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"In some respects, Mr. Obama is far more experienced than other presidential candidates." - Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times, March 6, 2007

A Decade Later . . .

"Our country’s current obsession with ‘Safe Spaces’ is destroying character faster than the Boy Scouts of today can build it.” - Mike Rowe, 2018





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April 5, 2020


"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . . "

Image from Gates Of Vienna. - Webmaster

Graphic Source: GatesOfVienna

2019 State Of The Union Speech

List Of Accomplishments Up To October 2018 - WashingtonExaminer

Border Wall Construction Status


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Top News Stories Of The Week



Socialist Nancy Pelosi: You Better Do As I Say, Not As I Do!

What's social distancing, a visit to Chinatown in a major city as recommended by Nancy Pelosi, Democrat U.S. House Leader? - PaulJosephWatson

Video Source: PaulJosephWatson

[Pelosi And Others In Government Need To Be Considered For Sedition, Interfering In The President's Business During A War Time Atmosphere!] "Chinese Propaganda Quotes Hillary, Chris Cuomo, Richard Engel to Rip Trump." - Breitbart

[Obama's Elite Hollywood, A Dangerous Virus On Its Own.] "Rob Reiner: ‘Sociopath’ Trump Has No Feelings About People Suffering or Dying." - Breitbart

[This Is The New Virginia Under Democrat Control!] "Virginia Clerk Is Locked Up for Shooting At Three Masked Robbers In His Store. Not a Typo." - PJMedia



DNC's Mission One: All For One, None For All. - Webmaster

Graphic Source: Varvel



Signing A Global Warming Agreement Isn't Any Good If . . .

. . . the ones signing it don't have to follow the agreement but only its optics, or in other words follow the Marxist politically correct path of "obey." - Webmaster

"Environmentalists are certain conservatives don’t care about clean air and clean water; that they’re happy to trade the planet for profit. Is it true? Do conservatives really care more about green pockets than green forests? Michael Knowles offers a much-needed new perspective." - PragerU

Video Source: PragerU


Coronavirus: What You Need To Know. - Dr. Marc Siegel, March 13, 2020

[Multiculturalism Kills!] Communist China Is Already Attempting To leverage The Global Pandemic At A Time The U.S. Finds Itself Struggling To Contain The Disease. - Breitbart
Tennessee HOA Threatens To Foreclose On Residents Conducting Business At Home During Lockdown. [Yes, You Read That Right!] - PJMedia / VodkaPundit
"French Doctors Filed Lawsuit Against French Officials For Lying About Government’s Preparedness For The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak." - VoiceOfEurope
While Middle East Floods World With Oil, U.S. Producers Pay Clients As Wyoming Sour Price Turns Negative. [Cheap Gasoline Prices Today Will Yield Increases When Economy Is Set To Recover.] - ZeroHedge
CBS News Is Under Fire For Using footage Of The “Worst Hit” Hospital In Bergamo, Italy, To Illustrate A Report About The Coronavirus Outbreak In Parts Of New York City. - SummitNews
Today, as I prayed, a strange and unexpected phrase leaped into my spirit, 'Trump is about to have his Winston Churchill moment.' It stunned me because it seemed so inappropriate in the light of current events." - MMM
COVER UP!: Chinese Researched Bat Virus Near Wuhan Wet Market.
Scientific Work Conducted Just A Few Miles From [so-called] Coronavirus Epicenter. - WND
House Republicans Push Bill To Take Back The $25 Million Kennedy Center Was Scheduled To Receive In Coronavirus Bill With Pelosi's Amendment. - WesternJournal
After Congressional Coronavirus Meetings, Pelosi Bought $5 Million In Amazon Stock Before U.S. Retailers Were Forced To Close; And She Already Made Millions! - TruePundit

"While Peak For [Chinese] Virus Yet To Come, Its Destruction Of Economics Around The World Is Almost Complete." - WindsOfJihad

If video taken down by YouTube, Click Here to watch.

"Meanwhile, the economic devastation of this 'cure will destroy families and cripple our [Australia's future]. Now is the time to start switching to quarantining the sick, protecting the old and letting the rest go back to work. - TheBoltReport, HearldSun

Video Source: TheBoltReport

. . . Yet In Comparison Taiwan Has Dealt With The Virus, As School And Businesses Stay Open. - TheBoltReport / WindsOfJihad

Obama Ties The CoVid-19 Pandemic To Trump’s Rollback Of His Climate Change Initiatives. - WUWT
Media Attacks 'My Pillow' Guy, Self Made Christian American, Christian Operative Word? - TheResurgent
As Islamists Spread Conspiracies, ISIS Seeks To Exploit Coronavirus Crisis. - InvestigativeProject
Justice Department Sides With Girls Fighting To Keep Boys Out Of their High School Sports. - CollegeFix
Trump Destroys Governor's Claim The Strategic National Stockpile Has Been Emptied. - PJMedia
Army Asks 10,000 Recently Separated Soldiers To Come Back For COVID-19 Fight. - TaskAndPurpose



Top Videos Of The Week


NYC Communist Mayor, De Blasio, Wants To Fine Churches And Close Them Permanently If Not Complying With His Shutdown?

"NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio threatened to close churches permanently if they continued services during the citywide shutdown." - DCShorts

Video Source: DCShorts

"China’s People Of Faith: Canaries In Xi Jinping’s Coal Mine." - CBN



Word Health Organization (WHO) Praises China Over Battling Virus, Covers For Its Communist Regime

"The World Health Organization says China 'set the standard' for outbreak response. Apparently, that standard includes disappearing doctors who tell the truth." - TuckerCarlson / FOXNews

Video Source: TuckerCarlson / FOXNews

Dr. WHO And The Clintons! - CanadaFreePress



Shale Out?

If video has been taken down, Click Here to watch.

"Russia and Saudi Arabia are trying to exploit the COVID 19 crisis and force U.S. shale oil producers into bankruptcy by flooding the market with oil, dropping the price as low as $20 a barrel. Should the Trump Administration bailout producers who are overextended? Here’s our perspective on the question of a 'SHALE-out.'” - cFact

Video Source: cFact




Other News Videos Of The Week

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AOC's Evolution . . .
The Truth About AOC's Evolution. - The Hill
. . . is discussed by Ryan Grim and AOC's gear shift, from uber progressive firebrand to working within the system. - TheHill
Bernie Sanders Unique . . .
"And of course, Bernie Sanders is still on the cyber-campaign trail, his mood lifted by the fact that with staggering unemployment, closed businesses, and emptied supermarkets, half of his job will already be finished if he's elected." - Stilton's Place
". . . perspective on our nation's health crisis." - Stilton'sPlace
Democrats In Purgatory
"To watch the full show live, become a Daily Wire Insider." - Andrew Klavan
"A party exposed by an act of God." - AndrewKlavan





Special Videos



"Joe Biden's “Wayne’s World” Campaign." - DiogenesMiddleFinger

"Watching Joe bumble through his Wayne’s World candidacy thus far has convinced many that Biden will be either dead or in a nursing home before his term is completed." - Diogenes Middle Finger

"Saturday Night Live, back when it was actually funny, once had a running sketch called 'Wayne's World' portraying two metal-head fans broadcasting on a local access television station from Wayne's mom's basement. That is precisely where the Biden campaign is right now, confined to his basement and broadcasting to empty airport lounges with makeup overdosed CNN anchors. He occasionally rises from his hole to appear on a podcast, a town hall, or stumble through a pathetic 'shadow briefings' teleprompter reading to counter daily White House coronavirus briefings." - DiogenesMiddleFinger

Photo Source: DiogenesMiddleFinger



"Lest We Forget." - Stilton'sPlace

"Not that Old Bland Joe is out of touch with current events. In a recent appearance on "The View" (via remote video), Biden was asked if he was concerned that Trump said (of coronavirus and quarantines) 'we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.'  Biden's stupefying answer: 'We have to take care of the cure. That will make the problem worse, no matter what.' After which he was hit with a tranquilizer dart and the screen went black." - Stilton's Place

"Joe Biden, looking even more washed-out and disoriented than usual, is now making political broadcasts from his home. The address of which is stitched onto every article of his clothing in case he gets out and wanders away." - Stilton'sPlace

Graphic Source: Stilton'sPlace










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What will America look like under a second Obama presidency?  If you don't have a clue, you better find one! Check alpha by state/city where this film is playing before November 6, 2012. Unofficial bio of Gerald R. Molen. A picture is worth a thousand words!  This photo was not actually aT the White House, but, regardless of WHERE it was taken, the fact is that he cancelled the National Day of Prayer, said that we are no longer a Christian nation, and has no problem taking part in Muslim prayer.  U.S. President Barack Obama bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio at MacDill Air Force Base on January 28, 2010, in Tampa, Florida.   Iorio had honored CAIR annually in Tampa with its own day in November 2008, acknowledging the large amout of Muslims living in the area. "Ayers, now a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, claims to abhor nostalgia ("Nothing is more boring than some old person going on and on about the way things used to be"). But he has been thinking lately about the past—both his and the country's—and soon he will likely be engaged in what he calls "a dialogue" about the sixties, the antiwar movement, and the radical life he led. The spur for this dialogue will be the publication of Fugitive Days (Beacon Press, $24), a memoir Ayers has written about the trajectory of his life, from a pampered son of the Chicago suburbs to a young pacifist to a founder of one of the most radical political organizations in U.S. history."  Allow video to download and start in Window's Media player. “The North American jet that flew Obama and his traveling crew around for much of the primary season was refurbished with new seats and power for each passenger a must on the campaign trail. And the plane that once had an American flag on its tail now sports the Obama ‘O.’”