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Isaiah: "Your Faithful City Is A Harlot."

May 26 , 2021



A Dire Warning



Isaiah 1:21-23

Iran releases chilling fake video showing U.S. Capitol blowing up after attack. - NYPost

NY Post shows Iranian video of its attack on Washington D.C. - Webmaster


How the faithful city has become a Harlot,

She who was full of justice!

Righteousness once lodged in her,

But now murderers.

Your silver has become dross,

Your drink diluted with water,

Your rulers are rebels

And companions of thieves;

Everyone loves a bribe

And chases after rewards

They do not bring justice to the fatherless,

And the widow’s cause does not come to them.


Isaiah 1:21-23




Serious times take serious measures. - Webmaster

Pastor Voddie: Brokenness / Voddie Baucham Ministries

Video Source: A&O Productions

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Need another warning from the Bible? How about Brimstone? Did you know you can buy Brimstone on eBay?

It is found in a white golf-ball shaped form made of 95% pure sulfur. In this unique rare form of purity, it is reported to be only found in nature in the mounds of ash of Sodom and Gomorrah, having sat there for thousands of years. And if lit, the temperature rises quickly to liquefy the sulfur and then disappears.

Brimstone is not a metaphor.  It is real and has been available to hold since Sodom and Gamorrah.  It didn't come from a volcano and it didn't come from an exploding meteor.

Take a tour of the ash fields filled with Brimstone.







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