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They Warned Us, "You Wouldn't Believe How Fast It Happened."

May 27, 2024



On This Memorial Day, We Need To Be Reminded Our Right To Free Expression Can Be Taken Away In A Whisper Of Time.

Millions of Jews were found in their graves 80 years ago, murdered by a corrupt national media that also followed a rogue political party in rank step.


The German Jews of 1933 asked, "Who would have believed your own government would turn on you?" But it did.

In Germany it was started on a single day with what would mushroom quickly into the Great Depression of 1929. The sudden poverty, brought upon everyday German citizens by outside demands from other countries for payment for starting World War I, would put millions of Germans out of work and into poverty. The sudden world event would give Adolph Hitler the audience he needed, no one listening when they had money in their pockets.

But now they did with empty bellies. And the rest is history.

However 80 years later, another Sea Change is occurring in America that started in February of 2020 with a virus that seemed to come out of nowhere, going viral almost overnight.

Suddenly guaranteed freedoms were restricted. People were encouraged by far-left mayors to get citizens to snitch on one another while some police departments used drones to watch citizens to ensure they followed proper social distancing in the parks, beaches, and streets far below if even open.

Americans were suddenly being pitted one against the other by elected Democrat-run state governors, tremendous power suddenly dropped into their hands as if by magic. Washington Democrat leaders quickly reminded each one of them for the good of the party to not let a good crisis go to waste with a presidential election right around the corner.

This was while an already corrupted and hijacked media was all too delighted to join in with their fascists friends over at the DNC, a rogue political party that only four years earlier decided to label 70 million Americas as disgusting "deplorables" for not voting for the "correct" candidate.

The Jews who survived the Holocaust years ago tried to remind the world they couldn't believe how fast it happened. But now the world understands all too well of what they were trying to warn of us for this 27th day of May, 2024, eight decades after the Holocaust. - Webmaster


Article written by Stephen Kruiser, May 21, 2020, PJMedia



Media Malpractice At Its Worst

"Treatment of Ron DeSantis Vs Andrew Cuomo Is Why People Should Hate the Media."

Article by Stephen Kruiser, May 21, 2020, PJMedia


Media Malpractice At Its Worst


"As I have written on more than one occasion, my already intense dislike for the mainstream political media in America has managed to deepen during this pandemic insanity that we have all been going through. I have been writing about liberal media bias for almost two decades now and I really didn’t think the MSM could sink any lower in my estimation but they’ve really been plumbing the depths of dereliction the past couple of months.

One need look no further than the disparity in the treatment given to two governors of heavily populated states: Andrew Cuomo of New York and Ron DeSantis of Florida.

For reasons that defy any rational explanation, Cuomo’s handling of the coronavirus crisis in New York has been lauded by the American media, even though it has largely been an unmitigated disaster. Some have recently attempted to approach the subject but you won’t see a lot of full-on condemnation of Cuomo, which is what he deserves.

Foreign media outlets are under no obligation to cover for American Democrats, however. A Wednesday article in the U.S. edition of the U.K. Guardian said that Cuomo’s “handling of the crisis should get him thrown out of office.”

Contrast that with the treatment the press has given him here for the past couple of months. They’ve been slobbering over Cuomo so much that he became the number one choice to replace Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep if the Democrats finally reached a point where they had to get rid of him.

That’s right, despite having the highest body count of any governor and being responsible along with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for worsening the problem in the rest of the country, the American media has been pushing Cuomo as a legitimate consideration to be the next president of the United States.

Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, on the other hand, has been vilified by the mainstream media for a variety of reasons. His greatest sin thus far has been NOT turning into a petty tyrant and proving that giving citizens some freedom isn’t the death sentence that we’ve been told it is.

Here’s an example of some of the treatment he’s gotten. Go to the bottom of this tweet and see Jennifer Rubin’s unhinged comment.

Media Malpractice At Its Worst

Rubin — and many other media hacks — also said that Floridians were going to die because DeSantis didn’t issue a statewide stay-at-home order. Didn’t happen.

Yesterday, our sister site Twitchy had a great post featuring a Twitter thread that details just how awful the media has been to DeSantis — and how wrong they’ve been.

Well, DeSantis got in front of a microphone yesterday to blast the media idiots and it was glorious:


Media Malpractice At Its Worst

He’s right, of course, the all-precious narrative must always be protected by the MSM and anything that challenges it must be destroyed. The current narrative that reopening will be deadly and continued lockdowns are saving lives is currently being blown out of the water, especially by Florida.

The media have been deserving of all of the scorn heaped upon them as they’ve thrashed about in the throes of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Their treatment of DeSantis after having worshiped at Cuomo’s feet while he was infecting the country deserves extra helpings of it from all good Americans though."


Above Photo Sources: PJMedia


Article written by Stephen Kruiser, May 21, 2020, PJMedia







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