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The New York Times believes its ideology is more important than what America's Founders had envisioned, writing: "But that view is myopic. In some respects, Mr. Obama is far more experienced than other presidential candidates." - Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times, March 6, 2007





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January 8, 2017


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Top News Stories Of The Week



Happy New Year 2017

This is how one NFL team celebrates our National Anthem - ArizonaCardinals

Video Source: USANewsblok24

"Colin Kaepernick Wins [San Francisco 49ers' Team] Award For 'Inspirational, Courageous Play.'" [Note, Key Word Here May Be San Francisco.] - ESPN



OMG, You Really Believed The Democrat Party's Lie That Protestors In Chicago Against Trump's Supporters Just Showed Up?

[DNC] elites sends bus loads of anti-Trump protestors to Chicago: Paid protestors [thugs] arrive from Wisconsin - EliteNWOAgenda

Video Source - YouTube

13 Days Before Inaugural, Obama NOW Tries To Start Up The Cold War That Reagan Ended - TheSun



Netanyahu: UN Silent About Jews Being Massacred, Expelled from West Bank, Eastern Jerusalem - Breitbart
Refugee Admissions Surge 86% YoY As Obama Rushes Arrivals Ahead Of Trump Inauguration - ZeroHedge
"Facebook, Twitter, Google Sued By Orlando Shooting Victims' Families." - USAToday
"Church's Christian Music Booted From Public Park." - OneNewsNow
Poll: Transgender Goals Supported By 22.7 Percent Of Citizens. - Breitbart
United Methodist Church Calls For 75-Week 'Focused Prayer On Homosexuality Debate." - Zionica
[Don't You Just Love Our Mainstream Media?] "A&E Yanks KKK Series After Participants Say They Were Paid To Distort Facts." - TruthRevolt
"Judge Stops Obama’s Order Forcing Christians To Fund Abortion As A Means of Stopping “Sex Discrimination.” - LifeNews
"After All Their Hand-Wringing Over 'Fake News,' The Obama Administration Colluded With The Mainstream Media To Run A Phony Report." - TomFernandez28
"ARS Technica: White House Fails To Make Case That Russian Hacking Tampered With Election." - Breitbart
"Report: Christians Were The Most Persecuted Group Of People In 2016." - TheBlaze
"The Facts About The Dakota Access Pipeline That Protesters Don’t Want You To Know." - TheDailySignal


CIA CONFIRMS . . . - TomFernandez28

Graphic Source - TomFernandez28

[Remember When Bruce Springsteen Loved The Average American Joe? Now "His Majesty" Views Them As A "Basket Of Deplorables" For Supporting Trump.] - Read Story: Breitbart

[So You Thought Amazon Was A Cool Company?] That Is Until Its CEO Bought The Washington Post Now Out To Attack Local Cops - TruthRevolt
[Of Course It's On The FOX TV Network.] New Show ‘The Mick’ Praises Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz: “I Should Get A Free Sub Every 10 Visits.” - LifeNews
"School Officials In Indiana Demanded That A Student Pro-Life Group Sign An Agreement Stating That They Will Not Use The Word “Abortion” – Or Face Grave Consequences." - Zionica
[Obama's] "EPA To Alaskans In Sub-Zero Temps: Stop Burning Wood To Keep Warm!" - TheFederalist
"British Man Jailed For Leaving Bacon Sandwich Outside Mosque Is Found Dead In Prison." - GatewayPundit
"Drexel University Won't Take Action Against ‘White Genocide’ Professor." - CampusReform
"For The First Time Since World War II, No U.S. Carriers Are Deployed Anywhere In The World." - ZeroHedge
Painting Of Cops As Pigs Hung Proudly In U.S. Capitol On Behalf Of Rep. Lacy Clay (D-MO.) - IndependentJournalReview
[SkyScrapers Among The Cavemen.] Saudi Police Officers Arrest Woman For Taking Diving Lesson From Men. More To Follow. - ClarionProject

CNN's Don Lemon, On Chicago Torture Video: ‘I Don’t Think It Was Evil.’ - Breitbart

Obama's Real Legacy? - Webmaster

Democrat Bastards - Webmaster: "During the same discussion, Democrat strategist and former press secretary for Bernie Sanders Symone Sanders said the attack was “not a hate crime” if the suspects were motivated by “hate of Donald Trump." - Breitbart

"CNN host Don Lemon said Wednesday evening the broadcasted torture of a bound and gagged victim in Chicago was not 'evil,' adding that the suspects had 'bad home training.'

News broke nationally Wednesday after a Facebook Live video showed the victim beaten, slashed, held at knifepoint, and more in a Chicago apartment while assailants are heard saying 'f*** white people' and 'f*** Trump.' Chicago police held a press conference the same day to announce an investigation is underway and four adults are in police custody. The suspects held the “traumatized” victim for as many as 48 hours, police said." - Breitbart

No Wonder Chicago Is So Screwed Up!

Top cop calls brutal torture of white special needs kid by Black thugs “A Prank!” - ClashDaily





"In 2013 Dr Kermit Gosnell was convicted of killing four people, including three babies, but is thought to have killed hundreds, perhaps thousands more in a 30-year killing spree. ABC News correspondent Terry Moran described Gosnell as 'America's most prolific serial killer.'" - Amazon

Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer - Amazon



Top Video Of The Week


Obama Legacy Fulfilled: Fundamentally Transformed The United States Of America

CBS and the national mainstream media push Obama's agenda into the face of local decisions: Their way or the highway.

Obama Formula: Make ONE Child Happy. Social Engineer The Rest!

"According to a three-minute December 28 segment on CBS This Morning, BSA’s recommendation of co-ed programs have not satisfied Maldonado’s mother. She wants an official apology, and many are siding with her, including CBS reporter Errol Barnett and Scouts for Equality Director Justin Wilson. 'She just wants to do what makes her child happy, this isn’t about anything other than that,' Barnett expressed on-air. 'Hear, hear,' commentator Josh Elliott chipped in." - NewsBusters

Video Source: YouTube



Other News Videos Of The Week

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Soros, Of Course, Admits No Remorse
CAUGHT ON TAPE: Posted November 18, 2016 - Tom Fernandez28
"In a 60 minutes interview from 1998, George Soros was rather cavalier in talking about the actions he has taken in financial markets around the world as well as actions he took as a kid helping the Nazis." - TomFernandez28
MSNBC Mitchell To Kerry
"Perhaps the worst part of the interview came later when Mitchell worried that the Obama administration’s progress (or lack thereof, depending on your view) could be wiped out when Trump takes office:" - NewsBusters
[Are you ready for the question asked by this progressive media fascist?] "How Disappointed Are You’ Trump Could Undo Your Hard ‘Work' on Israel?" - NewsBusters
NBC Goes All In . . . "
"Wrapping up her report, Mitchell parroted the Obama administration’s dubious claim that no one has done more for Israel than him. She also tried to twist the Palestinian Authority as a force for peace claiming, 'Tonight the Palestinians said they are ready to resume peace talks if Israel freezes settlements…' 'But Israel approved another housing unit even as Kerry was speaking,' she said disappointedly." - NewsBusters
" . . . to Back Secretary Kerry on Israel Double-Cross." - NewsBusters
Kerry And Obama KNEW!!!
"'s Middle East correspondent Igal Hecht talks to Itamar Marcus, Director of Palestinian Media Watch." - Rebel Media
Palestinian children's TV teaches terrorism, anti-Semitism. - Rebel Media
"Olberman's Meltdown:
"Since Donald J. Trump became President-elect, former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann has let his mind unravel for all the world to see, and now that the Electoral College has made Trump's election official, Olbermann now calls for vehement resistance, which involves never calling Trump President." - TruthRevolt
'Never Address Trump as President' "He is Trump, just Trump" - TruthRevolt
"Last week, a group of celebrities — or at least people living in Hollywood — released a video urging Monday’s Electoral College members to abandon their obligation to vote for President-elect Donald Trump.  Another group had a different idea for the actors, and re-made the repetitive, unoriginal video into one with a much different message." - Suckers On Parade
"Electoral College video edited perfectly into a pro-Trump ad! - SuckersOnParade
An Artist’s [Special] Nativity Ornaments
"Thaler’s design isn’t original – something media outlets seem to have overlooked. The scenes on his ornaments are duplicates of images found on a 'Gay Christmas Card' and 'Lesbian Christmas Card,' also sold on Zazzle, by a company called Jesus in Love." - NewsBusters
" . . . featuring baby Jesus with either two dads or two moms – are breaking news, but they aren’t new." - NewsBusters
Samantha Bee Unites . . .
"Talk radio host Glenn Beck and left-wing late night host Samantha Bee are ramping up their efforts to provide 'nonpartisan' pushback against the incoming Donald Trump administration." - Breitbart
" . . . with ‘Changed’ Glenn Beck to Fight . . . wait for it . . . ‘Trumpism’" - Breitbart - Warning: strong language!
Bill Whittle On Media's Fake News
 "What cost Hillary Clinton the election? Well obviously it could not have had anything to do with her creepy, fake smile, her human-like warmth or the swamp of corruption and even treason that she has made for herself. It must be the Russians! And FAKE NEWS! In his latest FIREWALL, Bill Whittle picks apart this nonsense and places the blame squarely on the head of the sore loser responsible for her thrashing." - Truth Revolt
"Bill Whittle picks apart this nonsense and places the blame squarely where it belongs." - TruthRevolt

[NBC Staff: I Wish You Good Luck With Megyn Kelly Headed Your Way. Get In Her Way And You May Have Your Eyes Scratched Out.] - NewYorkTimes

Gretchen Carlson To NBC Today Program. - EntertainmentWeekly

Greta VanSusteren To MSNBC - IndependentJournalReview




Special Videos


Laughing Into [The New Year Of] 1939

"This song takes place in Europe on New Year's Eve 1939. With the party in full swing, a young man looks forward to kissing the girl who has been leading him on "Under a mistletoe moon;" the royals come out onto the palace balcony, and the crowd goes wild, nobody suspecting that in 9 months time they will be plunged into a years' long holocaust of unimaginable proportions, after which the world will never be the same again." - SongFacts

Between The Wars - Al Stewart

Video Source: YouTube



Naval Air Forces "Unbranded" Plane Flies Over Denver

"The 'doomsday plane' aircraft – usually launched at the outbreak of a nuclear attack - was spotted circling by thousands of US citizens on the ground. The unbranded plane traveled across several states and changed directions numerous times, prompting a Twitter frenzy of conspiracy theories." - NowTheEndBegins

Video Source: YouTube



Obama's New Concern Over Fake News

Goodbye, good luck and good riddance! - Webmaster

Live in glass houses much, Barack? - TomFernandez28

Graphic Source - TomFernandez28




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What will America look like under a second Obama presidency?  If you don't have a clue, you better find one! Check alpha by state/city where this film is playing before November 6, 2012. Unofficial bio of Gerald R. Molen. A picture is worth a thousand words!  This photo was not actually aT the White House, but, regardless of WHERE it was taken, the fact is that he cancelled the National Day of Prayer, said that we are no longer a Christian nation, and has no problem taking part in Muslim prayer.  U.S. President Barack Obama bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio at MacDill Air Force Base on January 28, 2010, in Tampa, Florida.   Iorio had honored CAIR annually in Tampa with its own day in November 2008, acknowledging the large amout of Muslims living in the area. "Ayers, now a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, claims to abhor nostalgia ("Nothing is more boring than some old person going on and on about the way things used to be"). But he has been thinking lately about the past—both his and the country's—and soon he will likely be engaged in what he calls "a dialogue" about the sixties, the antiwar movement, and the radical life he led. The spur for this dialogue will be the publication of Fugitive Days (Beacon Press, $24), a memoir Ayers has written about the trajectory of his life, from a pampered son of the Chicago suburbs to a young pacifist to a founder of one of the most radical political organizations in U.S. history."  Allow video to download and start in Window's Media player. “The North American jet that flew Obama and his traveling crew around for much of the primary season was refurbished with new seats and power for each passenger a must on the campaign trail. And the plane that once had an American flag on its tail now sports the Obama ‘O.’”