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Remembering Pearl Harbor


December 7, 2021



On Pearl Harbor Day, Let's Finally Tell It Like It Is!


Those Americans who won WWII didn't surrender to the attack on Pearl Harbor, like the DNC did to the COVID attack from the CCP in 2020.

Our young men and women, working with our allies, defeated Nazi Germany and Japanese aggression in less time than it took Obama to have a finalized working Obamacare Web site. What, you didn't know that? - Webmaster



The DNC Surrendered To The Virus . . .

. . . because its leaders knew about the virus, their agenda openly supported by a globalist social media and its related corporations such as AT&T and Comcast, the respective owners of CNN and MSNBC for years.

The goal of these socialist groups was to push America's independence back down to "obey," like under the Obama years of "fundamental transformation." Now you know why all those reporters hated the red MEGA hats, hats that would obviously offend any good Marxist journalist living on our soil. You knew who they were because they didn't want to live with us, only among us as if we were the aliens.

It is therefore time we consider that Democrat Party leaders knew about the coming virus attack from the CCP. Why? Because they have not once wanted to take out the lab it came from in China, while Chinese doctors who tried to report its origins and objectives have disappeared off the face of the earth.

With the lab is still open, other viruses could be in development once a vaccine is created for COVID-19, keeping Americans in their masks like little children on a public school playground for years until the UN's Agenda 2030 is fulfilled. You can even read the guidelines the Obama administration was trying to fulfil on his White House page in 2015, completing the UN's goals in the U.S. with a Hillary election in 2016.

In fact have you noticed that DNC leaders have actually gone out of their way to protect the Communist Chinese Party by not even mentioning their name or stopping others from doing so? They don't seem to care that the virus has affected the daily lives of almost every American, treated as "acceptable collateral damage?"

You could even watch Democrat governors in rank step go out of their way to destroy church services and local businesses that define America's independence and strength. The DNC's attack on the country was stunning . . . like an army marching across the land and casting a shadow over its local productivity.

In fact everyday citizens have yet to be told how a weaponized virus will act, unlike a normal virus, seeming to re-breed itself over and over again while no one in the DNC even seems concerned, only shouting "put on your mask and shut up."

Why wouldn't they ask? It would be the normal thing to do. But these are not normal times.

It was because they were in on it from the beginning as the 2020 election approached, with Communist China itself wanting Trump out of the picture because he made America strong again. As we saw from the millionaire players of the NBA and billionaire corporations such as Nike Shoes, Chinese money trumps (pardon the pun) America's patriotism and safety as a Republic.

DNC leaders knew exactly what was happening, their deception exposed when Fauci suddenly reported we will have to wear masks even after being vaccinated. This is while Bill Gates looks forward to even more infections into 2022, not forgetting his 20:1 profit on investment in vaccines around the world.

In fact it was Dr. Fauci who was standing with globalists in a photo during the Carnegie Awards 19 years ago. Three of the globalists included CNN's Ted Turner, Gates Senior, (who invests in vaccines), and . . . wait for it . . . George Soros. Yes, that George Soros, our corrupt media refusing to put up the photo of the award winners with Fauci and those involved in the December 2001 meeting, three months after the 9/11 attack.

And globalists corporations were in on it, too. But why?

Because they so easily sided with the the DNC and the corrupted W.H.O. with its CCP imposed leader reported to not even be a physician. This attack on our nation included the support by leftist social media outlets such as Twitter, Google, Facebook and others. They were delighted to openly censor any American that challenged W.H.O.'s directive.

That censorship would keep the American society under control until after the 2020 election, when ballots would seem to be coming "out of the sky" in the name of their "Chinese" virus lockdowns.

With Biden as president, the American people will have literally allowed their own independence to be permanently weakened if not destroyed. This as the CCP takes back its power over America through a deep state that has been well-financed for years since the days of 2008 when Obama promised to "fundamentally transform" the United States of America. In 2009 he put Marxist "czars" in charge of running the country, or was that little detail forgotten by today's voters?

Admiral Lyons tried to warn Americans what was happening, Obama allowing radicals to rewrite the training manuals of our security establishments. But few Americans cared to listen to the old patriotic American military vet while the Obama media told the public, "Move along, nothing to see here."

And what about the deep state? It's real, working for the DNC. Captured Zoom videos show the Washington D.C. deep state working well, federal employees literally bragging they had the power to slow down the government in anyway they wanted to.

That includes the CIA, FBI and DOJ, obviously doing everything they could to protect the CCP and remove Trump from office. Barr even used Hannity of FOX News to make viewers believe "there would be justice" and that Durham was gathering evidence of corruption. Yet in December of 2020 after the election, Durham is nowhere to be found.

You didn't notice the lack of interest from these agencies in protecting the nation, their former leaders in the FBI and CIA actually hired as consultants at MSNBC and CNN? What, you didn't fill-in the blanks, too busy being sure your mask was on straight at Sam's Club?

The FBI and CIA did their evil deeds again and again over the last four years right under the nose of tens-of-millions of Americans across the country, who were too busy to care, the media protecting the DNC's 2020 agenda at every turn 24/7 for four long years. And now Biden calls for, what's that word they never used by Democrats since 2017, "unity?"

Our founders had told us about protecting the documents they penned for human freedom from one generation to the next, but warning, "if you can keep it."

Well we didn't, did we? - Webmaster



History of the CV-10.

USS Yorktown, CV-10, The Fighting Lady

"America in the early 1940s was filled with a great and determined patriotic society that quickly responded to the attack against America's naval force at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, on an early Sunday morning that killed many Americans still in their beds. Young men and women back on home soil, many in their teens, responded immediately by signing up to serve and to be apart of taking the war to the enemy, those brave Americans not caring about today's safe places.

It would create an effort so huge that many factories manufacturing products for consumers would be turned into war machines almost overnight from coast to coast, ready to build tens-of-thousands of ships and planes that would soon be transported overseas to help our soldiers and sailors meet the enemy head on. Few at the time understood the sacrifices that would have to be made if they were to win. That America in WWII accomplished this in less than four years, winning the war on September 2, 1945, a date known as V-J Day.

Account of Japanese commander who sank the Yorktown at Midway on June 4, 1942.

USS Yorktown, CV-5, sunk at the battle of Midway, 1942.

Those Americans back in 1941 were almost 180 degrees different from the progressive population of today. It was a united population proud of its country, its history and its founding.

Their guts and determination made them a moral compass the world would later envy. Those Americans would "set the benchmark" to protect individual freedom while fighting others around the globe who would try to mold free societies into collectives to serve their progressive fascism.

That American passion would be reflected in the fighting ship, Yorktown, that represented many of the war machines built by women in WWII left behind to protect the home front. The Navy recognized the women's spectacular feat of building that huge, heroic aircraft carrier in fewer than two years by nicknaming her The Fighting Lady. It was a time when America was a melting pot of strength and pride of accomplishment where everyone blended together to run the engine of the country.

Eighty years later those Americans are gone, replaced by a progressive socialist leadership that pushes fascism born "from diversity's hammer of lies." We are no longer a melting pot of immigrants from all over the world, but instead a salad bowl where every part can be seen and then divided against itself, the way of the collective.

Think of it this way.

Those Americans accomplished their great feat of winning World War II from November 1941 to September 1944. In that same period of time Barack H. Obama, a Harvard graduate who had been trained under the Power Points of Saul Alinsky, would take longer to construct a single Web site dedicated to enrolling Americans into a socialist healthcare system than our men and women took to win WWII. That's because his government bureaucracy had been filled to the brim with liberal progressives following Czar leadership, better known today as the deep state.

In other words, those former Americans in WWII built an entire fighting machine and won the war in the same time Obama was trying to build a single Web site, then waited for others to tell him when it was done. What better example since Pearl Harbor could you find for America's authority being turned upside down than under the progressive leadership of a liberal and Harvard educated President.

It was under his watch a U.S. Navy recruitment ad was produced, which no longer defended "justice for all" but instead "fairness for all," a terminology picked up from the sexual orientation movement.

If you're an older citizen, you know America was always about "Justice for All," never about the fair treatment of all. Fair treatment is wishful thinking and impossible to obtain, a Marxist social justice term that represents the collective. At the same time many progressive blacks in the U.S. Congress mocked a real African-American hero, retired Lt. Col. West, who served 22 years in the U.S. Army. These progressive racists believed West wasn't "black enough" to represent them in Congress, and did their best to stop him from serving a second term.

Lech Walesa tried to warn the America people their ship was sailing into dark waters. If you have forgotten, Walesa is the famous Polish freedom fighter who defended his country against Russian fascism in the 1970s, and for his effort won the Nobel Peace Prize when the award actually meant something before Norwegian socialists controlled it. This Cold War hero in 2010 told the American people that through their current lifestyles and elected leadership, America was no longer the moral authority of the world.

America could have paid a price. Other countries might have seen her as no longer the willing protector of individual freedoms any more. It is people who make up a nation and not a nation that makes up a people. But then there was the election of November 2016 that changed everything.



Where Are These Heroes Today?

WWII Movie Stars, America's Hollywood Heroes



Former American Heroes Can Be Found Throughout History, Such As Those Who Served On The USS Laffey In WWII

You can visit the Laffey at Patriot's Point in Charleston, SC, and actually sit in the front terent and watch a similated attack from WWII, which shakes the floor of the gun turret.

"Laffey, 'The ship that wouldn't die,' was attacked by Kamikazes off Okinawa on April 15 1945, and was struck by four bombs and five kamikaze aircraft resulting in 103 casualties with 32 dead and 71 wounded. One sailor on a ship going to the Laffey's aid remembers bodies all over her deck.

A direct hit on the Laffey's forward 20-mm gun mount ripped its thick shield open like a tin can, the plane's engine embedding in the turret. Many of the 14 men inside that turret were wounded or killed. You can experience what that day was like on the Laffey through an audio/video demonstration inside the repaired turret at Patriot's Point, Charleston, SC." -




WWII: The Ship That Wouldn't Die

World War II kamikaze attacks bring out heroes such as those on the destroyer USS Laffey - YouTube

( USS Laffey is on display in Charleston, SC, at Patriot's Point. Don't miss the front turret video if you visit.)

Video Source: YouTube



Actual Surviving Color Film From November 7, 1941

Pearl Harbor in Color: Actual color film from 1941. - unknownWWIIincolor

Video Source: unknownWWIIincolor



Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover's Secret History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath - Amazon



Virtual tour of the National Museum of the Pacific War - YouTube
Video Source: YouTube



First Shot Fired . . . U.S. Navy Sinks Japanese Sub

Okeanos Explorer 2016 examines Japanese sub sunk at Pearl Harbor - NOAA / ABCNews
Video Source: YouTube



Oh Look . . .

. . . there's President Barack Obama honoring our heroes at Pearl Harbor in December of 2013 by posting a photo of himself on his Facebook page. What a guy, well trained by his mentor Frank Marshall Davis.

Socialist president, Barack Obama, honors those who were lost in Pearl Harbor with a photo of himself on his Facebook page. - Webmaster

On Pearl Harbor Day in 2013, Obama would post photos of himself — In 2017 Trump invites WWII Veterans to THEIR White House - GatewayPundit

Photo Source: GatewayPundit







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