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A Reminder Of The Marxist Beginnings Of Bill Ayers And Barack Obama, Saluted Today By BLM Founders

July 12, 2021




Epoch Times: BLM Founders Proudly Admit They Are Followers Of Communist Karl Marx.

"Patrisse Cullors, a BLM co-founder said in an interview with Real News Network in 2015, 'We actually do have an ideological frame.

Myself and Alicia [Garza, one of 3 co-founders] in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists.' Cullors created the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter and co-founded BLM with Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi in 2013.

In a 2018 interview with Democracy Now, she said her 'mentor' is Eric Mann, a member of the radical-left militant group Students for a Democratic Society and the Weather Underground, which bombed government buildings and police stations in the 1960s and 1970s." - Epoch Times






Marxists Of The NEA And AFT Teachers' Unions Want To Ensure All American Children Do This!

Watch video linked at the bottom of this story from NEA convention in 2009.)

Click On photo below to watch short video

"A video of a child pulling an American flag from a person’s front yard and throwing it on the ground has gone viral on social media." - FOX News

Video Source: Twitter

Country's Children being raised to desecrate American flag.

"'Children are being raised to desecrate the flag,' a Twitter user commented on the video, which has been viewed nearly 1 million times since being posted Friday. The video has no audio and shows an unidentified young boy on a scooter with an adult woman on a bike riding down a residential street.

The boy passes a small American flag in a front yard and attempts to pull it from the ground. He misses on his first attempt, but gets off of his scooter and then successfully rips the flag from the yard and throws it on the ground.

He and the woman then resume riding down the street. It appears the woman gives no pushback on the boy for pulling the flag.

The video comes amid a nationwide heated debate on the implementation of critical race theory curriculum in classrooms around the country, which some parents and lawmakers argue teaches children to 'hate American exceptionalism.'

The perception of the American flag as a divisive symbol has also spread to mainstream culture, with singer Macy Gray saying the flag should be updated because the current one is 'tattered, dated, divisive, and incorrect,' while a Black Lives Matter chapter in Utah called the flag 'a symbol of hatred.'

'When we Black Americans see this flag we know the person flying it is not safe to be around,' a July 4 Facebook post from Utah's BLM chapter reads. 'When we see this flag we know the person flying it is a racist. When we see this flag we know that the person flying it lives in a different America than we do. When we see this flag, we question your intelligence. We know to avoid you. It is a symbol of hatred.'" - READ MORE / FOXNews


This is not surprising when a decade ago the retiring president of the NEA teachers' union reported at its annual convention that "The NEA was not about the kids. It was about Power through dues." - Watch 2009 NEA Convention Video (2009 was first year Obama served as president, promising in 2009 to fundamentally transform the United States of America.) - Webmaster





Oppressed Obama: His Post-Election Second Multi-Million Dollar Home.


Oppressed Obama's Won't Have To Move Back To This Smaller Annoying Cottage In South Chicago



Meet Hope & Change; Oppressed Obama Started His Third Term In 2021.

Democrats ask why have Hillary when we can have a well-trained Alinsky community organizer?







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