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Supreme Justice Clarence Thomas: Why Is Jerrod Sessler Doing The Job For You And Your Associates?


Former Senator Joe Biden decades ago seemed to do his best to keep African American Clarence Thomas off the Supreme Court. And now look who is president, calling conservative Congressional candidates, such as candidate Sessler, white supremacists, racists. It's "President" Joe Biden.

Maybe it is time for nine people to think about packing up their robes and shipping them off to Hungary via UPS.

Why Hungary? It is a county that wants freedom, clean cities and strong families, while electing candidates to support those ideals. Hungary's people well understand exactly, through their history, what oppression looks like.

This is while Americans in 2020 were involved in their freedoms, like fighting over packages of toilet paper in a local Walmart. - Webmaster

August 11, 2021



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"This photo and video were taken outside the DC jail, where some protestors from January 6th are still being held under, what I consider, inhumane conditions.

The man I’m with is Karl Dresch, one of the protestors who was just released yesterday after six months in prison for a crime that, honestly, doesn’t even sound like a crime. After months of speculation about the conditions of the prisoners behind those walls, Karl was kind enough to share his experience in the DC jail with me just minutes after being released.

I was amazed at his lack of anger at the way he had been treated and his gratitude towards those fighting to see that proper justice is given to the January 6th protestors who have been used as tools by the Democrats to promote their false agenda." - Congressional Candidate Jerrod Sessler

Video Source: Congressional Candidate Jerrod Sessler


Candidate Jerrod Sessler's Web Site




I didn't mail a letter to Justice Thomas. Instead I posted the above video of a candidate asking why January 6th protesters, who walked into the Capitol building, are still rotting in a Washington D.C. jail, their rights ignored as if we no longer live in a Constitutional government.

That is because I have no idea who are serving as Justice Thomas assistants, their personal politics or agendas. In today's political world, money and liberalism speak volumes, not the protection of freedoms.

Anything citizens write to the government, such as to Justice Thomas over traditional concerns, could find their names turned over to then attack the writer. It's happened before, such as in California when people donated to conservative causes, their addresses suddenly found on the Internet for hostile groups to view.

Trusting in America's system of government is over when a White House mocks Americans for not getting "the vaccine" while at the same time tens-of-thousands of infected illegals are allowed into cities and towns to purposely raise the infection rate of those same Americans.

The result has already started 2020 controls all over again at the same time American public schools are ready to open at the end of the summer in 2021. We could have a nasty world after Labor Day, an oxymoron from previous decades. Fauci knew new infections were coming; It's his job, his expertise, his profession, his life's work!

The president and vice president also knew the illegals were going to infect Americans. That's why they send the illegals around the country in the dark of night on buses and planes.

There is no other reason to send medically infected illegals, coming from over a reported 100 countries into American cities and towns and hidden from the public, unless there was a goal to infect citizens and to also dilute patriotism. Millions of illegals could be given citizenship in 2022 through Congressional bills passed in 2021 by Congressional Democrats and a few RINO pirates crossing over to seal the deal, swords swinging.

With enough progressive Republicans breaking ranks, new bills could change the country's demographics with a massive input of illegal citizens having already been allowed in, groups of illegals purposely dotting the countryside from shore to shore, like pieces of bitter fruit scattered throughout a cake.

Those illegals will not care about the nation's history or its founding documents, just free stuff out of our treasury to pay for their uncomplicated obedience to the Democrat Party that invited them.

Some border patrol agents have made troubling comments on this, noting that the illegals coming in today act as if they own the country, that the Biden administration in Washington wants them to overrun local citizens. It reminds us of the intent of the Brown Shirts under an early Reich.

And then there is Biden's Department of Justice, fighting states that don't want infected illegals coming across their borders. Yet when conservative Cuban's are picked up trying to reach America's shores, the Coast Guard is reported to be instructed to take them back to Cuba where they will surely be jailed or worse. What?

It proves this corruption runs deep, very deep, and has been building since the election of Obama and Biden in 2008. Why would an administration do that?

It's obvious. To disrupt traditional education of American children, to damage small businesses that will weaken a strong middle class and to let everyday Americans know their freedoms they thought were guaranteed were not. It is to cause mistrust for the system across the lower 48 states while Marxist of the BLM and antifa work with the Washington D.C. Democrat leaders to defund the police and cause chaos in front of cameras.

Our elected government is no longer about leadership. It's about power and a repeat of what happened in Germany in 1934, when another corrupt government fundamentally transformed a democratic society.

Those two really important words, "fundamental transformation," came out of the mouth of a communist community organizer who won the presidency in 2008, Barack Obama, then later mentored Biden for eight years.

The cancer of social justice only took 13 years to be achieved from its push in 2008, Obama seen dancing in 2021 on his 60th birthday in a $11.4 million dollar home located where wealthy white people live, Martha's Vineyard. It is the same white people Obama called racists when running for office in 2008.

White privilege, black privilege? In 2021 we can see there is no difference, just whose side you are on. One turns out to be just as ugly as the other.

Muammar Gaddafi, former leader of Libya, told Obama when he was running for president in 2008, to run his campaign like an "Egyptian Clearance Sale," where the promises made are never intended to be kept.

I have been waiting over a year for the Supreme Court to get involved, watching Americans around the country being stunned over basic freedoms openly trashed, in 2020 and now 2021. And also by elected Democrat officials with 24/7 support from a New York City national media and its late night "comedians," their acid comments reminding us of the fascism of another era.

The silence of the Court has been deafening, as it surely was back in Germany in 1934. So for whom does it sit? Surely, as the Jews discovered, not for them. Not for us? - Webmaster







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