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America's Left Openly Wants To Silence The Voices Who Cry Out Against The Brutality Of The Communist Chinese Party.

August 4, 2021

2020 - 2021: These may yet to be America's most shameful and damning years, as dangerous "woke" huge corporations such as Coke, Apple, Nike and the NBA side with a gangster media and a corrupted 2021 White House, working with Obama to place hands over the mouths of millions crying out for justice against organ harvesting and slave labor in Communist China.


Remember In 2008 When The Socialist Media Of ABC Through CNN Fawned Over Obama As "The One?"

Saint Obama selling in San Francisco at $12.95 a pop, over 1,000 reported to have been moved from inventory.  What can we say?  It's San Francisco, where in the daylight they masterbate in the streets during certain holidays.   Remember comedian Woody Woodbury' of the 1960's, during one of his sets about WWII saying, "Can you imagine me protecting you?"  We thought that appropriate with this candle "stichk."   (Source:  Atlas Shrugs - click on picture for site.)

Photo Source: Atlas Shrugs / The Obama Page



Major League Baseball Heroes. Really?

The Fundamental Transformation Of The United States Of America Continues.

All but one knelt to the political correctness that Obama started in 2008.

It started with Colin wearing pig shaped police on his socks at practice with the 49ers in 2016.   Play ball?  Play Karl Marx as China watches these well-paid professional ball players will glee!  Their releasing their virus on the world has even beaten American sports with not a single shot being fired.  This real is fundamental transformation of America as promised by Obama in 2008. - Webmaster

Professional baseball players decided in 2020 to follow Obama's personal crotch salute to our National Anthem that he gave in the summer of 2007 while at a Democrat Party fundraiser in Iowa. His actual photo at that event can be seen above.

Are you growing tired of watching millionaires catch balls or throw them through hoops while whining they don't make enough money to support their need for BMWs, mansions and gold chains without more income from the Communist Chinese Party? - Webmaster


In 2008 Palin And McCain Laughed About Running Against A Community Organizer. Who's Laughing Now?

America's first Black president could have instead been an Iraqi war hero, such as retired Lt. Col. Allen West. Unlike Obama, West was born of totally black parents. But Washington D.C. Congressional Black Caucus den of snakes wanted no part of it.

They demanded an anti-American radical like Obama, who would diss the country. They already knew Obama and Ayers had pushed for social justice on American school children starting back in the early 1990's.

And that's what they got, Obama proclaiming five days before the 2008 election that . . . we will fundamentally transform the United States of America.

In 2009 Obama then brought in Marxist Czars to surround himself, along with a gangster Vice President who played the game well helping Obama to transform the country. That can now be clearly seen in 2021.

Obama's first goal was to fire all military generals who would not follow his "woke" ideology. He then went on to change the training language of America's security manuals.

This would quickly weaponize the leaders of the FBI, CIA, IRS and other government agencies. As Obama will tell you, from a communist community organizer's point of view, these things take time for those who are willing to wait.

After 2008, the everyday American worker and retired citizen had no idea what was going to hit them. Obama's "woke" ideology would become more dangerous to the survival or America's Constitutional government than 9/11 or Pearl Harbor.

In 2008 you would have called me nuts for saying that. But 13 years later, you have to be asking, OMG what happened to my schools, institutions and Congress? Like Ben Franklin warned about your Republic, if you can keep it. And guess what? You didn't! - Webmaster




Below is a screen shot of YouTube's "community standards" warning for video posted Just Above The Epoch Times article.

Imagine if YouTube existed during WWII. No one would have ever known the abuse Jews received in concentration camps or American GI's who fought on Okinawa and the other Pacific Islands.

YouTube's warning in 1944 would have been for photos of the slaughter of Jews in camps, that their murders "might be offensive to some audiences." That's exactly what YouTube is saying in 2021 about Falun Gong. Falun Gong's only hope for help is to get photos out while YouTube puts its boot heal on them and twists them hard into the ground.

That's what Chinese prisoners were doing in the early 1990's, showing photos of ambulances at executions. That caused someone to ask, What are ambulances doing at executions?

The answer was they shot the political prisoners and Christians in the head and then quickly removed their organs for sale in the ambulances. YouTube didn't exist in the 1990's to shut that story down. But they do today, protecting the image of the Communist Chinese, one of YouTube's customers. That's what America is to YouTube's management; just another customer and probably a smaller one, too.

Think about that for a moment!

No wonder those Americans in the 1950's were so strong while today there are so many Biden and Pelosi babies mixed in with the population, ones who now dare to call those war heroes "racists?" - Webmaster

Here is what you may see over the live video posted below by the Epoch Times showing Communist China's abuse of a religious sect, Falun Gong.



You may have to Click Here to watch instead of clicking below over the active YouTube link.

When we tried, YouTube forced us to give permission three times. Was it in hopes we would give up and not watch the abuse by the Communist Chinese against the Falun Gong? YouTube refers to this as "community standards."

Video Source: EpochTimes

Article Source: EpochTimes


Falun Gong is currently taking a big hit to reveal the true nature of the CCP. This is a very dreadful experience for many people in these camps right now, so we have to do something about it immediately.” - Jankovsky


Below is an excellent 45-minute animated movie on Falun Gong.


Watch video on the scourage against Falun Gong by the CCP, hero of the NBA and corporations such as Coke. - Webmaster

Photo Source: EpochTimes



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Did You Know The Communists Of The New York Times Smeared The Epoch Times . . .

. . . and its reporting on the attack of the Communist Chinese Party on religious sect, Falun Gong, just before the Presidential Election of 2020?

Below is the exact headline from the article run by the Times in October of 2020, openly supporting the Communist Chinese with their organ harvesting, slave labor of Uyghurs and arrests of Falun Gong members. Next time you see Made in China, you should ask "Made by Whom?"

Note that YouTube has now joined with the New York Times in July of 2021 by discouraging anyone from clicking on the video of the Communist Chinese shown to be beating citizens, as seen by YouTube's own on screen warnings in the above report.

It therefore should be no surprise that a majority of the voters of New York City have elected a Communist mayor twice to lead them, the New York Times the Communist newspaper of record that continues to attack American traditions on behalf of the Communist Chinese Party with the New York Times "1619 Project."

It explains why the New York City media and late night network hosts protected the Communist Chinese Party in its spread of the COVID in early 2020. The late night hosts went out of their way with MSNBC and CNN to spread the message of the Communists, as Obama had allowed for the Communist Chinese to celebrate in a field right behind the White House in 2009, his having been recently elected president.

It was these hosts and cable outlets such as MSNBC and CNN that helped so many thousands of elderly Americans to die by keeping alternative medicines from them when they got early symptoms of COVID. The attack was so vicious by some media outlets and hosts that doctors and pharmacists would not carry the medicines across the country.

Captured Online Headline Says All You Need To Know From New York Times October 2020 Article.

New York Times open supports the Communist Chinese, as seen in their headline attacking the Epoch Times newspaper. - Webmaster







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