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September 1, 2021



‘Everything Woke Turns To ****’

"Donald Trump’s most profound insight yet."


Article by Scott McKay, August 24, 2021, The American Spectator.


"Aside from Ronald Reagan, who was a fountain of witticisms and profound truths in his nearly three decades as a political figure, Donald Trump is probably our most quotable modern president.

But it was something he said on Saturday which might well be the single best distillation of truth Trump has ever offered.

In front of a Cullman, Alabama, rally crowd which might have numbered as many as 50,000 people, Trump drove home something everybody now knows.

'You know what woke means,' he said. 'It means you’re a loser. Everything woke turns to s**t. It’s true.'

Yes, Mr. President, it is.

The word 'woke' hasn’t been around all that long in mainstream American life. It’s only the last few years since it’s been inflicted on us. Prior to that, we were stuck with political correctness as a term to describe the effort to deny us our freedom of expression or an independent point of view.

But 'woke' is worse than PC. PC was navigable essentially by being polite about things. There were topics it demanded avoidance of, but one could survive PC mostly by being nice. And PC wasn’t all that aggressive.

Woke is aggressive. It’s intolerably aggressively terrible. How bad is it?

Who lost Afghanistan? Woke lost Afghanistan.

As this space noted late last week, some utter halfwit thought it was a good idea to fly a rainbow Pride Month flag at the U.S. embassy in Kabul for the whole month of June and then send out a tweet bragging about it.

By the end of that month the Taliban were on the move. They spent July taking over most of the country, particularly the rural and wilderness areas populated by the more traditional Afghans, and then two weeks into August the rest of Afghanistan collapsed.

It isn’t unreasonable to wonder whether openly promoting homosexuality in one of the most fundamentalist Muslim societies on Earth might have served as a tipping point to the collapse which followed.

And the rainbow flag was hardly the first leftist cultural aggression inflicted on an unwilling Afghan populace.

Much has been made about how under American tutelage Afghan girls had been empowered to seek an education, and that’s undoubtedly a good thing. There have even been Afghan girls graduating from college in significant numbers for the first time during our 20-year regime there.

Except what exactly are the graduates learning? You can imagine that Afghanistan isn’t a particularly welcoming place for the kinds of woke studies one finds so often on American campuses, and yet there we were promoting precisely that — and not just to college students.

Heba Yosry at Unherd describes the idiocy succinctly:

Afghan women were central to the U.S. policy too — an astonishing U.S. government report from February 2021 shows just how central. The Americans pursued a strategy of 'gender mainstreaming' in the country, a suite of policies that aimed to empower Afghan women.

Quotas were introduced that guaranteed a set number of women in parliament; rural councils, likewise, were balanced by gender. The U.S. sent 'gender advisors' to the country; they attempted to integrate women into the Afghan army; training centres, housing, child care centres, gyms, dining facilities, and bathrooms were all built for women.

And Afghan men were enlisted to the gender mainstreaming cause — U.S. programs gave 'trainings to 1,105 Afghan men in which they could discuss their own gender roles and examine male attitudes that are harmful to women.' One initiative was called the 'National Masculinity Alliance'.

Women’s rights continued to be viewed by many as a foreign notion that was introduced by invaders to sully women’s honour and distract them from their divinely determined duties inside the home. To these people, the concept of women’s rights belongs to the secular sphere that the infidel West was trying to impose upon a deeply conservative and religious country. The Taliban see their role as rectifying the behaviour of their people who were tempted by the devil.

The U.S. tried to switch Afghan women into Western-style feminism — a dream that dissipated because it wasn’t grounded in Afghan or Muslim reality. A focus on gradually revising religious discourse and allowing for a more tolerant understanding of Islam might have yielded more sustainable results — sadly we will now never know.

Let’s also remember that the U.S. military spent the first six months of 2021 attempting to indoctrinate the troops into woke ideology rather than preparing for an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan. Just ask our Joint Chiefs of Staff chairperson, Gen. Mark 'Thoroughly Modern' Milley

Exactly what practical use does Ibram X. Kendi provide in the instruction of the American soldier, sailor, airman or Marine? A few pages into his imbecilic, whiny treatise on 'antiracism,' which demands not to end racism but, in the words of Thomas Sowell, put it under new management, any impressionable minds would hardly find the idea of dying for America worthwhile.

And unimpressionable minds who understand right away that Kendi is full of what woke turns everything into would be less likely to follow the orders of commanders inflicting Kendi on them. But of course, the latter — and purging them — are the targets of the military’s woke offensive.

We were supposed to be in Afghanistan to fight terrorism. Thanks to the woke, what we were really fighting was traditional society. And traditional society won. Just like American traditional society needs to win against these losers.

Woke Newspeak Is Gibberish.

You remember the Gina Carano cancellation kerfuffle from earlier this year, right? Do you remember the genesis of that?

Carano enraged the woke mob because she rejected demands to include her “pronouns” in her Twitter profile. As a straight woman with no gender dysphoria or the impulse to pander to the mentally ill, Carano didn’t feel like it was necessary to accede to those demands.

And the woke mob went after Gina Carano relentlessly for months. Eventually, they got her fired from the cast of The Mandalorian for posting a message on Instagram equating the idiocy of the woke mob with that of the Nazis in Germany, in the sense that the Otherization of those they dislike can lead to public approval of atrocities no one would otherwise countenance.

She was perfectly correct, and her ordeal proved it.

The stupidity of the pronoun game being played by the woke is only the beginning. The Super Straight boomlet earlier this year was another example — Super Straight became a thing because the woke trans mob began demanding that straight people consider homosexual relationships with trans people among their romantic choices. In other words, since “trans women are women,” if you’re a straight guy you should be open to dating a man in a dress, and if you aren’t, it means you’re a bigot.

And people who identified themselves as Super Straight as a defense to that nutbaggery actually received death threats on Twitter.

People who threaten to kill you for not adopting their fake language and definitions are people who don’t have good arguments.

You see this in the nonstop attempts to tar normal Americans as “racist” for pointing out all kinds of things. It’s gotten so bad that something is wrong with you if you don’t capitalize “Black” as a description of African-Americans — but capitalizing “White” to describe European-Americans is suspect if not outright racist.

These rules change month to month, by the way, as the wokegentsia in their cushy sinecures in universities and MSNBC compete with each other to poison the language.

You are not allowed to be entertained in 2021. Only propagandized.

Why isn’t there anything on TV or at the movies? Because entertainment no longer exists. Unless the Woke Rules Of Propaganda are followed no story can be told in America anymore.

You’ve already heard about the idiocy the Motion Picture Academy has promulgated regarding an extreme form of affirmative action with regard to casting, direction and so forth. There have to be so many females, so many blacks, so many gays, et cetera, or else a film can’t be eligible for an Oscar.

Those rules aren’t even necessary. The film and TV industry is over the cliff on wokeness, requiring the suspension of disbelief to get through a show of any kind.

Netflix’s Bridgerton would have you believe half of the English nobility in the Regency period, to include Queen Charlotte, was black. To get through Ozark, one of the better shows on that streaming service, you’ve got to endure a lengthy treatment of gay sex. Ditto for the first season of Game of Thrones. It’s hard to remember the last HBO series which didn’t promote exotic sexuality or black struggle, or both. There are barely any action movies made anymore which don’t subject the viewer to the proposition that 105-pound women can beat up men twice their size or more.

That last bit is not good, by the way. It’s actually a real problem. Teach girls that violence against men (or other women, for that matter) is a legitimate way to solve problems and they’ll act on that lesson. It will go badly for them. What’s worse, if they grow up thinking they can get what they want by pretending they’re Scarlett Johannsen or Charlize Theron they’ll miss out on the traditional ways females have successfully interacted with others — ways society actually desperately needs from them.

Women have always been our best peacemakers. If our stupid woke culture robs us of that, there will be no peace and society will collapse. Now ask yourself whether woke doesn’t turn everything to s**t.

Woke Corporate America Is Broke Corporate America.

The saying goes, Get Woke, Go Broke. Several weeks back, when Coca-Cola was self-immolating under the weight of evidence of its corporate 'be less white' sensitivity training leaking out (training which featured utter garbage spewed by relentless grifter and woke profiteer Robin DiAngelo), Daniel Greenfield offered an interesting dissent.

Writing at FrontPage Magazine, Greenfield said,

Get Woke, Go Broke actually has it backwards.

His point was that the companies most vigorously promoting woke propaganda and pieties are in decline. Coke’s market share is plummeting as people recognize how unhealthy its core product is. Pro sports leagues have priced the average American out of the stadiums and their athletes are increasingly unmarketable due to their thuggish off-field behavior. Delta’s flights are routinely experiences in customer hell. Nike has been gradually losing out to Adidas and Under Armour for years. And so on.

The wokest corporations have a couple of things in common.

First, they are seldom run by the entrepreneurs who have made them the brands they currently are. Those trailblazers are gone — in most cases they’ve been gone so long a woke somebody would surely be along to pull down their statues by now. The people who are in charge now aren’t entrepreneurs.

They aren’t men or women of vision. They’re functionaries. They’re bureaucrats, people who have risen to positions of control by being the best rules-followers in their class. And when the rules they’re so good at following involve the woke corporate agenda, that’s what they’ll push.

And second, they’re woke because something in their business model exposes them to blackmail by the Left.

Coke’s products are all too often diabetes in a can. Nike and Apple sell products made by Chinese slave labor. ExxonMobil and Chevron, who are inexplicably turning more woke by the day, are under assault by the idiotic climate crowd.

It wouldn’t be the end of the world for these corporate behemoths to have gone woke-septic, except more and more market share belongs to fewer and fewer companies thanks to decades of bad regulatory and other policies.

So how do we beat this?

Well, across the board Americans are going to have to get loud. We need to be as derisive and boorish as possible in the face of wokeness, and push back heavily on it. Woke can’t stand up to ridicule, because it’s ridiculous.

Don’t patronize woke corporations.

Buy local, and buy conservative. Read more books and watch less TV. Get into country music and out of Top 40. Drop your reflexive affinity for the military, at least for the generals — that shouldn’t be hard, as these fruit salad-wearing clowns have gone several decades now without actually winning a war.

And for God’s sake, never vote for a woke politician — they either believe all this crap, in which case they are your enemy, or else they’re too weak or afraid to stand against it.

Wokeness is weakness. Everything woke turns to s**t. Let’s not let them do this to our country."The American Spectator


Article by Scott McKay, August 24, 2021, The American Spectator.


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