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February 4, 2018


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Top News Stories Of The Week



"Let's give them the award straight up: Worst Performance by a Minority Party at a State of the Union Address." - Roger Simon, PJMedia

"It was a disgraceful display of bad manners, but even more it was incredibly stupid because "the whole world was watching."  The camera was getting them all in close-up.  Who are these ungrateful corpses, middle America must have been asking.  Good question.  (Can you imagine how much money Pelosi has made in the stock market since Trump was elected? What does she have to be so upset about?)." - PJ Media

"Steny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi watching Trump's speech looked like a pair of sullen six-year olds on a sugar crash the day after Halloween. Bernie Sanders looked mummified. Schumer was slumped so deeply in his chair he was almost falling through the crack. Other Democrats, even ones who should have known better or secretly felt otherwise, sat on their hands. You could see them glancing at each other, wondering whether they were allowed to applaud or stand up. What a bunch of cowards." - PJMedia

Graphic Source: - Roger Simon, PJMedia



Overview Of 2018 State Of The Union Address

"On January 30th, 2018, President Donald Trump gave his State Of The Union Address before a sea of cheering Republicans and resentful sour-faced Democrat politicians who were visibly disgruntled over the record low black unemployment rate." - Stefan Molyneux

Video Source: Stefan Molyneux


All Dressed Up And No Place To Go

"Dozens of Democratic congresswomen wore all black, wearing “time’s up” pins to honor the #metoo movement that has been partly spurred by Trump’s treatment of women. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus wore ties and scarves with kente African print patterns, a visible protest of the president’s 'shithole countries' comment [that was only made by Dick Durbin, no one else hearing it at the meeting.] - TPM

Photo Source: TPM

Some call the DNC the party of death . . . like watching the Adams Family. - Webmaster

NBC Cautions Viewers Before SOTU Speech: Trump ‘Under Criminal Investigation.’ - TruthRevolt

MSNBC Joy Reid Horrified By Trump Saying ‘Church, Family, Police, Military.’ - TruthRevolt

CNN Figures Melania Wore White Because She's Unhappily Married. - TruthRevolt

Univision-Owned Splinter (formerly Fusion) Accuse Adoptive Couple At Trump’s SOTU Of ‘Guilting’ Birth Mother. - NewsBusters

"Democrats Sat All Night During Trump's State Of The Union. That's Excellent News For Trump." - DailyWire

"CNN Contributor Sally Kohn Who Praised “USA” Chant Under Obama, Now Condemns It Under Trump." - Squawker

[After Train Crash]: "God Is Working Hard Today To Clean Up The Stink. Thank Her." - CNN Guest, Jonathan Tasini

"ACLU Complains: 'Trump Used the Word 'America' More Than 80 Times'" - CNSNews



So Who's The Racist, Ms. Pelosi, After Saying This?

"Trump’s Immigration Plan Seeks To ‘Make America White Again.'"- Nancy Pelosi

“'They are changing the character of our country by what they are putting forth,' she continued. 'They bring a tear to the eye of the Statue of Liberty and they bring fear into the hearts of people who are here playing by the rules.' Pelosi didn’t get the memo that coming to America illegally is not playing by the rules." - TruthRevolt

Video Source: WashingtonFreeBeacon

Wow, illegal aliens now have their own full time political party. And it's Democrats!

IT'S CRUMBS!’ — Multi-Millionaire Pelosi Dismisses Workers’ ‘Pathetic’ Tax Reform Bonuses of $1,000. - DailyCaller

FLASHBACK: However Nancy “Crumbs” Pelosi And Debbie Wasserman Schultz Gush Over $40 Extra Per Paycheck In 2011! - GatewayPundit



Mock PSA Ad Ruthlessly Destroys Leftist ‘Tolerance’

"Comedian Owen Benjamin nails leftist hypocrisy to the wall in his video “It’s Time: To Submit to Islamic ‘Tolerance.’” The resounding refrain from the Left is equality and tolerance of all peoples — except white people, of course. We’re even supposed to be tolerant of those whose religion wants us dead. Benjamin’s video destroys that narrative with humor." - TruthRevolt

Video Source: TruthRevolt


"Benjamin has another mock PSA called 'It’s Time: To Give Our Guns to Hitler' and hilariously jabs those leftists who want guns out of the hands of all Americans. They’d rather hundreds of millions of people be defenseless against an all-powerful state and repeal the Second Amendment. But little do they realize, calling for that under President Trump — who they think is 'literally Hitler' — makes him the most well-armed person in the U.S. It’s like they didn’t think their logic through, or something." - TruthRevolt

Video Source: TruthRevolt




FBI Spent $100,000 To Investigate Filmmaker, Dinesh D’Souza, [Not Unlike When Obama Wanted To Send The Coptic Christian Filmmaker To Jail.] - ConservativeTribune
The Group That Celebrated The Death Of Cops, Black Lives Matter, Will Have Its Flag Fly Outside Montpelier Vermont High School In February - TheBlaze
A California Teacher / City Councilman Allegedly Caught Disparaging Our Military, “We Got A Bunch Of Dumbs***s Over There. - DailyWire
Dear Pelosi: Australian PM Reports Trump’s Tax Cuts With Corporate Regulation Reforms Is Benefiting Global Economy - Breitbart
Apparently Some ‘Medical Experiments’ On Children Are More Acceptable Than Others. - ClashDaily
Bill Clinton, Barack Obama SLAMMED Illegal Immigration In Their State Of The Union Addresses. Remember? - DailyWire
President Trump Decreases The Debt To GDP Ratio In First Year In Office: First Time In More Than 50 Years! - GatewayPundit
[Only A Commie Would Know?"] NYC Mayor Claims Guy Who Pleaded Guilty To Bribing Him Didn’t Bribe Him. - HotAir
Google Claims Home Device Doesn’t Identify ‘Jesus’ To ‘Ensure Respect, So It's Now Temporarily Disabled! - TruthRevolt
Cleveland Indians To Remove Chief Wahoo Logo [As Liberal Socialists Go On The War Path.] - TheBlaze
After 24 Years In Congress, Democrat Corrine Brown Starts New Life In Prison. - DailyCaller
Swedish Police Abandon Citizens In City Of Helsingborg After Muslim Grenade Attacks. - Squawker

There She Blows . . . Again!

"MSNBC’s Reid LECTURES Republican Guest For 'Illegal Immigrants' & 'Illegal Alien.'"

"During a discussion on immigration reform, Republican Siegfried criticized the notion of a border wall, saying it would be ineffective in preventing illegal immigration. Siegfried asserted that the President's understanding of the finer points of the problem and the ramifications of a wall is lacking. Furthermore, the right-wing strategist portrayed Trump's perspective as envisioning Chuck Schumer sitting on the shoulder of every illegal alien who breaks the law, inciting them to do so. In the course of his explanation, the conservative guest used politically incorrect terms, accurately describing those in the country without permission:" - TruthRevolt

Video Source: MSNBC

"New York Times Calls Nikki Haley ‘Slut’ Over Rumor She Slept With Trump." - TruthRevolt

The Party Of Death Lives Up To Its Name To Defeat Pro-Life Senate Bill Banning Late-Term Abortions After 20 Weeks. - LifeNews
Country Continues To Down Spiral: Corrupt Baltimore Cops Admit Planting Guns, Using GPS-Locators To Rob Drug Dealers. - ZeroHedge
At Broward College, Florida, An American Flag Was Painted White, Cut In Half And Used As Door Mat At Art Exhibit.” - CampusReform
Kerry Received An Award From Viet Nam For Turning On His Country. Now In 2017 Personally Urges Palestinians To Resist Trump. - Frontpage
Democrat Senator Heidi Heitkamp High-Fives Chuck Schumer In Ghoulish Celebration After Voting Against 20-Week Abortion Ban Looking At Fetus Pain. - DailyWire
["WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE Piggy, Michael Moore" Proclaims America Must Be Cleaned Of Its "White Male Privilege,” That Culture That Elected Donald Trump. - InfoWars
California Woman Sues Walmart For Racism, [Guess Who She Hires?] - TheBlaze
"Mall Of America Terrorist Tells Court That His Action Was Intended As A Jihad." - ClarionProject
After Only Eight Months, CEO Jess O’Connell, DNC Chief Executive, Walks Away. - FederalistPapers

"Whacked By Weiner? McCabe Under Investigation For Stalling Probe Into Clinton Emails Found On Laptop." - DailyWire



Top Video Of The Week


Geert Wilders Speaks To Hungary

Geert Wilders was in Hungary to launch a Hungarian translation of his book Marked for Death and speak at various locations. Above is a speech that was given by Mr. Wilders and posted by the Hungarian news portal Pesti Srácok. (Note): His talk is interspersed with a consecutive interpretation into Hungarian. - GatesOfVienna

Video Source: YouTube

Mohammed Is Most Popular Name For Newborn Boys In Holland For Second Straight Year. - NTEB



Greece Fights Back! Antifa Buildings Torched Amid Europe’s Largest Ever Nationalist Rally

Note: No sound

"Not everyone was thrilled by the huge turnout however. Including Greece’s Progressive government, who made their disapproval of the entire event quite clear before it even began. With multiple senior lawmakers today calling the event an irresponsible act, that only fanned the flames of the over 25 year long feud with neighboring Macedonia." - Squawker

Video Source: Squawker

Starving People In Socialist Sh*thole Attack, Kill Cow In Field And Eat It - GatewayPundit

"Paul Joseph Watson: The Truth About 'S**thole Countries.' Trump Was Right. Some Countries Are S**tholes." - TruthRevolt



Peace? What Peace?

Ann Dismorr (on right), Director Of UNRWA In Lebanon, Poses With Map Erasing Israel And Presents It As "Palestine" Only."

"On Friday’s Morning Joe, co-host Joe Scarborough and Washington Post columnist David Ignatius tried to explain the current anti-government protests in Iran by painting a broader picture of a 'red state Iran' and a 'blue state Iran.' Scarborough described “red state Iran” as a place that 'wanted to keep the mullahs in charge,' whereas '[b]lue state Iran wanted to move Iran into the 20th century.'” - GatestoneInstitute

Photo Source: GatestoneInstitute




Other News Videos Of The Week

Click on graphics below to go to selected videos.

Kirsten Gillibrand, . . .
Dems redefining scholar’s 1964 ‘chain migration’ phrase as racist to attack Trump immigration plan. - American Mirror
" . . . the junior senator from New York and rumored presidential hopeful, is pushing to reframe the debate on immigration to label anyone opposed to chain migration is a racist." - AmericanMirror
Before State Of Union, Newt . . .
Elections have consequences. - Webmaster
". . . Gingrich Reminded Democrats It Was President Trump, Not Hillary, Gearing Up For His State Of The Union." - FOXNews
Oh My! Bernie Sanders Suffered . . .
"During an appearance on 'Face The Nation,' the 76-year-old socialist was asked if he was happy corporations are giving out bonuses and raises in response to the tax cut championed by the president and Republicans." - American Mirror
" . . . an ill-timed “technical issue” during a live interview over the weekend that may have saved him from praising President Trump." - AmericanMirror
"Alternative for Germany" . . .
Full Headline: In the regional parliament of Saxony-Anhalt last Friday, the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) argued emotionally for an end to Angela Merkel’s fatal immigration policy, which has seen more than three million Muslims enter the country since 2013. - Gates Of Vienna
" . . . argued emotionally for an end to Angela Merkel’s fatal immigration policy seeing more than 3 million Muslims enter the country since 2013. - GatesofVienna
New Jersey Mother Is Suing . . .
"One of the videos in the curriculum ends with the prayer, “May God help us all find the true faith, Islam. Ameen.”  The video also makes statements about Islam that are not qualified with phrases such as “Muslims believe…” Rather, the video states as facts: . . . Read More - Clarion Project
" . . . officials and teachers in her son’s middle school charging that seventh-grade students were subjected to Islamist propaganda and explicit calls to convert to Islam. No other religion was being taught to their children except for Islam." - ClarionProject
Phillip Parrish, Republican . . .
"Though the gubernatorial candidate agreed to meet with Mustafa, it wasn’t without this declaration: “'I separate Islam from the word faith because faith takes belief and Islam requires only submission.' Parrish also said he wanted Mustafa to publicly denounce sharia law because, 'Islam, sharia and the Quran are the antithesis of the U.S. Constitution.'" - Truth Revolt
". . . candidate for governor in Minnesota criticized for speaking the truth: Islam ‘Antithesis of Constitution.’ - TruthRevolt
Nancy Pelosi Comes Unglued . . .
Pelosi has not said if she actually read the memo.  But that didn’t stop her [of course] from saying the memo was dangerous and untrue.." - Gateway Pundit
" . . . after GOP votes to release FISA Memo; Shakes, stutters and snaps at Chris Cuomo." - GatewayPundit
Justice With Judge Jeanine . . .
"Judicial Watch president speaks out on 'Justice with Judge Jeanine In late January 2018'" - Judge Jeanine
Tom Fitton asks where are McCabe and Comey's text messages? - JudgeJeanine / FOXNews
Home Depot Co-founder . . .
"Home Depot this week announced that it would offer one-time, $1,000 bonuses to hourly employees, joining more than 100 companies that are offering some type of financial boost in the wake of President Trump’s business-friendly tax overhaul, which was signed into law in late December.  Despite this, Democrats have largely dismissed any economic benefits from the tax cuts as short-lived, with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) dismissing the bonuses as “crumbs” – a move that could haunt them during the 2018 midterm elections, Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus warned." - FOX Business
" . . . derides Democrats for criticizing Trump’s tax overhaul." - FOXBusiness

Rand Reveals What Trump Did For Haiti Prior To Election

This’ll Ruin The Left's ‘Racism’ Fairytale

“'I know personally about his feelings towards Haiti and toward Central America, because when I was not a candidate for president and he wasn’t a candidate for president I went down there on a medical mission trip,' Paul continued. 'I did about 200 cataract surgeries with a group of surgeons in Haiti and the same in Central America, and when we asked Donald J. Trump as a private citizen to support those trips, he was a large financial backer of both medical mission trips.

So I think it’s unfair to sort of draw conclusions from a remark that I think wasn’t constructive is the least we can say, and it’s unfair to all of a sudden paint him as ‘he’s a racist’ when I know for a fact he cares very deeply about the people in Haiti because he helped finance a trip where we were able to get vision back for 200 people in Haiti,' - Paul concluded." - ClashDaily

Video Source: NBC





Special Videos


Across The Pond, Comedians Break Down The New Sexual Harassment Avoidance Rules For British Men. (Note: Starts at 5:35)

Britain's Own Saturday Night Live (SNL)

Warning language

"Are American TV comics taking notes? Looking at you Kimmel! Humor isn’t on life support there like it is here. They made people laugh, and they didn’t even make a Trump joke or bring out their kid or cry on camera. It’s British, and uncensored, so their slang is a little different than ours. But context should be enough for clarity. It asks tough questions like can a guy say hello to a girl?" - ClashDaily

Video Source: TheMashReport



OMG, There He Goes Again? Joe Scarborough Compares 'Red State' Americans To Supporters Of Iranian 'Mullahs.'

"On Friday’s Morning Joe, co-host Joe Scarborough and Washington Post columnist David Ignatius tried to explain the current anti-government protests in Iran by painting a broader picture of a 'red state Iran' and a 'blue state Iran.' Scarborough described “red state Iran” as a place that 'wanted to keep the mullahs in charge,' whereas '[b]lue state Iran wanted to move Iran into the 20th century.'” - NewsBusters

Video Source: YouTube









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