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The 10 Classic Stages Of Genocide

Looking into the eyes of a child, is our country so far gone we don't even care about their lost future staring back at us? Tough question for tough times!

July 21, 2021



While The Four Horsemen* Of The Apocalypse, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler And Durbin . . .

. . . refused to lift a finger to stop Marxists from burning down and looting American businesses in the summer of hell in 2020, a Special Forces Marine in the article below is reminding us that America lost in Afghanistan, too.

The Taliban are already ruling there again, beating women and stopping girls from being educated, our treasures giving their life and limbs, not allowed to do their job under the leadership of Obama & Biden.

Do you remember Obama and Biden mocking the dangers of ISIS, calling it the JV Team, Trump instead was left to rid the group of its caliphate in Iraq? At the time Obama's media obeyed, too, refusing to highlight the importance of Trump's success against the terrorist organization murdering thousands overseas.

All this is happening as many Canadians bow down to their young king, who does not care about over 40 churches either torched or vandalized without retribution for the media telling stories that misinformed citizens of Canadian history. If that was not enough, the president of France may be demanding each citizen to carry a UN/W.H.O. official vaccine passport.

Did I mention the Biden / Harris Regime also wants the UN's Human Rights Council, (made up of Russia, Communist China and Cuba's Communist leadership), to look into America's so-called racism?

President Biden recently chose to call all whites in America "white supremacists," implied to be more dangerous than Islamic terrorists. Of course he really meant only those 74 million whites who voted for his opponent in the 2020 election, trying to make them political prisoners like dictators do in banana republics.

Washington D.C. Democrats were already hemorrhaging over the January 6th protest, saying Americans with disgusting red, white and blue flags who walked into the Capitol building were equal to the horrors of 9/11 where 3,000 people were killed.

And don't forget about the propaganda films on Netflix. featuring the Obama's symbolic Marxist fists held in the air, the same Obama with the "Hope & Change" logo from the election of 2008. Obama's self-identified mentor, Communist Frank Marshall Davis, taught Obama about hating whites, leading to Obama's promise to "fundamentally transform the United States of America" as he walked into the presidency surrounded by his Czars in 2009. Admiral Lyons complained that Obama was immediately changing the training language of our security agencies. But no one listened.

Obama would do that from a seed planted by the CAC in Chicago during the early 1990's when Obama and Ayers were hired to indoctrinate Chicago public school children with the Marxist goal of social justice. The project was reported to be financed by grants from the Carnegie Foundation. Obama was hired to pass out the money and Ayers, a former leader of the Weathermen, to write the curriculum, birds of a feather flocking together. Ayers was already spoiled from wealthy blood, his father reported to run Commonwealth Edison, Chicago's major electric facility.

In 2001, just after 9/11, it would be Dr. Fauci photographed ten years later standing with Ted Turner, Gates Senior and George Soros at another Carnegie Foundation's award's ceremony, a photo no media outlet would show to the public or report on the group's PR release.

Thinking about all this, have you looked out your front door, lately?

Did you take time to notice that Walmart's CEO almost tripped over himself to give $100 million dollars to the BLM's call for "equity?" He knew the founders had already admitted they were Marxist traitors to the United States Constitution and its protection of the nuclear family, BLM hoping to eliminate them as racist.

The Jews who survived the Holocaust tried to warn those who would listen that when change started to happen in Germany, they couldn't believe how fast it ran through their democratic society until there were none left.

German children would soon be saluting Adolph Hitler, telling their SS mentors what mom and dad were saying around the family's kitchen table. What, you didn't know children were reporting on their parents in Nazi Germany like BLM's founders want them to do today, along with their Marxists cowardly corporate sponsors.

Those corporate names include virtuous millionaire CEOs representing companies such as Coke, Apple, McDonald's and Nike, just to name a few. This is while Kelloggs markets a cereal where children, while eating breakfast before school, can spell out their pronoun names in the milk provided by the local dairy farmer. They may call him a racist, too, because he may have black and white cows.

Sorry, those magic rings to save the world are no longer in those cereal boxes, probably racist, too. - Webmaster

Note: * U.S. House Leader Pelosi said without a care, People will do what they do, as the BLM and antifa ripped American statues from their bases. Her representatives in San Francisco did nothing to stop Pelosi.

Senator Schumer threatened the lives of two members of the Supreme Court, and his representatives in New York State did nothing to stop Schumer.

U.S. House Congressman Nadler, in front of a news camera, said that the 100 day violence and burnings in Portland, Oregon, by antifa and BLM was not true and only a myth. His New York City representatives did nothing to stop Nadler, their having already elected a communist as their mayor.

Finally Senator Durbin had accused our military of running a Gulag, yet his representatives in Illinois kept voting him into office year after year after year after year. As an FYI, all four Congress persons have been living off the government for a current total of around one hundred and ten years. It looks like the voters in the 2020 election got the government they richly deserved, taking the rest of us to the bottom with them. - Webmaster


See article.

Article Source: One American News Network




So After Reading The Above, What Stage Of Genocide Do You Think We Have Reached In The West, Especially For The United States? Move On To Find Out.


1.) The 10 Stages Of Genocide For The Armenian People.

It's important you understand how each stage falls into place. - Webmaster

The 10 Steps in genocide for Armenians.  Read the steps how millions were murdered and tortured.




2.) The 10 Stages Of Genocide For The German Jews.

It's important again you understand how each stage falls into place. - Webmaster

The 10 Steps in genocide forthe Jews of Germany.  Read the steps how millions were murdered and tortured.




3.) Have These Seeds Of Genocide Been Planted In America And If So What Stage Are We At In July of 2020?


The Stages That Have Already Started In America. - Greg Reese Reports

Click On photo below to watch video, which was already taken down by YouTube.

Video was removed by YouTube.  Original source had a few buffers, and why the small breaks. - Webmaster

Video Source: Greg Reese Reports




4.) Meanwhile For The July 2021 Fourth Holiday, The DNC's New York Times Gladly Fed All The Disgust It Could For The American Flag Into The Genocide Movement.

The photo of record from the NYT used for their weekend holiday spread is seen below. You can read why they chose it. - New York Times

Marxist journalists, hired by the New York Times, reported on July 4th that the American flag is now the cause for a divided country, all those WWII vets who dare to fly it over their lawns are now racists according to the Marxists reporters over at the Times. - Webmaster

The New York Times chose this photo because the man reported someone had asked him if he was a conservative because of the flag. I think that someone at the New York Times was searching for a story she / he didn't have for a "hate July 4th day" story ordered by management.

Maybe it was the same 29-year old of the Times editorial board who referred to the Betsy Ross flag as the one with a circle on it. I couldn't make this up if I wanted to. - Webmaster

Story Source Of Times Article: NewYorkPost






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