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American Roots Protecting Freedom Of Speech Can Run Deep

While everything else is falling around us.

July 14, 2021



Don Yelton represents many older patriots born and living in the mountains of Western North Carolina. They love their freedom and their country, an oxymoron to the leadership in the city of Asheville where surrounding towns have been reported to drop off their homeless. In circa 2002, Asheville had been called the weirdest city in America by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Don's photo is below, a man who doesn't mince words and says it like it is. When getting down to the photo you can click on it to watch Don's short warning over the removal of the Vance Monument from downtown Asheville. The city was taking the dismantled stones away from the site, ignoring a court order to stop.

Many of you may not know Don has been an advocate to stop industry from polluting drinking water wells with run offs. And he has been active in warning about a local government that may try to use human wastes captured from city water filtration plants as fertilizer on farm land. Don has a degree in biology and was a professor of the science in college classrooms.

Don knows first hand that Asheville is one of America's most "virtuous" liberal cities and the first in the United States to approve reparations for blacks. In other words to feel good, the city council is going to give money to something that may support black culture. It is reported the city leaders are also looking into renaming some streets they suddenly find racist.

This is all taking place in an environment where Asheville's local police force has made international news, reporting it can no longer answer all calls for help, its force diminished by the city's business community's poisonous politics.

In fact it was many of the city's liberal business owners who actually published a letter of apology in 2020 for their white skin. They wrote they would understand if their businesses would be attacked again by the BLM rioters. Yes, they wrote that. The letter is below.

This is while the city's "fathers" ignored the white Democrat supremacists who chased 2,000 blacks from their homes and businesses while burning down a black-owned newspaper in the Wilmington Massacre of 1898. They also murdered over ten black conservative businessmen, no one charged by the government thinking it would just go away. And it did, the media not giving a damn then or now 120 years later, as Democrats in 2021 still seem to not care about the problems of middle class businesses.

It was Charles Aycock, who pushed for the riots of 1898. He was later rewarded by being partially named after the Democrat's state annual fundraising campaigns. The Democrats only gave up the racist name nine years ago in 2012 after proudly holding on to it for 60 years! So as you can see, their objectives have not changed since 1898, just more clever in how they create the race-baiting violence as shown in 2020.

Click On the photo below for Don's warning to Asheville citizens about the continued removal of the Vance Monument. You can read more details in the news story further down about the monuments removal.

Don gives weekly online reports, no caring if anyone is listening.

Don asked Asheville leadership of its complaints of . . . white suppression?


In 2013 The Aloof Daily Show Added A Laugh Track To Its Interview With Don. (See original video below.)

Don's blown-up sins by the New York City entertainment industry in 2013 by an out-of-control socialist media has proven tiny in comparison to some of those "comedians" who mocked him at the time. The Daily Show even promoted Don as a racist, mocking him when he said blacks were his friends.

Tim Johnson, a great patriot no longer with us.
Tim Johnson, Republican Vice Chairman for the State of North Carolina (left) shown with Asheville, NC, Councilman, Carl Mumpower.

Don didn't lie. One of those friends was the late Tim Johnson, (seen on the left), a Christian who had served in the military and was a huge supporter of the Frederick Douglass Foundation up until his death at 50 years old.

Tim had been running for Vice Chair for the Republican Party for the State of North Carolina, when someone from the local RNC tried to politically destroy him. They released parts of a private video of RNC district leaders having a conversation with Tim about an incident in his past, posting it on the Internet.

A progressive vile Web site in Asheville then took the video and challenged Tim's "Christian Values," saying in effect, "Oh dear, is this how Christians should talk?" Don was furious on the attacks of his friend.

But while the comedy show attacked Don, it was these SAME so-called comedy show hosts in 2020 who personally became involved in forcing every American to take a vaccine, the shot, when they already knew there were other medications available to save Americans with early COVID infections.

Those medicines would have helped to stop the infection before COVID could attack the lungs, which if it did could prove fatal.

Because of these host's aggressive action in stopping other medications from reaching local pharmacies in 2020, you have to ask yourself how many tens-of-thousands of American citizens in 2020 didn't need to watch an elderly parent or relative die from COVID?

What was in it for the far-left media and late night network shows to agree to join together to ensure medication would be kept away from elderly people who would need it from small local pharmacies across the country?

The mocking would cause local doctors and pharmacies to run straight into political correctness in not being able to save lives because the meds would not be available.

So why did entertainers, who have nothing to do with understanding medications and viruses, get involved in the first place to allow others to die they didn't know? What was in it for them? It had to be huge. You can see the deception runs through a "deep state." Why? Because few dare to ask.

That is not my opinion. In 2021, the agenda of the media was becoming very clear in their directive to influence the population as if tagged cattle on the range.

It was as if these media groups were part of a planned genocide lead by billionaire American owners of social media and their partners in major news corporations. They are the same ones who recently met in Idaho to discuss future controls that would influence the world's population into 2022 and beyond.

In other words, for the first time in recent memory, the mainstream media was instructed to purposely politicize the medical community to the point doctors or hospitals would be silent on the attack against their decades of dedication to protect life, not take it.

Don't believe me?

Take a look below at what LinkedIn recently decided to do on its own to a vaccine pioneer, LinkedIn's corporate heads giving themselves permission to commit treason against citizens of our Constitutional Republic. This all comes from the top, remembering the fish always stinks from the head!

LinkedIn Joins Global Social Media Cancel Mob

Source: EpochTimes

We are not losing our freedoms.  We have lost our freedoms but haven't been told. - Webmaster

The Democrats in control of Washington D.C. would give thanks for the cooperation to the CEO's of corporate outlets such as NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, along with the rest of the global media involved in a deception to force vaccines on virtually every human in the United States, including young children.

As you can see from the above Epoch Times story, it even included LinkedIn, the once trusted Web site to promote careers, allowing professionals to communicate with each other. Now even that has been compromised.

And if people got sick, or some children died without warning, well it was for a worthy cause they can't discuss. Some might even claim it was "acceptable collateral damage."

However, if professionals wanted to discuss COVID medical issues online, the social media heads would shut those discussions down as if with the push of a button and under the banner they had defined as . . . wait for it . . . "misinformation."

"Misinformation" is the modern form of the Third Reich's fascism. Can you image what Hitler could have done with these same willing corrupted ivy league college graduates hovering all around him? German's late night hosts, if existing back then, could have been quietly assisting citizens in accepting camps based on what they are willing to do in a "free" American environment today!

It was exactly what surviving Jews from the Holocaust had said when being rescued from the Reich, their warning future generations on how fast it happened once the society turned.

The secretive meeting in Idaho of social media moguls should remind you of the movie, Conspiracy, The documentary film was about Nazis leaders in the late 1930's meeting to discuss the country's so-called "Jewish" problem.

That meeting would lead to the extermination camps for over five-million Jews living in Germany and Europe. But that number would be hardly enough for today's progressive globalists in 2021. They would need hundreds-of-millions eliminated for their continuing climate change agenda.


Because this COVID continues to evolve as if originally an under-the-table silent unseen handshake between the DNC with the CCP to get rid of a sitting U.S. president that both the Democrats and Communist Chinese hated.

They knew he was spreading patriotism and strengthening the middle class. Obama was on his way to fundamentally transform the nation to destroy the middle class during his and Biden's eight years in office. But they were unable to complete it when Trump was elected in 2016.

Now with Biden in office in 2021, Obama can finally complete his third term while only "sitting in his basement." From there he could call the shots for a man who has trouble answering questions even with note cards hidden in his pocket.

But that was the plan, wasn't it? It's what good Alinsky trained community organizers do for taking over societies and weakening their middle classes. They do it by overwhelming services like the police.

It's what Cloward & Piven taught, Communist professors at Columbia University several decades ago. Today their numbers in our universities are huge. Their Marxist influence on students was stunning when watching a threatening verbal attack seen against a top Yale professor and his wife over her releasing a simple e-mail on Halloween dress codes in 2015.

Party leaders would give Biden the executive orders, and as president he would sign the paperwork; Hey buddy, just sign it and move on to the next.

And never forget those sanctioned destructive DNC riots in Democrat-run cities in 2020 where police were held back by loyal leftist leaders.

And what was Nancy Pelosi's earth shaking comment about all the violence in Democrat-run cities? People will do what they do, she said. She was also the one who blessed Obama's violent OWS in 2011, saying, God would bless them.

Or her bringing illegals onto a closed Washington Mall over budgets with Obama's permission while veterans in their wheel chairs couldn't get through chained fences placed around their outdoor WWII Memorial. Nancy had even told the illegals to thank Obama for allowing them onto a mall, which had been shut down to American citizens.

With that no one could deny the fix was in, just like they used to say in the days of the "Roaring 20's" when morals were cheap and the booze watered down. - Webmaster

Click Here to watch if video has been taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

Don Yelton was interviewed by a reporter from The Daily Show in 2013 about North Carolina's new voting law. New York Magazine called the interview racist along with social media.

Because of the interview, the Buncombe County Republican Party had asked Yelton to resign as a precinct chair. Yelton said he knew exactly what he was signing up for when he talked to Comedy Central and could care less about his critics. Today he still sticks to his guns that there is something very wrong in America. - News Source: WLOSNews

Video Source: WLOSNews




The City Of Asheville Ignores A Court Order: What, They Can Do What They Want?

Source: AshevilleCitizenTimes




Asheville NC Republican Leader Attacked By Democrat Party's BLM, Later Found On Street With Brain Injury.

Putin must be laughing how these young university communists aren't being touched by Obama's weaponized FBI. Russia, Russia Russia? - Webmaster

Click On photo of BLM march monitor to watch Nesbitt's Skyline News video up to where he's attacked.

Asheville is a hot bed from radical Democrat leadership.  After downtoen businesses were attacked, dozens of affected owners wrote a letter to apologize for their whiteness and that if they wanted to attack their businesses again they would understand. - Webmaster

Before being attacked, Nesbitt says this woman with BLM warned him to not video tape the BLM group.

Video Source: ChadNesbitt


"A well-known local figure was seriously injured during protests in downtown Asheville on Wednesday night. Chad Nesbitt, the administrator of SKYline News on Facebook, was livestreaming protests that erupted following a grand jury's decision to not charge Louisville, Kentucky police for the killing of Breonna Taylor when the incident occurred.

'Local journalist Chad Nesbitt is currently a patient at Mission Hospital having received a traumatic brain injury while he was covering the protests in Asheville last evening. Mr. Nesbitt is in serious but stable condition and will be closely monitored in the coming days. His wife, Nancy, asks that the family not be contacted by media during this difficult time and will return calls and messages at a later date.

Mrs. Nesbitt and their daughter Savannah would like to thank everyone for their outpouring of support and prayers. Mission Hospital spokesperson Nancy Lindell is making this statement on her behalf.'" - WLOSTV

Local newspapers have made fun of Nesbitt and his friend, Mumpower.




Then As They Got Ready To Celebrate July 4th Independence In 2020, This Surrender Letter By White Businesses In Asheville Showed Up On Facebook.

Also known as Little San Francisco, many downtown Asheville, NC, businesses openly stood with protestors against the police, who have attacked and ruined shops. In the online letter seen below, Asheville businesses also encouraged police to join protestors, leaving protestors alone even if they wanted to do more damage.

Note that the famous world-wide recognized Biltmore Estate or the Omni Grove Park Inn along with the Biltmore Park stores did not sign the "white flag" letter below.

This would be like the Jews in Nazi Germany, thanking the SS for writing "Jew" on their store front windows, the SS later taking them out of their homes in 1938 in the "Night Of The Breaking Glass."

This is all too haunting of the techniques used to take away freedoms, the surviving Jews of the Holocaust warning once it started you wouldn't believe how fast it happened. Yes we can, this letter from Asheville businesses reminding us of exactly that fact!

It was a time in Nazi Germany when a very young and ambitious George Soros was assisting the Nazis to catalogue all the belongings in Jewish homes now empty and scattered across Germany. After the war, it was reported at one of the internment camps the human ash was ankle deep as far as the eye could see.

When Soros was questioned decades later about his involvement with the Nazis, he smiled at the TV host and said, If not me, someone would have done it.

In 2001, a few months after the planes took down the towers on 9/11, George Soros would be given a globalist award from the Carnegie Foundation.

Who was also in attendance back then? Dr. Fauci. You couldn't make this up if you wanted to. - Webmaster



So Who Is The Democrat's Source Of All This Hatred Moving Into 2021?



Why Blacks Must Never Forget . . .

. . . what the Democrat Party did to successful Blacks, Democrat Charles Aycock saying in 1898 "those Negroes needed an education." They were getting out of line and daring to create their own successful society in Wilmington, North Carolina and actually running their own black-owned newspaper.

And Aycock's KKK would have none of it in 1898.

Over 120 years later in 2020 nothing has changed. Democrats still used blacks to win the 2020 election, hoping the media would never inform them about that annoying Wilmington Massacre of 1898, which took away their success as a growing minority community one hundred years ago.


The Wilmington Race Riot Of 1898

By LeRae Umfleet, NC Office of Archives and History, 2010, NCPedia


"Because their campaign was so successful, Democrats won the election in Wilmington and across the state. The next day a group of Wilmington whites passed a series of resolutions requiring Alex Manly to leave the city and close his paper, and calling for the resignations of the mayor and chief of police. A committee led by Waddell was selected to implement the resolutions, called the White Declaration of Independence. The committee presented its demands to a Committee of Colored Citizens (CCC)—prominent local African Americans—and required compliance by the next morning, November 10, 1898." - NC Office of Archives and History
Black newspaper burned down on November 10, 1898.


Men such as Alfred M. Waddell and future governor Charles B. Aycock gave fiery speeches to inflame white voters.


"The Wilmington Riot of 1898 was not an act of spontaneous violence. The events of November 10, 1898, were the result of a long-range campaign strategy by Democratic Party leaders to regain political control of Wilmington—at that time state’s most populous city—and North Carolina in the name of white supremacy.

In 1894, a Populist and Republican coalition known as Fusionists had won control of the General Assembly and, in 1896, Daniel Russell, the state’s first Republican governor since Reconstruction, was elected. Fusionists made sweeping changes to Wilmington’s charter and state government in favor of African Americans and middle class whites.

Wilmington sustained a complex, wealthy, society for all races, with African Americans holding elected office and working in professional and mid-range occupations vital to the economy.

The Democratic Party’s 1898 campaign was led by Furnifold Simmons, who employed a three-prong strategy to win the election: men who could write, speak, and 'ride.' Men who could write generated propaganda for newspapers.

Men such as Alfred M. Waddell and future governor Charles B. Aycock gave fiery speeches to inflame white voters. Men who could ride, known as Red Shirts, intimidated blacks and forced whites to vote for Democratic Party candidates. Democrats from across the state took special interest in securing victory in Wilmington. A group of white businessmen, called the 'Secret Nine,' planned to retake control of local government and developed a citywide plan of action.

'The Democratic legislature overturned most Fusionist policies and placed control over county governments in Raleigh. New election laws limited Republican power in the 1900 election. Democrats controlled local and statewide affairs for the next seventy years after victory in 1898.'

An editorial by Alex Manly, editor of the Wilmington Record, the city’s African American newspaper became a touchstone of the campaign. Manly’s article challenged white concepts of interracial relationships, and it became a Democratic tool to further anger whites.

Because their campaign was so successful, Democrats won the election in Wilmington and across the state. The next day a group of Wilmington whites passed a series of resolutions requiring Alex Manly to leave the city and close his paper, and calling for the resignations of the mayor and chief of police.

A committee led by Waddell was selected to implement the resolutions, called the White Declaration of Independence. The committee presented its demands to a Committee of Colored Citizens (CCC)—prominent local African Americans—and required compliance by the next morning, November 10, 1898.

Waddell met a crowd of men at the Wilmington Light Infantry (WLI) Armory the morning of the tenth. Delayed response from the CCC and growing tensions enabled Wilmington Light Infantry Armory Waddell to organize as many as 2,000 whites to march on the Record printing office, where they broke in and burned the building.

By 11:00 a.m., violence had broken out across town at an intersection where groups of blacks and whites argued. Shots rang out and several black men fell dead or wounded—each side claimed the first shot was fired by the other.

During the ensuing rioting, Waddell and others worked to overthrow the municipal government; in essence, they staged a coup d’etat. By late afternoon, elected officials had been forced to resign and were replaced by men selected by leading Democrats. Waddell was elected mayor by the newly seated board of aldermen.

Prominent African Americans and white Republicans were banished from the city over the next days. Besides the primary target of Alex Manly, men selected for banishment fit into three categories:

African American leaders who were open opponents to white supremacy, successful African American businessmen, and whites who benefited politically from African American voting support. No official count of dead can be ascertained due to a lack of records – at least 14 and perhaps as many as 60 men were murdered.

State and federal leaders failed to react to the violence in Wilmington. No federal troops were sent because President William McKinley received no request for assistance from Governor Russell.

The U.S. Attorney General’s Office investigated, but the files were closed in 1900 with no indictments. African Americans nationwide rallied to the cause of Wilmington’s blacks and tried to pressure President McKinley into action.

Democrats solidified their control over city government through a new city charter in January 1899. Waddell and the board of aldermen were officially elected in March 1899 with no Republican resistance.

The new legislature enacted the state’s first Jim Crow legislation regarding the separation of races in train passenger cars. A new suffrage amendment that disfranchised black voters was added to the state constitution by voters in 1900.

The Democratic legislature overturned most Fusionist policies and placed control over county governments in Raleigh. New election laws limited Republican power in the 1900 election. Democrats controlled local and statewide affairs for the next seventy years after victory in 1898.

Inside Wilmington, out-migration following the violence negatively affected the ability of African Americans to recover. Black property owners were a minority of the overall black population before the riot, and property owners were more likely to remain in the city.

An African American collective narrative developed to recall the riot and place limits on black/white relationships for future generations. White narratives claimed that the violence was necessary to restore order, and their narrative was perpetuated by most historians.

Wilmington marked a new epoch in the history of violent race relations in the U.S. Several other high profile riots followed Wilmington, most notably Atlanta (1906), Tulsa (1921), and Rosewood (1923). All four communities dealt with the aftermath of their riots differently.

Whites in Tulsa and Atlanta addressed the causes and some effects of violence and destruction soon after their events; Wilmington whites provided compensation only for the loss of the building housing Manly’s press." - NC Office of Archives and History, 2010.


Article by LeRae Umfleet, NC Office of Archives and History, 2010, NCPedia









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