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A company's annual gross sales vs. its employee head count can be used as a yard stick to measure the health of its business. By decreasing these employees, a company can quickly improve its bottom line. For example, if a small company has 50 employees and one million dollars in annual gross sales, its gross sales per head count is $20,000. If it can keep the gross sales at one million dollars while reducing the head count by 20% (10 employees), the new gross sales per head is now up to $25,000, or a whopping 25% increase. If its stockholders are using this simple formula as a yard stick, a CEO's decision to downsize can look smart at their next meeting.

Dozens of fancy corporate names--like "smart-sizing" and "right-sizing"--have been created to try to soften this action by management, but the most common one is still simply called downsizing.

For the individual being downsized, it can seem like the end of the world but it is not--in fact it can be the beginning of a new one. In Samuel N. Ray's book Job Hunting After 50, Strategy for Success, he notes that one of the ways to survive a downsizing is to redefine work. There are many options to the traditional employment in a corporation. These can apply to workers over or under 50.

But there's no guarantee you can compete with the skills of someone graduating from college, ready to roll with all the new software and hardware configurations. Therefore, research with friends and associates who are involved in your industry to see if taking new graduate studies will resolve your job search. In addition, check out the CollegeBound Network for schools where you can investigate advancing your skills.

Samuel N Ray's book reminds us of a study released back in 1989 concerning the perception of corporations and older workers. While corporations perceived older workers very positively, they associated negative characteristics with the age group. Corporations were concerned that older workers were more easily intimidated by newer technologies, had less physical agility, lessened their desire to get ahead and were not educated with newer concepts. Knowing these factors can help you negotiate through the choppy waters of finding employment after being downsized.

We had contacted our local New Jersey congressman two years ago to consider an idea for the federal government to reimburse companies for the first ninety days of an older employee's entrance probation (anyone over 50.) This would give acompany an incentive to consider the more experienced and loyal part of the American workforce. Putting someone back to work would then repay the goverment for its investiment in them in the form of payroll taxes. But it became so difficult to commicate with this elected official (R) in Morristown, NJ, we simply had to give up noting to be sure not to vote for him in the next election.

However, the keyword in finding work (your own or from someone else) is to NETWORK, NETWORK, and NETWORK. In addition to networking, you will need to research information related to your goals and career objectives including the companies you would like to work for. As mentioned before on this site, there is no better place to research companies than at For a reasonable annual fee, you will find Hoover's a pot of gold when searching for company overviews, their history and financial statement, their competition, and their key personnel including company phone number, e-mail, Web site, and snail-mail address.

In addition to Hoover's, you will also find multiple sites below that will help to start you off on the right foot in researching for your next job. Good luck, and good job hunting.


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BioSpace Careers- extensive alpha list of related companies (

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Please check out our Job Search Engine page .



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DrudgeReport (

"Drudge provide links to over 80 important newspapers, U.S. wire services, and over 200 current cover pages from around the world . . . plus breaking news. After clicking on World Cover Pages, just roll your mouse over any of over 200 cover pages, and that page will enlarge on the right side of the screen. So cool for so much stuff in one place!"

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Bartlett's Quotations (

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Besides point-to-point map services, there are also a very innovative satellite mapping services of the entire world at But you'll need a high-rez graphics card to enjoy the downloads along with a fast Internet service provider. However, not everything is shown, the military blocking out "need to know" areas, basically saying you really don't need to know.

Finally, being downsized can be hard on an entire family. Here are some comments from a teenager who went through it with a parent and the reaction to the decisions. You can have your teenagers e-mail them with comments or questions if they are also going through the chaos with a downsized parent.


"While some think the Bible is a myth, its wisdom is not. When looking for employment or creating a business, you need to remember the following so you stay on the path even when it gets to be a jungle out there." - Webmaster.

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." James 1:2-4


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