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Whipping Up The Left's Democrat Voters With Lies And More Lies.

September 23, 2021




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Newsmax's former Marine pilot, Greg Kelly, looks at the recent lies of the Biden Administration, as it whips up America's Fascist media with the purpose to create a stampede among the left's voters. The objective is to take focus off of the 14,000 illegals waiting to be moved into America's neighborhoods.

The technique is referred to as the "shiny object." All that is missing from this picture is the Gestapo uniforms along with the camps filled with canceled European Jews. Be sure to watch the "Wake Up" 9/21 news segment below.

Click On image below to watch Newsmax on LIES coming from the Left and the Biden Administration.

Photo / Video Source: Newsmax

By the way, it was the left's George Soros as a teenager, (while pretending to be a Christian), who helped the SS to catalog the possessions of the German Jews sent to those camps. When asked decades later about what he did, Soros smiled and said, Somebody would have done it.

Watch the Soros interview from decades ago, Soros a huge supporter of the left's Democrat Party. It is a straight forward no "wokeness" interview from Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes, the type of interview you probably would not see today from America's left media,

It's a media that has become a dangerous place, where a new motto has surfaced for journalists to follow: If we believe a story is correct, we don't need to check other sources any more . . . that fairness is overrated.

This is while a CNN host recently explained, Biased news is pro-American. To that end, you need to know it was a large Turkish secular organization that warned its members about CNN several years ago, CNN siding with the Turkish Islamic leader trying to push Sharia Law on the Turkish people.

The organization warned its members about CNN TURK, Don't interview with CNN. They will twist your words.

You would have thought well-informed Americans in a Republic would have wised up to CNN over the years, a news outlet started by Ted Turner. Turner was given an award 20 years ago from the left's Carnegie Foundation for his socialist international news organization.

Do you know who was standing with Turner and other globalists in a photo taken back then? Dr. Fauci, which the media continues to bury today.

You would have thought Americans with all this free flowing information could have picked up on the left's media lies, as shown in the above Newsmax report. Well they would have 30 years ago, when Marxism was simply a reading assignment in colleges. But not today.

Since then those corrupted institutions have turned into Marxist training camps, as shown with the Red Guard at Yale, the university filled to the brim with fascist diversity police. Our colleges have become a mockery of our First Amendment and a Supreme Court that was created to protect it. - Webmaster









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