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"In some respects, Mr. Obama is far more experienced than other presidential candidates." - Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times, March 6, 2007

A Decade Later . . .

"Our country’s current obsession with ‘Safe Spaces’ is destroying character faster than the Boy Scouts of today can build it.” - Mike Rowe, 2018





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July 1, 2018


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Top News Stories Of The Week



FLASH! Bad News For Pro Football And Good News For Trump's Deplorables: Only 26 Percent Of Registered Texas Voters Have A Favorable View Of The NFL, According To A New University Of Texas Poll. - TheSmokeRoom


[Here We Go Again!!] Police Warned Multiple Times About Annapolis Shooting Suspect; Gazette Employee Took Out Restraining Order. - ZeroHedge


I've Been Warning You About This Since Obama's Election! - RasmussenReports


What happens when the media is controlled by progressive fascists, who want to be sure stories like these are buried. - Webmaster
Graphic Source: Facebook



Sedition: Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch. The “Resist” movement is by its very nature seditious—preaching anti-American hate and intolerance…and it is by innuendo and subtle (and not-so-subtle) means advocating the violent overthrow of President Trump’s administration. - CanadaFreePress


MSNBC Chris Matthews: "Kennedy Retirement Time For Vengeance!" - DailyCaller


The Left in 2018: Unhinged

Wow! RNC New 2018 Election Ad

"The well produced ad opens with Senator Bernie Sanders saying, “a few years ago, ideas that we talked about were thought to be fringe ideas, radical ideas, extremist ideas — those ideas are now mainstream,” over footage of graffiti that reads “revolution or death” and Kathy Griffin holding President Trump’s severed head. It goes on to feature the bullying of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Johnny Depp talking about assassinating the president, and Madonna talking about blowing up the White House." - GatewayPundit

Video Source: GatewayPundi



Progressive American Media . . . And Its Morph To Soviet Tactics

"The job of a journalist is to report facts, add context where necessary, and leave it to the consumer to decide what he thinks. In this video, James O’Keefe, founder and president of Project Veritas, explains why fewer and fewer people trust modern-day [progressive liberal] 'journalism.'” - PragerU

Video Source: PragerU

[Ruth Bader (I Hated The Boy Scouts) Ginsburg's Partner In Crime Against The Constitution], "Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Unleashes 20 Minute Furious Rant Over SCOTUS Decision To Uphold Trump Travel Ban." - GatewayPundit

"Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan Invokes Watergate – Calls On Republican ‘Heroes’ To Force Trump Out Of Office." - GatewayPundit



‘The [Progressive] Media Doesn’t Get It!’

Glenn Beck proves CNN’s Brian Stelter isn’t any different [Don't forget Fascist Turk CNN!]

"Glenn Beck appeared on 'Reliable Sources' [Oxymoron] with CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday morning, but the interview quickly careened off course.

Hoping to bring a conservative perspective, Glenn was asked to discuss the immigration crisis at the southern border and the Trump voter’s view. Stelter not only wouldn’t let Glenn finish his answers to Stelter’s questions, but also completely went off-topic and became combative with a business question about TheBlaze." - TheBlaze

Video Source: CNN

Migrant Apocalypse Still To Come Says Canadian Writer. - RefugeeResettlementWatch



Playing His Own Russian Card Left Mueller Vulnerable To 'Graymail' That’s Turning Into His Undoing. - Spectator
SCOTUS: Lower Court MUST Rehear Flower Shop Case In Light Of Recent Wedding Cake Ruling. - TheBlaze
Northeastern University Professor Suzanna Danuta Walters: Feminist Women Have "Every Right" To "Hate Men." - CampusReform
[Red Hen Restaurant FASCIST, Chased In laws Leaving] “This Is What The Left Has Been Reduced To,” Huckabee Added. “It’s Really Tragic. And It Is Dangerous.” - TheBlaze
[Consequences Of Obama's Weaponized]: FBI Played Word Games And Engaged In Deep State Trickery To Protect Hillary. - GreatAmericanRepublic
The 21-Year-Old Female Intern Who Cursed Out President Trump, [Saying 'F . . . You.'] Worked For Senator Maggie Hassan (D-NH) AND STILL HAS HER JOB." - Gateway Pundit
"Question: What Would You Do If Nutty Liberals Swarmed Your Home Like They Did Kirstjen Nielsen’s." - ClashDaily
"Busted: McCain’s Office Conspired With Lois Lerner To Weaponize The IRS Against Tea Party Orgs." - ClashDaily
[OMG] New York Times Reporter Had Dated More Than One Member Of The Senate Intelligence Committee. - GreatAmericanRepublic
Professor Asks Men To Send Her Pictures Of Their Penises To Help Measure Self Esteem. - CollegeFix
Congress Asks EPA IG To Investigate Obama EPA Staff To Destroy Glider Truck Industry. - JunkScience
Liberty Counsel Joins Coalition Of 47 For Government And Others To Sever Ties With SPLC. - LibertyCounsel

[Surprise, Surprise!] Study Finds District Of Columbia Has More Psychopaths Than Any Other Place In The Country

"'Areas of the United States that are measured to be most psychopathic are those in the Northeast and other similarly populated regions. The least psychopathic are predominantly rural areas. The most extreme data point is the District of Columbia, which received a standardized score of 3.48. The next highest data point is Connecticut, which received a 1.89 standardized score. The presence of psychopaths in District of Columbia is consistent with the conjecture found in Murphy (2016) that psychopaths are likely to be effective in the political sphere." - Diogenes Middle Finger

"Washington D.C. has more psychopaths than any other location in the United States, a recent study by Southern Methodist University found. The study also found that the surrounding areas of Virginia ranked as number eleven and Maryland number twelve in their finding. The university studied five personality traits they called the 'big five' -- extraversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness and neuroticism." - DiogenesMiddleFinger

Graphic Source: DiogenesMiddleFinger

Normalization Of Plus Sizes Feeding Obesity Epidemic, Study Shows. - CollegeFix

Study: Helicopter Parenting Linked To Emotional Problems In Children. - PJMedia
"Ted Cruz Demands Investigation Into Taxpayer-Funded Global Warming ‘Advocacy.’ - cfact
"Watch: Pam Bondi Accosted By 3 Liberal Men Who Were Cursing Her And Spitting On Her" - ClashDaily
"U.S. Attorneys' Report: CBP And ICE Both Catch More Criminals Than FBI." - CNSNews
Schumer Calls Out Mad Maxine: Calls To Harass Trump Officials In Public Are 'Not American.' - Townhall
[Surprise, Surprise]: "Obama Cronies Get Rich Off Migrant Kids. Razaists Rip Off America." - Frontpage
Air Force Vet On GI Bill Made Homeless After Being Illegally Denied Housing In New York City. - PopularMilitary
[Where's The Media?!] Jared Kushner Says Middle East Peace Plan Will Happen Soon With Or Without Abbas. - NowTheEndBegins
Widespread Child Sex Abuse In UK At The Hands Of Teachers, Clergy, Doctors And Social Workers. - OneNewsNow

"'Words Fail Me. It's Insanity': Inside Tesla's "Preposterous" Model 3 Production Tent." - ZeroHedge



Top Madness Of The Week

Everything About Time's Crying "Separated Child" Poster Girl Was Lies And Propaganda!

"The young Honduran girl who became the face of the family separation crisis due to the recent Time Magazine cover was never separated from her mother - and the actual facts are far different than the intended propaganda. Stefan Molyneux breaks down the reality of the emotional propaganda promoted by Time Magazine and the rest of the open-border political establishment." - Stefan Molyneux

Video Source: Stefan Molyneux



Watching America's Fascist Media Go Down In Flames!

The Ugly America 2018: Hollywood's Mad Hatter falling down the rabbit hole . . .

Photo of Kathy Griffin and a Nazi death camp, which she compares to Trump administration.  What an idiot, an ugly American. - Webmaster To the America media:  This was caused by a Nazi administration during Hitler's regime 1933 - 1945. - Webmaster

"Trump Administration Pro-Nazi." - Kathy Griffin

"Asked whether she thinks Roseanne Barr, who had her hit ABC sitcom Roseanne canceled after making racially charged comments about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett, will ever make it back on to TV, Griffin said that she did not deserve redemption because she is a 'f****** Nazi.' 'No, f*** her! She’s a f****** Nazi,' Griffin said of Barr. 'No, dude. No Nazis! I know that sounds crazy, but America has a new policy: no Nazis. But we have an administration that is quite pro-Nazi. They led the march. They think there are good ones and bad ones. There’s no good ones!'” - Breitbart

Photo Source: Breitbart

Hey Hollywood Producer, Go Back To Your Alinsky Mansion That Everyday Americans Paid For. - Story: Breitbart



. . . While New York Times Publishes Trump-Putin Homosexual Cartoon

"The NYT publishes an animated film mocking Trump and Putin for being homosexual lovers, using one disgusting stereotype after the next to do it. I’m sure they’ll claim some LGBT person was involved. Homophobia for progressive messaging is still bigotry." - Glenn Greenwald / GatewayPundit

Photo Source: GatewayPundit



Other News Videos Of The Week

Click on graphics below to go to selected videos.

Sarah Sanders Smacks . . .
Sarah Sanders: I can say that it is very biblical to enforce the law. That is, actually, repeated a number of times throughout the Bible. - Michael McIntee
" . . . White House reporter who asks if it's civil to separate kids from parents. - DailyCaller
Woman Calls Cops On . . .
"A San Francisco woman lost her mind over an 8-year-old girl selling bottles of water outside AT&T Park, apparently outside of the girl's apartment complex.  In a video posted on Saturday, Alison Ettel calls the police on the little girl for selling the water 'without a permit.'  The girl's mother, Erin Austin, taped Ettel and let her have a piece of her mind. 'This woman don't want to let a little girl sell some water,' she says. 'She's calling police on an 8-year-old little girl.'" - DailyWire
" . . . 8-year-old girl for selling water ‘without a permit. Girl's mother Is not having it." - DailyWire
Wow! Julian Assange Was Ready . . .
"James Comey Personally KILLED Immunity Deal with Julian Assange — Who Could Have Revealed Source of Leaked Emails." - Gateway Pundit
" . . . to provide technical evidence on Podesta emails – Comey turned it down." - GatewayPundit
Antonio Sabato Jr. . . .
“'They care more about everyone else but the people in this country, who make this country great and we are going to keep making it great,' Saboto told Gateway Pundit on Sunday as he attended a Virginia Women for Trump event at the Trump International Hotel in DC. 'They don’t inform the people of the truth. The lying media is controlling everything, but they don’t control the American people. We are proud to back our president. And I am going to get in Congress to help the people of Ventura county and make sure that we don’t become a sanctuary county.'" - Gateway Pundit
" . . . Democrats care about everyone, except Americans." - GatewayPundit
YouTube Introduces Channel . . .
"YouTube  creators are gaining a number of new tools to generate revenue from their videos outside of traditional advertising, as well as those that will help them better engage their fans, according to news the video streaming site announced today at the VidCon conference in Anaheim, California. This includes the rollout of channel memberships, merchandising, marketing partnerships via FameBit and the launch of 'Premieres,' which offers a middle ground between pre-recorded, edited video and live streaming." - Tech Crunch
" . . . membership, merchandise and premieres. TechCrunch
The Musical . . .
Social Justice Parody.
" . . . "Ain't no rest for the triggered" - DiogenesMiddleFinger
Thousands Of People . . .
"Once the chip is underneath your skin, there is no longer any need to worry about misplacing a card or carrying a heavy wallet. But for many people, the idea of carrying a microchip in their body feels more dystopian than practical.  Some have suggested that Sweden’s strong welfare state may be the cause of this recent trend. But actually, the factors behind why roughly 3,500 Swedes have had microchips implanted in them are more complex than you might expect. This phenomenon reflects Sweden’s unique biohacking scene. If you look underneath the surface, Sweden’s love affair with all things digital goes much deeper than these microchips." - NTEB
" . . . in Sweden are inserting human implantable NFC microchips in the backs of their hands." - NTEB
Bernie Sanders . . .
"For second year, Sanders earns more than $1M: Socialism is a racket.  I Hate The Media
" . . . takes on the millionaires and billionaires." - Mic
Keith Ellison Melts Down . . .
"Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) was highly offended by questioning from Jake Tapper on CNN over his past relationship with bigoted Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan in light of his accusations against President Donald Trump." - The Blaze
". . . when pressed about hypocrisy in calling Trump a ‘bigot.’ - TheBlaze

Hey Democrats, Meet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . . .

" . . . the millennial, socialist political novice who beat her establishment Democratic rival in a huge electoral upset."

 "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was born in the Bronx to a working-class family. Her mom is Puerto Rican and her dad is a Bronx native." - Business Insider

"Ocasio-Cortez's victory represents a major upset within the Democratic Party, which has seen a schism between establishment and progressive Democrats since the 2016 election. Less than a year ago, Ocasio-Cortez was working as a bartender to help support her working-class family. This November, she will take on the Republican Anthony Pappas for a seat in the US House of Representatives. A Democrat has won that district by a landslide in the past nine elections." - READ MORE / BusinessInsider

Graphic Source: BusinessInsider

Trump’s Approval Rating with Hispanics Jumps 10 Points. - Breitbart

"ICE At Bay [By DNC Liberal Progressives]: Siege At Portland Continues As Copycat Insurrections Spread Nationwide." - AmericanThinker




Special Videos



Diamond & Silk . . .

. . . seek answers from Maxine Waters during visit to her [majesty's] LA Office.

"As Waters got into a 'Members Only' elevator, Loomer continued, which prompted Waters to again wave her papers in front of the camera. Chaos ensued as staffers attempted to protect Waters from the questions.

'Maam, it’s a Members’ elevator,' a man repeatedly said, standing in front of the camera. At one point, Waters could be seen sticking her tongue out at the reporter." - AmericanMirror

Video Source: AmericanMirror



Maxine Waters Ordered MORE Public Harassment Of Trump Aides: ‘God Is On Our side!’

How did Nancy Pelosi react? She took time to tweet her concern.

Note: Waters in her early days was involved in the revolution in LA, where a white truck driver was almost beat to death. She later took part in the celebration.

“'History will record while he tried to step on all of us, we kicked him in his rear and step on him,' she yelled, whipping up the crowd. 'If you think we’re rallying now, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet,' she warned.

'Already, you have members of your Cabinet that are being booed out of restaurants,' she continued as the crowd erupted, 'who have protesters taking up at their house, who say, ‘No peace, no sleep. No peace, no sleep,' she continued." - AmericanMirror

Video Source: AmericanMirror

Journalist Presses Charges Against Maxine Waters: 'When I Confronted Her On Capitol Hill, She Assaulted Me.' - WND

Judicial Watch Files House Ethics Complaint Against Maxine Waters For Inciting Violence and Assaults On Trump Cabinet. - JudicialWatch










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