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2020 Election: Race To The Bottom.

July 20, 2021




A.F. Branco's cartoons are in high demand as he slays dragons of Leftist Lunacy with his razor-sharp humor. He has appeared on Fox News, “The Larry Elder Show,” “The Lars Larson Show” - Branco

Graphic Source: Branco

Arizona State Senator, Wendy Rogers, Calls For New Election – Smacks Down FOX News Bret Baier. - GatewayPundit

Mike Lindell Wins Against Dominion; Can Bring On Suit. - RichardsonPost




Now It's Hasbro! Bringing Critical Race Theory To Children's Toys

During the training for Hasbro Employees, the trainers assigned behaviors to children as young as three months old.

"So as children experience more of the world and form new relationships, they value people as individuals rather than racial group members. Conscious Kids is dishonestly using research about young children to push racial essentialism through school districts, curricula, and children’s entertainment from a young age." - PJ Media

Hasbro's [Marxist] trainer, Katie Ishizuka, the co-founder of Conscious Kids, goes on to assert to employees that . . .

"Children as young as two are already using race to assess people’s behaviors, suggesting that we “may” see this play out in daycare or on the playground as children begin to choose and exclude playmates."

Maybe it will put her mind at ease to know that two-year-olds do not engage in cooperative play. Around the age of two, they exhibit spectator behavior and watch others play. Until the age of four, they engage in parallel play and associate play. Children at this age aren’t “excluding” anyone if they play with Hasbro toys alongside or near other children. - READ MORE / PJMedia

It was reported Hasbro also terminated the African American employee / whistleblower.

Watch Video if not taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

Graphic Source: PJMedia

Tony Fauci Wants 3-Year-Old Children Wearing Masks In School." - GatewayPundit

Megyn Kelly Roasts Nikole Hannah-Jones For '1619 Project' Lies! - PJMedia




Article Source: WindsOfJihad

Are Your Kids Being Taught To Support Socialism? - TuttleTwins







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