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2020 Three-Month Summer BURN Of American Small Businesses And 30 Americans Murdered Was Okay With Dems. But A One Day Protest At The Capitol Was Not?!

June 30, 2021



When U.S. Congressman Jerry Nadler outright lied about the Portland riots, calling them a myth, you know our progressive media has become filled to the brim with Obama's Brown Shirts.

This media acts like a PR agency for the leadership of the Democrat Party, little puppy dogs sitting next to leather chairs of Washington D.C. leadership waiting for their next news "treat" to bite on for their echo chamber.

In the 1950's it was called, The fix was in. Why, because Democrat Representative Nadler knew he could have said anything he wanted and the progressive alphabet networks would not have challenged a single word of it. Instead we got the usual, Move along, nothing to see here. - Webmaster


Therefore No Surprise: Report: U.S. Least Trusted Around The World For Reliable News.

Source: Reuters Institute For The Study Of Journalism Digital News Report 2021. - PressGazette

"And the biggest concern is in Africa where three-quarters (74%) are worried about misinformation. This is followed by Latin America (65%), North America (63%), Asia (59%) and lowest in Europe (54%.") - PressGazette

U.S. News industry ranks bottom in global media trust survey. - Press Gazette





The Answer? It Seems Obvious.

Dems hate the Middle Class. It keeps America strong and independent. And the Dems, who love control, don't like that. It's why they almost always vote as if one voice, not as many coming from different states and counties. In 2020 they proved it by allowing small businesses to be burned and looted, while Democrat controlled areas held back the salaried police.

Wasn't that strange? And only in Democrat run areas, too, as if orders were being taken from a central location. It's why the Left usually makes fun of fly-over country with media stories / movies / entertainment attacking people of faith as uninformed and stupid. - Webmaster

Article Source: EpochTimes

The 2020 Summer burn across America by BLM Marxists were okay by Democrats, even holding back police to maximize the damage.  But a one day walk-in protest to the Capitol was not.  Marxists love Commies? - Webmaster

Article Source: EpochTimes




We Need To Defend The Great Experiment

The following is dedicated to my father and the thousands of others who served on Okinawa in 1944. I was raised in the 50's by the values of those men and women who won WWII. Now in 2021 too many elite universities throw a slap in the face to their sacrifices, instead believing they were racists and white supremacists.

Many of us who survived our parents, the ones who won WWII, have come to a conclusion after 2020. Serious questions need to asked and answered about our current national security:

1. Why did our government health institutions lie to us about COVID?

- How a small group of scientists created the "natural origins" narrative. - EpochTimes

2. Why have security institutions, such as the FBI and CIA, turned against the people and instead serve Obama's Democrat Party Czar Leadership in Washington D.C.?

- U.S. House Representative Paul Gosar demands answers from Chris Wray on government official’s “execution” of veteran Ashli Babbitt. - GatewayPundit

3. Why did a former head of the CIA under Obama call American patriots Al-Qaeda? It's intolerable in a healthy constitutionally republic.

- Government responses to Capitol rioters must be research-based and not just emotional reactions. - Reason

We can and should never forget it was the Democrat Party leadership in Washington D.C. that put chains around barriers to block WWII veterans from entering their outdoor WWII Memorial on the Washington Mall in 2013 over a temporary budget cut.

And it was Nancy Pelosi, during that same time the barriers were put up, who asked Obama for permission to bring illegal aliens onto the Mall.

Bringing illegals there was embraced by the Washington D.C. Democrat leadership. Pelosi, with her usual smile, told the illegals to be sure to thank President Barack Obama for the exception he allowed for them to be on the same grounds veterans were being banned from.

Now almost a decade later as more facts available, it is becoming clear that this same DNC may have quietly colluded with the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) in an effort to create a coup in 2020 using COVID.

They already had done everything they could to stop Trump from calling COVID the Communist Chinese virus. And when Trump banned COVID infected Chinese visitors from coming to America in March of 2020, former VP Joe Biden called him a Xenophobe. Trump dared to discriminate against the Chinese, who were Biden's old friends, over the years his calling them that.

Statue to Marion Barry

However months later in 2021, a then president Biden would also blame Trump for attacks on Chinese American citizens while in all the videos it was blacks shown attacking Chinese, not wanting them in their neighborhoods.

Democrats forgot it was Washington D.C. Mayor, Marion Barry, who attacked Chinese businesses in April of 2012. The so-called upstanding mayor would later have a statue dedicated to his leadership, one not touched during the BLM riots in 2020 (see on left.)

So what would be the purpose of the Democrat Party protecting the Communist Chinese? It was simple.

Trump was their common enemy!

Washington D.C. Democrats had screamed Russia, Russia, Russia in the Halls of Congress for four years, saying Russia was a friend of Trump. A MSNBC analyst even suggested Trump could be a "Russia Agent!"

Yet when Democrats came into office in early 2021, Russia was suddenly not the enemy but their friend.

When a Democrat Congressman was accused of sleeping with a Communist Chinese agent, the media and Democrat leadership blew it off as "move along, nothing to see here." Then the congressman was allowed to keep his membership on "Intel" by Speaker Pelosi.

President Biden, who had already shut down the construction of America's XL pipeline on his first day in office, would allow Russia to finish its gas line to Germany!

All of this has been pushed to the background over the January 6, 2021, event where Democrats continue their attack on Trump's base of 74 million Americans. Biden actually called them white supremacists, wanting to destroy the left's Democracy. Yet it is Tucker Carlson who now reports the NSA is spying on his personal communications.

It was as if America in 2021 was suddenly fascist Germany of 1933, Democrats taking the place of another Third Reich. It was the Reich that turned the German society against their own Jewish citizens. The Reich also became famous for using the national media to turn against parts of the population, pushing certain citizens as inhuman, or in today's terms "canceling them."

You wouldn't know from the Democrat leadership that almost all of those who entered the Capitol building on January 6th were peaceful, outside of a few agitators who placed themselves first by walking into the Capitol before the crowd arrived (see video below.)

Paintings were not stolen or anything burned like with those businesses attacked by the BLM across America in the summer of 2020, police at the time held back by Democrat leaders from stopping rioters destroying neighborhoods. In other words police were literally told to stand down in Democrat run cities to allow thugs to do whatever they wanted. If you didn't like it, burn it down.


U.S. Congress Buries Political Prisoners In D.C. Jail

After open lies from the establishment / Congress / media over COVID, the Democrat Party is reducing our country into a banana republic. - Webmaster

Click On graphic below to watch segment about hundreds of Americans thrown into jail and kept there without bail while rioters during the summer of 2020 were let loose the next day to burn again.

Mark Levine reports American storm troopers are going after Americans across the United States, hiding all eveidence.

"While The Country Was Under Attack Last Year, Dems And Media Stayed Silent."

"Author of 'Disloyal Opposition' Julie Kelly details the Justice Department's treatment of the Capitol rioters: 'this is the same justice department actively dropping cases against Portland rioters for far worse'" - MarkLevine / FOXNews

Video / Photo Source: MarkLevine / FOXNews


Even Cartoonists Figured It Out.

Loves these cartoons, truth on parade! - Webmaster



See Below Who Was Allowed First Into The Capitol Building.

Was this a set up? It was community organizer Obama who told his followers to never let a crisis go to waste. So if they can't find one, why not create one like in Ferguson?

Click On the image below to watch CCTV footage of the first ones into the Capitol, and they weren't Trump supporters. They were dressed like antifa storm troopers.

"Debunking the pro-Trump insurrection argument, the Gateway Pundit explained that these people who were the first entered Capitol Hill on January 6 were not followers of former President Donald Trump because "Trump supporters never dressed in black." However, those who do dress up in black clothing and appear in protests are Antifa and BLM. The report also points out how these January 6 protesters carried Confederate flags, which are "never seen at Trump rallies." - Christianity Daily

"A new 17-second video that appears to be footage of a CCTV recording with a woman's voiceover has been making the rounds, showing the first people who illegally stepped into Capitol Hill during the January 6 attacks.

The short clip showed how the first handful of people who broke into the Capitol were dressed in black and wearing combat gear, which reports claim were Antifa or BLM because Trump supporters never wear black clothing from head to toe.

According to WND, the video posted to the Gateway Pundit showed people dressed in black breaking and jumping through a window in the Capitol. One of them was carrying a bat and appeared to be part of an organized group such as Antifa or BLM.

The female narrator of the video recounted "the first group of assailants as they break into the building" and points out how one of them was "wearing full tactical body armor." The CCTV footage indicates it was captured on 'Wednesday, January 06, 2021' at about 2:13 p.m." - ChristianityDaily

Video Source: ChristianityDaily / GatewayPundit



Watch Protestor Outside Of Capitol Ask The Police, Why Are You Standing There? Why Aren't You Doing Something? So Was This A Set Up?

Click On photo below to watch as police are asked, Why are you just standing there?

Yes, exactly why were they just standing there, Nancy? - Webmaster

"Was Capitol Attack An Inside Job?" [If police were standing around doing nothing, as proven by this video, it was an inside job.] - FreedomHeadlines

Video Source: FreedomHeadlines


And a question to Nancy Pelosi. What about David Dorn, a retired police Captain in St. Louis and murdered by BLM rioters? Dorn died having his death live-streamed on Facebook.

Retired St. Louis officer Dorn lost his life protecting his friend's business from looters.

So why wasn't David Dorn's body given a display in the Capitol building, Nancy, in Washington D.C. like for the officer who was not killed by protestors on January 6th?

That officer had died of a stoke later and after the event. That policeman's death was disgustingly used as a trophy by the Washington D.C. Democrats. They didn't care, using the body for their own ends. Again under Obama's teachings, never let a crisis go to waste.

It was BLM and antifa that burned American flags in the streets while Washington Democrats lied about those domestic terrorists being peaceful. In some cases, thousands of rioters stood shoulder-to-shoulder in 2020 on downtown city streets during the pandemic of 2020, violating the so-called safe six-foot rule.

But to the Democrat Party and its fawning media, that health risk to the nation was "acceptable collateral damage" for tearing down the country in 2020. The bottom line? Stopping a sitting president from being re-elected in the coming months.

On top of this COVID infected illegals have been allowed to be flown and bused around the nation in the middle of the night. Democrat lawmakers then later puffed out their chests in some kind of self-adulation, turning the attention of illegals sent to cities around our nation and on January 6th, calling it "A Day That Will Live In Infamy." What, like the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Some actually did compare the event to Pearl Harbor and also 9/11 where around six thousand were murdered by enemies of the United States. That comparison by Washington D.C. Democrat leaders was a slap in the face to those who actually died in the towers on 9/11 and buried alive in those sunken battleships on December 7, 1941. They have no shame, and have shown none since the Wilmington Massacre Of 1898.

After January 6th it was obvious that the Capitol was no longer the "People's House," instead a place for only the very elite and privileged who live million dollar mansions, the same ones who lied about Russia, Russia, Russia and allowed the burning of American neighborhoods in 2020 for over three months. They even hated Israel when Palestinians were firing rockets onto innocent civilians, rockets likely funded by Biden sending taxpayer money to Hamas.

But that shouldn't be surprising. It was the Democrat Party's convention of 2012 in North Carolina that almost approved a measure to recognize Palestine as the owner of Jerusalem nine years ago. Did you forget?

Those who were in the Capitol building on January 6th probably had relatives who fought in WWII after Pearl Harbor and then again after 9/11, fighting bin laden supporters in the Middle East.

If you want, you can see many of those brave soldiers on Tunnel To Tower television ads, seeking special homes to accommodate their loss of limbs. Heart-wrenching stories. One asked, What if you have no home to come home to?

To compare their service to the nation to the January 6th event is disgusting. But that's who Democrats have become today, the ends at any cost. Hold no hostages, just like the Wilmington Massacre of 1898, chasing 2,000 blacks from their homes and businesses while burning down a blacked-owned newspaper.

Americans across the country have watched their two-hundred years of traditions turned upside down in the last 18 months through censorship coming from leading globalist corporations and their fascist CEOs. As already shown New York Democrat Congressman Jerry Nadler had openly lied about antifa and BLM rioters in Portland, Oregon, calling the violence there a myth while standing on the streets of New York not caring who heard it. Not one in the left's media said a word. More along, nothing to see here. It's just another Democrat.

However those patriots entering the Capitol building, although many were led in, needed to be aware of the optics the Democrats would use against them. Sadly in the excitement of the moment, walking orderly from a speech by the President of the United States, they forgot who the enemy was in trying to take down a sitting president since the first day he took office. It was the Washington Post that immediately reported to impeach Trump during his first minutes in office!

But we all the know the truth. It was Democrat Senator Harry Reid, friend of Chuck Schumer, who gladly admitted those visiting American tourists coming to their Capitol building had just smelled of sweat. Walmart tramps, too?

It was only more proof the Capitol building has become a lost symbol of "We the People," taken over by privileged elected blacks and whites decades ago.

Saying "the government works for the people" now seems like old propaganda from the mouth of Karl Marx, like listening to an old Communist lie from those civics classes back in the 1950's when America was still a Constitutional Republic. Never forget a founder had warned us of this day, if you can keep it! - Webmaster




The Left Media Lied Again About Trump, The Church And The Park!

To the American Left's voters: You have ownership of this media monster.

Article Source: EpochTimes

With all the cell phones and computers people have, they rely on a media that lies to them, that treats them like cattle to go to slaughter.  Sometimes the American left's voters gets the government it well deserves. - Webmaster.




"DeSantis Gets Standing Ovation By Promising To Put On The 'Full Armor Of God' To Fight Against leftism." - WashingtonExaminer

Many in the media hate DeSantis. When media hosts hate the accomplishments of this man, as seen in his bio below, they really do underneath their skin hate America and those who fought on D-Day.

Today's so-called "journalists" may even see those heroes from WWII as racists and white supremacists, taught by socialist universities such as Columbia where the Communist professors worked, Cloward & Piven.

And who could forget professor Bill Ayers, who had taught at the University Of Chicago along with Barack Obama. The two were the ones that started the social justice movement back in the early 1990's, working for the CAC in Chicago. Obama passed out the money and Ayers printed the curriculum. Obama even lied as a candidate for president that he had never met Bill Ayers. Thirty years later, look at the mess we have, America fundamentally transformer by Marxists through a corrupted university system.

Ayers is a retired professor and Obama lives in a $11.4 million dollar mansion on Martha's Vineyard, just one of his homes. Marxism pays well, doesn't it, but on the backs of others, of course. It's what Marx taught, an old lesson with new students in 2020.

This attack on American history is not going to end well. Why? Because the discussion is done. The left has moved on to say the argument is over and it's move their way or take the highway.

However, Americans throughout history have never been happy about being pushed around. At the left's own peril, you would think the left would remember that. - Webmaster

Thanks to Jim of New Jersey for posting this. - Webmaster







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