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"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Martin Luther King, Jr.



The Things You Need To Never Forget On The First Day Of This New Year.

Because they're going to affect your life for the next 12 months! - Webmaster

January 1, 2024


To have a clear vision of what is ahead for this country after 2024, you need to understand this could be the year of the election of another Reich. But this time in our country and run by Obama and his deep state into 2025.

Obama's Czars are still around since 2009, ready to finish the job of transforming the government of the United States of America into a fascist bureaucracy. If you haven't figure that out yet, Biden's first term in office was Obama's third term, the community organizer always hiding behind the curtains so he couldn't be seen, only coming out to assist in a political emergency.

It is why Obama's Gestapo, grown from his Czars appointed in 2009 to run Washington D.C., WILL NOT ALLOW Trump under any circumstances to win the next election . . . to Make America Great Again (MAGA.)

Obama and his fascist followers DO NOT WANT an America working like the one after our young men and women won WWII. Obama has been trying to disassemble the effects of their win since taking office with Biden, using lies supported by the legacy media to win the 2008 election.

Remember it was Obama and Ayers, under the umbrella of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) in the early 1990's, who were paid to begin to teach the communism of social justice to public school children.

With Biden in power after 2021, Obama's agenda would also be to try to normalize trans black men in the first few hours of the Biden presidency to up-end the Judeo-Christian society. You can check out his success after two years in the new Cinderella and Pinocchio Disney movies.

Just look who is playing the grandmothers in these remakes, encouraged to also destroy women's sports. All they have to do is dress up like a woman and then enter into any women's sporting event that catches their favor or walk through teen showers.

Under Biden we were also able to realize our federal institutions really had been weaponized after 2009, the end game being to replace the Constitution with a DEI movement. Once achieved, it would be game over for George Washington, Jefferson and all the rest!

To help you understand how far Obama has achieved his goals, YOU NEED to watch the newer Tucker Carlson Network video below from December 28, 2023. It is of a zoom meeting with IBM's CEO, who ensures us using percentages that no one would be hired who does not engage in the new DEI culture.

The manager of an IBM affiliate also attended the zoom meeting, who looks like a SS officer giving orders. The discussion on the affiliate's end was about employees already fired, who had dared to oppose his push for a DEI takeover!

What a chilling moment!

The IBM CEO, an immigrant to America, worked himself up the American ladder of achievement. However now at the top, he has pushed the ladder aside to allow only DEI followers into the ranks. A ladder is not needed when globalist CEOs can hire anyone they want through directives to their human resource department, such as screening unwanted resumes from what they call white supremacists.

Watch HERE as your freedom of self-achievement is disintegrated right in front of your eyes. Now you will understand why our borders have been wide open, minority outsiders needed to infiltrate and attack American communities where DEI has not been welcomed.

Are these millions of illegals to be activated by the Democrat Party after the 2024 election under another leftist president, one who will continue Obama's legacy to its final outcome and ensure the UN's Agenda 2030 is fully met, but this time on American soil? Another chilling thought. - Webmaster





When you get toward the bottom of the page, you may want to write down or make note the corporate names listed, remembering their CEOs were the ones who fell all over themselves in 2020 to throw tens-of-millions of dollars of profits at the Marxists of the BLM leadership supported by the Obama / Biden administration. In fact it was the Obama / Biden regime that had actually invited the BLM leadership into our White House a few years earlier.

Add to this list the socialist media hosts of CBS to ABC News, from MSNBC and CNN, supported by the evil leadership of Corporate Disney, Discovery and Comcast executives, noting they never stopped the lies told that George Floyd was killed by a white police officer.

The event had sparked the violent protests during the early summer of 2020. CNN of course was all too happy to add to the lies about the riots, reporting them to be mostly peaceful as fires burned behind their reporters on camera. Some Democrat mayors even called it The Summer of Love.

However Floyd's body was reported to have been found filled with enough drugs to kill three grown men his size at the time of the arrest. In other words, Floyd was already at death's door from a drug overdose and why he was probably going to be unmanageable when police tried to arrest him.

But sadly we didn't understand that Floyd's death was instead a national warning to all, that the society we once thought secure would be collapsing right in front of our eyes. It was a day that the media's hate for America's individual spirit was on full display for all to see for themselves.

Denial was no longer a river in Egypt.

People across the country were literally watching fascists take a knife on-screen to our everyday life and in real time, thrusting it in again and again with outright lies and hate for America. Vile legacy media hosts, their mouths dripping with venom such as communist Van Jones of CNN, Harvard graduate Reid at MSNBC and others, could be watched attacking conservative American citizens they saw as pigs.

President Biden and his Democrat Party helped, throwing gasoline on the flames to push the knife in even deeper against patriots who dared to want to make their lives great again . . . after eight years of destruction from an Obama / Biden regime filled with communist Czars, their job to turn our security institutions of the federal government against We the People.

"Die, you *******s, die," Biden and his media snobs insinuated, their cries so full of hate they didn't seem to care that they, too, could go down with the ship.

Biden, (in one speech with soldiers standing in the background, brick walls reflecting deep colors of red as if blood was being spilled), had swirled his tiny wicked fists in the air, the image matching former speeches of Hitler from the 1930's. He, too, had marched his German comrades to remove former citizens from the society because they, too, belonged to the wrong race.

Americans need to look at the history of other civilizations around the world with thousands of years of human rule, their destruction a warning to us that most were destroyed by stress from within than outside forces.

Just like the biggest dictator-looking set ever. Surreal. It’s surreal… If you can’t look at the photos and imagery that came out from Biden last night that without a doubt, it was the worst staging in the history of American politics… This man, our president, looked like f*cking Hitler. I’m not saying he’s Hitler. I didn’t even listen to a lot of his speech. He looked like a f*cking charicature. He looked like Hitler… - Gateway Pundit

This country's youth have been dying in the tens-of-thousands from drug overdoses, suicides, while a national fascist media buried the truth from citizens, signs that America's sickness may already be turning terminal. And that's not an exaggeration, as we look around at a Democrat Party THAT WILL DO ANYTHING to stay in power . . . anything.

For instance American students are directly affected by what Marxists Obama / Biden have done to college environments. FIRE now rates Harvard at the bottom for free speech of all universities.

So many students looking for a college may be upset with what they are seeing, turning to the Grand Canyon University or others for their education and protection of freedom of speech on campus.

Biden and the trans supporters of his administration must want to shut down the Christian university, Grand Canyon, by using their weaponized institutions, this time the FTC. Biden is having the university sued for tens-of-millions of dollars, saying its advertising of a low-cost education to bring students on campus is a lie. This is while his administration praises Hamas students, who attack Israel on Harvard's campus and other communist leaning universities.

They know in just a few more months after winning the November 2024 election, they would have finally crushed the American dream they hated. They see blue collar workers and the individual freedom of poor Americans as annoying, idiots outside of the left's elite leadership with degrees from Harvard, Yale and other Marxist-filled universities.

The promise by Obama / Biden in 2008 to "fundamentally transform" the country would then become permanent, what the Democrat Party has always wished for with elections seen as annoying events.

Note: Check out the Greg Kelly NewsMax video report below for more details that will shake you to your core at the deliberate destruction going on around our country. Drug addict Floyd now has a statue of himself, sitting on a bench in Washington D.C., just another drug hero to be added to other city's statues that include the former drug baron mayor, Marion Barry.

Legacy-media talking heads held hands with each other in supporting leaders of the Democrat Party during the summer 2020 riots, such as U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They purposely pushed the violence against American businesses, my not remembering MSNBC or CNN worried for a second about their offices being burned down to the ground.

Pelosi with her Democrats also reported that protestors, (rioters), didn't have to wear COVID masks or distance themselves from each other, (like the tens-of-millions of other American citizens were forced to do), while marching down city streets. Nancy said her protestor's right under the Constitution, (while they burned down main streets USA), was too important to worry about COVID masks, elites realizing COVID was a gift that would allow them to destroy the foundation of individual freedom.

That shouldn't be too surprising, as a Democrat leader of the U.S. Senate, Chuck Schumer, threatened the lives of two Supreme Court justices while standing on the court house steps screaming with Planned Parenthood leaders.

The court at the time was ruling on whether to send Roe back to the states where citizens could decide for themselves about local abortion laws. That is what a real Democracy is all about when Washington D.C. insiders like Schumer are taken out of the picture.

But Schumer and other power-hungry Democrats didn't like their loss of power in supporting abortions at the federal level where it counts ever four years to attract radical women voters.

And it was Democrats that usually used violence to create change, as they had in the Wilmington Massacre of 1898. Democrats at that time even took a trophy photo of their burning down a black-owned newspaper, giddy over putting those ******* in their place.

Wilmington had become a successful city for black Republican business owners developing trade at the North Carolina port, Democrats seeing these blacks getting out of their poverty. However in the massacre many of those American black heroes would be chased from their businesses and murdered, some say at least a dozen with not a single Democrat going to jail . . . just like today.

With the country in so much turmoil, you may want to keep the list of corporate names below handy while we head into the November elections of 2024. It will help to remind you who in the legacy media, Democrat Party and corporate America board rooms, are attacking innocent citizens and owners of businesses across the country, maybe like yourself.

In the summer of 2020 BLM thugs were allowed to smash in store windows, load their car trunks filled up with stolen goods to sell on the black market and then burn the business to the ground if that was their choice. If the owner complained, he or she could lose their life.

Even Democrat mayors made sure the police were held back to ensure the fires would burn through the night. Hopefully they would wind up on TV screens across America the next day, putting fear of the Democrat-lead government into the hearts of citizens who might dare to complain.

Many of those business owners were also minority-owned, who only wanted the freedom of self-determination after immigrating to America. They never realized that Pelosi and her gang of thieves could have been more corrupt then some of the communist governments they escaped from.

The fundamental transform the United States of America was coming true under the promise of the Obama / Biden regime. In fact it was Obama who was directly involved in the faux social justice movement started in the early 1990's to push communism in schools, as mentioned above.

Obama, like other communists was a welcomed Harvard graduate, (of course), and a community organizer having fawned over communist professor Bell. We want to remind you again he was hired along with his friend, Bill Ayers, (a leader of the Weather Underground bombers), by the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), to push the Marxist lies of social justice onto America's unsuspecting public school children introduced in that city during a teacher's strike. Obama handled the money and Ayers wrote the curriculums to teach children to hate their country.

Yet as candidate for the presidency in 2008, Obama denied he ever knew Ayers, of course an outright lie. No one cared in the legacy media to ask the question, covering up for their king. Only a FOX News reporter dared to ask the question. It is why Obama still hates the network, like a wooden spike going into the heart of a vampire.


Source: NewYorkPost, February 2022


While Richard Barnett, Who Put Feet On Nancy Pelosi Desk, Jailed For 4.5 Years. - BBC


Innocent blacks and others were used, lied to again and again when going into the 2008 election. Democrats were hoping to push riots across the country through the new Black Lives Matter organization, which had already been marching against cops, singing chants, pigs in a blanket, fry like bacon.

With Biden by his side, in 2009 a new president Obama would bring in communist-leaning Czars to turn the country's security institutions upside down and against the people.

That had been moving along for years until an unexpected win by Trump, elected president in 2016. Trump wanted to stop the pain against the country caused by the Marxist regime of Obama / Biden. One of those Czars to be picked was Communist Van Jones, hoping to be Obama's Green Czar.

However it was the bravery of Glenn Beck, on FOX News, who exposed Van Jones for who he was. Van Jones voice was also reported to be captured on the eve of 9/11 to blame America for the attacks on the World Trade Centers.

Years later communist Van Jones would be given his own show on the anti-American cable network, CNN. It was CNN that had already been helping to bring Sharia Law into Turkey against the people's wish to stay neutral on religion, so CNN's agenda was no surprise.

The organization, Republican People’s Party (CHP), was already warning employees to stay away from CNN reporters . . . that CNN would take their interviews and turn the words against them to advance the Turkish leader. He had been pushing Sharia Law to become the new religion. If successful he would then have fear and huge powers over the people, and CNN had to know it.

It was also CNN's "forever" Anderson Cooper, who allowed the release of a terrorist video given to him of the shooting of a GI in Iraq in 2006. The translated terrorist audio was created to say, Wait, don't shoot until the women and children are out of the way. They were smart about politics in the West, knowing the anti-American Cooper was going to show their video to the American people. What an opportunity to make terrorists look as if they cared about the innocent around them.

Because of that decision, CNN would be referred to by some as the "snuff" network. Cooper even seemed to be rewarded by the legacy media for his attack on our military. It therefore should be no surprised he would be hired the following year by CBS for a slot on 60-Minutes. Cooper still sits on 60-Minutes 15 years later, the network probably knowing their specific American audience doesn't know or care what Cooper had done over at CNN with his snuff video.

It was Obama / Biden, as they came into office, who were reported to have turned the FBI against the people through rewriting of training manuals. Admiral "Ace" Lyons warned of the sedition by these two American leaders against the country's security agencies. This was while the legacy media did its best to push the admiral aside to shut him up. As an editor of the New York Times reminded us, It ain't news until we say it is.

It is why today the FBI has turned itself inside out, allowing BLM rioters to cause over 20-million dollars in damages across the country during the summer of 2020 with over an estimated 25 Americans murdered with few rioters arrests. It was said those arrested would soon be out the door to riot another day . . . even the next day.

Antifa was also allowed by the FBI to attack a Portland, Oregon, federal building for over 30 nights, the Obama / Biden regime allowing their Brown Shirts to try to burn it to the ground. A Democrat U.S. House Congressman from New York even openly lied about it, saying on video those reports of violence were only a myth, his blowing smoke up the people's "right to know."

Yet just this week the FBI was reported to have attacked another American over the January 6, 2021, protests at the Capitol building, arresting a nurse who walked through one of those doors two years ago. It would obviously have been better for her to have helped burn down the Portland Oregon, federal building, (a myth), then to have walked with an American flag in hand through Nancy's House.

Obama actual said this about Comey at this meeting: "To know Jim Comey is also to know his fierce independence and his deep integrity," Obama said. "He's that rarity in Washington sometimes: He doesn't care about politics, he only cares about getting the job done. At key moments, when it's mattered most, he joined Bob in standing up for what he believed was right." - ABC News
Photo Source: ABCNews / Read More

Many former agents at the FBI seemed to have been transformed through those Obama / Biden years, some morphed into thugs seen breaking in doors of Christian families, guns drawn in the early morning hours. . . kids in pajamas frightened to death from America's new KGB.

The FBI had asked a major U.S. bank to give up the names of the millions of purchases made by any one visiting the Washington D.C. area during January 6th, using their credit card.

Americans learned that fateful day the Capital building was not the people's house but Pelosi's home away from San Francisco's fecal-covered sidewalks, a strong smell that one knew a supporter of the Democrat Party was nearby.

After the November 2016 election, the FBI has now been reported to have immediately gone after Trump's transition team with instructions coming from the outgoing Obama administration to spy on the incoming Republican team.

The objective of the Obama / Biden regime was to stop Trump from attacking the weaponized institutions, the new president only wanting to make America great again, known as MAGA.

Trump had not wanted to run for office, an extremely successful businessman who had given thousands of minority workers and women well-paid jobs, even donating to Democrats running for office.

But unless Congress would do something about the unequal trade with Communist China and some other countries, affecting Trump's worldwide business, he would have to run for office himself to hopefully fix the imbalance, too many Washington D.C. politicians filling their pockets with bucks, bending over to the wishes of the CCP.


"NYPD Cops: Bill Bratton Sold Out To The Clintons."

"Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, said: 'He doesn’t allow Trump to speak, he bashes Ted Cruz, and now he sits with Hillary, and he’s working for a company with ties to the Clintons. So basically, he’s a bought-and-paid-for ­police commissioner.'" - NewYorkPost

"Clinton meets with top cops for advice, [including Bill Bratton, reported to be working for a company with ties to the Clintons . . . labeled by some a bought-and-paid-for ­police commissioner.]'” - AssociatedPress

Video Source: - YouTube


Trump also felt there were too many attacks against the founders of the Constitution, Democrats now referring to them as racists and white supremacists. These early Americans were the ones who had risked their lives when starting the Revolution of 1776 and our future freedoms, putting their names of the founding document for the British to read, proclaiming human rights came from God and not man.

It is the New York Times and their buddy Marxists in the legacy media, who have tried to destroy the significance of the date of 1776, the Times also a leader in the anti-Jewish movement across America. The Times was late in reporting on the holocaust in the early 1940's, some believing it was no accident.

The far left newspaper seems to almost want to be under the Hamas banner while supporting seditionists that run some of our Ivy League universities, now rotten to the core.

Those specific university presidents have become so toxic that businesses have warned they will not be hiring any of their woke future graduates. These graduates will also be the ones who will obviously be unable to compete with unwoke graduates trained from other countries around the world, ones who take learning science and history serious. For instance, China has reported to have many more tech-trained graduates then America's failing institutions of higher learning. - Webmaster





Greg Kelly Of NewsMax, One Of The Few Heroes Of The American Media, Called Out The Rest Of The Legacy Media That Outright Lied To The American People About Floyd's Death . . .

. . . from CBS News to former AT&T-owned CNN . . . from dirty Disney and its leftist ABC Network to billionaire Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast and owner responsible for the reporting of MSNBC and its Harvard-trained Marxist host. They all supported the riots of the summer of 2020 that murdered over 25 Americans / police and caused 20 billion in damages to the main streets of America.

Never forget the names of those legacy media network fascists who have soiled your Fourth Estate and your Constitution with its individual freedoms gained by the sacrifices of the heroes of 1776.

One day hopefully concerned American citizens may surround their corporations, too, in protest of the lies they told. It would allow them to feel the fear they caused with the support of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

She would later plan to entrap Americans on January 6, 2021, to come into the Capitol building, her looking ahead at the 2024 election, hoping to call 70 million MAGA supporters, Nazis . . . and being sure the walk into her building would always be referred to an insurrection and not "just" protests, like the burned-out businesses across America torched by the followers of her BLM-trained Marxist leaders.

Now those were what protests look like, Nancy would explain, always treating the American people as if in a third grade classroom, needing simple words defined for them.

Click here to watch video if taken down by YouTube "community standards."

"Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi commented on mobs tearing down statues, saying that “people will do what they do,” during the House Speaker Weekly Briefing on 7/09/2020. Be sure to like, subscribe, and comment below to share your thoughts on the video." - YouTube

Pelosi is the same corrupt U.S. House leader who said of the riots and the tearing down of and defacement of American monument, "People will do what they do."

Would you agree, Pelosi would be the perfect leader for the party of death where Planned Parenthood sells baby parts for profits, donations back to Democrats? Not surprising, as mentioned she lives on the feces-stained sidewalks of San Francisco.

Did you know that hosing off those sidewalks daily causes pollution problems down to the waters of the Pacific Ocean? But for Democrats, they just don't see the problem, their supporters the ones leaving the piles of dung. - Webmaster



Watch Greg prove the officer's knee WAS ON FLOYD'S SHOULDER, not his neck, as the media incorrectly reported. It was what police were trained to do by the Minneapolis Police Department and shown in the city's police manuals. The cowardly police chief was reported to have lied about the procedure not being a part of training, encouraging the hate against the cops to continue. - Webmaster

Click On photo below to watch the truth about Floyd's death.

Greg Kelly: "Minneapolis film shows truth on George Floyd death riots." - Source Newsmax

NOTE: YouTube employees, some obviously from corrupted Ivy League colleges, did their best to bury Kelly's report. They would force viewers to prove they were age-appropriate to watch the Newsmax newscast, which had already appeared on cable news.



Reported Contributing Corporations And Their CEO's In Giving Millions To BLM Rioters In Helping To Burn Down Mains Streets In America, Summer Of 2020.


"‘Fortune 500’ Companies Donated To The Marxist, Anti-Capitalism Black Lives Matter Foundation." - TheFederalist

Article By Jordan Davidson, July 13, 2020, The Federalist

Click Here or scroll down to read the full article from The Federalists.


Note: When you see an * after a corporate name, please visit CNET for more details. For all others visit The Federalist.

23 And Me An unspecified donation amount to BLM.
AirBnB $500,000 to BLM and other organizations.
Amazon $10,000,000 to BLM and others. 
Anastasia Beauty* $100,000
Anastasia Beverly Hills $1,000,000 to BLM and other organizations.
Apple* $100,000,000
Aritzia $100,000 to BLM and other organizations.
Atlantic Records Unknown amount to BLM.
Billie $100,000 to BLM and other organizations.
Biossance $100,000 to BLM and other organizations.
Bungie Unknown, sub company of Xbox & Microsoft Games.
Coca-Cola* $2,500,000
Deciem $100,000 to BLM and other organizations. 
Devolver Digital $65,000 to BLM.
Discord An unspecified donation amount to BLM.
Dropbox $500,000 to BLM.
EA* $1,000,000
Etsy* $1,000,000
Everlane* $75,000
Facebook* $10,000,000
FashionNova $1,000,000 to BLM and other organization.
Fitbit An unspecified donation amount to BLM.
For Love and Lemons One weekend’s sales to BLM and other organizations.
Ganni $100,000 to BLM and other organizations 
Gap Brands* $250,000
Gatorade $500,000, a sub company of Pepsi Co.
Glossier $500,000 to BLM and other organizations
Google* $12,000,000
H&M* $500,000
Home Depot* $1,000,000
Honest Beauty* $100,000
Hourglass Cosmetics $100,000 to BLM and other organizations.
Ilia Beauty $50,000 to BLM and other organizations. 
Intel $1,000,000 to BLM and other organizations.
International $500,000 to BLM and other organizations.
Kosas $20,000,000 to BLM and other organizations.
LipSlut 100% of one week’s earnings to BLM.
Lululemon Redirected their original donation funds to BLM.
Microsoft $250,000 to BLM and other organizations.
McDonalds* $1,000,000
Nabisco Sub companies of Mondelez
Nike* $40,000,000
Peloton* $500,000
Petty Little Thing Proceeds from at Home to BLM.
Pokemon An unspecified donation amount to BLM.
Pusheen the Cat An unspecified donation amount to BLM.
Square Enix Matched employee donations to BLM.
Spanx Pledged $100,000 to BLM and other organizations.
SavagexFenty An unspecified donation amount to BLM NY.
Square Enix* $250,000
Target* $10,000,000
That Game Co. $20,000 to BLM and other organizations.
Tinder An unspecified donation amount to BLM.
Toms $100,000 to BLM and other organizations.
Ubisoft $100,000 to BLM and NAACP
Ugg $500,000, sub company of Deckers to BLM /others. 
Unilever $250,000 to BLM.
Unilever Degree $100,000 to BLM. 
UnitedHealth Group* $10,000,000
Walmart* $100,000,000 to equity, equity says whites are racists.
Warby Parker* $1,000,000
Warner Records An unspecified donation amount to BLM.
Wendy’s* $500,000
Whoop* $20,000





‘Fortune 500’ Companies: - Full article from the Federalist

Click Here to watch if video has been taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

BLM founder openly admits they were trained by Marxists and proud of it.YoungRippa59

Video Source: YoungRippa59

"At least seven ' Fortune 500' companies donated funds to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation despite its Marxist roots and anti-capitalistic views.

According to Axios, the 100 largest U.S. companies have so far committed $1.63 billion to organizations fighting racism and inequality.'  Analysis of social media posts, blogs, and public statements collected, however, shows that . . .

Decker’s Uggs, Amazon, Pepsi’s Gatorade, Microsoft, Warner Records, Intel, Bungie of Xbox and Microsoft Games, and Mondelez International’s Nabisco all specifically pledged money to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation following the death of George Floyd.

According to the Black Lives Matter web site, their goal is to promote 'Freedom, Liberation and Justice' and 'to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes.'

The movement’s ideological roots however, run deeper than bringing justice to victims of police brutality. 

One of the BLM co-founders, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, explained the foundation of the movement, inspired by her and co-founders Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi, in an interview in 2015.

'We actually do have an ideological frame,' she told The Real News. 'Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists.'

One click into the ' What We Believe' portion of the BLM web site reveals a far broader agenda for the organization. Stated goals include 'disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.'

Another mission statement refers to its members as 'comrades' a common moniker used by communists. In addition, the newest Black Lives Matter campaign, #WhatMatters2020, focuses on highlighting certain political issues such as 1.) 'racial injustice, 2.) police brutality, 3.) criminal justice reform, 4,) Black immigration, 5.) economic injustice, 6.) LGBTQIA+ and human rights, 7.) environmental injustice, 8.) access to healthcare, 9.) access to quality education, and 10.) voting rights and suppression' 11.) as well as 'government corruption' and 12.) 'commonsense gun laws' to emphasize and push in the 2020 election.

Using target goals, the organization hopes to increase the black voting demographic, educate and amplify on the previously mentioned political goals, and increase voter registration for younger generations, the black demographic, and 'allies.'

Using ActBlue, a platform dedicated to creating fundraising for 'Democratic candidates and committees, progressive organizations, and nonprofits that share our values,' Black Lives Matter solicits donations to further their goals. 

Although The Federalist reached out to each of the 'Fortune 500' companies for comment, asking whether or not financially supporting Black Lives Matter squared away with their capitalistic company values, economic practices, and political views, we received no response." - The Federalist


Above article By Jordan Davidson, July 13, 2020, The Federalist.

Jordan Davidson is a staff writer at The Federalist. She graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism.


Source: FreedomIsKnowledge




Ivy League University Leaders Seen In All Their Glory

Promoting a continued progressive Marxist education to America's young adults while dumb & dumber mommy and daddy foot the bills.

Graphic Source: Stilton'sPlace





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Why Is DEI Like Kudzu?

Kudzu's DEI of inclusiveness & equity smothers everything it overtakes. It removes the life-giving freedom of sunshine to all life that is growing under it on the forest floor. In other words, ironically inclusiveness & equity destroys diversity instead of creating it. - Webmaster

The goal is to incorporate DEI into every aspect of medical schools. - College Fix

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"If we want freedom of religion, then We the People must defend it. Otherwise, we resign ourselves to be subjects of those we hired to protect our rights." - Paul Engel / Constitution Study





All Americans Whose Relatives Fought In WWII Need To Ask . . .

. . . why do the CEO's, who run the globalist corporations seen below, want to destroy the values fought for by the greatest generation winning WWII? These post-American CEOs can't deny it, as we watch the hosts of their hateful media holdings try to indoctrinate American citizens to view that generation of 1945, not as heroes, but as racists and white supremacists. - Webmaster

"Do not eat the bread of a selfish man, or desire his delicacies; for as he thinks within himself, so he is. He says to you, 'Eat and drink!' but his heart is not with you. You will vomit up the morsel you have eaten and waste your compliments." - Proverbs 23


Has been with CNN for well over a decade.

AT&T owns CNN. In 2006 CNN was referred to as the "snuff" network when its host, Anderson Cooper, ran a terrorist video around the world of the shooting of a GI in Iraq. Among other things, CNN went after a teenager for standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial wearing a MAGA hat. While the PTC is accusing AT&T of promoting porn to kids, AT&T's Warner Media blacklists J.K. Rowling from Harry Potter 20th Anniversary on HBO. The approving AT&T CEO is John Stankey.

No one can say CEO Stankey has no idea of the sedition that MSNBC is causing against the United States. - Webmaster

Source: TheInformation


Has been with MSNBC for over a decade.

Comcast owns MSNBC, a network originally tied to Microsoft. MSNBC reporting stands firm with the agendas of the Democrat Party. One of its hosts even attacked a conservative black woman, (a former Marine who won the Lt. Governor office in Virginia), as a white supremacist. Reid (photo on left) graduated from Harvard. The approving Comcast CEO is Brian L. Roberts.

No one can say CEO Roberts has no idea of the sedition that MSNBC is causing against the United States. - Webmaster

Source: BizJournal

Disney / ABC

The view was on ABC in 2009.

Disney had been Walt's dream for family programming. To that end Disney has purchased an amazing list of properties, which include Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, 20th Century, Search light Pictures, FX Network, A&E Networks and ESPN. Another Disney property includes ABC and its weekly program, The View, hosted by Joy Behar, who attacks conservatives 24/7. Disney has allowed the hateful weekly program to continue for over a decade. Disney's Chairman is Robert A. Iger.

No one can say CEO Igar has no idea of the hatred spewed by the video everyday against Conservative Americans. - Webmaster

Source: Variety


Netflix continues its Big Mouth show aimed at kids.

Netflix is now referred to by some as the Obama Network. It also has been attacked for running an animated program called, "Big Mouth," which provides sexual programming and porn images aimed at teens. It displays images similar to those Planned Parenthood showed in public school classrooms over a decade that promoted sex toys and fisting kits. Netflix CEO is Wilmot Reed Hastings Jr.

No one can say CEO Hasting didn't know the filth Netflix has posted purely for kids to view, mocking the values of local parents across the country. - Webmaster

Source: CNBC


"A Black Lives Matter leader vowed there’ll be 'riots,' 'fire' and 'bloodshed' if Mayor-elect Eric Adams follows through with his promise to bring back plainclothes anti-crime cops to battle New York’s surge in violent crimes." - New York Post

Walmart openly donated 100 million dollars to the concept of "equity" started by the BLM-instigated riots of 2020, calling for the defunding of police. BLM attacked only in Democrat run cities, burning and looting allowed while police were told to stand down. Democrat leaders and media outlets such as MSNBC and CNN identified the carnage and murder of 30 people as "peaceful protests." And Nancy Pelosi? She said, People will do what they do. Walmart CEO is Doug McMillon.

CEO McMillon had to know donating 100 million dollars of his customer's profits was not going to help charities, but instead finance more violance on the streets or Marxism into America's classrooms. - Webmaster

Source: TIME

It's shocking that the five white male CEOs seen above, millionaires filled to the brim with wealth and stunning white privilege, are financially hosting media outlets that wage daily attacks on kitchen-table white American citizens as racists and white supremacists.

The outlets are also allowed to attack conservative blacks as white supremacists. Many of those citizens under daily attack follow the same values fought for by relatives who gave their lives and sacrificed limbs to win WWII.

However these five are only the tip of the iceberg of other CEOs who are at the helm of many of today's corporations, which have bowed down to the political correctness of Democrat leadership for over a decade.

In fact several years ago many attacked Indiana's legislature as homophobic. So this corporate movement away from American values is not new and in fact has grown more anti-American as it adopts the views of the late Karl Marx and followers such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and attacks white employees in the workplace as privileged.

These CEOs also support CRT taught in classrooms by far-left union teachers supported by corrupted school board members and the National School Board Association.

The goal is to divide public school students to see each other not by human character but by skin color. These so-called educators dotted across the country have also adjusted reading, writing and arithmetic to display racial components, allowing the attack to continue throughout the school day.

A sage once commented about leaders like these post-American CEOs. Their observation was simple; The fish always stinks from the head. - Webmaster



Historic Photo Doesn't Lie About The On Going Violence From The Left

That's especially true of the one below, which shows the true character of former Democrat leadership from their participation in the Wilmington Massacre Of 1898. It was a time when party members murdered around a dozen successful black Republican businessmen, then chasing a reported 2,000 blacks from their homes and businesses . . . wanting to put those "Negroes" in their place.

The reported instigator, Charles Aycock, was honored with his name being later attached to the NC annual Democrat fundraising event that lasted around 60 years. The party only removed his name in 2012 when forced over politics, fearing they might lose an election by keeping it. Below is a photo of those Democrats in 1898, standing around their trophy, a burned-out black-owned newspaper.

Therefore is would be no surprise when Democrat leaders across America chose in 2020 to support the Summer Riots of that year, where around 30 Americans were murder by party brown shirts loyalist from BLM and antifa, causing an estimated 20 billion dollars in damage to main streets across the country.

So when Speaker of the House Pelosi said that those summer riots were just "people will do what they do" while her counterpart in Congress, Senator Schumer, threatened to cause harm to two Supreme Court judges over abortion, you know nothing has changed.

Maybe it can't stop because violence and corruption may be permanently embedded into the party's DNA. Is it why they love democracies, where one extra vote for a majority controls everything, knowing that's all they need to push for to grab power? - Webmaster



Oh look, that's where they've been hiding!

As we lose our freedom of speech, did the supreme court move down to Cuba? - Webmaster



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They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love. They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it. They know, that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over.

The moment the 'Men who wanted to be left Alone' are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these 'Men who wanted to be left Alone', fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror.

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Note: Constitution founder, John Adams, had also warned that our Constitution would only be appreciated by people of faith, others having no interest in protecting it. And notice it is Pelosi Democrats with the leadership of Obama, Biden, Kerry and their legacy media that avoid mentioning our Republic, always referring to it incorrectly as a Democracy. - Webmaster

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