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The New York Times believes its ideology is more important than what America's Founders had envisioned, writing: "But that view is myopic. In some respects, Mr. Obama is far more experienced than other presidential candidates." - Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times, March 6, 2007





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July 23, 2017


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Top News Stories Of The Week



All Rise And Give Thanks To Ruth Bader Ginsburg, (Nominated By Bill Clinton And Obama's Favorite Justice), For "Fundamentally Transforming" America. She Was Put On The Court By All But Two Republican Senators In A 1993 Vote, Including A Newer Senator From Arizona, John McCain.


Meet The Digital Editorial Director Of Teen Vogue, Phillip Pacardi, On Teen Vogue's Article On Teenage Anal Sex. Does This Photo Clarify Things A Bit About Vogue?" - ClashDaily

"It’s even getting a reaction from Teen Vogue itself.  Of course, they’re spinning the usual story with the usual tactics. On one hand, elevate the importance of their story. It’s ‘education’ and ‘raising awareness.’" - ClashDaily

"Remember the teen magazine that gave a tutorial for how teens and beginners could have anal sex? One Angry mom just launched a HUGE campaign against them.

The days of teen magazines being about fashion, make up tips and relationship advice is long gone. Now they’re pushing articles explaining how to have anal sex, they’re pushing ‘gender fluidity’, they’re writing about masturbation.

Not exactly the topics you would EXPECT to be reading in a magazine targeting young girls. She’s got over 8 million views (and counting) on Facebook! She’s added the video to YouTube now." [ See Video Below ] - ClashDaily

Photo Source: Clash Daily / Twitter

Video Source: YouTube



Tim Gill, Tech Millionaire And LGBTQ Activist, Called For The Punishment Of Christians [ "punish the wicked" ]Who Refuse To Take Part In Same-Sex Weddings." - TheBlaze

This is while Americans such as Gill continue their daily rant of hate, having enjoyed the freedom to mock the Easter holiday. And then when they want to make fun of any male and female couple having a baby, they refer to them as "breeders." - Webmaster

"The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence's Hunky Jesus Contest in Golden Gate Park, 4/20 Easter 2014." - UnderTheGoldenGate

Video Source: - UnderTheGoldenGate



And Then There Is That Little Annoying Issue Of The Muslims

So how did they react to the news of the UK’s “first same-sex Muslim marriage?”

Video Source: TomFernandez28



And It Goes On And On In The Catholic Church!

Vatican police break up orgy in home of Cardinal Franceso Coccopalmerio, a key advisor to Pope Francis.

"Reports in Italy claim the occupant of the apartment is allegedly the secretary to Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio – a key aide to the 80-year-old Pope. Coccopalmerio heads the Pontifical Council for Legislative texts and was said to have once recommended his secretary for a promotion to bishop.  The explosive claims were made in the Italian newspaper, Il Fatto Quotidiano." - NTEB

"In March, the Vatican was hit with a wave of lurid accusations of misbehaving priests across Italy with scandals involving orgies, prostitution and Porn videos." - NTEB

Photo Source: NTEB



Federal Court Upholds Mississippi Law Allowing Refusal Of Service To LGBT Couples - DailyCaller
"TransGender Sensitivity Training Is MANDATORY In Army – Delta Force Bro Says, ‘WTF’" - ClashDaily
Sweden To Include ‘Gender Identity’ In Hate Crime Law, Says Race Is Unscientific - Breitbart
"U.S. Army To Female Soldiers: Be Prepared To Shower With 'Women With Male Genitalia.'" - DailyWire
So-called Conservative Legislators Cave To LGBT Agenda - LibertyCounsel
OUT Magazine Encourages Readers To ‘Drop’ Gay Republican Friends - Breitbart
King’s College London To Replace Portraits Of Founders With ‘Wall Of Diversity.’ - TheCollegeFix
Baffling In Boise: Idaho Paper Lets Person Dictate 'They' And 'Themself' In Article - NewsBusters
Alan Dershowitz: NY Times Rejected My Article Because 'I Don't Have The Right Point Of View.' - TruthRevolt
PARIS: Stay Away! Mob Of ‘Refugees’ Burns 900 Cars In Single Night With 368 Arrests! - ClashDaily
Report On Dangerous Muslim Brotherhood In Sweden - ClarionProject
Radio Host Helping Family Of U.S. Medic Murdered By Confessed Canadian Terrorist - TruthRevolt

Trinity Professor, Simran Jeet Singh, Who Flipped Off Trump Tower To Host Lecture On “Navigating Hate And Xenophobia In Modern America.”

"According to the event description posted on social media, assistant professor of religion Simran Jeet Singh will speak at the webinar hosted by the Trinity University Alumni Association on August 3, having been selected based on his “role as a leader in the national conversation on Islamophobia, racial profiling, and hate violence.” - Gateway Pundit

"Trinity College professor, Simran Jeet Singh, who tweeted a photo of himself making obscene gestures in front of Trump Tower, is scheduled to lecture on 'navigating hate and xenophobia in modern America.' Makes sense. Since the election, Singh has written several aggressive and hateful tweets towards the President as well as his supporters including one telling President Trump to 'kiss all of our asses.' referring to 'our Muslim sisters and brothers.'

Professor Singh preaches inclusion, diversity, tolerance, and respect unless of course you voted for President Trump. If you are a Trump supporter."” - GatewayPundit


And It Continues! Media Outlets Refuse To Identify Cop Who Shot Australian National Woman In Minneapolis As Somalian - WND
Arrest Warrant Issued For Imam's Anti-Semitic Statements During Sermon At Mosque In Montreal, December 2016. - ClashDaily
‘Shocking’ Violence Against Police As Riots, ‘Migration Background’ Sexual Assaults Grip German Summer Festival (Stay Away.) - Breitbart
Mr. Clean Ads And The Famous Jello Commercials Appealing To Overworked Moms Likely To Be Banned In U.K. As Gender Stereo-Types! - TheBlaze
Facebook Allegedly Blocking Dozens Of Catholic Accounts Without An Explanation. The Company Accused Them Of, Wait For It, “Suspicious Activities.” - GatewayPundit
At Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo, Visitors Were Allowed To Be Given Free ‘Endangered Species Condoms’ To Encourage Population Control - TheBlaze
Vienna Dogwalker Hospitalised After Attack By Somalian Migrant Who Said ‘Dogs Are Unclean.’ - Breitbart
Not Enough “Women” Or “People Of Color” In Dunkirk Movie, According To [NUT] At USA Today Who Forgot That NONE Were There. - Breitbart
Berlin Muslim Gang Targets Christian Wearning Pendant With Cross - TruthRevolt

San Francisco City Government Via BART Refuses To Release Surveillance Video Of Robberies . . . Wait For It . . . Because Of Race - DailyWire

Amazon Considering Allowing Developers Access To Alexa Transcripts - Breitbart



Top Video Of The Week


The CNN Snuff Network Gets Wacked . . . Again!

CNN services the world, not America. Get this globalist network headquarters off our soil and ship it to Brussels where it belongs. - Webmaster

Today, perhaps in Reason magazine, I read that CNN’s audience is half that of Fox News. Given how much credit the Left gives CNN’s every utterance, it’s probably still a pricier venue for ads. As for Van Jones… do you recall when even the sainted Barack had to give him the boot? He 'resigned." of course. And now he reigns at CNN, [the Snuff Network]; a fitting end. - GatesOfVienna

Video Source: BillWhittle



Other News Videos Of The Week

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Italian Mayor:
"The mayor of Messina in Italy was upset with the way the central authorities treated his city when it came time to dump a large, fragrant load of migrants on him. And he was also irate at the role played by a “cooperative” — that is, one of the innumerable “refugee”-helping NGOs that have sprouted like mushrooms after a heavy rain of Soros money." - Gates Of Vienna
“We have been invaded!” - GatesOfVienna
FOX News Anchor. . .
"After reporting that there appeared to be more people in that meeting with Russian lawyer than previously acknowledged, Smith had either a Howard Beale or a Walter Cronkite moment, depending on your perspective, and he lit into the White House." - NTEB
" . . . Shepard Smith throws a hissy fit accusing Trump administration of 'lie after lie!'" - NTEB
Stunning Footage . . .
"In the Sunday Edition, Alastair Williamson is on site at a marine terminal in the Port of Baltimore. He provides an interesting view of America’s deteriorating infrastructure blended with the current shape of the US economy."  - Zero Hedge
" . . . Of American's crumbling infrastructure! - ZeroHedge
Gingrich Doesn't Back Down . . .
"In a tense, four-against-one argument, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich appeared on 'The View' this week to discuss his new book 'Understanding Trump' and talk about ousted FBI Director James Comey’s recent testimony." - The Horn News
" . . . from liberal celebs on 'The View.'" - TheHornNews
PragerU . . .
"Why is the government so bad at healthcare? Why did Obamacare make it more expensive than it already was? Is there a solution? Former Member of Congress Bob McEwen explains." - PragerU
Government can't fix healthcare! - PragerU
Did You Know That . . .
"A highly educated scientist who dissents from the mainstream scientific community on the age of the earth has won his battle against the government for access to Grand Canyon National Park.  Andrew Snelling has a doctorate in geology from the University of Sydney and 45 years of geological field and lab experience, but the National Park Service allegedly kept him from doing research because of his religious views.  Following more than three years of hurdles from NPS to study four sedimentary structures thought to be 245 million years old, Snelling filed suit this spring. The government quickly caved, and Snelling’s lawyers at the Alliance Defending Freedom voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit." - The College Fix
. . . the deep state federal government tried to stop Christian geologist from STUDYING in "We the People's" Grand Canyon? - TheCollegeFix
Peer-Reviewed Report . . .
"According to the report, which has been peer reviewed by administrators, scientists and researchers from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), and several of America’s leading universities, the data is completely bunk." - NTEB
" . . . from M.I.T. scientists and EPA researchers conclude man-made climate change is 'bunk!'" - PragerU
Tucker Carlson . . .
"Moreover, none of those supporting the Paris Climate Agreement and other initiatives have any idea what these behemoth regulations will actually do to curb climate change, as evidenced by the following video of Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine, who despite his best efforts, can’t seem to figure out exactly how these agreements actually lower temperatures and help Americans." - NTEB
" . . . Trump gets U.S. out of bad deal and left melts down." - FOXNews
Police . . .
"Bodily violations, bodily trespass, so sick that they do not care about babies and pregnant women - the ultimate in bodily violations thru ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION from 'cell towers.'  If police do not protect by pulling the switch to turn the cell tower OFF, then I say they are electromagnetic Rapists by doing nothing. - ELECTROMAGNETIC "RAPISTS" by doing nothing!"  - catagd
. . . please power down the towers! - catagd

CBS Fawns Over Al Gore As ‘Movie Star,’ Compares Him To Popularity Of Wonder Woman! - NwewsBusters


OMG, Useless Feminist Cowards Betray Muslim Women Every Day!

"Women across America and around the world, disgusted over a video of Donald Trump using the word 'pussy,' cried out on social media, on our streets, at our universities and in every corner coffee shop. However, when young girls in America and around the world are being forced to have their “pussies” mutilated through the brutal practice of female genital mutilation (FGM), there is silence.  Many simply cannot be bothered. They turn the other cheek as it does not remotely affect their agenda. Some excuse it, some are in denial and others fear being labeled Islamophobes — all of which wreck of cowardice." - Clarion Project

"Islamists use doublespeak and doublethink to make powerful alliances with “progressives,” using their broad and popular base as a platform for their insidious message. Most recently, Islamists have made these alliances with feminists, in whose circles it has become fashionable to decry speaking out against female genital mutilation (FGM) or forced veiling of women as attempts to impose one’s culture upon the 'other.'” - READ MORE - ClarionProject

Photo Source: ClarionProject

Swedish Police Attacked By 100 Masked Migrant Youths - Breitbart

Migrant Sex Attacks In German State DOUBLED From Last Year! - Breitbart

"British Government Takes Over Muslim School Whose Books Approve Of Men Raping Their Wives." - DailyWire

Useless Idiots At The BBC Wonder Why The Rise In Acid Attacks, The Cowards Asking, Oh Dear, Oh Dear, What Can Be Done? - Webmaster. Story source - TruthRevolt

"In an article Friday titled, 'Acid attacks: What has led to the rise and how can they be stopped?,'  George Mann of the BBC noted that assaults involving corrosive substances have more than doubled in England since 2012, that the vast majority of cases were in London, and that this spike 'means the UK has the highest number of reported acid attacks per capita in the world,' according to the London charity Acid Survivors Trust International.  What Mann didn't note in his article is any variation on the words 'Islam,' 'Muslim,' or 'immigrant.' - Truth Revolt

Stay Out Of England . . .

. . . which George Cloony recently reasoned if you value your life, acid throwing incidents the highest in the world per capita. Why? Because using a knife to hurt or kill is a more . . . wait for it . . . serious crime to nutty police who have no idea how to stop this. The British media is a useless hag, just like in America, not wanting to use the obvious words, Islam, Muslims or migrants when reporting on these horror stories. Gee, think maybe it was an angry baker who didn't get paid, BBC? - Webmaster / Story source: TruthRevolt

Photo Source: TruthRevolt


. . . While America's Disney-Owned ABC News Labels Christian Organization As A ‘Hate Group’ For Defending Religious Freedom, Siding With The Monsters Over At The Southern Poverty Law Center. - TruthRevolt



Special Videos



Wild Monkeys Roam Florida And Breed Like, Well, Monkeys!

Not funny. Monkeys can spread tuberculosis to humans - Webmaster

" It’s not quite Planet of the Apes. But bands of feral rhesus macaque monkeys are roaming Central Florida, scaring families with their aggressive behavior, making homes in suburban backyards and puzzling wildlife officials who struggle to curb their growing numbers. The latest monkey-to-people encounter occurred last month, when several of the monkeys charged a family vacationing in Silver Springs State Park, about 75 miles northwest of Orlando. A cell phone video of the monkey business, captured by a family member, is spreading through various social media sites." - USAToday

Video Source: USAToday



Typical Leftist's Education: Millennials Love Socialism . . . Or Whatever It's Called!

"Only two people were able to provide any sort of definition that might somehow resemble socialism’s actual definition." - TheBlaze

Video Source: TheBlaze



A History Of Resolving Issues In America

Graphic Source: AmericanSpectator




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What will America look like under a second Obama presidency?  If you don't have a clue, you better find one! Check alpha by state/city where this film is playing before November 6, 2012. Unofficial bio of Gerald R. Molen. A picture is worth a thousand words!  This photo was not actually aT the White House, but, regardless of WHERE it was taken, the fact is that he cancelled the National Day of Prayer, said that we are no longer a Christian nation, and has no problem taking part in Muslim prayer.  U.S. President Barack Obama bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio at MacDill Air Force Base on January 28, 2010, in Tampa, Florida.   Iorio had honored CAIR annually in Tampa with its own day in November 2008, acknowledging the large amout of Muslims living in the area. "Ayers, now a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, claims to abhor nostalgia ("Nothing is more boring than some old person going on and on about the way things used to be"). But he has been thinking lately about the past—both his and the country's—and soon he will likely be engaged in what he calls "a dialogue" about the sixties, the antiwar movement, and the radical life he led. The spur for this dialogue will be the publication of Fugitive Days (Beacon Press, $24), a memoir Ayers has written about the trajectory of his life, from a pampered son of the Chicago suburbs to a young pacifist to a founder of one of the most radical political organizations in U.S. history."  Allow video to download and start in Window's Media player. “The North American jet that flew Obama and his traveling crew around for much of the primary season was refurbished with new seats and power for each passenger a must on the campaign trail. And the plane that once had an American flag on its tail now sports the Obama ‘O.’”