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COVID 2020: Much More Than A Virus!

June 16, 2021




The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost:

America's Medical Mafia Exposed!

Article Source: NewWithViews, May 21, 2021

The chickens have come home to roost, America's billionaire social media paraih exposed. - Webmaster

Article Source: NewWithViews, May 21, 2021




Can This Republic Be Saved?

“A Republic, if you can keep it.” - Benjamin Franklin, (1706–1790), in response to the question, "Have we got a Republic or a Monarchy?" /

NOTE: The chart further below. "Reclaiming A Superpower," is a .PDF overview of the work of Rudy Giuliani and Peter Navarro with their teams after the November 2020 coup.


The Fauci regime is collapsing on lies that protected it for over a year, a false narrative driven by neo-fascist reporters within a corrupted national media supported 24/7 by major far-left cable news TV outlets.

They wouldn't even show Fauci in a photo of a meeting a few months after 9/11, where he stood with globalists in 2001 who worshipped the Carnegie Foundation.

None could have been more protective of Fauci than MSNBC and CNN, the networks allowing him to run to them when trouble was brewing like a little boy searching for his mommy after falling from a bike.

At the same time billionaire owners of social media mega-corporations have stayed in sync with these cable outlets and Fauci. They openly and knowingly banned early 2020 medical information from their platforms, which was absolutely necessary in helping infected Americans to survive COVID on early detection. But it didn't get to them, pharmacies and doctors bowing to the pressure of political correctness.

Tens-of-thousands of lives may have been lost, leaders of the Democrat Party seeming to refer to the carnage as "acceptable collateral damage," shedding crocodile tears on the floor of Congress.

Based on thousands of hours of video by reporters / hosts, surviving relatives with a proactive legal defense team should be able to consider suing networks like MSNBC and CNN for loss of life.

These "news" outlets knew they were suppressing medical information during an approaching election for the purpose of fooling voters into believing the current administration was not properly handling the COVID outbreak.

These outlets knew too many lazy voters would not seek the truth but only the headlines pushed in front of their faces on TV screens across the country. The network's hero, Democrat Governor Cuomo, had bluntly reflected their agenda best when saying, "People die." That simple phrase reflected the left's hope of the political results from the COVID outbreak controlled by leaders of the Democrat Party.

Beginning in early 2020, social media outlets were using the fascist term "misinformation" as the excuse to take the life-saving medical information off their platforms while other useless information remained. It's what the Nazis did to Jews in Germany, also using their corrupted media outlets.

Social media corporate CEOs knew big pharma would be gaining billions in profits from new vaccines and expensive medications, so huge amounts of money were at risk. They didn't want older diagnosed patients to know that for around $100 they would have a good chance to overcome the COVID virus during early detection, a well-tested medication used for over 60 years in Africa now banned from view and discussion on their platforms.

These are the same global social media CEOs that want to indoctrinate whole populations around the globe, having fed them lies about the origin of the pandemic while pushing climate change as a more dire situation.

Below you will find a news video. Its subject matter is an example of Fauci and his supporting media lying to the world's people to keep them quiet while under overwhelming and hostile COVID restrictions.

Because of an overreaction of leaders around the globe to COVID that would allow freedoms to evaporate, loved one's bodies were incinerated while family members could not visit them when alive.

Add small businesses kept closed for almost a year when they were not the ones spreading the virus, and you will find leftist government officials purposely using COVID to try to also crush the middle class, its traditions and its influence in the next voting cycle. Yes, they are that evil.

Click On photo below to watch proof trusted medical institutions lied to us.

They lied and the damn corporate news media and social media lied, the good old boys club. - Webmaster

Journalist Sharri Markson shares new video of Wuhan lab on, as SkyNews Australia breaks news on lies told by Americans back in 2019 who run our medical institution. - TuckerCarson

Video / Photo Source: TuckerCarlson


Finally, because of COVID being used to take away freedoms in America by Democrat-lead officials, in my opinion people around the world may no longer want to look to the United States for freedom.

People in individual countries need to be strong and come together to protect themselves, as those brave Americans had done in 1776. That is the example they need to remember.

They need not look to the teachings of some popular American universities, where institutions of higher learning, such as Columbia University, have taught for years that America is no better than governments like North Korea.

This hate of America started almost two decades ago at Columbia University's Teachers College, where the university sent out graduates to push American school systems to see advancing high school students as offensive to less achieving ones. In some cases graduates were forced to remove their achievement tassels from their mortar boards at graduations to not offend others.

Those Marxist professors are making up to six-figure salaries while putting America down to their students, students who have paid tens-of-thousands of dollars to be trapped in classrooms treated by administrations like indoctrination centers.

A recent testimony surfaced from a young former North Korean defector, who made it to America and was stunned at comments from elite Columbia professors similar to what she heard when living in North Korea.

She was shocked that Columbia University students were also trying to figure ways to be rid of their freedoms. She said if America falls, what is left for the world's people in hoping for freedom?

Click On photo below to listen to North Korean defector stunned at the lack of interest in freedom from professors and students at overpriced Columbia University.

North Korean defector stunned at the anti-American professors teaching at Columbia University. - Webmaster

America’s future is as bleak as North Korea,’ says defector after attending anti-American Columbia University. Yeonmi Park was shocked by the oppressive culture within the university, reminding her of the country she had fled, North Korea! - FOXNews

Video / Photo Source: FOXNews

So to those freedom fighters in Hong Kong and Taiwan, you might want to reconsider flying the standard 50-star American flag during protests. Yes, the leaders attached to that flag freed millions of people in South Korea, Japan and Germany after WWII. They were referred to as the "Greatest Generation" for decades.

But almost all of them are gone. They have been replaced by neo-fascist Americans such as Barack Obama, mentored by a Communist, along with many corrupted members of Congress who also hate the country and want the Constitution destroyed because it was created by white men.

These embedded Marxists are vicious when finding positions in local, state and federal governments. They may even see those American troops, who won WWII and later freedom for millions, AS RACISTS AND HOMOPHOBES, their sacrifices not to be recognized.

This is reflected for all to see in the current Biden Administration where even womens' sports has been destroyed by political correctness. In fact on June 7th of this month, the president and vice president would not even acknowledge the sacrifices on D-Day, as if the event that turned the tide in WWII never happened . . . that those who gave their lives were only white supremacists and Xenophobes.

So instead of using the current America flag that so many young adults have been taught to hate, I suggest freedom fighters from around the world instead fly the Betsy Ross Flag, the flag with the 13 stars representing the early colonies and those early free Americans who gave their lives so others could be free.

Forget today's neo-fascists that now run former Christian universities such as Yale and Harvard, which have fallen off the cliff from their founding ideals.

A 29 year old New York Times editorial board member was so out of touch with American traditions, taught to hate the country supported by the newspaper she works for, she called the Betsy Ross flag when seeing it, "the flag with a circle on it."

Below is the flag "with the circle on it" of the real symbol of freedom celebrated on 1776, a date the New York Times and its supporting media would like to see removed from all calendars.

Now you know why this is the symbol to carry in Hong Kong and Taiwan when looking to America for inspiration of past heroes whose lives and ideals they can count on when adversity is at its worst. - Webmaster


.PDF Overview on the "work of Rudy Giuliani's and Peter Navarro's Teams







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