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The Killing Fields!

From a corrupted world-wide pay-to-play legacy media to Western elected officials that released police departments to attack innocent citizens during a man-made pandemic . . . to the "deadly silence" brought to us from America's FDA, NIH and CDC, here is a simple question: Why are you trying to reduce the world's population?

February 11, 2024




Click On graphic to watch stunning report on deaths caused by strange blood clots in 2021, a year after the COVID-19 vaccine had begun.



Video / graphic source: Dr. John Campbell

Actual jars of the new string clots never seen before by experienced embalmers until around 2021.

Retired Major John Haviland, U.S. Air Force, is interviewed in the above video by YouTube medical professional John Campbell, of England, talking about a new pathology the FDA, CDC and NIH . . . don't want to talk about.

Looking at the above jars, you will note they're filled with something that hasn't been seen before by embalmers. Since 2021 they have been killing people around the world, especially between the ages of 36 - 50.

The researcher reports the percentage of added deaths to what we would normally expect in the United States would equal around 300,000 lives a year.

These new clots have been found by funeral-home embalmers around the world being pulled out of the arteries of the deceased, string-like clots that measure 6 inches to three feet long. A terrible fear among some medical professionals is that there could be a new killer in the world brought about by the new mRNA from the COVID vaccine.

It has become all too clear that America's legacy media is no longer interested in protecting John Doe or the middle class, which our Constitution "hoped" for in a Fourth Estate that would help people be better citizens through unbiased information.

But looking at today's on-screen talking heads and the journalists who work for major progressive print outlets, it seems many have become involved in a deception that is murdering humans around the world in serious numbers.

As people between the ages of 36-50 are reported to be the most affected (a group you would not expect to die unexpectedly because of normal health) it looks like America's FDA, CDC and NIH along with the major leaders of the western world and the elite class may know exactly what is going on.

These added deaths have been occurring in many countries except for Africa. That is where the drug Ivermectin has been easily available to citizens for years to treat several diseases including Scabies. COVID -19 has therefore not been able to take hold on the continent as it has done around the rest of the world since 2020.

The question needs to be asked then why have a few billionaires (who own the major social media platforms started in the United States and have spread across the world) seem to be the most guilty of abuse to our right of freedom of speech and sharing of information.

It was their platforms that have actively pulled down posts by professional individuals, who question what has been going on with COVID-19 vaccines, and then actually tried to have them silenced . . . removed from society by ruining their reputation or convincing governments to take away their license to practice their profession.

Stunning stuff, proving our freedom of speech has become conditional while our Supreme Court seems to have no interest in this potential new attack on the founder's document to hide the murder (or elimination) of millions around the world.

But it doesn't end there. This includes an unexpected increase of still-borns or losses during pregnancies, stats that might delight organizations such as Planned Parenthood or its biggest advocate, the leadership of the DNC . . . aka the "party of death."

This fear created by the legacy media and its social media counterpart may have spread to embalmers, it believed many not wanting to reveal their finding in the arteries of deceased individuals that could cause their state licenses to be revoked . . . not unlike the challenges to doctors who dared to post concerns over the COVID-19 vaccines on their Facebook or former Twitter accounts.

Independent embalmers are reported to be extremely concerned, seeing a new phenomena that's killing humans before their time started in serious numbers around 2021. Many of them have been active in their professions for twenty years or more.

In fact these long clots, and also what is referred to as "coffee grounds" in the blood, is said to have increased by around 30% then a year later settled down to 20%. It is so prevalent, it adds an extra hour to their embalming. They're finding these long clots mainly at the entrance areas for embalming at the neck or the legs.

These clots seem to grow from nothing and over months "take the shape" of the interior of the arteries along with their junctions. They grow large enough that the blood can no longer flow and then the person unexpectedly drops dead.

The government's medical institutions falsely reported that the mRNA component of the COVID-19 vaccine was harmless and would stay in a muscle in the arm for about a week or so where the shot was given, doing its job and then going away. However that turned out to be an outright lie, the mRNA instead discovered to have progressed so far into the body it has been found in mother's breast milk.

In other words, it went all over the body . . . everywhere!

Well-respected professionals are now demanding a moratorium on future shots, producers of the vaccine already planning to add the mRNA to all kinds of shots starting at the end of 2024. That means your normally safe flu shot would now be put into question if you would dare to take it anymore.

Again we need to ask why is there little to no interest by the U.S. government's FDA, CDC and NIH in investigating these extremely troubling findings that are on-going in 2024? And why is dangerous biased reporting still allowed on the lips of a well-protected legacy media, not only making COVID-19 vaccine proponents look safe but burying stories that attach real names to the front line of these lies post 2020 such as Fauci, Gates and others?

What better way to accomplish a global agenda like this than to hide it in a vaccine where humans are forced to be injected for "their own benefit." But why protect a world's population, outside of Africa, from a virus that has already moved on in 2024. . . the human immune system already dealing a blow referred to as herd immunity?

New Insert On How British Officials Are Handling A "New Disease" Of String Clots In Arteries. The Answer? They're not!


Click On the photo below for a stunning NEW update on authorities in England not allowing a professional embalmer to discuss his discovery of string clots in the deceased, telling other members to avoid him.

Because of this new finding, we can discuss actual concerns over the COVID vaccine killing humans. We can also call the lack of interest by government officials as a "cover up." In this case it is by English authorities along with those they report to in the British government.

John Campbell of England discusses with a professional embalmer of 18 years being basically told to "shut up" about his findings related to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Video / Graphic source of new release. - JohnCampbell

The above segment is from a longer February 10th interview from John Campbell of England. The segment discusses the findings of string clots in deceased individuals from an embalmer who has been told by authorities to shut up.

The police will not talk with him nor those who govern the trade, their only saying, It's government policy. The embalmer says the increase in deaths in England from these string clots starting around 2021 is running near a stunning 25%!

This well-respected embalmer reported that all those deceased, who had strings pull from their arteries after death, also had the COVID-19 vaccine shot.

He reports there are also new concerns over cancers from the shots, where individuals are very healthy and then after around 12 weeks can wind up dead from an unexpected cancer or another aliment. Dr. Campbell says these strings can be considered as a new disease that started to appear in mid 2021 from individuals who had received the COVID-19 vaccine.

On the other side of the issue, British government officials have shown zero interest in what is happening to their citizens. Should I repeat that? Sounds like America's social media in 2021 and beyond, doesn't it. The above segment was pulled from John Campbell's complete February 10th video starting at 8:30 minutes and ending around 13 minutes later.

This professional is reported to have been in embalming for 18 years and reports he has been pushed aside by the heads of the British Embalming Society, which he reports has advised its members not to talk with him (or lose their license?)

Again, the above segment was pulled from a longer video, which I recommend you watch in its entirety. - Webmaster


Finally outside of England (revealed in the above insert), our U.S. government is also ignoring people who have questioned the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine. For proof we need to go no farther than a discussion of what has happened to a famous American patriot, one who has for decades pushed against unproven vaccines for children around the world. He is also currently running for President of the United States.

His name is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the son of the late Robert Kennedy assassinated in the 1960's. But there is more!

We need to ask why does the Biden / Obama Regime STILL refuse to give secret service protection to this candidate, running for a federal office, the legacy media applauding its decision in silence? In fact the media's lack of interest in his candidacy has become so blatant most Americans might not even know he was running!

Do you finally get it or do you need to drop dead, too?

We now need to keep our eye on the 17 objectives for the world promoted by the UN and its Agenda 2030, named so by the year the UN hopes to achieve these objective, which if you are counting is less than six years away.

Watch the top video with John Campbell and make your own judgment on the information he provides, a well-respected medical professional in England. And then review the new insert shown within the copy.

Again, the one on top shows him in a discussion with a retired major of the Air Force, who wonders why is it up to him to investigate this new killer while those responsible for information to the public, from federal medical institutions to a legacy media, stay obviously silent.

Below is a trailer, along with its one-hour documentary from 2022, which first sounded the alarm. But with a pay-to-play media, the warning has been obviously ignored. It also has been posted on a lesser known social media platform.

Why? So it couldn't be deleted. - Webmaster


Movie Trailer; Died Suddenly


Click Here to watch full documentary movie (around one hour), asking why were people dying since COVID-19 vaccines have found their way into the world's population, well over 50 percent of the world's population estimated to have the vaccine in their bodies.

Click Here to watch the full documentary if the movie has been taken off the Web.

TKS for the heads up to Tom of Washington State for the lead video.






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Why Is DEI Like Kudzu?

Kudzu's DEI of inclusiveness & equity smothers everything it overtakes. It removes the life-giving freedom of sunshine to all life that is growing under it on the forest floor. In other words, ironically inclusiveness & equity destroys diversity instead of creating it. - Webmaster

The goal is to incorporate DEI into every aspect of medical schools. - College Fix

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"If we want freedom of religion, then We the People must defend it. Otherwise, we resign ourselves to be subjects of those we hired to protect our rights." - Paul Engel / Constitution Study





All Americans Whose Relatives Fought In WWII Need To Ask . . .

. . . why do the CEO's, who run the globalist corporations seen below, want to destroy the values fought for by the greatest generation winning WWII? These post-American CEOs can't deny it, as we watch the hosts of their hateful media holdings try to indoctrinate American citizens to view that generation of 1945, not as heroes, but as racists and white supremacists. - Webmaster

"Do not eat the bread of a selfish man, or desire his delicacies; for as he thinks within himself, so he is. He says to you, 'Eat and drink!' but his heart is not with you. You will vomit up the morsel you have eaten and waste your compliments." - Proverbs 23


Has been with CNN for well over a decade.

AT&T owns CNN. In 2006 CNN was referred to as the "snuff" network when its host, Anderson Cooper, ran a terrorist video around the world of the shooting of a GI in Iraq. Among other things, CNN went after a teenager for standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial wearing a MAGA hat. While the PTC is accusing AT&T of promoting porn to kids, AT&T's Warner Media blacklists J.K. Rowling from Harry Potter 20th Anniversary on HBO. The approving AT&T CEO is John Stankey.

No one can say CEO Stankey has no idea of the sedition that MSNBC is causing against the United States. - Webmaster

Source: TheInformation


Has been with MSNBC for over a decade.

Comcast owns MSNBC, a network originally tied to Microsoft. MSNBC reporting stands firm with the agendas of the Democrat Party. One of its hosts even attacked a conservative black woman, (a former Marine who won the Lt. Governor office in Virginia), as a white supremacist. Reid (photo on left) graduated from Harvard. The approving Comcast CEO is Brian L. Roberts.

No one can say CEO Roberts has no idea of the sedition that MSNBC is causing against the United States. - Webmaster

Source: BizJournal

Disney / ABC

The view was on ABC in 2009.

Disney had been Walt's dream for family programming. To that end Disney has purchased an amazing list of properties, which include Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, 20th Century, Search light Pictures, FX Network, A&E Networks and ESPN. Another Disney property includes ABC and its weekly program, The View, hosted by Joy Behar, who attacks conservatives 24/7. Disney has allowed the hateful weekly program to continue for over a decade. Disney's Chairman is Robert A. Iger.

No one can say CEO Igar has no idea of the hatred spewed by the video everyday against Conservative Americans. - Webmaster

Source: Variety


Netflix continues its Big Mouth show aimed at kids.

Netflix is now referred to by some as the Obama Network. It also has been attacked for running an animated program called, "Big Mouth," which provides sexual programming and porn images aimed at teens. It displays images similar to those Planned Parenthood showed in public school classrooms over a decade that promoted sex toys and fisting kits. Netflix CEO is Wilmot Reed Hastings Jr.

No one can say CEO Hasting didn't know the filth Netflix has posted purely for kids to view, mocking the values of local parents across the country. - Webmaster

Source: CNBC


"A Black Lives Matter leader vowed there’ll be 'riots,' 'fire' and 'bloodshed' if Mayor-elect Eric Adams follows through with his promise to bring back plainclothes anti-crime cops to battle New York’s surge in violent crimes." - New York Post

Walmart openly donated 100 million dollars to the concept of "equity" started by the BLM-instigated riots of 2020, calling for the defunding of police. BLM attacked only in Democrat run cities, burning and looting allowed while police were told to stand down. Democrat leaders and media outlets such as MSNBC and CNN identified the carnage and murder of 30 people as "peaceful protests." And Nancy Pelosi? She said, People will do what they do. Walmart CEO is Doug McMillon.

CEO McMillon had to know donating 100 million dollars of his customer's profits was not going to help charities, but instead finance more violance on the streets or Marxism into America's classrooms. - Webmaster

Source: TIME

It's shocking that the five white male CEOs seen above, millionaires filled to the brim with wealth and stunning white privilege, are financially hosting media outlets that wage daily attacks on kitchen-table white American citizens as racists and white supremacists.

The outlets are also allowed to attack conservative blacks as white supremacists. Many of those citizens under daily attack follow the same values fought for by relatives who gave their lives and sacrificed limbs to win WWII.

However these five are only the tip of the iceberg of other CEOs who are at the helm of many of today's corporations, which have bowed down to the political correctness of Democrat leadership for over a decade.

In fact several years ago many attacked Indiana's legislature as homophobic. So this corporate movement away from American values is not new and in fact has grown more anti-American as it adopts the views of the late Karl Marx and followers such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and attacks white employees in the workplace as privileged.

These CEOs also support CRT taught in classrooms by far-left union teachers supported by corrupted school board members and the National School Board Association.

The goal is to divide public school students to see each other not by human character but by skin color. These so-called educators dotted across the country have also adjusted reading, writing and arithmetic to display racial components, allowing the attack to continue throughout the school day.

A sage once commented about leaders like these post-American CEOs. Their observation was simple; The fish always stinks from the head. - Webmaster



Historic Photo Doesn't Lie About The On Going Violence From The Left

That's especially true of the one below, which shows the true character of former Democrat leadership from their participation in the Wilmington Massacre Of 1898. It was a time when party members murdered around a dozen successful black Republican businessmen, then chasing a reported 2,000 blacks from their homes and businesses . . . wanting to put those "Negroes" in their place.

The reported instigator, Charles Aycock, was honored with his name being later attached to the NC annual Democrat fundraising event that lasted around 60 years. The party only removed his name in 2012 when forced over politics, fearing they might lose an election by keeping it. Below is a photo of those Democrats in 1898, standing around their trophy, a burned-out black-owned newspaper.

Therefore is would be no surprise when Democrat leaders across America chose in 2020 to support the Summer Riots of that year, where around 30 Americans were murder by party brown shirts loyalist from BLM and antifa, causing an estimated 20 billion dollars in damage to main streets across the country.

So when Speaker of the House Pelosi said that those summer riots were just "people will do what they do" while her counterpart in Congress, Senator Schumer, threatened to cause harm to two Supreme Court judges over abortion, you know nothing has changed.

Maybe it can't stop because violence and corruption may be permanently embedded into the party's DNA. Is it why they love democracies, where one extra vote for a majority controls everything, knowing that's all they need to push for to grab power? - Webmaster



Oh look, that's where they've been hiding!

As we lose our freedom of speech, did the supreme court move down to Cuba? - Webmaster



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