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The History [You Didn't Know] Of Vice President Kamala Harris

May 3, 2021



Part 1


Article by Geoffrey Higginbotham, Major General, USMC (Ret.), March 13, 2021, The History of Kamala Harris

Article Source: Government In Exile

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Part 2


Did Candidate Harris Want BLM Riots To Continue Into 2021, Believing They Would Help Push Critical Race Theory (CRT) Into More Public Schools Across The Nation?

But today that question is critical with Ms. Harris as Vice President.

You need to carefully watch an earlier interview of candidate Harris and listen to her in her own words, threatening that the ongoing riots will continue and should continue. She said this as a guest on Stephen Colbert's Late Show in June of 2020.

Note you can Click Here to watch the actual video of Harris's comments on future riots. I have not edited the video. They are her own words.

When done reading here, you need to check out part of an article below from The Epoch Times on how dangerous Critical Race Theory has become to the foundation of our country through the promotion of Communism in public school classrooms.

It is the same Communism found in China today that turns one group against another. Critical Race Theory is the rise of another Red Guard from the 1950's that went against innocent Chinese citizens living with 5,000 years of traditions.

Mao sent millions of Chinese youth across the country to attack what he said was a decadent culture and needed to be erased. And so it was to be, elderly professors and teachers mocked by children who were brain washed to act like a hive of murderous red ants.

The photo you will see in the article below (the photo not from The Epoch Times) shows an actual scene of what the Red Guard did to much older educators circa 1950 via directions from Mao. That is not unlike what is going on with CRT today. In China students were shaming their older teachers for beliefs in the culture they were raised in. Sound familiar?

I pointed this out in an earlier news summary of what was happening at our top universities using CRT, such as Yale. The sea change event at Yale took place with an exchange between dozens of black students and a white professor in 2015 on the campus grounds.

Again, that exchange is shown in the article below where you can click and see the actual confrontations. I warn you it is extremely troubling, a student going up to a professor and demanding, Look into my eye.

The verbal attack was stunning! In another time, and not so long ago, those students would have been seen as a physical threat to the professor and expelled. But in 2015 these students were not, seeming to instead be applauded by Yale's "Woke" and dangerous red guard administration.

Critical Race Theory is also filled to the brim with BLM and Antifa activists. But there is another group you should know about that isn't mentioned a lot. It's called the Color Of Change formed by Van Jones.

Van Jones today works for CNN (surprised?) He used his Color of Change to frighten off Glenn Beck's advertisers when Beck was on FOX News. It forced Beck to leave FOX and head to Texas where he started The Blaze.

Beck was the only broadcaster to out Van Jones as a Communist. Obama wanted Van Jones as his Green Czar in 2009 (birds of a feather.) Back then Color of Change was 500,000 strong. Today the communist organization reports to have one million members.

There is also another group you should be concerned about, the Marxists at Columbia University's Teachers College. This one even goes back to actively before 2006. The college was discouraging self-achievement by public school students because it was thought to display white supremacy.

Columbia Teachers College sent their graduating teachers out across America each year, which has resulted in some public school systems eliminating the color tassel of achievement from a high school graduate's mortar board. "Woke" school administrators in a few high schools saw those tassels as an insult to lesser motivated students.

CRT has evolved to be large enough for us to identify many of those Americans who support the Communist activity. It is very dangerous to our children's future for growing up in a free society. For those supporting the CRT movement, you can immediately start to focus on the left's national media, from NBC News to CNN and others as a new hive of red ants. - Webmaster



The partial article below was written by Alex Newman, April 13, 2021, for The Epoch Times. The full article can be read; "Echoes Of Mao: Weaponizing Schools With ‘Critical Race Theory.’


Tax-Funded CRT at School

"Naturally, adults of all 'races' with even basic critical-thinking skills, common sense, and a rudimentary understanding of history could see right through the CRT propaganda.

But young children in government schools for five days a week? They make for easy victims. After all, mommy and daddy said to listen to the teacher.

That’s why the forces behind CRT are focusing so heavily on targeting children. What do CRT and the race-mongering look like in practice?
In California, for example, the newly adopted ' Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum,' approved by the state Board of Education on March 18, suggests children seek help from pagan Aztec gods for ' a revolutionary spirit' in a chant.

'The chants have a clear implication: the displacement of the Christian god, which is said to be an extension of white supremacist oppression,' writes Christopher F. Rufo.

The Los Angeles Unified School District, the largest district in the nation, has already indicated that it will be requiring 'ethnic studies' for graduation starting in 2023. The whole state may eventually follow. And the cancers that begin in California often spread nationwide.

In one of the wealthiest districts in the nation, Silicon Valley’s Cupertino Union School District, third-grade students were reportedly ordered to 'deconstruct' their racial, gender, religious, family structure, and sexual identities.

After that, they were told to create an 'identity map' and rank themselves based on the 'power and privilege' received from the 'intersection' of their various 'identities.'

'A white, cisgender man, who is able-bodied, heterosexual, considered handsome and speaks English has more privilege than a Black transgender woman,' offered the school materials in an example of how to understand the results.

In short, under this twisted worldview, your melanin content makes you either an oppressor to be destroyed, like the bourgeoisie, or a victim who must destroy others, like the proletariat.

This sort of madness is taking place all across 'red' states, too.
North Carolina’s largest school district, Wake County, for instance, launched a campaign to eradicate 'whiteness in educational spaces.' As part of that, teachers were ordered to 'disrupt whiteness' and 'override families,' according to Rufo.

It’s not new, either. In 2017, outraged parents fumed at a Rockingham County, North Carolina, Board of Education meeting after learning that a teacher forced children of European heritage to stand in front of the class and apologize for their 'white privilege.'

In Ames, Iowa, and other cities and towns across America in recent years, the 'Black Lives Matter Week of Action' has been peddling 'diversity and globalism,' 'the disruption of the Western nuclear family,' 'transgender, queer affirming, and collective value,' and more.

To understand just how aggressive the peddlers of this Marxist narrative in schools have become, consider news reports from mid-March about government-school teachers who plotted to 'infiltrate' parents’ groups opposed to the indoctrination, use 'hackers' to mess with their communications, and even 'expose these people publicly' for speaking out.


Similar Tactics in Communist China

China's Red Guard 1960's

Red Guard shames elderly Chinese man with board, these young students not unlike those Marxist students at Yale. - Webmaster

Photo Source: EpochTimes / See story below

Yale's Red Guard 2015

Watch Yale students attack professor like the Red Guard did to the Chinese professor in the 1960's China revolution. - Webmaster

Click on photo to see professor attacked in 2021 by Yale's Red Guard, same as the above photo from 1960's.

Victims of these tactics who have lived through the horrors that stem from them recognize the same schemes clearly. Prominent Chinese exile Lily Tang-Williams, who grew up under Mao but eventually fled to the United States, remembers those exact tactics being used in Mao’s government-indoctrination centers for children, masquerading as 'public schools.'

'It creates hatred, guilt, and division in our country,' she said about CRT being peddled on children in school. 'It is a tool used by the radical left to divide and conquer.'

Having grown up during Mao’s reign and experienced the entire 10-year Cultural Revolution, Williams sounded the alarm about what’s happening in America today.

'Let me tell you, this racist theory is nothing more than a tactic to separate citizens into ‘oppressed’ and ‘oppressor’ classes, and it is something I have heard before,' said Williams, who recently testified before the New Hampshire legislature on this issue.

Mao’s regime sought to destroy the 'four olds,' she told The Epoch Times, referring to the mass-murdering communist Chinese tyrant’s campaign to eradicate China’s old ideas, culture, habits, and customs.

'He and his regime used identity politics to divide people into 10 classes: five red and five black,' she explained. 'The red classes included poor and lower-middle peasants, workers, revolutionary soldiers, revolutionary cadres, and revolutionary martyrs. The black classes were landlords, rich farmers, counter-revolutionaries, bad-influencers, and rightists.

Every member of the 'black classes' was considered guilty by association, simply for having been born into a family, and was said to have been 'born black.'

'Mao urged Red Guards to publicly shame the black classes by raising their fists, making them do self-criticism, confess and denounce themselves, or they would get beat up, locked up in a room to write about their ‘blackness,’ apologize for their families or themselves, and be sent to re-education camps to do hard labor,'

Williams continued, adding that some young members of the families would do anything to escape the shame and association, including reporting their own relatives to the Chinese Communist Party.

Tens of millions of Chinese died amid the Cultural Revolution 'due to those murderous policies,' said Williams, who serves on the advisory board of U.S. Parents Involved in Education along with this writer and others in the field.

'What is happening in America today with CRT, in our schools, in our workplaces and governmental agencies, really reminds me of what happened during the Cultural Revolution,' she added.


Bad For Children

Aside from being destructive to society, the CRT madness is going to harm children of all types, too, experts say.

'It is horrendous and utterly harmful psychology to tell people, especially young children and teens, who do not believe that they are racists, and may actively despise racism, that there is nothing they can do to stop themselves from being racists,' explained Doctor of Clinical Psychology Gary Thompson with the Early Life Child Psychology and Education Center.

'Woke Supremacy is just as psychologically destructive on people as White Supremacy,' added Thompson, who happens to be a black American.

Thompson told The Epoch Times that many public schools are now teaching children as young as second and third grade that 'whiteness is synonymous with evil, that the police systematically hunt down and murder black men deliberately, and all these other highly charged political convictions that they’re teaching as if they’re uncontested fact.'"


Note: Look For More On The Dangers Of Critical Race Theory In Your Next News Summary coming May 5, 2021


Above article by Alex Newman, April 13, 2021, "Echoes Of Mao: Weaponizing Schools With ‘Critical Race Theory.’


The Dawn Of A New Age Of Tyranny Is Upon Us. - EpochTimes

America First Legal Pursuing Lawsuit Against Critical Race Theory. - EpochTimes







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