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Reclaiming America: Memorial Day 2021

May 31, 2021




DeSantis; Florida vs. Lockdowns

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The Epoch Times is one of the few media outlets left that prints news to protect individual liberty and freedom, not how much money the CCP has put into the American media's pocket. - Webmaster


Epoch Times Exclusive Documentary For Memorial Day, 2021

DeSantis: Florida vs. Lockdowns

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns that followed have ravaged much of what Americans hold dear. And virtually every aspect of life has been at the mercy of our government leaders, as they navigated uncharted territory.

A governor’s single decision could mean the death of a loved one, the decimation of your life’s work, or being deprived of a final goodbye. The cost of a poor policy decision has never been more devastating.

In the face of all this, one governor has stood out.

Through exclusive interviews with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, his advisors, and others in his orbit, American Thought Leaders host Jan Jekielek brings us on a journey to discover who DeSantis really is, what motivates him, and how we charted a different course for Florida, while navigating censorship, misinformation, and pressures from legacy media.

What compelled Governor Ron DeSantis to re-open his state months before other governors? How did he balance saving lives from the virus and preserving constitutional liberties? And what does he believe is truly at stake?


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Content Source: Epoch TV




Proud Americans

Biden's Washington D.C. aloof and elite Democrat leaders allowed and encouraged Black Lives Matter Marxist signs to be put up at U.S. Embassies "around the world" as the U.S. was getting ready to celebrate Memorial Day.

Tunnel To Towers Foundation, on the other hand, was remembering those who sacrificed their lives protecting Americans here at home and abroad.

The Tunnel To Towers Foundation on this Memorial Day chose to continue to recognizing those who have lost limbs serving in the military along with fire fighters and those police who have been shot or killed here at home by "fry them like bacon" BLM activists in 2020 and now 2021.

This was as Democrat mayors and governors allowed BLM to burn, loot and riot small businesses without interference, demanding it was their right to protest even when standing shoulder to shoulder during COVID. Democrat Nancy Pelosi even remarked in a press conference in 2020 without care, people will do what they do.

To that end we should never forget the sacrifices of police officers such as David Dorn, a retired St. Louis police captain, who was protecting his friend's pawn shop during a BLM riot when shot by BLM supporters.

His dying on a sidewalk was live-streaming by his BLM killers on Facebook. Too many in the national media then did their best to bury David Dorn's murder away from American viewers, too many "news" outlets reporting, Move along, nothing to see here. Just another cop.

So on this Memorial Day please watch 30 minutes of this amazing one-hour special from FOX News. - Webmaster







Facebook Executives did all they could for over a year to STOP Investigation of the Chinese Virus, destroying people's right to know while banning those who dared to ask questions about its source!







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