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America's Left Cesspool Of Entertainment First the U.S., next the world's children?

October 6, 2021



Warning: U.S. Entertainment's Industry Kitty Porn Images.




America's Left; Build Back Better To The Days Of . . . Noah?



Netflix or Penthouse Magazine.  Hard to tell the difference in 2021. - Webmaster

Graphic image source: Netflix Big Mouth


Parents Television and Media Council

September 2021

"It should shock the conscience to see children sexually exploited for the sake of entertainment and financial profit, as they are on Big Mouth

Seeing children used in this way for the entertainment of adults violates our sensibilities, especially when, across the nation and around the world, sexual assault is spiking, and women and children are being held in sexual bondage.

We would have thought that Hollywood, following on the heels of its reckoning with the #MeToo movement, would eschew the production and distribution of programming that centers on sexual exploitation. Sadly, we would have thought wrong.

The ultimate impact of a program like Big Mouth is either to desensitize children and adolescents and make them more comfortable with sexually graphic material; or to present children as sexually willing, precocious, and adventuresome to adult viewers, whetting the appetites of those who would do children harm.

Neither scenario is acceptable. Neither has a place in our society.

With the publication of this report, we call on Netflix to cease its practice of sexually exploiting children for entertainment and profit, and to remove Big Mouth from its distribution platform.

Here is a link to our Big Mouth Campaign Page so you can see for yourself what we’re talking about:

I ask you to grasp the magnitude of the evil we uncovered in our analysis of this Netflix program.

Over the coming weeks and months, I will be asking you to engage with us in a crusade to end this horrific program content, and to hold those accountable who produced and distributed it. This research report will be our evidentiary ammunition with which we will wage our battle." - Parents Television and Media Council




This attack on America's young was begun by the left's Planned Parenthood circa 2012.

Click Here to check out the images from a decade ago. - Webmaster




The Following Warning Is Presented By Parents Television and Media Council, September 2021


Graphic / Copy Source: Parents Television and Media Council / Netflix

Mom: Gay 'Pedophilia Porn' Sitting Right On Library Shelves - WND


Planned Parenthood Was Worshiped Under The Obama / Biden Administration.






Interested In An Actual Biblical Warning You Can Hold In Your Hand, which Rained Down From The Heavens And Is Still Sitting Where It Fell Around 4000 Years ago?

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