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The Left’s War On Child Bearing

May 17, 2021



America's elite left continues to be recognized by some as the Party Of Death through its war on human procreation.


After reading the damning comment below from researcher "Obianuju Ekeoch," never forget it was Walmart's executives who donated tens-of-millions of dollars to the "equity" lies of the self-proclaimed Marxists who run the BLM. Then later these executives actually decided to drop an ad into a Sam's Club monthly brochure to suggest its American shoppers are racist?

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It is these huge out-of-control mega-corporations, which sadly include names such as Disney, who are freedom's enemy, openly supporting communist-run programs such as Critical Race Theory.* The program rewards a collective to try to teach all American children to think alike and to use the exact same words and hateful thoughts and to see their own parents as racists.

If you are afraid of China taking over America, you can stop. They're already here! Walt's and Sam's dreams have been turned into an American nightmare. - Webmaster

* Click here to watch if the PragerU CRT video has been removed from the Web.



"In an 'Open Letter to Melinda Gates,' Nigerian pro-life activist and biomedical researcher Obianuju Ekeocha laments:

'We are thirsty and they give us condoms. We are hungry and they offer us contraceptive pills. We are sick and they offer us the most modern techniques of abortion. We are impoverished and they offer us sexual liberation!'

If the billions that Bill and Melinda and their Good Club friends like Ted Turner and George Soros pump into population control were spent on clean water, better nutrition and maternal health care, the condition of Africans would be immeasurably improved. But then they’d be buying life, when what they want is death." - Frontpage



Article Source: Frontpage

"'Vogue' calls childbearing 'environmental vandalism.' Gates and Biden agree." - Frontpage

Article Source: Frontpage




The Left's Fascistic Purges Continue.


"On March 3rd the Editors at FrontPage received an email from Disqus, the networked community platform used by hundreds of thousands of sites all over the web.  The statement reads:

It has come to our attention that your site is included in the Hate Groups listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Map:

As fostering Hate is a violation of the Disqus Terms of Service and Basic Rules, we can no longer support your site on the Disqus network.

Disqus will be removed from your site on March 17th, to allow time for transition and a comment export. If you will need a manual export, please let us know before the removal date.

That was it.  As of today, Disqus is de-platforming us.  They have refused to respond to inquiries seeking further explanation. Disqus has taken on faith the libelous accusations of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a widely-discredited, partisan group that frequently characterizes mainstream conservative organizations as 'hate groups.'” - Frontpage


British Muslim Reformer Sued The Southern Poverty Law Center For Attacking Him As An Extremist. - FreedomIsKnowledge, August 2017



PragerU Continues To Be Under Attack


Very Disturbing Notice Received From PragerU

I received the following from PragerU today. I have been giving out warnings over the last 15 years that the America I was living in was looking more each year like Germany in 1933, a time when the Third Reich had taking over, ready to cleanse all incorrect thought from the former Democracy.

Below is what Dennis Prager wrote in his e-mail. I suspect the fascists at the Southern Poverty Law Center are partly behind it.

At the end you can click on the link to donate to PragerU's service, which has been trying to educate young adults about the lies they've been told at any dangerous "Woke" university they may have attended. - Webmaster


Part Of What Dennis Prager Wrote . . .

Thanks to supporters like you, PragerU had the funding to innovate and build our own streaming infrastructure. Instead of embedding (often restricted) videos from YouTube on our website, mobile app, and streaming TV channels, we hosted them natively using a video player software company called JW Player.

Every time we’ve hit a wall, we’ve been able to find a way around it. But now, we are facing a serious new threat.

Just as our contract was coming up for renewal, JW Player informed us they had updated their “community guidelines.”

They announced they won’t be renewing our contract as they claim that “PragerU’s content is misleading.”

PragerU pressed for more information. Which videos did they feel were misleading? What kind of methods were they using to fact-check information? Is this decision final?

In their words:

“...the primary basis for our decision was related to the prohibition of misleading content . . . based on the nature of the violations, I don’t see a viable path forward” - PragerU / Donate








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