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The Attack On Hydroxychloroquine

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February 9, 2022

If America still had its former Fourth Estate, tens-of-thousands or more of older Americans would have been informed of medications available for early infections from COVID. But they weren't. And they died.

The strategic attempt to overthrow our freedoms originated with the former American Society Of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) back in the late 1970's. One author correctly referred to it as Coloring the News.

Once national news reporting agencies, such as Reuters and AP, jumped on board with their subscription services for supplying news content to newspapers, the ASNE transition would be easy. Some of those newspapers would actually print the content sent to them as is.

ASNE's socialist goal was simple; encourage as many newspaper editors as possible to line up with ASNE's choice of politically correct words and propaganda for readers to absorb on social issues. With so many newspaper editors already feeding the left, it would be easy to seduce them to the ways of Karl Marx. So much for a Fourth Estate people could trust.

Those social issues included items such as immigration, illegal aliens, social justice, race, children's education and sexual orientation to name a few. In 2020, decisions on medications and vaccines would be added to the list.

The ASNE's media has since become so toxic that RT News, formerly Russia Today, seems more free in its reporting than the left's media of the New York Times, Washington Post, L.A. Times, Salon, MediaMatters, etc.

As mentioned above many older Americans lost their lives to COVID and didn't have to die. Their deaths were instead pushed aside by the left as acceptable collateral damage so that inexpensive and proven medications would be denied. In other words they would push citizens down a 'cattle chute' to instead take the jab.

In place of safe drugs, vaccines would be administered, not to just those at risk but to the entire population . . . the true objective blurred for future international goals. And what would those goals look like? Check them out, related to the UN's Agenda 2030 to reduce the world's population.

It is similar to the theme of the 1973 movie, Soylent Green, ironically to the movie's director what the world might look like in year 2022. If you watch the trailer, what is shown is very much like the ruling of today's elected officials across the globe, turning against their own people.

The intent to kill someone with a motive is called murder. And that is what the Obama / Biden media has been doing in trying to prevent tried and true medications from reaching tens-of-thousands of Americans who needed them in early stages of COVID in 2021.

The left's media goal is to create forceful political change through radical social engineering introduced by Obama and Biden in 2009 and under their faux mission of "Hope & Change."

The left went after the elderly first, because they are the only ones who have the undeniable memories from 70 years ago on how to successfully run a free society. They are also the teachers for younger generations.

Later the left would go after people of faith of all ages, whose values were inherited from immigrating grandparents formerly living overseas in socialist countries. The entire western world would fight to protect those freedoms in WWII, pushed by the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.

It is the same Pearl Harbor damning Democrat legislative officials in 2021, under the blinding hate of Nancy Pelosi's leadership, would equate to a few hundred people walking into the left's ivory tower on January 6, 2021, better known as the Capitol building.

Americans need to give very serious thought to the consequences as their country turns the next corner, a time when it could permanently rip away from its founding documents. A country that abandons its history is a country that abandons its reason for existence, destined to lose the war waging inside its borders as I write this.

It was the country's strong weave of moral standards in 1941 that gave its population good reason to win the last war they won in 1945. But it may not be able to win the next one when it arrives.

I'm sure our past freedom fighters were on the minds of those Hong Kong citizens, waving American flags before the Communist Chinese army stole their dreams of freedom. That also may soon include the tens-of-millions of free Chinese who live on the Island of Taiwan.

I have written those Asian protesters, when waving American flags, should only wave the Betsy Ross version, which refers to America's free spirit, the only flag showing the original hope of freedom by the 13 colonies.

You need to know a hot-shot young New York Times editorial board member was upset about the Betsy Ross flag. She saw it during a pleasure trip to Long Island. Obviously not knowing what it was, in her anger she referred to it as "that flag with the circle on it."

So much for a Harvard education in the former land of plenty. - Webmaster

A Stunning Report You Must Read: So What Might A Weaponized Medical System Look Like? - Content Source: NewsWithViews (TKS to Peggy of WNC.)

Insurance Companies See A Terrifying 40 Percent Rise In Deaths During COVID, But Not From It. - EpochTimes






"NY Doctor Proved Everyone Wrong About Hydroxychloroquine."

The following copy was pulled from an article by Joseph Mercola, February 4, 2022, titled, NY Doctor Proved Everyone Wrong About Hydroxychloroquine, shown further below in its entirety from the Epoch Times.

"Many doctors around the world started using the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) early on in the COVID-19 pandemic. Among them is Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a practicing physician in a Jewish community in Monroe, New York." Zelenko reported,

'There was essentially a 'psychological operation' put into place to scare people away from HCQ. A big part of that was turning it into a political issue.'

From the start, doctors who used the drug were threatened with the loss of their medical license, which is unheard of for a drug with such a long history of safe use.

The U.S. government made matters worse by only issuing emergency use authorization for in-hospital use and not for outpatient settings. Meanwhile, HCQ has been used for about 60 years in people with chronic conditions such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

The biggest reason for the fear was unfortunately due to falsified studies and trials using toxic doses. It’s difficult to not suspect an ulterior motive in light of those facts. As noted by Zelenko, a main component of pandemic response, namely prehospital or outpatient treatment, was suppressed.

The question is why?

One obvious reason was that it was a presidential election year, and then-president Trump came out in support of HCQ in March 2020. His announcement sparked immediate backlash from a chronically hostile media.

'There were plenty of people willing to use every possible way to vilify the president and to discredit anything that might give him a win,' Zelenko says.

Then, of course, there were financial interests at play. Millions of dollars were being invested into new drugs like remdesivir, for example — a drug that costs more than $3,000 per treatment and is only for in-hospital use.

Hospitals were also paid tens of thousands of dollars more for COVID-19 patients, so there was no lack of incentive to get people into the hospital and keep them there either. Meanwhile, Zelenko’s early outpatient treatment costs about $20.

According to Zelenko, 'HCQ is the safest medication in the history of medicine, azithromycin is one of the most common antibiotics used in medicine, and zinc is a mineral that’s well-known and well-tolerated. These drugs were affordable and available to take at home, which was very important. And they worked.'

'The virus is not dangerous if you approach it correctly. If you treat it in the right timeframe, it’s no different than a bad flu. You can deal with it, said Dr. Zelenko

June 30, 2020, Zelenko and two co-authors published a study showing that treating COVID-19 patients who had confirmed positive test results 'as early as possible after symptom onset' with zinc, low dose HCQ and azithromycin reduced odds of hospitalization by 84% and all-cause death by 500% compared to no treatment at all.

Crazy enough, even though Zelenko went to great lengths to share his clinical findings with the White House and the National Institutes of Health, he received no support and was told they had no use for it.

'What’s happened over the last 20 years is that the academic elite and pharmaceutical industry have bred a monopoly on medical truth,' he says. 'They feel only data generated through randomized control trials, pharmaceutical sponsored trials, or those that are coming out of major academic institutions are to be viewed as truth. Anything coming from a frontline country doctor must be anecdotal. That’s the crime here.

And they created artificial barriers that prevented the flow of common sense and lifesaving information. You know which countries did take it seriously?

See, this is a disease of affluence because the rich countries could afford the waste of money. The poor countries like Honduras, they had no options. 'They couldn’t afford respirators. They didn’t have enough hospital capacity. So, they gravitated towards the cheap generic approaches. And those are the ones that have the best outcomes.'

Zelenko highlights Uganda, which has a population of about 50 million people, yet has recorded just 325 deaths.

'I think this was a genocide against the elderly and a crime against humanity,' he says. 'There are plenty of people who have blood on their hands, including the media.'

He also stresses that the pandemic response, including the suppression of HCQ, has clearly been a global coordinated effort.

'You have to ask yourself, who benefits from a destabilized world? Who benefits from chaos on the streets, from anarchy, from financial despair, from psychological trauma? In some parts of this country, suicide rates are up 600%.'

I speak to my colleagues in emergency rooms — the amount of child abuse and spousal abuse they’ve seen is absolutely ridiculous. The amount of collateral damage from preventable illnesses, like heart disease and cancer that are skyrocketing because people are not getting access to routine care.

A lot of people weren’t getting elective surgeries on time. So, there’s been a lot of collateral damage. The shutdown is killing more people than the virus. The virus is not dangerous if you approach it correctly. If you treat it in the right timeframe, it’s no different than a bad flu. You can deal with it. You don’t have to shut down the world.

Zelenko, who was born in a communist country and whose family suffered under communist and fascist rule, is quite sensitive to the signs of these authoritarian regimes. He recounts a story told in the book 'The Gulag Archipelago,' by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

'Stalin wanted to dig a canal from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The work, done in the middle of winter, led to the death of 400,000 prison workers, as they weren’t given the appropriate clothes or tools. The bodies were thrown into the cement and became a permanent part of the canal.'" - Joseph Mercola, EpochTimes

The above copy was pulled from the article posted below by Joseph Mercola, February 4, 2022, titled, NY Doctor Proved Everyone Wrong About Hydroxychloroquine, in the Epoch Times. - Webmaster


Click On second graphic below for playback of the video.

Article by Joseph Mercola, February 4, 2022, NY Doctor Proved Everyone Wrong About Hydroxychloroquine, Epoch Times.

TKS to Peggy of WNC for the heads-up.

[From Biden Administration.] "Chinese-Made COVID-19 Test Kits Are Coming To Millions Of U.S. Households Via White House Initiative." - EpochTimes

After Lying Since 2020 About COVID Supespreaders . . . the same national media outlets and their "woke" managing editors now bury Johns Hopkins Study that found lockdowns were ineffective, hiding the truth from the public. Original Source: WND

Attorney Claims 48,465 Have Died From COVID Vaccine. - WeThePeople

"Helping Our Teens Amid A Rise In Suicide Attempts." - EpochTimes

The COVID-19 Pandemic's Effect On Teen & Adolescent Mental Health. - EnhancedHealthGroup




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All Americans Whose Relatives Fought In WWII Need To Ask, . . .

. . . why do the CEO's, who run the globalist corporations seen below, want to destroy the values fought for by the greatest generation winning WWII? These post-American CEOs can't deny it, as we watch the hosts of their hateful media holdings try to indoctrinate American citizens to view that generation of 1945, not as heroes, but as racists and white supremacists. - Webmaster

"Do not eat the bread of a selfish man, or desire his delicacies; for as he thinks within himself, so he is. He says to you, 'Eat and drink!' but his heart is not with you. You will vomit up the morsel you have eaten and waste your compliments." - Proverbs 23


Has been with CNN for well over a decade.

AT&T owns CNN. In 2006 CNN was referred to as the "snuff" network when its host, Anderson Cooper, ran a terrorist video around the world of the shooting of a GI in Iraq. Among other things, CNN went after a teenager for standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial wearing a MAGA hat. While the PTC is accusing AT&T of promoting porn to kids, AT&T's Warner Media blacklists J.K. Rowling from Harry Potter 20th Anniversary on HBO. The approving AT&T CEO is John Stankey.

No one can say CEO Stankey has no idea of the sedition that MSNBC is causing against the United States. - Webmaster

Source: TheInformation


Has been with MSNBC for over a decade.

Comcast owns MSNBC, a network originally tied to Microsoft. MSNBC reporting stands firm with the agendas of the Democrat Party. One of its hosts even attacked a conservative black woman, (a former Marine who won the Lt. Governor office in Virginia), as a white supremacist. Reid (photo on left) graduated from Harvard. The approving Comcast CEO is Brian L. Roberts.

No one can say CEO Roberts has no idea of the sedition that MSNBC is causing against the United States. - Webmaster

Source: BizJournal

Disney / ABC

The view was on ABC in 2009.

Disney had been Walt's dream for family programming. To that end Disney has purchased an amazing list of properties, which include Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, 20th Century, Search light Pictures, FX Network, A&E Networks and ESPN. Another Disney property includes ABC and its weekly program, The View, hosted by Joy Behar, who attacks conservatives 24/7. Disney has allowed the hateful weekly program to continue for over a decade. Disney's Chairman is Robert A. Iger.

No one can say CEO Igar has no idea of the hatred spewed by the video everyday against Conservative Americans. - Webmaster

Source: Variety


Netflix continues its Big Mouth show aimed at kids.

Netflix is now referred to by some as the Obama Network. It also has been attacked for running an animated program called, "Big Mouth," which provides sexual programming and porn images aimed at teens. It displays images similar to those Planned Parenthood showed in public school classrooms over a decade that promoted sex toys and fisting kits. Netflix CEO is Wilmot Reed Hastings Jr.

No one can say CEO Hasting didn't know the filth Netflix has posted purely for kids to view, mocking the values of local parents across the country. - Webmaster

Source: CNBC


"A Black Lives Matter leader vowed there’ll be 'riots,' 'fire' and 'bloodshed' if Mayor-elect Eric Adams follows through with his promise to bring back plainclothes anti-crime cops to battle New York’s surge in violent crimes." - New York Post

Walmart openly donated 100 million dollars to the concept of "equity" started by the BLM-instigated riots of 2020, calling for the defunding of police. BLM attacked only in Democrat run cities, burning and looting allowed while police were told to stand down. Democrat leaders and media outlets such as MSNBC and CNN identified the carnage and murder of 30 people as "peaceful protests." And Nancy Pelosi? She said, People will do what they do. Walmart CEO is Doug McMillon.

CEO McMillon had to know donating 100 million dollars of his customer's profits was not going to help charities, but instead finance more violance on the streets or Marxism into America's classrooms. - Webmaster

Source: TIME

It's shocking that the five white male CEOs seen above, millionaires filled to the brim with wealth and stunning white privilege, are financially hosting media outlets that wage daily attacks on kitchen-table white American citizens as racists and white supremacists. The outlets are also allowed to attack conservative blacks as white supremacists. Many of those citizens under daily attack follow the same values fought for by relatives who gave their lives and sacrificed limbs to win WWII.

However these five are only the tip of the iceberg of other CEOs who are at the helm of many of today's corporations, which have bowed down to the political correctness of Democrat leadership for over a decade. In fact several years ago many attacked Indiana's legislature as homophobic. So this corporate movement away from American values is not new and in fact has grown more anti-American as it adopts the views of the late Karl Marx and followers such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and attacks white employees in the workplace as privileged.

These CEOs also support CRT taught in classrooms by far-left union teachers supported by corrupted school board members and the National School Board Association. The goal is to divide public school students to see each other not by human character but by skin color. These so-called educators dotted across the country have also adjusted reading, writing and arithmetic to display racial components, allowing the attack to continue throughout the school day.

A sage once commented about leaders like these post-American CEOs. Their observation was simple; The fish always stinks from the head. - Webmaster



Oh look, that's where they've been hiding!

As we lose our freedom of speech, did the supreme court move down to Cuba? - Webmaster


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