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Years In The Making, Media Continues To Pay Off Its Pimps On The Left

June 14, 2021


Click On the graphic below to watch June 13th comments from Steve Hilton on the Democrat Party and its ruling class elites, which today are crushing citizen's rights while putting a boot heel on the neck of small businesses to weaken the middle class.

Their antics over the last year even helped American youth to commit suicide with drug overdoses, citizens drinking off the media's overflowing bottles filled daily with despair, lies and corrupt news stories, purposely pitting one American against the other and creating a banana republic. It's what Marxist do. It's what Saul Alinsky's group taught Obama. It's what Obama's early friend, Communist Frank Marshall Davis, believed in and mentored to a young Obama, introduced to him by a Communist grandfather.

They actually pit black skin people against white skin people supported by corporate names such as ABC (Disney), CBS, NBC & MSNBC (Comcast) and CNN (AT&T,) to name a few while my not even mentioning the fascism of social media billionaires in bed with the Communist Chinese (CCP) and the World Health Organization (WHO.)

Oh, by the way, today is Flag Day, a day the New York Times may want to take off any calendar that still mark it on June 14th. But if you fly an American flag, be sure to fly the Betsy Ross version, its stars representing the 13 Colonies. It is a flag a 29 year-old African-American critical theory Marxist and New York Times editorial board member called an American flag with a circle on it, a graduate of the teachings of the University of Michigan. She could have gone to Yale or Harvard, spending more for the same results. Again, click on the photo below to watch Steve Hilton's comments. - Webmaster

The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton 6/13/2021

American citizens and privately-owned small businesses were crushed in 2020 and into 2021 by the Democrat Party and its state governors. That included BLM / antifa henchmen, which Nancy Pelosi only slapped on the wrist for burning down, looting business and tearing down statues across America, the U.S. House leader saying about their actions, "People will do what they do."

Included in that list are also millionaire / billionaire donors to the party, who stood in line in 2020 and 2021 to reap the rewards of Communist China's gift of COVID-19 that helped to destroy the independence of the American people. Too often they said, echoing America's corrupted institutions,"Shut up and obey. We will tell you the science. And if it is not to your liking, we will lock you out of social media as disinformation."

The news networks even worked hand in hand with social media to attack anyone that did not follow the politics of the Democrat Party's left. In fact they had already worked for years to create a coup to get rid of a sitting patriotic president and his 74 million supporters. His sin? He was helping to make American citizens self-sufficient. If citizens are self-sufficient they don't need hand-outs from a suffocating federal government run by a well-oiled Democrat Party. - Webmaster [Story Source: SteveHilton / FOXNews]

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