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Our Founders Created A Free Media To Allow Discussions To Resolve Emotions.

With that promise stepped on by American billionaires, who have established a dangerous global social media empire for profit where America has been reduced to just another customer, the safety value of Americans trusting their government has been dangerously compromised.

August 19, 2021



Washington DC Police Are Responding To A Claim Of An Explosive Device In A Truck Near The Library Of Congress.


"The bomb threat suspect, 49-year-old Floyd Ray Roseberry of North Carolina, surrendered Thursday afternoon and is in police custody, Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger said.

It’s still unclear if there were explosives in the truck, Manger said in an afternoon news conference. Authorities tried to negotiate with Roseberry by writing messages on a whiteboard, Manger said.

Authorities then used a robot to give the suspect a phone, but he wouldn’t use it, Manger said. The suspect then exited his truck and surrendered without incident, Manger said." - ABC News / GatewayPundit





He remarks on the video, Joe, you're the only one. It's up to you Joe Biden.


Related to the above news story, a video was uploaded by Mr. Roseberry a few hours before the above news report was released by ABC. You can click here to watch it.

While Twitter was acting responsibly in removing Roseberry's video, Twitter may have actually contributed to the mistrust by banning President Trump from freedom of speech on Twitter while Twitter allowed the Taliban to post tweets. It is a stunning contrast in freedoms that can cause citizen unrest.

Congress needs to get involved immediately in freedom of speech issues on these social media platforms. It also needs to ask the Supreme Court why it has done nothing to protect the right of free speech of our Constitution, violated again and again since early 2020. The court justices took oaths to protect our rights, not just to sit in robes waiting for someone to opine.

For many Americans this censorship, over the last 18 months by social media over free speech concerns during the summer BLM riots and COVID, strikes at the heart of our Republic.

A Republic represents the freedom of the individual while a Democracy represents the collective / Marxism, easily run by thugs with a 51% vote. We have seen this in the comments of Democrat leaders such as Nancy Pelosi for years.

In 2020 Pelosi gave rioters permission to tear down statues, saying of their illegal actions. People will do what they do.

What's her worry? They might get hurt doing it. - Webmaster


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