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America On June 4, 1942; The Battle Of Midway. America On June 2, 2021: A Ship Of Fools?

June 2, 2021



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Chris Pratt Honored The Fallen: Those Who ‘B**** And Moan About America,’ ‘Your Right To Free Expression Is Paid For In [Someone Else's] Blood.’ - DailyWire



Article Source: EpochTimes

Encore:  2009 Returns to finish the job of fundamentally transforming America. - Webmaster

Article Source: EpochTimes

[Biden's Fingerprints Are All Over This, Too!] OSHA Suspends Requirement That Employers Report Vaccine-related Injuries. - EpochTimes

Space Force Officer Removed After Denouncing Marxism, Critical Race Theory Overtaking Military. [Democrats allow Biden to breed mistrust between soldiers over skin color; social justice more important than national security.] - EpochTimes









And Now The Legends Of WWII

They fought for individual character that came from their creator, not the created. They were simple middle class Americans, saving their dimes and quarters to pay off their mortgages, never wanting a loan from a federal government they didn't trust in the first place.

The sacrifice of those who fought and supported WWII after 1945, set America on a path that led to Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream." That is why in 2021 some of the richest blacks in the entire world live in America.

Yet radical liberals still complain, while many wealthy sports figures kneel on the flag, calling those who have white skin needing to be "woke." It is the stuff of communism that originated in our university system, related to the teachings of Karl Marx and racial conflict.

Even the Communist / Alinsky trained Barack Obama did not reject his obscene $11.4 million dollar mansion located in what Obama sees as a racist Martha's Vineyard (though he thinks he is not one of them.) The so-called rising Atlantic Ocean, (in his own words), also licks his property line for the best of views for the most privileged in America.

In fact Obama's wife proclaimed in November of 2008 that she was never proud to be an American, that is until she became a millionaire, too, living in the same land of opportunity as the followers of Martin Luther King. She recently chirped that the country was racist, while holding a microphone wearing maybe a $500 designer dress, even that probably chump change to her.

So understanding those everyday heroes from these elite fakes, click on the multiple images below to watch interviews of those WWII heroes who fought from Midway to Okinawa, from Nazi Germany to Fascist Italy.

Their love of freedom after WWII spread to hundreds-of-millions of different races in Germany, Italy, Japan and South Korea, encouraging 24 million to love and fight for their freedom in Taiwan, too. They are why in Indonesia today citizens have chosen to enjoy the wonderful American music at their Java Jazz concerts.

You see it's not the color of their skin but the content of their character that makes a people great, so strong that to the point they can then pass freedom to others where it had been taken away . . . overcoming fascists, Nazis, communists, socialists and Marxists.

However millions of others who wanted freedom didn't make it, murdered by the "diversity, equity and inclusion masters" of their time.

But be aware nothing is forever if not protected by the people of a society, especially noted in the above warning by the Epoch Times, "America Courts Disaster By Rewarding Failure."

I say that remembering only a few of these WWII legends are still alive today, never forgetting it was Barack Obama, as president, who locked them out of their outside WWII Memorial on the Mall in Washington D.C., barriers chained to keep the wheelchairs from getting through and blessed by the leaders of the Democrat Party.

This cancer that attacks America today was pushed by Obama in 2008, his promising then to "fundamentally transform" the nation. It came from the left, entering through the university system in the 1930's. It was called the Frankford School & Critical Theory. It first started at the far-left Columbia University and then expanded to Hollywood. Its damage came to a head after the election of 2020 and is explained by PragerU below, referred to in part as Critical Race Theory. - Webmaster

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Photos And Stories Of UnWoke Americans Who Won The Peace In WWII.

Photo / Content Source: Legends Of WWII

Click on the photo and then any individual WWII hero. - Webmaster



You Can Become A Contributor With The Young Founder Of The Legends Of WWII.

"Heroes of the Second World War is founded by Rishi Sharma. When asked about his endeavor this is what he says,

'I am 19 years old and I have been on a mission to interview at least one WWII combat veteran every single day until the last one passes away.

These men are my biggest heroes and my kindred spirits, as they are the only people who I truly enjoy talking too and learning from hours on end. I want them to know how grateful I am for the sacrifices they have made, which has allowed me a chance at a good life. I also try to be an outlet in which these men can share their experiences of their war days in a censor free environment.

I have decided to dedicate my life to interviewing these veterans and bring awareness to their sacrifices. I have completed nearly 260 interviews so far. The interviews are on average 4-6 hours long.The interviews are filmed but there is absolutely no commercial aspect to this as I just provide a DVD for the veteran’s use.'" - AboutUs / HeroesOfWWII



Rishi's Interview With Beck

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Rishi talks about the new fascists of social media that even mocks our warriors of WWII. - Webmaster

"Rishi Sharma, founder of Heroes of the Second World War, has spent years interviewing as many World War II veterans that he can. His life passion, he says, is making sure these heroes' stories are recorded and preserved so future generations will never forget their sacrifices.

But — perhaps unsurprisingly — Big Tech now stands in the way. Rishi describes to Glenn alleged censorship he believes his YouTube page — which contains many of these WW2 vets' stories — has experienced in the last year. 'Makeup tutorials get a billion views, but the men who fought for our freedom...why can't they get the same attention?'" - GlennBeck

Video Source: Glenn Beck







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