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Covering All Bases: The Hard Left Goes After Homeschooling!

June 9, 2021




Story Source: EpochTimes

Story Source: EpochTimes


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Watch Out For Progressive False Prophets!

Washington Post reported, as shown above . . .

"Doug Pagitts declared 'Homeschooling in conservative evangelical communities is a key channel for ideas to feed into Christian Nationalism.'”

This is the dangerous stuff of Barack Obama, who said as as former president that patriotism was just another form of Nationalism that kept Americans from joining the UN Agenda 2030 global movement for climate change to save the earth.

He acknowledged the control of content in schools, reporting that children in the future will reject nationalism in favor of diversity, or to love whomever they want, referring to the right to decide whatever sex you want to be. Just say it, and you become it, denying men can't have periods, too.

Then there is AOC, when in Congress and not bartending, saying in 10 years all life will end on earth. In May of 2021 anyone can see the vast difference between Trump, who wanted to lift people up, and Biden and his Democrat supporters who lied about Trump like Pagitts, the objective to put people down, control them at any cost to obey.

These progressives push electric cars Americans cannot afford yet hide the environment cost to the planet in creating all those batteries. Or the wearing of masks to turn people against one another, to "snitch" on one another, while rewarding the country that created the pandemic saying, "You can't call it the Chinese virus. That's Xenophobic. - Webmaster

Christian don't talk this way, but Marxist Democrat would have no problem with it. - Webmaster

Click On Photo To Watch Pagitts Speech At Lincoln Memorial

Doug Pagitts, so called Christian minister and leader for Vote Common Good, speaks at Lincoln Memorial ahead of the 2020 election, says to Black audience that Trump has his knee on the necks of Black people on White Christian. Pagitts wants Christians to join Democrats against Trump's reelection. Listen to speech.

Video / Photo Source: DougPagitts


So What Is This Christian Vote Common Good Org?

So often the word Christian is accepted by the left only when it is used as a safe, collective term, like when Obama told graduating students that there was no individual salvation without the salvation of the collective. In other words, individualism is again the enemy of the collective. What, you never heard of Marx? Or Frank Marshall Davis?


And What Media Organizations Might Fawn Over The Teachings Of Vote Common Good? Recognize A Majority Of These Names As TheVocal Output For The Democrat Party?

Note the embracing of far left Marxist news outlsets who attack traditional Christians when they can and embrace fake Christians as the "right way to go." - Webmaster


RightNowMedia recommends Pagitts as a conference speaker for Christians.








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