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Gold Star Father: "Biden Is Like A Bumper Car, Hitting Everything He Can On The Way Out!"

March 16, 2024


Heart-Breaking Interview Below From Sean Hannity Of Gold Star Father Who Was Arrested For A Quick Shout-Out At Biden's Vicious State Of The Union Speech In March . . . Then Arrested By The Capitol Police.

Below is an interview by Sean Hannity of Mr. Steve Nikoui, the father of Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, a U.S. Marine killed during the Biden Administration's terribly botched Afghanistan withdrawal in 2021.

Biden, mentored by Obama for eight years, made a horrible decision in America's withdrawal from Afghanistan and yet continues to be protected by Congressional Democrats. The 2020 election watched Democrats change the voting to last several weeks instead of one day, party leaders saying drop boxes and mail-in voting with (odr without IDs) was protecting the public from COVID.

BUT THAT WAS A LIE, these same Democrat leaders had no problem supporting the BLM and antifa rioters who burned down businesses on main streets USA a few months earlier in their so-called Summer of Love that marched from coast to coast.

Pelosi had said their right to protest under the Constitution was MORE important than worrying they might contact COVID, rioters heading down main streets shoulder to shoulder with no distancing and no masks, smashing in windows, stealing property and burning local businesses to the ground.

Nancy's response to the 20-million dollars of destruction with over 20 Americans murdered? She simply replied, People will do what they do.

This was while tens-of-millions of American citizens were forced to wear masks and distance themselves across the nation while rioters attacked businesses in blue states, some owned by minority entrepreneurs.

Democrat mayors even helped by holding back police to increase the damage, which a legacy media would then show the next day to help frighten other Americans.

But who's counting, surely not Democrat leaders and their supporters.

Then here is the kicker on voting day in November of 2020. Like clockwork, suddenly Democrats in several states shut down the vote count in major cities in the late afternoon (the reason never given) to be restarted later. It was reported in each one that Trump had been leading then suddenly Biden shot ahead by enough votes to win.

The registered Democrat voters, who put Biden in office, knew the power he would yield once holding the presidency in his grasp, a Senator for over 40 years and VP for Obama for eight.

While in the Senate, Biden was accused of trying to "electronically lynch" the first Black justice nominated to the Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas. Some Democrats in that body still have problems with his serving on the court today.

The father of that slain Marine was in the gallery that night, waiting for Biden to give the names of those who died in the withdrawal. He thought Biden would finally do the right thing and acknowledge their deaths along with the pain of their families.

But that was not to happen.

Those American soldiers all died when a terrorist was allowed to explode a vest bomb at a location that would kill the most in the chaos. Civilians were trying desperately to get out while planes were still available, fearing the Taliban would kill them if left behind for helping U.S. soldiers while in Afghanistan.

Some in the military that day were reported to have spotted the bomber, but claimed they couldn't get permission to take him out. He would go on to murder 13 of our treasures and wound / kill many civilians our soldiers were trying to protect at the gate.

Biden never did put the names of those who died that day on his lips for the public to hear, while Democrats at the State of the Union were instead shouting and applauding that night with glee while Biden in the chamber also attacked the Supreme Court on its overturning Roe.

Senator Schumer had already attacked the court before they turned Roe back to the states where it belonged. He literally threatened the lives of two conservative judges.

This was as Biden's head of the Department of Justice also allowed protestors day-after-day to protest on the sidewalks in front of the homes of those conservative justices, which is against the law!

But of course, what law, not enforced by the Biden Administration that wanted to send a warning message to the court.

To no surprise, this same Biden Administration now refuses Secret Service protection for an independent candidate, running against Biden for president in the November 2024 election. That candidate is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., whose father, Robert Kennedy, was also running for president in 1968 when he was assassinated.

Registered Democrat voters in November of 2020 knew exactly who they were electing to office and are the true culprits to the serious problems our country has today with this very dangerous administration. They can never say they didn't know what would be the result for the country over their decision. - Webmaster


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Article written by Charles Creitz, March 11, 2024, Hannity FOX News

Gold Star father on heckling Biden at SOTU: Like the 'Holy Spirit got in me,' Steve Nikoui, father of Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, tells 'Hannity' President Biden is a 'bumper car' wreaking destruction.

The father of one of the Marines slain in a suicide bombing at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul during President Biden's disastrous evacuation of Afghanistan told FOX News his outburst at the president's State of the Union address last week was unplanned and that if the commander-in-chief wouldn't speak his son's name, someone did.

Steve Nikoui said he sat in the gallery at the State of the Union as a guest of Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., praying Biden would finally acknowledge his son's name more than two years after the catastrophic withdrawal.

"I was looking at this spectacle that I was seeing below me, and I was listening to him, and I was praying, hoping that maybe at some point prior to this that he had mentioned Afghanistan [and] our kids, because all the Gold Star parents were thinking that that might be a possibility, and it wasn't happening," Nikoui said Monday on "Hannity."

"And then as soon as he said something about kids and then something about being safe – I don't even know what I did. I just jumped up, and I said, ‘Do you remember Abbey Gate?’ – It was like the Lord convicted me. The Holy Spirit got in me, and when I did it, I paused. I was like, ‘Oh, what did I do?’."

Biden also took heat in the immediate aftermath when he was filmed repeatedly checking his watch as the remains of the fallen were being offloaded at Dover Air Force Base, Del.

In a press release, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, R-Texas, announced a March 19 hearing on the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Host Sean Hannity also asked Nikoui about the 2022 death of Kareem Nikoui's brother, who, while not a blood relative, had been in Steve Nikoui's life since the boy was an infant. Dakota Halverson was "devastated" by Kareem's loss and took his own life at a California park that was to be named after the fallen Marine, Nikoui said.

"It's been devastating for his mother. It's been devastating for his siblings… and the effect of this president. Just like [former Trump speechwriter] Stephen Miller said -- this is a reactionary president," Nikoui said. "The poor Riley family – they're killing my kid, they're killing their kid. And what are you going to do, America? You're going to wait till they kill your kid? Because you know [Biden] is a bumper car hitting everything on his way out, and the only one that's going to be left to pick up the pieces is us."

In 2022, Cpl. Nikoui was also memorialized via a bill from Rep. Ken Calvert, R-Calif., that renamed the Marine's hometown post office in his honor." - FOXNews


Article written by Charles Creitz, March 11, 2024, Hannity FOX News


Not Just FBI. Judicial Watch Reports Texts Reveal CIA Was Also Involved In January 6 Response; Deployed Bomb Techs




The Biden / Obama Administration Actually May View Gold Star Fathers As The Enemy . . . And Why They're Treated This Way!

Click On image below to watch video on interview over the new Hollywood movie that seems to attack Trump supporters. Civil War (2024)

Video / graphic source: FOXNation

Interview on FOX Nation over disturbing new movie that seems to purposely attack MAGA Americans, which is reported now to be released on April 12, titled Civil War (2024) - FOXNation



Troubling "Civil War" Movie Trailer



"Another article on noted the film’s trailer has sparked a conspiracy that the movie is serving as so-called 'predictive programming' to condition audiences to prepare for a real-life civil war in the U.S." - TheHill



"The Cultural Revolution Is Here. Just Ask Xi Van Fleet. She’s Lived It Twice." - TCN





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Kudzu's DEI of inclusiveness & equity smothers everything it overtakes. It removes the life-giving freedom of sunshine to all life that is growing under it on the forest floor. In other words, ironically inclusiveness & equity destroys diversity instead of creating it. - Webmaster

The goal is to incorporate DEI into every aspect of medical schools. - College Fix

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"If we want freedom of religion, then We the People must defend it. Otherwise, we resign ourselves to be subjects of those we hired to protect our rights." - Paul Engel / Constitution Study





All Americans Whose Relatives Fought In WWII Need To Ask . . .

. . . why do the CEO's, who run the globalist corporations seen below, want to destroy the values fought for by the greatest generation winning WWII? These post-American CEOs can't deny it, as we watch the hosts of their hateful media holdings try to indoctrinate American citizens to view that generation of 1945, not as heroes, but as racists and white supremacists. - Webmaster

"Do not eat the bread of a selfish man, or desire his delicacies; for as he thinks within himself, so he is. He says to you, 'Eat and drink!' but his heart is not with you. You will vomit up the morsel you have eaten and waste your compliments." - Proverbs 23


Has been with CNN for well over a decade.

AT&T owns CNN. In 2006 CNN was referred to as the "snuff" network when its host, Anderson Cooper, ran a terrorist video around the world of the shooting of a GI in Iraq. Among other things, CNN went after a teenager for standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial wearing a MAGA hat. While the PTC is accusing AT&T of promoting porn to kids, AT&T's Warner Media blacklists J.K. Rowling from Harry Potter 20th Anniversary on HBO. The approving AT&T CEO is John Stankey.

No one can say CEO Stankey has no idea of the sedition that MSNBC is causing against the United States. - Webmaster

Source: TheInformation


Has been with MSNBC for over a decade.

Comcast owns MSNBC, a network originally tied to Microsoft. MSNBC reporting stands firm with the agendas of the Democrat Party. One of its hosts even attacked a conservative black woman, (a former Marine who won the Lt. Governor office in Virginia), as a white supremacist. Reid (photo on left) graduated from Harvard. The approving Comcast CEO is Brian L. Roberts.

No one can say CEO Roberts has no idea of the sedition that MSNBC is causing against the United States. - Webmaster

Source: BizJournal

Disney / ABC

The view was on ABC in 2009.

Disney had been Walt's dream for family programming. To that end Disney has purchased an amazing list of properties, which include Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, 20th Century, Search light Pictures, FX Network, A&E Networks and ESPN. Another Disney property includes ABC and its weekly program, The View, hosted by Joy Behar, who attacks conservatives 24/7. Disney has allowed the hateful weekly program to continue for over a decade. Disney's Chairman is Robert A. Iger.

No one can say CEO Igar has no idea of the hatred spewed by the video everyday against Conservative Americans. - Webmaster

Source: Variety


Netflix continues its Big Mouth show aimed at kids.

Netflix is now referred to by some as the Obama Network. It also has been attacked for running an animated program called, "Big Mouth," which provides sexual programming and porn images aimed at teens. It displays images similar to those Planned Parenthood showed in public school classrooms over a decade that promoted sex toys and fisting kits. Netflix CEO is Wilmot Reed Hastings Jr.

No one can say CEO Hasting didn't know the filth Netflix has posted purely for kids to view, mocking the values of local parents across the country. - Webmaster

Source: CNBC


"A Black Lives Matter leader vowed there’ll be 'riots,' 'fire' and 'bloodshed' if Mayor-elect Eric Adams follows through with his promise to bring back plainclothes anti-crime cops to battle New York’s surge in violent crimes." - New York Post

Walmart openly donated 100 million dollars to the concept of "equity" started by the BLM-instigated riots of 2020, calling for the defunding of police. BLM attacked only in Democrat run cities, burning and looting allowed while police were told to stand down. Democrat leaders and media outlets such as MSNBC and CNN identified the carnage and murder of 30 people as "peaceful protests." And Nancy Pelosi? She said, People will do what they do. Walmart CEO is Doug McMillon.

CEO McMillon had to know donating 100 million dollars of his customer's profits was not going to help charities, but instead finance more violance on the streets or Marxism into America's classrooms. - Webmaster

Source: TIME

It's shocking that the five white male CEOs seen above, millionaires filled to the brim with wealth and stunning white privilege, are financially hosting media outlets that wage daily attacks on kitchen-table white American citizens as racists and white supremacists.

The outlets are also allowed to attack conservative blacks as white supremacists. Many of those citizens under daily attack follow the same values fought for by relatives who gave their lives and sacrificed limbs to win WWII.

However these five are only the tip of the iceberg of other CEOs who are at the helm of many of today's corporations, which have bowed down to the political correctness of Democrat leadership for over a decade.

In fact several years ago many attacked Indiana's legislature as homophobic. So this corporate movement away from American values is not new and in fact has grown more anti-American as it adopts the views of the late Karl Marx and followers such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and attacks white employees in the workplace as privileged.

These CEOs also support CRT taught in classrooms by far-left union teachers supported by corrupted school board members and the National School Board Association.

The goal is to divide public school students to see each other not by human character but by skin color. These so-called educators dotted across the country have also adjusted reading, writing and arithmetic to display racial components, allowing the attack to continue throughout the school day.

A sage once commented about leaders like these post-American CEOs. Their observation was simple; The fish always stinks from the head. - Webmaster



Historic Photo Doesn't Lie About The On Going Violence From The Left

That's especially true of the one below, which shows the true character of former Democrat leadership from their participation in the Wilmington Massacre Of 1898. It was a time when party members murdered around a dozen successful black Republican businessmen, then chasing a reported 2,000 blacks from their homes and businesses . . . wanting to put those "Negroes" in their place.

The reported instigator, Charles Aycock, was honored with his name being later attached to the NC annual Democrat fundraising event that lasted around 60 years. The party only removed his name in 2012 when forced over politics, fearing they might lose an election by keeping it. Below is a photo of those Democrats in 1898, standing around their trophy, a burned-out black-owned newspaper.

Therefore is would be no surprise when Democrat leaders across America chose in 2020 to support the Summer Riots of that year, where around 30 Americans were murder by party brown shirts loyalist from BLM and antifa, causing an estimated 20 billion dollars in damage to main streets across the country.

So when Speaker of the House Pelosi said that those summer riots were just "people will do what they do" while her counterpart in Congress, Senator Schumer, threatened to cause harm to two Supreme Court judges over abortion, you know nothing has changed.

Maybe it can't stop because violence and corruption may be permanently embedded into the party's DNA. Is it why they love democracies, where one extra vote for a majority controls everything, knowing that's all they need to push for to grab power? - Webmaster



Oh look, that's where they've been hiding!

As we lose our freedom of speech, did the supreme court move down to Cuba? - Webmaster



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The moment the 'Men who wanted to be left Alone' are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these 'Men who wanted to be left Alone', fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror.

True terror will arrive at these people's door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy... but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the 'Men who just wanted to be left alone.'" - Martin Geddes


Note: Constitution founder, John Adams, had also warned that our Constitution would only be appreciated by people of faith, others having no interest in protecting it. And notice it is Pelosi Democrats with the leadership of Obama, Biden, Kerry and their legacy media that avoid mentioning our Republic, always referring to it incorrectly as a Democracy. - Webmaster

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