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Famous Quote: "In some respects, Mr. Obama is far more experienced than other presidential candidates," Nicholas D. Kristof, reported for the New York Times on March 6, 2007.

A few months later at a Democrat fundraiser, Obama gave a "crotch salute" to the singing of the National Anthem followed in 2008 to proclaim to "fundamentally transform" the country. Then as president in June of 2009 he would refer to the killing and wounding of 33 at Fort Hood by a Jihadist as only an act of "workplace violence," refusing to give them Purple Hearts. Obama would then become involved in the murder of our human treasures in the attack on an American embassy in Benghazi in 2012, better other presidential candidates.




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January 3, 2021


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UN Agenda 2030 Unity Flag?

Easily stored in a glove compartment, night stand or pocket. You can even put it over your face to show others you support the UN's flag of unity.

Spainish lifeguard arrested, led away in handcuffs by Hazmat cops for ‘surfing with Coronavirus.’ . Breitbart

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: The Coming Dystopian Nightmare; On The Potential Dangers Of Coming COVID Vaccines. - Children's Health Defense



Top News Stories Of The Week


"Defund The Police" Democrats In The State Of California . . .

. . . that held back police when the BLM was burning down and robbing businesses, now sends the police in to shut down standing businesses that dare to stay open.

"Drop everything you’re doing. Stop, you’re being shut down!" - GatewayPundit

Cops follow orders from corrupted politicians that want to defund them. - Webmaster

"Bravely putting their lives on the line to protect the public from hair stylists serving customers, police in Stockton, CA, raided Pomp Salon just before Christmas and ordered the place to close, as it been operating in defiance of Governor Newsom’s shutdown orders. 'About five armed state police officers burst into our salon shouting drop everything you’re doing. Stop, you’re being shut down,' salon co-owner Vicki Kirk told ABC 10 news.

The police were following orders from the California Department of Consumer Affairs, which apparently has law enforcement powers, and issued three misdemeanor citations to the salon through its Investigate Division." - GatewayPundit

(While Newsom ate at a $300 a plate restaurant in secret but got caught. Americans in California have chosen to become sheep for the slaughter, as Pelosi was caught smiling on video eating luxury ice cream from her reported $12,000 home freezer, knowing tens of thousands of businesses were shut down.)

Photo Source: GatewayPundit


"Fed Up California Business Owner Blocks In Health Inspector’s Car Who Shut His Business Down Over COVID Restrictions." - GatewayPundit

"‘The Government Are The Criminals!’ — Police Clash With Anti-Lockdown Protesters In London [Brussels West] - Breitbart

"'Picking Quarrels & Provoking Trouble.' - China Slams Journalist With 4 Years In Jail Over COVID Reporting." - ZeroHedge

"UK Journalist Hounded After Pointing Out That Only Old And Sick Die From COVID." - ZeroHedge

"California Doctor Fired After Writing Letter Criticizing Lockdown Orders." - TruePundit



Blue Dress Is Proof We Have A Horribly Corrupt Media!

What it takes to get corrupted journalists to believe a Democrat actually did something that was intolerable to the nation. - Webmaster

"What goaded the media into finally reporting the truth? The blue dress. In the course of the investigation, the president had to produce a DNA sample. The semen on the blue dress proved beyond a shadow of a doubt and forced everyone, finally, at long last, to believe what had been obviously true for months: William Jefferson Clinton had had sexual relations with that intern, that young woman, Miss Lewinsky." - American Spectator

"Hillary Clinton knew a meal ticket when she had one, and like all good feminists attached herself to Bill like a fungus.She would not let go no matter the stories. They had an understanding. Feminists loved Bill Clinton. They defended him. Gloria Steinem wrote a big op-ed in the New York Times defending Bill. When recently interviewed by the Guardian, Steinem said the following:

'I’m glad I wrote it at the time,' she said. 'Because the danger then was we were about to lose sexual harassment law because it was being applied to extramarital sex, free will, extramarital sex, as with Monica Lewinsky.'

Feminists defended the appalling behavior of the Leader of the Free World with an intern. While decrying men in power abusing their authority and wanting a sexual harassment law, they looked the other way at the inherently lopsided relationship between the president and Monica Lewinsky.

What did Bill and Monica do? Well, they had sex in the Oval Office. Bill used the contents of his humidor creatively. Monica, clad in a blue dress, satisfied the needs of the president of the United States. It was messy. She had genetic proof. Monica loved him. She wanted a souvenir.

When the sordid tale unfolded, the media of the time, like the media now, couldn’t believe that the Man from Hope would do something so untoward. Not one major media outlet broke the story. No media wanted to be cut off from the sweet, sweet access at the White House." - READ MORE / AmericanSpectator

Video Source: AmericanSpectator

Nancy Pelosi Bans ‘Gender’ Terms Like Mother, Daughter, Father, Son in House Rules. - Breitbart



"Defend Your Religious Freedom." - ADF

"Here are just a few of his campaign promises that could impact issues you care about." - Alliance Defense Fund (ADF)

"Starting this month, Georgia voters will head to the polls once again to vote in a run-off election for two seats in the U.S. Senate. But make no mistake, this election doesn’t only affect Georgia voters. It will impact us all.

You see, the run-off election in Georgia will determine control of the U.S. Senate. Currently, Republicans hold 50 seats and Democrats hold 48. If Republicans win one or both, they will retain control of the Senate.

If the Democrats win both seats, the Republicans and Democrats would each hold 50 seats. And in the event of a 50-50 tie, the vice president casts the tie breaking vote. If that tie breaking vote is Kamala Harris, it would mean a Democrat-controlled Senate as well." - READ MORE / AllianceDefenseFund

Photo Source: AllianceDefenseFund (ADF)

Georgia Candidate Warnock From 2014: Jeremiah Wright’s ‘God Damn America’ Sermon: ‘Christian Preaching At Its Best.’ - DailyWire

In Case You Didn't Know: At the Atlantic College Conference (ACC) playoff game between Ohio and Clemson, January 1, 2020, during halftime the ACC ran an ACC promotional video of all its member colleges, which showed ACC member students cheering while holding large BLM signs.

BLM is the organization that posted on its Web site the objective to literally destroy the American nuclear family while promoting its proclaimed Marxist propaganda. That short video, which ran live last night on ESPN, is missing from the ACC Web site. As a FYI, ACC partners include Bojangles, Bolt24, Food Lion, New York Life and GEICO. - Webmaster



Michigan Lesbian Attorney General: Punish Any Lawyer Challenging Election; Trump Calls Them 'True Patriots Who Are Fighting For The Truth.' - WND
"In His Christmas Day Message, Pontifex Maximus Called For All The World To Be Vaccinated Even If Vaccines Are Made From Aborted Baby Parts." - NTEB
"When the Justices Refuse To Protect Election Integrity, They Are Violating Their Sworn Oath And Putting Our Constitutional Republic At Grave Risk." AmericanThinker
Jake Tapper: I Banned Kayleigh McEnany From My Program Over ‘Lies.’ McEnany: CNN Is A ‘Broken Network.’ - DailyWire
"Activists Threaten Lawsuit If University Does Not Hire Slave Descendant As Next President." - CollegeFix
"Ho, Ho, Ho. New York Governor Gives Christmas Pardons, Commutations To Illegal Aliens, Murderers." - Con-Alerts

"Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller Thanks Airmen Who Supported Nigerian Hostage Rescue." - Breitbart, 12/27/2020

Did You Know About This Important Event?! - Webmaster

Note: Stunning in a time referred to as the "Age of Information." This proves it is actually the "Age of Disinformation!"

In a Google search on January 2, 2021, NOT ONE MAJOR NEWS OUTLET was found to report any part of this story. Only The Hill, and a few conservative outlets reported the important event. These news outlets that would not report the story are all owned and run by globalist corporations.

These are the same media outlets that will not publish the photo of Dr. Fauci standing at the Carnegie awards three months after 9/11, 19 years ago, standing with three award winners that included Ted Turner (CNN), Gates Senior (vaccine investments) and George Soros, (Open Society supporting socialism / communism.)

If you are not concerned, you should be. Why?

Would you believe it was not carried because Trump was involved in the success of the operation (see below at end of article.) and the reason for the silence for these heroes from our corrupt media owned by mega-corporations?

They are the ones that see the CCP as a benefactor and global provider of personal wealth with the U.S. under Trump standing in their way; AT&T owns CNN, Comcast owns MSNBC and Disney owns ABC, an evil corporate triangle if there ever was one.

Our founders had a word for this treason. They called it "Sedition," the attempt to overthrown the government and its constitution by enemies of the United States.

By the way is Obama, the self-assigned king of social justice from the 1990's while at the CAC, living on the south side of Chicago and helping black Americans raise themselves up in these neighborhoods?

Or is Obama, (who called the Fort Hood massacre an act of 'workplace violence' and corporate CEO's admire), living on Martha's Vineyard in a 6,800 square foot home right next to the Atlantic ocean, the one that is supposed to rise by many feet in the next few years?

And this story is ignored while the "honorable" city leaders of nearby Boston removed a large statue of Abraham Lincoln because it was offensive?

You should think about that. Because this is what Marxists do. They live in luxury while throwing straw at the collective masses they hate. - Webmaster

BLM / NBA: Struggling whites are the problem? African American blacks in the U.S. are some of the most wealthy in the world.

"Former President Barack Obama and his family have completed the purchase of a $11.75 million waterfront house situated on nearly 30 acres on Martha's Vineyard – an affluent island located south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. And it is stunning.  The expansive 6,892-square-foot house sits on nearly 30 secluded acres fronting the Edgartown Great Pond between Slough Cove and Turkeyland Cove, with views of the Atlantic ocean." - Homes & Gardens

"The Obama house, on a 29-acre [eleven-million dollar] estate, has 7 bedrooms and 8 and a half bathrooms." - Homes&Gardens

The Obama's home on Martha's Vineyard. Social justice? But for whom?


So Here Is The Story The Corporate Owners Of The Mainstream Media Decided Not To Cover!

Everyday American Troops Are Honored For Defending Freedom.

If you care about America, you need to ask why hero stories like these about your country is not carried today by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc.  It is a sign of the times and they could become very dangerous.  - Webmaster

"ROYAL AIR FORCE STATION MILDENHALL, United Kingdom — Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller on Monday visited American troops stationed in the United Kingdom, including the U.S. Air Force air wing who took part in the rescue of an American hostage from Nigeria in October.

During that operation, MC-130J refueling aircraft, CV-22B Ospreys tilt-rotor aircraft, and KC-135 refueling aircraft based at Royal Air Force Station Mildenhall deployed to Rota, Spain, on October 29. From there, U.S. special operations were flown and parachuted into Nigeria, traveled on foot approximately three miles, engaged the hostage-takers in a firefight, and rescued American hostage Philip Walton, taking him to an extraction site where CV-22s flew them to safety, according to The Aviationist." - Breitbart

Photo Source: Breitbart

"Trump said after the mission, 'They went in with a large group. Zero casualties. We got our American citizen, young men, we got our young men back. But the other side suffered gravely, I can tell you that. Our nation salutes its courageous military, which brilliantly executed this operation. Very few people would have been able to do that. It was very complicated, and very complex, a tough area.'

He later thanked members of the rescue in person at Fort Bragg." (To the Americans who voted for Biden. Hope you enjoy the ride after 1/20/2021. The rest of us will not.) - Breitbart

Want to help? Just pass this information to your friends to reveal the mainstream media is the real enemy in their right to know. - Webmaster


Kidnappers Release Nigerian Bishop Moses Chikwe And His Driver. - Breitbart


Deaths Of Whistle Blowers Around The World? - JustusKnight

"'Tis The Season For Bankruptcies, Store Closings, & Tent Cities'" - ZeroHedge
Fauci Admits He's Been Lying To Us About Herd Immunity In Order To Manipulate Us. - RedState
Obama State Dept. Emails Show Ukraine Connected To Clinton's Campaign. - Judicial Watch



Other News Of The Week

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Did You Have A Merry Christmas
Ep. 1013, Dec 17, 2020. - Andrew Klavan
The Hodge Twins Reveal . . .
"In this bonus Ash Wednesday, the Hodge Twins sit down with us and answer some of your burning questions, including talking about how they came out as conservative." - Louder With Crowder
". . . what it's like to come out as conservative." - LouderWithCrowder





And Then There Is . . .


Candace Owens Is Suing The Left's Marxist 'Fact Checkers.'

Click Here to watch if video was removed by YouTube's "community standards."

"Our freedoms are being stripped away. The overlords of Big Tech are determining what Americans can and cannot say, share, like, and post.

Support our legal efforts today as we fight back against Facebook's fact-checkers, confronting those who are suppressing free speech, thought, and expression across our great country.

We have begun pursuing two of Facebook’s fact checkers, Lead Stories & USA Today, for wrongfully “fact checking” posts that I put up earlier this year. Both USA Today & Lead Stories silenced me when I posted a different opinion on Covid - in their minds there is only one opinion: theirs. Censorship of conservatives across the world of social media is rampant and without challenging these alleged 'fact checkers' we will all be silenced, disenfranchised and marginalized.

As a result, we have filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of Delaware against Lead Stories LLC, a Colorado company & Gannett Satellite Information Network LLC, d/b/a USA Today for malicious publication of false “fact check” articles, wrongfully leveraging their power as Facebook Third Party Fact-Checking partners for the purpose of redirecting web traffic away from me, abusing Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and interfering with the commercial enterprises of Candace Owens LLC. Access the lawsuit HERE." - FactCheckZuck

Video Source: SummitNews



So What Exactly Is Big Green?

"You hear lots of dire predictions these days -- the planet is burning, the seas are rising, and so on. But what is the real purpose of all this doom and gloom? Is it to protect the environment? Or is there a different motive? Rogan O’Handley, aka DC Draino, gets to the bottom of these questions in this important video." - PragerU

Video Source: PragerU









In 1941 they didn't surrender! They were called the "Greatest Generation." Today it's just the victim generation. - Webmaster

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The World Of The Mark Of The Beast From The Book Of Revelation Is Nearing, If Not Already Upon Us. - Webmaster

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This is an ad from IBM about a decade ago, predicting the new technology for every day life in the near future that will change even the way we shop at a grocery store. - Webmaster

Video Source: IBM


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