had already called his parents saying he was okay), as a trophy for her dirty politics by putting his body on display in the Capitol Rotunda to say, Oh look what Trump did.

What a dishonor she did to a man who had served his country with such respect and the principals that made it great.

It is also why the National Guard troops, who are only supposed to be on duty for possible riots in the country or disasters, ARE STILL away from their families, rotting in Washington D.C.

Pelosi again wants the optics of their presence while I assume being sure her freezers back home in San Francisco are still filled with gourmet delivered ice cream.

And then Biden, who has made a 40-year NEST for himself at the Capitol in Washington D.C., dares to talk about Democracy with law and order while a reported 30 individuals, who entered the Capitol building on January 6th, are still being held without trial or bail in solitary confinement in a Washington D.C. jail.

At the same time, a popular bank chain in the area was handing over receipts to the FBI from people who had been in the area on January 6th, no one knowing their private information was being given out to America's new KGB. Or as one cartoonist had portrayed an FBI logo in their local office, FIB.

One of those in jail was finally released today by order of a judge. The man released reported he had been beaten by guards with one guard threatening his life "because he was white."

Retired St. Louis officer Dorn lost his life protecting his friend's business from looters.

Yet no one has been convicted for murdering retired Police Captain David Dorn in St. Louis last year, while protecting a friend's pawn shop. Even the shooter's faces were caught on security cameras.

Those BLM thugs actually live-streamed Dorn's dying on Facebook. Even the Marxists of the Democrat media tried to bury Dorn's murder one more time, this from the headlines in hopes the public wouldn't find out. Find out what? That Dorn was also Black. (See photo on upper left.)

Whole city blocks in 2020 were burned down in cities. This was as Joe's Democrat mayors and governors were instructed to hold back the police while stores were being trashed, front windows caved in and property stolen, goods thrown into car trunks for later "goodie five-finger sales."

Some stores were even owned by minorities. Yet the same Democrat Party that caused the Wilmington Massacre of Blacks in 1898 didn't give a damn because the rioters were to be identified only as "peaceful protests" by the Democrat-run state media.

Even Congressman Nadler, of course from the liberal-led New York area, said the riot and burning of a federal building in Portland, Oregon, WAS JUST A MYTH! Yes, he said that. Why? Because he knew he could lie and no one would dare to call him on it.

Yet most of those domestic terrorists in 2020 either went free or in one justice door and out the other by corrupted state attorney generals, some of their elections backup by the former Nazi assistant, an older teen at the time, George Soros. He was able to do that as a Jew by convincing the fascists he was a Christian, smiling when telling the story to a CBS host I believe circa 1980's.

The Democrats and their fawning media had proclaimed those domestic terrorists of 2020, who burned down buildings and tore down a statue of Abraham Lincoln, didn't have to wear masks or social distance from each other while completing their crimes. Why? Because those "peaceful protesters" were better examples of the science than the science of catching the COVID virus. Thousands had stood shoulder to shoulder and Democrats didn't care about them spreading the virus. Yes, the Democrat media said that.

Finally, if you missed it, below is a video of South Carolina's Tim Scott's stunning rebuttal to Biden's claims. Senator Scott talks about real American power and togetherness. You should know Biden is actually in office today thanks to a South Carolina Democrat, U.S. House of Representative, James Clyburn, who has also been nesting in our Capitol Building since 2007.

It was Clyburn who said he would get Biden through the South Carolina primary in 2020, pushing local Blacks to vote for the 70 plus year old white man. Biden at the time was at the end of his primary hopes.

Months later the new life provided by Clyburn would give Biden the opportunity to shout out on a Black podcast that, "if you were still deciding on who to vote for as president in 2020, You Aren't Black. He did that with a big smile on his face like in the days of good old Bill (I'm Black) Clinton.

However African American Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina nailed the Republican rebuttal tonight with pride and hope for America, without the hate and snarls from the bitter and nasty Democrat U.S. House member from his own state.

So in case you missed it, please watch the speech below. Senator Scott in 18 minutes says more about the character of our country than Biden could ever hope for in over an hour of promises.

When Biden talks about America he is thinking about how the Democrat Party may never have to worry again about losing another election if it can pass the corrupted HR1 voting bill, which will replace the individual voting rules in all 50 states. That's because states will no longer be able to control their own elections. Washington D.C. will see to that function.

Did you know that the Democrats in 2020 used a filibuster, they say now suddenly is racist, to defeat Senator Scott's Bill for better police training?

Even the media attacked Scott. He told Americans he was born poor. But the media mocked this conservative Black by noting there was a relative in his family who had owned some land. Why? They didn't want any win for Republicans before the presidential elections, tossing all American cops under the bus in defeating Scott's bill.

It's what Democrat do and have done since of massacre of 1898. As the spider said to the dying turtle, which had given the spider a ride across the river to then bite him as she was getting off, saying, I can't help it. But you knew it was in my nature when you gave me the free ride.

So as it is with Democrats today, the turtle's death was not the fault of the spider. He should have known the spider would screw him. And there you have life in America in 2021!

Note: Move time marker on video to 3:24 where speech starts.

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina delivers GOP response to Biden’s address to Congress on April 28, 2021. - PBS

Video Source: PBS







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