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The New York Times believes its ideology is more important than what America's Founders had envisioned, writing: "But that view is myopic. In some respects, Mr. Obama is far more experienced than other presidential candidates." - Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times, March 6, 2007





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October 15, 2017


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Top News Stories Of The Week



Hollywood's Unsustainable Solar System

Puppet master loves living on Uranus

While Late Night Talk Asks, Harry Who? We'll Stick With Trump.



"Don’t preach to us anymore Hollywood. There is a reason fewer people are watching your movies and it’s not JUST because you aren’t putting out anything good. You wish. America, in very large part is just moving on. People used to care about the Oscars. Now they don’t – or at least many more don’t these days. Many people are coming to realize that the product Hollywood sells, a Kardashian world, is bankrupt increasingly in every sense. It’s a waste of time. Hollywood has had it good for so long that it has forgotten that its not an industry like energy, or farming. It’s a luxury item. Hollywood is paid to entertain. If yet another CGIed up Marvel comic book movie doesn’t come out the world will go on. In fact if Hollywood just went away completely the world would go on. " - Suckers On Parade

Photo Source: DiogenesMiddleFinger






The Fall Of Harvey Weinstein

"Recently the New York Times published an expose on Harvey Weinstein alleging sexual harassment allegations from multiple women over a significant period of time. The response, or rather the lack of response from Hollywood and political elites tells quite the story." - Stefan Molyneux

Video Source: Stefan Molyneux



Unemployment Claims Fall To Lowest Level In 43 Years, Despite Hurricanes.- WashingtonExaminer
Rose McGowan’s Twitter Account Suspended! ‘There Are Powerful Forces At Work.’ - Breitbart
Lisa Booth Inquires: ‘Where’s Kimmel’s Passionate Speech About Weinstein?’ - EagleRising
[Hanoi] "Jane Fonda knew About Weinstein’s Sex Abuse For A Year – But Kept Silent." - TheBlaze
Creepy! Weinstein’s Wife Turns To Mrs. Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, For Support. - DailyWire
Org. Sues Justice Department For Mueller Russian Special Counsel Budget - JudicialWatch
"Under Pressure, NYT Buried Weinstein Sex Abuse Story 13 Years Ago. The Media Enablers Of The Rich And Powerful. - TruthRevolt
Reality May Be That Politics Are Much More Significant Issues Than Correctly Reporting Weather Statistics. - AmericanThinker
In Detroit Where Parts Of The City Have Tuned Into A Ghetto, Firefighter Brings Watermelon To Job And Gets Immediately Fired. - TruthRevolt
An Oxford College Has Banned The Christian Union From Its Freshers’ Fair On The Grounds That It Would Be “Alienating” For Students Of Other Religions, And Constitute A “Micro-Aggression.” - WindsOfJihad
[Moon Beam] California Governor Jerry Brown Is The Self-Anointed Savior Of The Planet While His Decades-Long Policies Destroy A Once-Golden State! - CanadaFreePress
Media Research Center Vice President Of Business And Culture, Dan Gainor, Joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM Host Alex Marlow On Monday To Discuss Media Ducking Coverage Of Harvey Weinstein. - Breitbart

Moon Beam Protected Class: Calling Transgenders The Wrong Gender Pronoun Can Send Healthcare Workers To Jail.

"According to the newly-signed law, violators could be punished with a fine 'not to exceed one thousand dollars,' sent to prison 'in the county jail for a period not to exceed one year,' or both.  State Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), who introduced the bill to the California Senate in August, argued that people would not be criminally prosecuted despite the law’s wording.  'It’s just more scare tactics by people who oppose all LGBT civil rights and protections,' he said in a statement last month." [What you didn't mean it?] - Breitbart

“'It shall be unlawful for a long-term care facility or facility staff to take any of the following actions wholly or partially on the basis of a person’s actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) status,' the bill reads.

'The law states that health care workers who 'willfully and repeatedly' fail to address transgender people by their 'preferred name or pronouns' if they were 'clearly informed of the preferred name or pronouns would be in violation of the law." - Breitbart

Graphic Source: Breitbart

Embedded Video Source: YouTube

Really Worried About Christian Bakers? Click On Above Photo For A Reality Check On Moon Beam's REAL San Francisco: Warning, F-Bomb Rainbows Reign Here!

Perfect In The Moon Beam State: Infecting Someone With HIV Isn't A Crime But Using A Wrong Personal Pronoun Is! - Frontpage

Uncovered Memo Shows Obama Administration ‘Interfered’ With Investigators In Deportation Cases - WesternJournalism
Bring Down Leftists Foundations Like The MAFIA: Prosecute Soros And Ford For Funding Leftist Violence. - Frontpage
Why The [Elite] Media Covered For Harvey Weinstein: Hillary, Michelle Obama and Planned Parenthood’s wonderful friend. - Frontpage
Episcopal Church Priest: Women Need Abortions and a Right to Abortion is “Necessary.” - LifeNews
NFLPA Fires Back at Jerry Jones, Warns Against Making Players’ Rights ‘Subservient.’ - Breitbart
ESPN Reporter Finally Suspended, Not For Trump Remark But For Boycott Of Advertisers. - Breitbart
Murder Trial Begins In BRUTAL Burning Death Of Jessica Chambers – Here’s The 411. - ClashDaily
Democrat Charlie Rangel Says Law-Abiding Citizens Don’t Need Guns - FederalistPapers
Hillary Silent Too Long On Alleged Weinstein Harassment: Millions In Contributions. - AmericanMirror

DNC ‘Donates’ Weinstein Cash To . . . Wait For It . . . Democrat-Aligned Groups! - FreeBeacon

CNN, MSNBC Speculate On Removing Trump From Office Via 25th Amendment - TruePundit

Tom Fitton Says What Everybody Is Thinking: “I Don’t Trust the FBI! - GatewayPundit

George Soros, NFL Players Union Lock Arms Against Trump. - AmericanMirror



Top Video Of The Week


Weinstein Hypocrisy

How Hollywood assisted Harvey Weinstein.

"Steven Crowder breaks down the undeniable Hollywood hypocrisy concerning Harvey Weinstein. From Meryl Streep to Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Hollywood has a track record of not only enabling, but outright assisting monsters like Weinstein. Unconfirmed allegations aside, Crowder lays out the facts." - StevenCrowder

Video Source: StevenCrowder




Other News Videos Of The Week

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Trump: Who Owns Gun Violence?
"President Trump didn’t mince words about the state of America’s inner cities during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Wednesday, when he discussed places like Chicago, 'where things are just out of control.'” - American Mirror
Tells it like it is: ‘Democrats have ruled inner cities for 100 years.’ - AmericanMirror
University of New Hampshire . . .
"Josh Fox, a student in the class, said the professor began by showing a Bloomberg video about Australia's gun-buyback program, then said it would be 'great' if the US were to 'follow Australia's example.'" - Campus Reform
". . . professor attacks our Constitution, suggested to her students that the U.S. should ban private ownership of firearms. [Recommendation for her? MOVE!] - CampusReform
West Virginia Coal Miner . . .
Still the home of the brave and the free!
". . . sings the National Anthem prior to his shift underground with all the other workers." - Mark F
Why America Was One Nation
"Someone tell Jimmy Kimmel about this clip, and how it’s possible to say a political message without taking swings at the audience. With Kimmel, we know what he hates. With Skelton, we know what he LOVES. And that’s a world of difference." - Clash Daily
" . . . seen in this comedian from the 1950's saying the Pledge Of Allegiance with pride. [Today a student was seen to kneel during the same, signaled by his adult peers in the NFL."] - ClashDaily
Liberals Purposely Eroding . . .
"Tucker Carlson and Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA discussed why." - Clash Daily
" . . . the Boy Scouts for a long time. An Eagle Scout breaks down why they’re doing it." - TuckerCarlson
It's The 1920's Again!
“All the Institutions of the European Union have utterly failed.” - Gates Of Vienna
“All the Institutions of the European Union have utterly failed.” - GatesOfVienna
TMZ: Angie Everhart . . .
"Angie Everhart just told a stunning story on TMZ Live … she says Harvey Weinstein broke into the room where she was sleeping on a yacht, held her at bay and masturbated … she told everyone about it afterward, but no one cared." - True Pundit
" . . . gives chilling details of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse: “Everybody Knew!” - TruePundit
Networks Call ‘Hawkish’ Trump . . .
"During special coverage of President Trump’s Friday speech announcing his decision to decertify the Iran nuclear deal, the broadcast networks all agreed that the American commander-in-chief was being 'hawkish' and 'fierce' against the “very moderate” Iranian regime, even declaring that the decision “has isolated the United States.” - NewsBusters
" . . . Rejecting Nuclear Deal while Alphabet Networks Side With ‘Moderate’ Iran [Still getting orders from Obama's Deep State?]" - NewsBusters
Tammy Bruce . . .
"Hillary Clinton says the accusations against husband Bill are 'old news' and wishes people would stop talking about Harvey Weinstein and focus on 'sexual assaulter' Trump's past. Meanwhile, Jane Fonda is 'ashamed' because she knew about Weinstein for years. Columnist Tammy Bruce weighs in." - TuckerCarlson / FOXNews
" . . . Hillary and Fonda have no shame or connection to reality. - TuckerCarlson / FOXNews

Benghazi Hero, Kris “Tanto” Paronto, Kicks Eminem Into Next Week For His Anti-Trump Blather - ClashDaily

Oops, Never Mind! NFL Goes Left: Won't Force Players To Stand. Focuses On Social Justice. - DailyWire

"New Evidence Shows McCain Helped Fund FBI Plot to Frame Trump; Backed Bogus Russian Trump Dossier." - TruePundit




Special Videos



College Football Players Sing National Anthem When PA System Fails, Fans Go Wild!

"Football players from two opposing college teams led the stadium in singing the national anthem on Saturday when the stadium's public address reportedly failed, which led to an announcement that the anthem would not be played. The two schools, Trinity College and Hamilton College, are part of the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) and were getting ready for kickoff when they learned about the problem with the stadium's PA system." - DailyWire

Video Source: DailyWire



Prager U: The "Anti-Hate" Group That Is THE Hate Group

"Shutting down people you don’t agree with is about as un-American as you can get. Rigorous debate, honest discussion, open exchange of ideas—that’s the American way. But free thinking and speech are threatened today by a group with a sweet-sounding name that conceals a nefarious purpose. This group is called the Southern Poverty Law Center, or SPLC." - PragerU

Video Source: PragerU










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What will America look like under a second Obama presidency?  If you don't have a clue, you better find one! Check alpha by state/city where this film is playing before November 6, 2012. Unofficial bio of Gerald R. Molen. A picture is worth a thousand words!  This photo was not actually aT the White House, but, regardless of WHERE it was taken, the fact is that he cancelled the National Day of Prayer, said that we are no longer a Christian nation, and has no problem taking part in Muslim prayer.  U.S. President Barack Obama bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio at MacDill Air Force Base on January 28, 2010, in Tampa, Florida.   Iorio had honored CAIR annually in Tampa with its own day in November 2008, acknowledging the large amout of Muslims living in the area. "Ayers, now a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, claims to abhor nostalgia ("Nothing is more boring than some old person going on and on about the way things used to be"). But he has been thinking lately about the past—both his and the country's—and soon he will likely be engaged in what he calls "a dialogue" about the sixties, the antiwar movement, and the radical life he led. The spur for this dialogue will be the publication of Fugitive Days (Beacon Press, $24), a memoir Ayers has written about the trajectory of his life, from a pampered son of the Chicago suburbs to a young pacifist to a founder of one of the most radical political organizations in U.S. history."  Allow video to download and start in Window's Media player. “The North American jet that flew Obama and his traveling crew around for much of the primary season was refurbished with new seats and power for each passenger a must on the campaign trail. And the plane that once had an American flag on its tail now sports the Obama ‘O.’”