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The Conservative's Dying Zone?

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In this leftist world of news, the murder of Barbara Curley's ten-year old son, Jeffery, continues to be a distant memory with hopes it stays that way.


In 2013

Photo Source:  AP

Photo Source: AP

As The FOX News brand continued to implode

NBC's far-left progressive hosts must have their noses out of joint with moderate Megyn Kelly headed to NBC daytime news, Christian Gretchen Carlson going over to the morning NBC Today Show and conservative Greta VanSusteren reported have been hired by MSNBC. But there are other FOX News stars ready to step in and prove that necessity still is the mother of invention. - Webmaster


Bill O’Reilly Does Not Look Out for Me (Anymore) - PJMedia (2/18/2014)


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Brits Murdoch say O'Reilly is out while FOX had recently brought back the former lush and Democrat sausage maker, Beckel, to The Five. This loss of O'Reilly may be the forced change conservatives need to find another home, creating a vacuum in the media world where someone else will push a network that conservatives, those baskets of deplorables, can finally call home with real conservative hosts. Some had thought years ago Beck could be that home, but success destroyed that vision with Beck telling conservatives it was his way or no way. Even with Judge Gorsuch now a supreme court justice under a Trump administration, Beck still whines, proving again it's Beck's way or no way, and no way doesn't win elections in America. Beck's real whining is that he has lost a reported 3/4 of his fan base, their having little understanding as time went on of what they were backing with several of Beck's promises / dreams vanishing into thin air. Poof! How do I know? I was one of them.

IN 2017 FOX paid millions for accused sexual harassment on O'Reilly, advertisers reported to be leaving the Factor.

In 2017 FOX News for the Five brings back naughty mouth, lush and political sausage maker Beckel, as the network continues to fall apart.

In 2017 FOX News told Andrew Napolitano to go because they thought he lied, then several months later brings him back.

"Gretchen Carlson Secretly Recorded Roger Ailes in an Effort to Prove Sexual Harassment Allegations." - TheBlaze

- Kocky Kelly: Serious newscaster complains about Trump? Not exactly in a league with O'Reilly, Hannity or Greta.

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- It was stunning to watch FOX News Megyn Kelly, at the beginning of the 2016 election year, go after Donald Trump with her first question being on sex. It was asked in the first GOP debate to the GOP's top candidate. Kelly, (that I sometimes have to now refer to as Kocky Kelly to describe some of her on-camera antics), did exactly what ABC's George Stephanopoulos had done to Mitt Romney. Romney at the time was also the leader of the GOP in the first debate of the then 2012 election, Stephanopoulos' first question asking about sex, the question, no unlike Kelly's, coming right out of the blue. So then you can understand why I questioned FOX News reporter Carl Cameron, on the night Trump won the South Carolina primary, then followed the next day by Chris Wallace, both reporters asking Trump "the exact" same staged question: "When Will You Start Acting More Presidential?" One should ask Cameron and Wallace, obeying FOX News' attempt to mock the front runner, "When will you two cut your strings from the Ailes puppet master so you don't look like the biased reporters over at MSNBC?

- America's Face Of Evil: Why does O'Reilly keep saying Obama isn't a Muslim? Exactly how many times does Obama have to convince him? - Webmaster

- FOX News' success continues to financially benefit Newscorp, which produces Family Guy on the FOX Network in a cartoon format during family time on Sunday nights. The show's name is an oxymoron Planned Parenthood probably wishes it could have thought of first that demeans American families and fathers. "What Next Newscorp, cartoons having oral sex." How's that financial contribution to NewsCorp working out for you "independent" news reporters at FOX News, thinking your 'e so squeaky clean?

Parent's Television Council

- George Will goes after Cruz on FOX News, saying Cruz doesn't understand Washington is a Team Sport. ["So George, where was the team sport for the last six years? Obama pushed through "affordable" healthcare, didn't pass a budget for over three years, and shut down the WWII Memorial to vets, just to name a few?" - Webmaster. ] - EagleRising

- FOX TV Network's Very Ugly Side Islamists Might Love - ‘Family Guy’ Christmas Episode Portrays Jesus as a Lying, Sex-Crazed Adulterer - TheBlaze

- Ailes' Poster Child Pulls The Race Card On FOX Sunday News Program - NewsBusters

- "A Conversation with Bill O'Reilly." - WashingtonPost

- Fair and Balanced continues its move to the left at FOX News. (What we don't understand is why doesn't Juan Williams put on an Obama mask when sitting on panels at FOX? At least that would be truth in advertising. - DailyCaller

- O'Reilly finally continues on a roll, first going after Schumer for wanting to use the IRS to go after the Tea Party while Schumer had mounted the attack from the far-left American Progress, then going after Obama in an exclusive interview - Watch

Encouraging. Maybe Obama is next: O'Reilly went after Schumer's verbal attack on the Tea Party to use the IRS to shut it down, Schumer at the time standing at an event for the Soro's funded American Progress that got a pass by the IRS - FOXNews

- Roger Ailes's personal Christian thug, Bob Beckel, trashes Glenn Beck: ‘No Wonder The Son-of-a-Bitch Is Off The TV,' [While the FIVE doesn't blink an eye and goes on with its happy talk.] - Mediaite

- You Can't Say You Didn't Know! O'Reilly In FOX Business Interview Refers To Evangelical Christians As 'Fanatics.' - FOXBusinessNetwork

(Note: O'Reilly seems to have also been jabbing Hannity, a born again Christian, (without using his name), twice now on The Factor saying to Megyn Kelly on her success on FOX News, "It's Why You Were Give The 9 P.M. Time Slot." - Webmaster

- Ailes sticks it to the most conservative host on FOX, Sean Hannity, with his show to now be taped. Ailes is too worried what far-left news outlets are saying about FOX, thinking O'Reilly can carry the current ratings. But I believe conservatives are slowly growing tired of O'Reilly's pompous attitude. - HeraldTribune

- Effects of News Corp "Leadership" Team abandoning America's Constitution, as FOX continues to move left: "Broadcaster Fired for Opposing Same-Sex Marriage Blasts FOX Sports for Religious Discrimination." - Breitbart

- Bill O'Reilly is killing Jesus? Christ didn't die for his beliefs? He died over . . . wait for it . . . taxes? (American Life League, a grass root Catholic organization to return the church to basic faith, probably isn't going to like the book, either.)

- OMG. Is O'Reilly finally returning to his early days on FOX News?! (Watch, January 2, 2013.)

- Beckel: Most Nudists 'Gang-Banged' as Children. (Watch the FIVE, November 2012.)

- Near the end of June 2012 on the FIVE, Bob Beckle said that Border Agent Brian Terry would have been killed anyway, therefore having nothing to do with Fast & Furious program under the Obama administration, now protected by Obama's Executive Privilege. And on the same show Beckle called the NRA thugs. Beckle, (while looking at Williams comment below), and Williams are now obviously tossing Brian Terry under the bus, that his death had no meaning and as a border guard he would have died anyway. They are obviously getting their identical talking points direct from the DNC or White House. Shame on FOX and shame on O'Reilly for allowing Williams to sub for him on his show. These comments are from a political sausage maker and a former NPR host, remembering that you can take the host out of the NPR but you can't take the NPR out of the host. None of this passes the smell test for the so-called fair and balanced news network.

- June 22, 2012: Former NPR reporter rescued by FOX, Juan Williams, blew off Brian Terry's death and threw his parent's concern under the bus for why he was killed with weapons the Justice Department had walked into Mexico, Juan saying, "People die in war." Perfect Obama talking point, eh Juan? And another bravo to FOX News.

- April 16, 2012: On Hannity tonight Democrat sausage-maker Beckel shouted out "F***" to a conservative Tea Party woman, a guest with Beckel on Hannity's (cough) Great, Great Panel. Beckel instantly gave the excuse, as if this happens all the time, "I thought the cameras were off!" Maybe it's time to fire . . . wait for it . . . Roger Ailes, who has tolerate this for years, my using an old corporate rule as a back up for my recommendation that the fish always stinks from the head. Oh, and by the way, what's that new contact Web site on the FOX News Web site? It looks like it was written by 5th grade teachers to discourage unhappy FOX viewers from contacting FOX News while giving the impression, "Here's some bones from the table." What was Hannity's comment, reminding a surprised Beckel he had just used the "F" word live on the air: Don't worry, I'll cover you. From this to Jesse Jackson's daughter being hired on FOX News as a "fair & balanced" consultant, nothing on FOX News should be a surprise with O'Reilly questioning tonight, "What, Fast & Furious could have been created by Obama to blame American gun shops for murders in Mexico?" Wow, Bill, what's the point of your being on-air when it looks like your only objective is not to offend Obama so he'll come on your show in the fall. Stunning stuff all the way around, coming from the biggest fish head located in England. - Webmaster (PS: For readers, here's an anti FOX Web site with contact addresses. However, it looks like it's no longer being maintained.)

- As it turns left and dumps the Tea Party, Fox hires Jesse Jackson’s daughter

- Bob Beckel on Allen West’s Request for An Apology: I Hope He Has a Lot of Time On His Hands Because He’s Not Going to Get It

- Fair and Balanced? FOX News reports Colorado student quits high school choir over Islamic song praising 'Allah,' yet fails to remind audience of another student prohibited by Supreme Court for suing school not allowing her to play an instrumental version of Ave Maria

- First Beck, now the Judge, as FOX News continues to move left to appease Obama

- Fox News Hires Soros-funded Lesbian Activist, Sally Kohn - FOX executive is commiting FOX news to suicide, trying to mix oil and water for profit by bringing in liberal audiences to replace the conservative ones that are fleeing. Far-left News Chicago FOX consultant Tamara Holder will continue to be in good company.

- FOX (cough) contributor Alan Colmes mocks Santorum's Infants Death . . . says Santorum took dead baby home to "play" with it. So what will FOX News do? Of course, nothing, protecting it left contributors with a passion.

- O'Reilly finally covers the court resolution in the Houston VA Cemetery's free speech censorship case near the end of October of 2011, Fox News.com covering the story a few times in the summer.. But O'Reilly leaves out that the VA representative who set those censorship rules was an Obama administration appointee at the VA and that the ruling was for only 15 years, not from then on to protect the freedom of speech for those who had died to protect it.

- Mediaite: Ailes allowed access - "Five Revelations From Newsweek Profile"

- AOL: Roger Ailes: Fox News Is On A 'Course Correction' Away From Far Right

- Greta of FOX News literally ATTACKED the conservative Web site, Daily Caller, for publishing the truth about Mike Tyson going after Sarah Palin. Tucker Carlson, who owns the site, said if Tyson had said that about Hillary the mainstream press would have been all over it. But since it was Palin, it was basically given a pass and why Carlson brought it to light. However, Greta still had an on-air hissyfit over the posting, which was none of her business to start telling conservative sites what they can and cannot report on. Yet like Hannity and O'Reilly, Greta says nothing about Jehmu Greene hired by FOX News as a on-air consultant. Greene has been a rude, ranting anti-abortion advocate on FOX News that previously tried to take away Focus on the Family's free speech for a Superbowl ad it paid for while Greene had never even seen the ad. The 30-second ad actually only celebrated the life of Tim Tebo, who is a Christian and a Heisman Trophy Recipient. The witches at NOW made sure to criticize the ad for Tebow looking to tackle his mother, yet true to form said nothing about Betty White being tackled in the mud in another ad for the same Superbowl. But Greene attacked the ad anyway simply because it might be an anti-abortion ad. Greene looks to be on FOX to keep Obama happy, as that's all Greene seems to want to talk about even when on financial news shows on a subject she obviously knows little about. Too many of the FOX News hosts give the Crotch Salute to conservatives, suddenly silent on Greene being among them and proving again that paychecks and pensions do matter. And so FOX News continues its slick journey to the left to prove again it is no friend of the conservative movement or the Tea Party. Conservatives need to stick to the Internet and team up with conservative streaming Internet network shows to get the word out. The mainstream media is the mainstrem media, FOX News and its executives just part of the wolf pack. Except FOX News likes to sometimes cross-dress in sheep's clothing.

- Lawsuit continues for Houston VA Cemetery where 'God' was banned by an Obama appointee. (Google search has FOX News MIA in continuing to update the story after only initial reports on its Web site in June and July.) - August 27, 2011

- You're always known for your friends! Bob Beckel, Sean Hannity's close friend and in front of a sit-in host, called Tea Party members anarchists on FOX Business Cavuto at 6 p.m., July 19, 2011. Progressive bully Jehmu Greene had also been on Hannity's (cough) Great Great American Panel. Beckel has also now used strong curse words on the new FOX News show, FIVE, laughing as he establishes a new moral standard for FOX News for liberal ratings as FOX News moves to the left, following the FOX TV Network.

- Far-left opinion-maker, Jehmu Greene, welcomed with open arms by FOX News.

Obama appointee from Chicago will not allow God or Jesus to be used at the Houston Va Cemetery.
Houston VA Obama appointee shuts down free speech - no using God or Jesus.
This issue has been going on for over a week now by an Obama appointee, mushrooming today July 11, 2011, as Congressman Poe gets involved and the VA in Washington D.C. is musseled by the Obama Justice Department, according to a letter from the VA to Poe. So what subjects do O'Reilly and Hannity cover on FOX News with Beck gone? O'Reilly covers reporting on the Casey Anderson court verdict while Hannity wonders who is going to be the VP choice for the GOP a year from now. And of course Greta, (what's behind door number three), went the full mile, having the jury foreman from the Anderson case. Still dead in the water!

- Fox Protects Obama: Corsi Interview on Fox Business Network

We told you so about FOX, as foxy hosts continue to head left while they try to fool conservative viewers that FOX is (cough) conservative.

FOX News does it again. Chris Wallace calls some of Michelle Bachmann's comments Flaky while FOX News embraces Jehmu Greene as a consultant, a far-left radical who wanted to take Focus on the Family's freedom of speech away. But here is Bachmann's speech on the House Floor in June 2009, calling the Obama administration Gangster Government. Why did Wallace snicker when asking her the question, unless seeing the tossing out of dealerships by Obama as funny?

- FOX American Idol continues to push the envelope allowing Lady GaGa to performance while mocking a huge religious angel. Previously on Idol Gaga wore (cough) $4,500 erection heels in front of contestants

Lady GaGa preforms Alejandro on American Idol.  Lady Gaga mocks an image of a heavenly angel while it (cough) wouldn't show her penis heels during her visits with the Idol stars during the day.  What's wrong, FOX, Lady Gaga gives the finger to a huge angel image on your stage and that's okay but her shoes having a phallic symbol for heels is not?
Lady GaGa performs Alejandro with a Sodom and Gomorrah like act under a huge heavenly angel figure on American Idol to millions of cheering fans. And ESPN worries about what Hank Williams, Jr., says on another network unrelated to sports about Obama? What hypocrisy, where free speech is suppressed by ESPN for a country music star giving a comment on a radical president that has surrouded himself with Czars while speech mocking the world's Christian religion is glorified by FOX's News Corp. is fine.

- FOX News interrupted Beck's 2 a.m. show with a LIVE report on Obama's landing in India. I checked on EVERY single cable outlet, MSNBC, CNN hard line news, CNN Headline News, ABC, NBC, and CBS, and not a single one was covering the event. I guess FOX was concerned that blue-collar workers getting home would be more interested in this event rather than watching Beck. But FOX News interrupting Beck I believe was symbolic of what was to come, FOX News quietly pushing away from being looked as the network the Tea Party depends on. In the end, FOX News is just another business and Tea Party people need to understand that fact and rely on other sources to get their message out.

- FOX Network continues its attack on conservatives- report says Glee mocks Ann Coulter as a show character represented as a Beck watcher kicks pregnant daughter out of house.

- FOX News continues its march to the left as Geraldo mocks Tea Party Patriots

- When is Sean going to nationally apologize to the Cincinnati Tea Party for your walking away without talking with the volunteer organizer? And FOX News: Apologize to Tea Party for taking marching orders from Media Matter supported by George Soros, removing Sean from the event!

- How Obama Democrats may have outfoxed FOX, its reporting on the passage of the student loan bill downplayed.

- Bill O’Reilly defends Obama Administration from Conservative Attacks, goes after Laura Ingraham for attacking some in the Obama administration

The left is notorious for screaming about free speech, the Constitution, privacy law, etc. But, when it comes down to it, it's a farce. Here's the latest example ... Juan Williams defends Big Government leaking your private emails to the state-run media outlets. Bill Kristol clobbered him.

FOX continues it move to the left under the cloak of fair and balanced reporting


Just in time for Memorial Day… The Family Guy mocks dead US soldiers from Vietnam War.

Is this why Americans fought? FOX Channel joyfully mocks Vietnam Vets while FNC adds to profits of the parent company, FOX show refers to Washington Vietnam Memorial as a "Score Board!"


The old O'Reilly appears on the View (Oct. 14, 2010.)

FOX Turns On Wilders, shows influence of major Islamic investor

We were not alone - The Domestication of Bill O’Reilly



While CNN and MSNBC Are Proud To Be Known As Progressive Outlets, FOX News Ailes Sees Conservative Label Annoying

About eight years ago when my wife and I started to watch the O'Reilly Factor, eventually turning our teenage kids onto the truth that was being told and the same which we had been teaching at home, it was refreshing to hear O'Reilly claim his show was the No Spin Zone.

We understood what he was saying. Spin was something we had experienced all too often when reading the local jaded liberal newspaper, The Star Ledger, or watching progressive network TV news casts and cable news channels. We had switched away from the network national news when we discovered that not one of these outlets had reported the torture and heinous murder of teenager Jesse Dirkhising.

It seemed that virtually no one in the print or television media would touch the story, their intend to be sure as many Americans as possible would not find out what happened to the child.

In fact Jesse's murder had been a story of FOX News in late 1999, a newer cable channel we had surfed to by accident. We discovered at the time that only the FOX News Channel had reported on the 13-year old's murder and horrendous torture by two men. It seemed that virtually no one in the print or television media would touch the story, their intend to be sure as many Americans as possible would not find out what happened to the child. I even had called the police department, not believing my ears at the way two adults had killed this young boy in a slow death, an officer saying off the cuff that FOX News was only national news agency interested in the trials of the murderers.

It was because of the mainstream media's effort to be sure the dead would be able to tell tales we realized how evil the people had become who were responsible for reporting the news to the American people. After that we never watched the network evening news programs again, no longer trusting their words, images, or profession. But we were obviously not alone as in future years polls would come out where people would rate journalists with less trust than a used car salesman.

We even left viewing CNN after it ran a snuff video, knowing terrorists on the audio had said before shooting an American GI, "Don't shoot until women and children are out of the way!" What a joke that was, our knowing terrorists blew up women and children every day not caring who was in the way, sometimes even using the mentally disabled to become human bombs. The terrorists were obviously hoping CNN would be playing their promotional snuff video around the world, and CNN was delighted to oblige.

Until then, we hadn't realized the mainstream media was the real enemy of our Constitutional right to know the truth without coloring a story with an Alinsky-like progressive agenda. That had been expected in Communist countries, but not here.

We were stunned at this abuse of our right to know by managing editors and jaded journalists across America, trained in universities that were filled with out-of-control socialist and communist professors. They were not unlike Professor Peter Singer of Princeton University, who was hired in 1999 to be part of the university's laughable Human Ethics Department. At the time of Singer's hiring, the president of Princeton said the university needed "other ideas."

Our entire family had enjoyed O'Reilly's show. One of my sons had even given me a birthday gift of a "No Spin Zone" mug when we still were living in New Jersey. It was a proud moment for me, his understanding progressive Communists had been slowly taking over our media one piece at a time. But not just in the 1990s, but since the beginning of the late 1970s with the birth of the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE).

It was ASNE that would discriminate against people of faith and promote sexual orientation on their Web site for hiring at newspapers, giving themselves permission to discrimination under a banner of what they called diversity, treating it with the passion of a religion. They dubbed everyone hateful who had a value system outside their secular progressive boundaries. Decades later much of the world would finally realize that they were and are now the intolerant hate mongers, not us, their dissing debate and loving control like all good Communists.

I had discovered this in reading the Newark Star Ledger when it ran over 33 stories above page 10 on the murder of Matthew Shepard, yet not one story on the murder of Jesse Dirkhising. When I took the newspaper to task using its own archived content, an editor fired back an e-mail that the paper had done a story on Jesse!

When I paid again to go back into their archives, I discovered the article was not a news story at all but a press release the newspaper had run sent to them from GLAAD. The article, written by, activists at GLAAD such as Kathy Renna, said that anyone who asked why Jesse's murder was not being published in the news across America was homophobic. That day I had realized the media was owned by progressive activists, obviously in newsrooms across America. The year was 2000.

Six years later, I contacted the ledger writing an e-mail to the only editor who seemed to care. While on the left, he still had his journalistic beliefs in fulfilling the public's right to know. Click here to read what he wrote on this original printout, (info removed to protect his identity), confirming what I had already discovered about the media and what goes on in news rooms across the nation to shut up any conservatives who might still exist.

O'Reilly had always exposed these bullies, from NAMBLA's Web site that assisted two of its members to murder a ten-year old boy, Jeffrey Curley, to the ACLU defending NAMBLA's Web site with the excuse of free speech. The ACLU had used Alinsky's power points against the mother who had protested the horrid murder of her young son over the promise of two adult men to give him a bike. But they could care less about the bike, abusing his body even after death.according to a police report.

(See Chart at bottom of page, Truth Always Gets Buried By Political Correctness.)

It as not surprising of the support for NAMBLA by the ACLU. Like socialist Margaret Sanger for Planned Parenthood, the ACLU was formed by rich boy socialist Baldwin from Boston's elite, his early on seeing Stalin as a hero for the collective.

O'Reilly also had gone after the ACLU for attacking the Boy Scouts, calling it the most vile organization in America. The ACLU membership is filled progressives, from government to the entertainment world and the mainstream media itself.

The newspapers had started coloring the news across America through the monitoring of the biased ASNE as mentioned above, telling newspapers how to handle issues of Social Justice, the buzz word for socialist control outside of climate change.

We had not realized it was foretelling of the coming of a U.S. President who would be the most radical in United States history, surrounding himself with mafia-like figures and Communist sympathizers. He has even been accused of bribing candidates to resign from the race who might endanger Democrat wins. Obama would fly the Chinese Communist flag near the people's White House in honor of 60 years of Communist control of China, celebrating the murder of over 50-million human beings who tried to protect their country from the take over.

The ACLU and NAMBLA had been hoping Barbara Curley would finally run out of money through the years and NAMBLA would then be able to continue to rape little boys.

Barbara Curley, the mother of murdered ten-year old Jeffrey Curley, won a monitory lawsuit against NAMBLA but had trouble getting its membership to be accountable for their actions against children like her son. She had gone on with her continued second suit into 2007. I knew that because in late 2006 I received a letter from her via support of the Traditional Vales Coalition, asking for continued donations to her cause against NAMBLA's membership, one that wanted laws of consent from little boys down to ten-years old, NAMBLA reported to also run orphanages outside the United States.

But today under Barack Obama NAMBLA is no longer seen as a threat to children but an ideologue whose time has come through his appointment of a Czar to teach school safety to America's children. In other words, find sex with children as an acceptable social cause and those who oppose it are the threat to safety.

The ACLU and NAMBLA had been hoping Barbara Curley would finally run out of money through the years and NAMBLA would then be able to continue to rape little boys. As mentioned the organization is actively trying to change laws of consent so their actions would no longer be considered child abuse. Apparently the money for Mrs. Curly is gone because no letters asking for help from her arrived in the fall of 2007 or beyond.

Hooray for the new American way of life, the ACLU, NAMBLA, and President Obama.

It was around 2006 I noticed that O'Reilly had started to change, suddenly saying without warning he was no longer interested in these issues. It was about that time he also ceased stories of Barbara Curley's continued fight with NAMBLA and the ACLU. He also seemed to became moot about the continued fight of the ACLU against the Boy Scouts, a cause in San Diego lost to the ACLU.

O'Reilly seemed to also have failed to report what had happened to the Girl Scouts, which had succumbed to the attacks by progressive sympathizers against their organization. The national group was taken over by role models of far-left lesbians and radicals who followed the eugenics of women such as Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, one that Obama could not praise enough during his run for the president.

Then O'Reilly left other conservative issues to Glenn Beck (of CNN at the time) and Sean Hannity of FOX to take up the fight against Obama radicals, O'Reilly always wanting to give Obama the benefit of the doubt as if Obama really didn't mean he wanted to fundamentally change America. I told Obama for his word and threat. He seemed to move back to the agenda of his former TV life with Inside Edition, one I hadn't known about. In fact, on a recent show in February 2010, while other world events were going on, O'Reilly spent 25 minutes on Tiger Woods, almost half the show, while Beck had spent about three minutes..

Beck and Hannity, on the other hand, had been spending time since the election on reporting on Obama's lies and on all those who surround him, including Obama's early days of teaching Alinsky tactics to ACORN members and being around those who had bombed government facilities twenty years earlier. Hannity went to great lengths to show Obama's involvement in passing out huge amounts of money from wealthy progressives who followed a far-left socialist agenda when Obama lived in Chicago.

Then when Beck came over to FOX after the presidential election and became extremely successful with millions of conservative FOX viewers, who were thirsting for his basic information on American values, O'Reilly started having him on his show.

Glenn Beck exposes Color of Change co-founder Van Jones.

But my wife and I were disturbed at O'Reilly's little jabs at Glenn Beck and the subject matter of his show, laughing about people Beck had exposed such as Van Jones. O'Reilly seemed almost amused at Beck's going after Communist sympathizer Van Jones and other radicals. Van Jones resigned his post after being exposed as a Communist by Beck. However, as Beck had predicted, Van Jones was reassigned by the Obama administration to write programs that Congress would pass, such as critical energy legislation.

We wondered if O'Reilly had a hand in Beck's coming to FOX. Then Beck and O'Reilly did the O'Reilly Bold Fresh Tours in some cities around the U.S., our not understanding the continued jabs as if O'Reilly was protecting turf. We thought O'Reilly should no longer call his show the No Spin Zone with all the other spin that was making us dizzy, our wanting to call it The Dead Zone.

When O'Reilly asked Beck why he was going to give a speech at the partisan organization CPAC in February of 2010, the use of the word partisan troubled us. O'Reilly continued to jab at Beck when it is Beck who exposed the Communist radicals around Obama, not O'Reilly. O'Reilly had also identified the far-right fringe nuts as people who would dare call Obama a Communist, which Beck had almost concluded with Obama's amazing continued support of Van Jones. With Beck exposing Van Jones and Van Jones resigning over the findings, it looked as if O'Reilly was calling Beck a nut but careful enough not to alienate the so-called folks who watched Beck every day, I believe sometimes the numbers over five million. Lately, though O'Reilly seems to have finally taken Beck under his wing.

In 2012 FOX does it again, attacking the Tea Party as stopping garbage pick up and other services, while dropping in a Jew hating Nazis.

A weekearlier O'Reilly had railed against FOX's Sunday program The Family Guy, a cartooncharacter on the show making fun of Sarah Palin's disadvantaged child. O'Reilly was angry at the show's creator, admitting at the same time that FOX makes a lot of money from the program.

The FOX's Family Guy even went after Terri Schiavo, kids shown doing a school play making fun of her pain and suffering. It just another reason Islamists can get away with calling America the Great Satan after watching what FOX producers did to Schiavo as she lay dying without food or water.

'Family Guy' Actor Sides With Palin, Didn't Like Down Syndrome Joke

But we asked ourselves if this had been MSNBC running The Family Guy, wouldn't O'Reilly have accused the NBC network of not taking the show down for making money off a trash weekly cartoon that kids could watch? Yet O'Reilly instead simply noted FOX made money from it while not challenging FOX to remove it.

Stan bends down beneath the horse. The horse's eyes go wide with surprise and pleasure. Stan is shown with fluid spraying in his face, implying that the horse has ejaculated on Stan. The camera pulls back to reveal that Stan is washing himself off with a hose.

Click on above graphic to download FOX bestiality cartoon shown on American Dad to children, an oxymoron in words. Click here to visit Web site that complained.

And it should be strange to Factor viewers that O'Reilly wouldn't remind them that FOX had shown bestiality on a FOX so-called cartoon show, American Dad, which children could watch on Sunday night at 9:30 (8:30 central zone.) They need to ask the No Spin Zone pundit, "Why the silence with 'the folks,' not showing the vile segment with a viewer warning, one even children had been able to watch?" (Click here to download and watch the short video segment for yourself.)

Then a few days ago O'Reilly had a representative from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) on his show. O'Reilly allowed the SPLC representative to talk almost without interruption or challenge, the No Spin Zone continuing to look like a dead zone.

Julian Bond, former executive of Southern Poverty Law Center.

First, O'Reilly never mentioned that the SPLC sees border guards and activists who protect them as dangerous against illegals aliens, as if illegal aliens had a right to cross the border and take jobs away from American citizens.

And O'Reilly never mentioned that the SPLC was started by far left hate speaker and politician, Julian Bond, former leader of the NAACP.

Southern Poverty Law Center doesn't matter, eh O'Reilly, as Julian Bond's NAACP's Top Banana is Obama's Communist Van Jones, reported being given the President’s Award as the NAACP's best hater of America.

Top Banana is a term from the 1930s and 40s meaning best of the bunch or the leading comedian in a burlesque show. You chose the one that best applies to Van Jones.

O'Reilly also failed to mention the SPLC is an extreme far-left organization that was involved in the creation of the domestic terrorist list that was eventually sent to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The list then went on into the hands of law enforcement agencies across America, saying that returning vets and pro-abortion groups should be seen as domestic terrorist groups.

Remember how that story outraged Americans? The DHS finally had to apologize! Yet in the No Spin Zone O'Reilly made no mention of this for his viewers.

And the SPLC's own site mentions funding support from George Soros in defending illegal aliens, again seeing our border guards as abusive in protecting our country from invaders. O'Reilly has been furious with Soros in the past, yet in his No Spin Zone he mentioned nothing to his viewers about Soros's funding to the SPLC.

In the end O'Reilly acted as if SPLC was instead the Boy Scouts, except in this case protecting America from conservatives and their right to protest with free speech and protect values that had gone back to the forming of this Republic.

After seeing this we no longer need to ask what is going on at The Factor. Obviously something has changed, and, as you will see below from the mayor of San Francisco, liberals know liberalism when they see it.

The mayor of San Francisco was probably the big red flag on O'Reilly's morphing away from "the folks." The mayor said, on his first time on The Factor, that he was now watching O'Reilly's Show because he was glad to see O'Reilly had become more moderate (to a liberal meaning moving to the left .) While O'Reilly made the comment, the mayor was the moderate one, the image of the beholder doesn't lie.

We wonder how many viewers know the SPLC was as far-left as MoveOn.org. O'Reilly seeming to be the pinhead here unless you work for MSNBC.

With the FOX national television network having vile programming that ten years ago would have been banned by the FCC, you can now add it has been accused of sympathizing with CAIR, a group that has been tied to donations to Muslim terrorist groups as this recent article explains.

"Long a reliably patriotic media source in the war on terror, FOX News may now be among news outlets who have fallen under the spell of the Council on American-Islamic Relations' propaganda machine.

"We own the media," CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper privately brags, according to a source currently working inside the aggressive Islamist lobby group.

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly last week invited the TV-savvy Hooper on his show to debate passenger profiling, the second guest appearance by the CAIR spokesman in a month. At the end of the segment, O'Reilly thanked Hooper and called him a "stand-up guy," sending shockwaves through the conservative blogosphere."

And not forgetting the No Spin Zone is becoming the dead zone, FOX's mission statement of being "fair and balanced" seems to also be on the auction block.

"But Walid Shoebat, former Palestinian terrorist who is now a Christian, says ever since Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal became a major stockholder in Fox's parent company, he has been able to influence its news content.
"He himself said, 'I just had to make a phone call to [tell them to] stop using the word Muslim' regarding the rioting in France," Shoebad notes. "Bill O'Reilly says to Ibrahim Hooper, the head of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), that he is an upstanding citizen. Since when was the head of CAIR an upstanding citizen?" he wonders.
The former terrorist adds that viewers will no longer be seeing any so-called "Islamophobes" on Fox."

With the FOX television network entering the area of bestiality with its Family Guy with morals issues that would have had the FCC all over them in previous years, FOX may be going down with our country as no longer the light of the world, let alone the moral leader.

With freedom fighter Lech Walesa saying America is no longer the moral leader of the world, then exactly what is it a leader of . . . greed, gluttony, lust, bestiality?

With freedom fighter Lech Walesa saying America is no longer the moral leader of the world, then exactly what is it a leader of . . . greed, gluttony, lust, bestiality? And with O'Reilly moving toward the left surrounded by conservative book ends Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Greta Van Susteren, you could take those three shows away and that famous FOX Hole, the military talks about overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, might find itself without a home back home.

O'Reilly came from the pit of gossip columnists almost a decade ago, having worked around the world for the program Inside Edition. His show on FOX seems to be returning to that venue again by ignoring the stories of attacks on the Boy Scouts, Barbara Curley, and others.

While I don't like the Huntington Post, I innocently came across a posting on the site when Googling the words Inside Edition and O'Reilly to verify my above statement. The archived video there speaks for itself. With no other words needed, O'Reilly lost it in his earlier television days while on Inside Edition, exhibiting a violent temper and using the F bomb.

We were, to say the least, simply stunned as if we had lost a friend who had lived in our home for close to a decade. Maybe, we thought, Bill needs to reach the bottom Beck had found. To that end today Beck is one of the most liked television personalities in America . . . and equally respected for his humbleness and obvious love for the courage and wisdom of America's founders.

We admire Bill for giving the profits to important charities--hundreds of thousands of dollars--from all the related products sold on his personal Web site. And we thank him for all the good he did before 2006 until he became what some in the liberal press calls being domesticated. He owns those parts and they can't be taken away, along with his popular New York Times best seller for over one year, Bold Fresh and other publications.

But until O'Reilly, who speaks to millions of people around the world, explains what is going on with his show today and why it changed from the show we watched starting in 2000, we will have to assume his journey will continue on its way to the left now having reached the middle moving away from the right. While we can look forward to the day he finds his way back home to "the folks," we are not encouraged with his huge ego e-mail viewers keep complaining about in vain. .

If Hannity, Beck, and Van Susteren were to leave, FOX, [note Beck has already left from this original writing), would start to become just another channel in the media's hen house, that fact compounded with reports that its parent company had added a major Muslim investor. This is at a time when the FOX television network has produced some of the most morally corrupt programs on the airways. Like we said, take away Beck, Hannity, and Van Susteren and what's left? With O'Reilly going left, not much.

Then last night, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity ran a new video, which had been discovered in the Congressional investigation of ACORN, citizen Obama praising his work with ACORN. Hannity and Beck then showed a video of Obama as president lying he had not paid much attention to ACORN.

Yet when O'Reilly showed the new video last night on his show, he blew it off like he had blown off his interview with the Southern Poverty Law Center. His response was that Obama was a leftist, and ACORN was a leftist, so what was the big surprise? When folks wrote in complaining of O'Reilly looking as if he was covering up for Obama, O'Reilly said, "We were the ones to run the video!" But that was not true, with Beck and Hannity giving the video more time while comparing it to citizen Obama saying where ever ACORN was working Obama would be there.

Again in the No Spin Zone O'Reilly failed to mention that ACORN had been registered as a non-profit, which means ACORN by law cannot support one party or another. And he failed to mention that Obama was an attorney for ACORN in Chicago in the late 1990s, teaching the organization Alinsky tactics to harass banks and the private families of bank CEOs so ACORN members wouldn't be arrested. ACORN's goal was to force banks to take out bad loans in poor neighborhoods, a term the Democrats called Redlining. That term was used to by Clinton's Attorney General, Janet Reno, to intimidate banks so they would give out the bad loans, Democrats then hoping to take the credit to create a new voting block for them in the coming elections.

In doing this, Obama was already on his mission of social justice, one that would almost bring down the financial centers of America ten years later in 2008, millions of bad loans embedded in investment programs purchased around the world. The Democrats and Obama had been directly involved in making sure banks gave out the bad loans, then over a decade later would blame it on Bush.

But O'Reilly stayed moot, sticking to his comment that Obama was a leftist, ACORN was a leftist, so what was the big surprise?

This is an excellent segment for either those who are in favor or against the theory of global warming. It's an excellent opportunity to see two knowledgeable people disagreeing on the subject and backing up their assertions with "perceived" evidence.
Global Warming Shootout between the progressive, Mr. Science, Bill Nye, and Accuweather Forecaster, Joe Bastardi.

Finally, O'Reilly had a Global Warming Shootout between progressive, Mr. Science, Bill Nye, and Accuweather Forecaster, Joe Bastardi. Yet O'Reilly never challenged Bill Nye on why the progressives kept pushing their agenda for socialist control of the population using the weather. While this shootout segment would have been perfect for FOX News for their fair and balanced reporting, this was on the O'Reilly Factor in his No Spin Zone. O'Reilly had again not challenged the spin of Mr. Science, as he had not challenged the spin of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Obama’s left-wing allies are preparing plans to re-brand 9/11 as a national service/eco-zealot propaganda day.

If you have visited my Global Warming Hype Web page, you would have found I had gathered copy from a global warming fanatic who had intimidated NOAA's headquarters in 2006 with a sit-in of his group. The group demanded the director to resign for not recognizing man-made global warming. The earlier writings of this group's founder and his friends are tied directly to Communist propaganda. Read their thoughts for yourself from 2000. You'll discover their ideas are not much different from many of the Czars Obama has appointed to write new legislation for the American people to "obey."

Sadly, adding more confusion to his FOX brand, O'Reilly had the far-left Jehmu Greene on AGAIN of the oxymoron "Women's Media Center," her saying to Bill on March 3, 2010, that the NCAA had bigger balls than the NFL [and CBS] for removing Focus on the Family's Tebow Ad, an ad that simply celebrates life and something the NCAA obviously doesn't believe in anymore.

FOX News rewards Jehmu Greene with a Contributor Position

O'Reilly couldn't get enough of this woman sticking it in his face the first time, inviting her on a SECOND time to opine that Focus on the Family is a hate organization.   Jehmu Greene has now been honored as a FOX consultant as FOX slithers to the left.

Pro-Abortion bully Jehmu Greene seems to be helping the KKK to eliminate black children from the future of America, as a report surfaces that decades of abortion has reduced the black race in America by 50%.
Fox News Transcript, January 27, 2010
Jehmu Greene attacks Focus on the Family
The Superbowl Ad Jehmu Greene wanted off the air
And let's not forget liberal Dr. Caroline Heldman is on FOX, too, from her own edited video, a regular!

Ms. Greene does not accept anyone's opinion other her own through a strong dedication to the work of Margaret Sanger, Sanger when alive having seen blacks such as Ms. Greene as useless human beings, fetuses that needed to be aborted from society. Ms. Greene has to know that her work to help abort black children with such enthusiasm has to almost be celebrated daily by the KKK.

Also Ms. Greene doesn't get it that black babies are being aborted by Planned Parenthood because the women who run Planned Parenthood see too many of those black children as future criminals, not believing they can turn into Martin Luther King's or men like Lt. Col. West. Martin Luther King was reported to have even received a Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood in 1966, so I guess maybe it's me that just don't get it.

O'Reilly should have had a supporter of Focus on the Family on instead, the progressive Ms. Greene's non-stop talking on O'Reilly's show illustrating that she a.) had no interest in other ideas and -b.) could argue so well she could be a real asset to a local Communist party cell.

Finally, we wish that O'Reilly would have had the conviction of Ms. Greene to invite the young girl who did the short video below, calling out Obama as not caring about the Christian faith as he had claimed in the election. Even children can see the emperor has no clothes, Ms. Greene just loving Obama.

Even children can see the emperor has no clothes!
"Obama, when America's young understand what you're doing, your game is over!"

But conservatives at the end of the day may be left with only talk radio, while progressives own the rest of a corrupt media. It was a scenario the Third Reich had adopted in Hitler's Germany, using a corrupt media to push Jews out of the society and then into camps. Fifty years later in the 1990s and through the ACLU this progressive hate would show its ugly head again, this time in America and in the Democrat Party, as far left liberals take control to push Christians more and more into the corners of society where they hope they will not be seen or heard from anymore.

Beck was right when he said on his show, Some very hard times may be just around the corner for America. My guess is that Beck didn't know that in 2011 FOX News and his show would be parting company while FOX News had brought in hard-core abortion advocate Jehmu Greene as a consultant. Greene was the one who trashed the Tebow Superbowl ad while never having seen it.

How's that for fair and balanced?! But FOX must still love her. Maybe Greene is the token Obama rep on FOX, FOX worried more about Obama's opinion on its news network than that news network worried about honoring its conservative news base. And of course let's not forget about another FOX contributor, Professor Caroline Heldman.

You thought it was a conservative news outlet. Now you know why it's called FOX.

As I keep warning, FOX continues to move to the left to more emulate the values of is parent company's FOX Television Network as discussed and shown above. Of course Hannity and O'Reilly say little about the content of the FOX Television Network. Working under the same umbrella, their silence proves the point.

And then there is FOX News Foxy news host, posing as if a hot liberal movie star, moved in 2013 to FOX Evening News line up, an image that would be more welcomed by the far-left FOX Television Network than a serious news show. While Megyn Kelly is a professional, I doubt one would find Christiane Amanpour of CNN International News stepping over the line and dressing this way, compromising her image to a world stage.



Truth Always Gets Buried By Political Correctness

But this should be no surprise with the far left, Obama recently naming his new hate crime's bill after Matthew Shepard. But the media, including FOX, never challenged the naming, it discovered several years ago that Shepard had been murdered in a drug rage, witnesses saying his murderer even had attended drug parties with Shepard!

And there is the report Shepard, as a teenager on a school trip overseas, had been raped. Yet Shepard was pistol whipped because he didn't have drugs on him needed by his murdered, one witnesses saying his killer would go into a rage when out of meth. Yet Shepard was allowed to be named for the new Obama hate crimes bill.

However, Obama needs to asked , "Where is the hate crimes bill for ten-year old Jeffrey Curley?" And let's not forget, "Where is the hate crimes bill for 13-year Jesse Dirkhising?"

Jason was killed by a 41-year old gay in 2008, who gave Jason a rape drug and then when Jason couldn't cooperate, strangled him to death."

And I haven't even mentioned asking, "Where is the hate crimes bill for 23-year-old Jason Shephard? Jason was reported to have been murdered by a 41-year old male in 2008, who gave Jason a rape drug and then when Jason couldn't cooperate, strangled him to death."

And then there is Mary Stachowicz, a mother of four reported killed in November of 2002. This one will bring tears to your eyes.

According to a Chicago Tribune report on the conviction of her murderer, she was "vaginally raped, sodomized, and sustaining 10 fractured ribs, Mary suffered 11 stab wounds in the head, face, and neck due to Gutierrez attacking her with such ferocity that the tip of the steel hunting knife used to commit the crime was bent. Afterward, he stole money from her purse, attempted to hide the killing, and 'even ate meals at the table he placed over the floorboards covering Stachowicz’s body,'"

Mary's children were furious the national mainstream media had not picked up on their mother's murder, my wondering if they had remembered how the media had fawned and drooled over Matthew Shapard's death, the poster boy they had been looking for falling into their arms out of the sky.

Mary's children were furious the national mainstream media had not picked up on their mother's murder, my wondering if they had remembered how the media had fawned and drooled over Matthew Shepard's death, the poster boy they had been looking for falling into their arms out of the sky.

Yet Obama moves ahead and names a hate crimes bill after Matthew Shepard, but not a peep out of FOX, O'Reilly, and the mainstream media asking for justice for those heinous crimes against four straights, two of them children.



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