July 24, 2013

Mr. G. Wayne Clough
Smithsonian Institute
1000 Jefferson Drive SW
Room 302
Washington, DC 20026-3286

Dear Mr. Clough,

Curiousity.com from the Discovery Web site provided a professional video of you, explaining the mission of the Smithsonian Institution. 

The transcript read:

"The Smithsonian's mission fundamentally was defined by its founder, Mr. Smithson, who in his will said he wanted to found an institution in the nation's capital, Washington, D.C., for the increase and diffusion of knowledge. And so many people can interpret that as a fairly general statement, but fundamentally I think he meant clearly discovery, and then taking that discovery and sharing it with people would be the diffusion part of that."

It has been obvious that the leadership at the Smithsonian has been allowing the Institute to drift away from the excitement of discovery to embrace the destructiveness of political correctness. It allowed that seed to poke its head up and define the face of a new culture evolving at the Institute. 

This was illustrated in a four-minute anti-religious video allowed by a gallery director in December of 2010, while the Christmas season approached. You know the story, a video depicting ants on a cross to symbolize the victims of AIDS. What that display had to do with discovery, I have no idea. 

When the Smithsonian withdrew the display, radicals were delighted to use the opportunity to do a faux cry of censorship, such as that found in an e-mail from the artistic director of Transformer in December 2010, blaming conservatives in Congress and a Christian org.

Political statement is now "art?" - A Fire in My Belly by late artist David Wojnarowicz

Click Here to watch if video taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

Censored Art Video Protest at National Portrait Gallery: Source: Welovecd
Video Source: ebecker2000, December 2000.

The Institute also showed a potential for this new direction 15 years earlier, wanting to attack the United States and its allies for trying to end WWII quickly with a single bomb, a war killing tens-of-thousands of the world's youth, nasty stuff my father saw in hand to hand combat on Okinawa.

One Web site nailed Smithsonian's efforts to make the Japanese in 1944 look like they wanted peace while the United States was being tagged the aggressor. Its Webmaster wrote:

"The script, tendentious and manipulative, plays up the suffering endured by Japanese civilians during the war and the mutilation caused by US strategic bombing. It portrays the United States and the Allies as militaristic and racist. Japan is depicted as yearning for peace -- a yearning thwarted by the US insistence on unconditional surrender. Ninety-six photographs have been chosen to show Japanese casualties of the Pacific war and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. To convey the deaths of Americans, there will be seven."

Now in 2013 the Smithsonian through its July-August corporate image magazine promotes Martin Luther King's “We Shall Overcome" along with the names of Julian Bond and Harry Belafonte, as if they still needed to overcome.

Julian Bond was the first president and supporter of the hate group, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC.) Its Web site shows addresses of skinheads and the KKK along with Christian groups that support marriage between a man and a woman, purposely mixing them to display those addresses by state on a Google map. The SPLC had also insinuated these Christian groups could be future terrorists. It was also the SPLC that passed its hate list to the DHS in 2009, reporting that domestic terrorists could include returning veterans that had defended their country along with people who objected to abortions and others who dared to join the Tea Party.

A supporter of the SPLC, after viewing its Google map, entered a Christian group’s headquarters, the Family Research Center, with the intent to murder its founders, a guard saving their lives. Did you know the IRS granted nonprofit status to the SPLC as an “unbiased” group, still shown?

While you may say that Julian Bond was in a different time in his life with the SPLC, his hate speech continues. It was Julian Bond who recently claimed in an interview that representatives who belong to the Tea Party are the Taliban of American Politics. 

Click Here to watch if video taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

Interview of Julian Bond MSNBC - YouTube
Source: YouTube

Harry Belafonte, a representative for the UNICEF who has honestly sought good will for children around the world, ignored the fate of an Afghan schoolmaster who began educating children in his country when American efforts freed them from the Taliban. Malim Abdul Habib, with his new freedom, realized he could help educate over 1,200 Afghan children, half of them girls. But the Taliban warned him to, “stop.” He didn't and was beheaded by the Taliban in his home in front of his wife and eight children. Belafonte could have announced this schoolmaster’s sacrifice to the world but chose to keep silent, holding his nose up to a war that had freed men and children who no longer . . . wait for it . . . would be slaves to the Taliban.

Even a report says a UNICEF spokesman noted the attacks were "incredibly worrying," If that attack had happened in the U.S., it would not have been worrying. It would have been unacceptable!

I once saw Belafonte strutting down Beverly Drive in Hollywood after parking his BMW. I wondered what Habib would have thought about Belafonte’s sacrifice that day.

Last week I received a terse e-mail from the Smithsonian that advised me my membership expired because I haven’t sent my annual ninety dollars. Hmm, I wonder why I missed that?

The Smithsonian will obviously continue to move away from discovery and closer to social engineering of America’s society. I can only hope that the Institute, after reading this, will look into what happened to Habib’s eight children and his wife. It already knows the lives being lead by Harry Belefonte and Julian Bond is not exactly living the sweat of slaves. 

My goal today was to be sure that you, or at least your representative, could no longer say they didn’t know the sacrifice of Malim Abdul Habib and his family, who could have been a role model for others around the world including America. Or how Julian Bond supported an organization that was involved in the attempted murder of a Christian groups executives. Or that Julian Bond himself called the right of Americans to assemble, a right that Americans have historically died for, the “Taliban of American Politics.” Therefore no reply is necessary. 

Finally remembering those warplanes displayed in your Institute’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, I wonder what the warriors who sat in those seats and flew those machines to honor their country would have thought about the political correctness rampant in America today? Sadly progressives who benefited from their sacrifice now mock those efforts, along with the traditions and religious freedoms that had been central to their beliefs which had filled them with the willingness to finish a fight they never asked for. They showed up, and signed up, anyway, as shown above. 

And I wonder what they would have thought about Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally at the Lincoln Memorial in 2010 being mocked by President Obama and his liberals during their “One Nation Rally,” that rally’s garbage trashing the very WWII Memorial built in honor of those patriots.

One Nation Rally: Delighted to show its dirty underwear to WWII Vets.

One Nation Rally: A real sample of how liberal progressives respect WWII Vets. - YouTube
Source: YouTube

Obama's hand placement during the playing of the Naitonal Anthem at a 2007 Democrat summer fundraiser in Iowa has been named by some in the military, "The Obama Crotch Salure."

Obama's signal to progressives in 2007: Their messiah had arrived.




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