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Famous Quote: "In some respects, Mr. Obama is far more experienced than other presidential candidates," Nicholas D. Kristof, reported for the New York Times on March 6, 2007.

A few months later at a Democrat fundraiser, Obama gave a "crotch salute" to the singing of the National Anthem followed in 2008 to proclaim to "fundamentally transform" the country. Then as president in June of 2009 he would refer to the killing and wounding of 33 at Fort Hood by a Jihadist as only an act of "workplace violence," refusing to give them Purple Hearts. Obama would then become involved in the murder of our human treasures in the attack on an American embassy in Benghazi in 2012, better other presidential candidates.




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January 31st, 2021


UN Agenda 2030 Unity Flag?

Easily stored in a glove compartment, night stand or pocket. You can even put it over your face to show others you support the UN's flag of unity.

Spainish lifeguard arrested, led away in handcuffs by Hazmat cops for ‘surfing with Coronavirus.’ . Breitbart

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: The Coming Dystopian Nightmare; On The Potential Dangers Of Coming COVID Vaccines. - Children's Health Defense



Top News Stories Of The Week



Twitter's "Birdwatch," Joseph Goebbels Rises From The Grave?

It's this social media outlet's new fact-checking scheme, designed to eliminate "misinformation," meaning our way or the highway?

"Not content with their silencing and censoring the views and opinions of people like Donald Trump, Twitter now turns to the Twitterverse to enlist them to do their dirty work for them. Censorship will become a group effort, where no opinion will be allowed except for the opinion of the group. This is exactly what George Orwell warned would happen one day in America, that day is now here. Check out this bible verse written over 3,000 years ago by the wisest man that ever lived, King Solomon, it’s almost like he could see the future." - NTEB

Graphic Source: NTEB

Twitter Just Crossed The Line, A Digital Third Reich.

“'Birdwatch allows people to identify information in Tweets they believe is misleading or false, and write notes that provide informative context,' Twitter Vice President of Product Keith Coleman wrote in a press release.

'We believe this approach has the potential to respond quickly when misleading information spreads, adding context that people trust and find valuable.'

While Birdwatch will initially be cordoned off to a separate section of Twitter, the company said 'eventually we aim to make notes visible directly on Tweets for the global Twitter audience, when there is consensus from a broad and diverse set of contributors.'" - NTEB



In other words, as I warned about these now global social media outlets, welcome to the new online "Third Reich," where when enough disagree with the facts the facts are removed from the service as false, such as "Why are ovens being used to solve the Jewish problem?" What ovens, you provider of false content?

So Jack, do you mean as diverse as the thinking of one-million members formed by Van Jones, called the "Color of Change"? - Webmaster

Interesting Prophesy From The Bible

“Curse not the king, no not in thy thought; and curse not the rich in thy bedchamber: for a bird of the air shall carry the voice, and that which hath wings shall tell the matter.” - Ecclesiastes 10:20 (KJB)

“I Thought That Twitter Cared About Vulnerable Populations,” She Said. “I Thought That Twitter Cared About Survivors. I Changed My Mind After Hearing The Details Of John Doe’s Story. I Haven’t Stopped Fighting Since.” - DailyWire



If Your Country Has No Past, It Has No Hope Of A Future. - Webmaster

"Can we judge the past by the standards of the present? Many seem intent on proving not only that we can, but that we must. Social critic Douglas Murray doesn’t agree, and he explains why in this thought-provoking video." - PragerU

Video Source: PragerU

Democrat Tulsi Gabbard labels Adam Schiff, John Brennan As Also Domestic Enemies' Of The U.S. - TheBlaze



Hollywood Loves The Good Old Marxist Life; Top Of The Heap.

"Editorial cartoons should be smart and substantive, provocative and informative. They should stir passions and deep emotions. Editorial cartoons should be the catalyst for thought, and frankly speaking, if you can make politicians think, that is an accomplishment in itself." - Go Comics

Graphic Source: MichaelRameriz



"It sure would be embarrassing for someone who wrote a book about his own amazing Gubernatorial leadership during a pandemic if it turned out that he was keeping us all in the dark about how bad it really was.  Especially if his state had the second-highest per-capita death toll in the country and a COVID deaths-per-100k rating that far exceeded those of EVERY SINGLE national average in the world?" - Clash Daily


COVID Hypocrisy: Policymakers Break Their Own Rules! Check Out The Names Of, As Sinatra Would Say, These Bums! - Heritage



Congressional Democrat Congressman Stephanie Murphy, Educated At Georgetown, Pushes Legislation To Ban Anyone, (Who Questioned The November 2020 Election), From Holding A Security Clearance Or Joining Military." - GatewayPundit
The Communist China Party Has Now Become The World's "Top Destination" For Foreign Direct Investment ("FDI".) FDI Captures Things Like Foreign Companies Building Infrastructure And Making Acquisitions Of Local Companies. - ZeroHedge
"Republican Indiana U.S. House Representative, Jim Banks, Is Leading 200 Of His GOP Colleagues In Pledging Support For The Hyde Amendment As President Joe Biden Continues To Take Aim At Pro-Life Legislation." - WesternJournal
[Just The Tip Of The COVID Damage!] Chesapeake Bay Oyster Prices Collapse As Diners Ditch Restaurants Amid Pandemic. - ZeroHedge
“'Release Them All, Immediately' – Joe Biden Orders ICE Agents To Release All Illegal Aliens In Custody." - GatewayPundit
"Trump Creates ‘Office Of The Former President’ To Advance U.S. Interests, Carry On Trump Administration Agenda - EpochTimes

China Is Watching! And So Is Joe Biden's Administration Day One!

Democrat voters across America. Congratulations! The world you voted for on November 3rd for your children and grandchildren is just around the corner.

Click On photo below to watch video.

"China has built the world's largest video surveillance network with tens of millions of cameras, and they are now increasingly capable of automatically identifying people's basic information thanks to technological advances and big data. While the development of such technology has had to contend with privacy concerns in other parts of the world, in China many people are ambivalent about having their every move watched." - WorldNews

Video Source: Unknown

Spanish Model With Down Syndrome Shows ‘There Are No Barriers If You Have A Dream,’ [While Too Many Want DS Babies Aborted.] - EpochTimes

As The Left's Pro-Abortion Group Storms Catholic Church in Ohio, Knocks Over Table, Shouts Profanities. - GatewayPundit
"Biden Signs Executive Orders On Food Stamps, Stimulus Checks, Federal Unions, Minimum Wage." - DailyWire
NFL Players Have Endorsed Amazon Warehouse Workers’ Union Drive In Bessemer, Alabama. - Breitbart




Other News Of The Week

Click on graphics below to go to selected videos.

Neighbor Snitches On Baby Shower
"A video out of the UK shows police in London entering a home to break up a baby shower party after a neighbor snitched on the family.  The clip shows officers entering a property in Hornchurch in east London to find 20 people sat round a table which is full of food. There is an archway of pink balloons at one end of the room." - Summit News
Attendees are breaking the COVID rule and so they get a visit from the UK police. - SummitNews
Open The Schools.
"No real metrics to safely open the schools, while the SB continues to kick the can further down the road. Many parents feel just as he does." - Canada Free Press
"Parent very upset school board will not open schools for the spring of 2021. - CanadaFreePress
Why Teacher Unions Are . . .
"Public schools just need more money, apparently. They can’t be expected to educate children unless the ventilation is upgraded, they add more unionized workers to sanitize every surface regularly, and more teachers are hired to handle itty-bitty class sizes. President Biden himself said yesterday that reopening schools is 'complicated' (no surprise for the husband of a teacher) despite campaigning on reopening schools safely while castigating President Trump’s administration." - Clash Daily
. . . not about the kids, but political correctness while getting paycheck. And a president having lived in the swamp for 47 years knows how to keep it nice and slimy, too. Original story: ClashDaily




And Then There Is . . .


So Can We Have Some Order At The Capitol, Please?

Allow me to understand this. I may be a bit slow at 79 years old.

The Democrat, who has been wading the longest in the money and power trough of the U.S. Senate in Washington D.C., has now been selected to reign over an impeachment by the party that lead the "Wilmington Massacre Of 1898?" It was the Wilmington Massacre of 1898 where Democrats burned down a black-owned newspaper and chased 2,000 blacks from their homes and businesses, with over a dozen Republican black business men murdered, with no justice? But there is more:

- The party where a Democrat president called the shooting and murder of 33 of our treasures at Ft. Hood, by a recognized Jihadist in 2009, as just an act of "workplace violence." He then refused to give those wounded or killed "Purple Hearts," saying if Congress tried to overrule him he would veto the bill?

- The party whose first lady praised a former Democrat KKK member in the Senate?

- The party of a U.S. Democrat House leader, who said in 2011, "God would bless . . . " the violent Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement that smashed in the windows of businesses, threatened wall street investors and defecated on police cars?

- The party where the Democrat Minority Senate leader threatened two Supreme Court judges, screaming at the top of his lungs while standing on the steps of the court with a pro-abortion crowd that wanted babies killed up to the moment of birth, saying, I want to tell you, Gorsuch. I want to tell you, Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price?

That party? Yes.

The Chinese must be laughing, the Senator that is going to oversee an impeachment of a president that fought them is seen wearning a mask to salute them.  He can't can make this up in a Democracy where it doesn't matter who voted but who got to count the votes. - Webmaster

Photo Source: EpochTimes

Some Important Background The Media May Leave Out.

Senator Leahy posted the following on his official government Web site about doing his "sacred" honor:

"President Trump has not simply failed to uphold his oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, which itself would be sufficient to warrant his impeachment and removal. He has emerged as the greatest threat to the Constitution and to American democracy in a generation."

Leahy also wrote to impress citizens about how serious he was about his "duty" to our nation:

"When presiding over an impeachment trial, the president pro tempore takes a special oath** to do impartial justice according to the Constitution & the laws. It is an oath that I take extraordinarily seriously."

This is the same Democrat Senator Leahy that CNN wrote about in total admiration and fawning:

"Leahy collaborated with DC Comics to create "Batman: Death of Innocents: The Horror of Landmines," a graphic novel warning of the dangers of landmines. Leahy has long advocated to end the use of landmines, and he told the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call that he placed copies of the comic on every senator's desk that year." - CNN

Keep in mind this is an 80-year old Senator who has been elected again and again since 1974 by the fine voters of Vermont, to serve in a Republic where the founders intended people to stand up and serve their government and then when done, allow another Americans to step up and serve, too, allowing the exchange of different ideas. That concept was critical to them for the continued health of a Republic. A Republic is an oxymoron to the definion of a democray, which today can be run by the person who can collect the most money from agenda-driven billionsiares instead of having the best ideas to keep the society stable and productive.

But obviously and according to Senator Leahy, who just kept running, running, running, it seems through his own actions he really believes there is obviously only one good soul in Vermont capable enough of doing the job of representing the people in Washington D.C. And that person is of course the honorable and sincere Senator himself.

Like the good Democrat Senator from California, Diane Feinstein, 80 years old, it seems the public has to pry these "forever Senators" out of Congress like one would pry old wooden floor boards that have needed replacement for years.

Sorry Vermont, you may have been dipping into fermented political syrup for too many years. Sounds like it's been infected with something toxic for decades, like the Roman aqueducts lined with lead, poisoning the minds of the Senate there, too. - Webmaster



But There's More . . .

The Chinese must be rolling on the floor of their palaces in laughter when seeing the above photo. The U.S. Senator, who is going to oversee an impeachment of a president that fought Communist rule, is wearing their mask acknowledging the CCP virus that helped his party to defeat a sitting president.

A sitting president who defeated ISIS, gave his salary to charities, protected the nation by making it energy independent, who was disgusted with sports' figures that took a knee on the American flag and gave a middle finger to an NBA already filled with millionaires who will roll in more riches from working with the same Communist Chinese Party.

You can't can make this up in a Democracy where it doesn't matter who voted but instead who got to count the votes. That doesn't happen in a Republic. Only a democracy is where thugs can easily rule, allowing elections but never worrying about who will win them. - Webmaster

** Didn't the Supreme Court take an oath to always uphold the Constitution and then when called to look at a violation, wouldn't review it? What happened to that oath? This oath stuff means nothing today, especially in the government of a post-constitutional society where an oath taken in Washington D.C. can be considered a throw away, like an "evergreen" in writing.. And besides, Democrats hate the "Oath" Keepers.


Senator Tom Carper Introduces Washington D.C. Admission Act To Make Nation’s Capital its 51st State. - GatewayPundit




City Police Invited To Take A Rest In Trump International Hotel In Washington D.C.

Click On photo too see how many were invited.

DC police during presidential change, invited DC police a rest.

Managing Director of International Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C., responded on Twitter to DC police having long day on January 20th, inviting them in to rest in lobby of Trump hotel.

Click on photo to watch video of how many police were invited in, as Pelosi gave a cold shoulder and cold floor of a parking garage to our National Guard troops flown in from around the county to remind U.S. citizens she doesn't lead. She rules, like her kind in the leadership of San Francisco.

I remember Pelosi eating her ice cream from her gourmet-packed freezer on video on a progressive late night show, smiling as if sticking it to those Walmart shoppers who vote for common sense. - Webmaster



While On The Other Side Of Washington D.C., After Trump Everything Goes Back To Obama "Normal."

"After President Joe Biden’s inauguration, he ordered everyone on federal lands to wear a mask. That night, he and his family posed for pictures at the Lincoln Memorial—none of them wearing a mask." - DailySignal / JohnStossel

"California Gov. Gavin Newsom told Californians it’s 'essential' to avoid 'mixing with people outside of your household.' Then he had dinner with lots of people outside his household, without masks." - Daily Signal

"Restaurant owner Angela Marsden, instead of hiring an expensive lobbyist, spent her money building an outdoor patio that complied with COVID-19 regulations. But then the state shut down even outdoor dining. 'I’m losing everything,' she cried in a viral video.

But the business right next door wasn’t shut down. NBC’s TV show 'Good Girls' was allowed to set up a dining area right outside her restaurant.

'She doesn’t have a powerful team of lobbyists to argue on her behalf in the state’s capital,' points out Jarrett Stepman, a reporter who covers politicians’ hypocrisy for The Daily Signal." - DailySignal

Tennessee, What Is Going On In Your State? Democrat Rep Steve [Finger Licking Good] Cohen Suggests White Male National Guardsmen Could Have Posed A Threat To Biden’s Life? What? - DailyWire

Thousands Of National Guard Troops To Remain In DC Through March. - EpochTimes

"According to Dr. Scott Segal, chair of anesthesiology at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, even that may not be enough. 'If you put three or four masks on, it’s going to filter better because it’s more layers of cloth,' Segal told NBC News." - SummitNews







In 1941 they didn't surrender, the "Greatest Generation." - Webmaster

Fascist education of America's college students, by vile Marxist professors hired by many of our universities, has trained them to hate our founders along with those who won WWII, not as heroes but instead as racists.




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This is an ad from IBM about a decade ago, predicting the new technology for every day life in the near future that will change even the way we shop at a grocery store. - Webmaster

Video Source: IBM


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