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Famous Quote: "In some respects, Mr. Obama is far more experienced than other presidential candidates," Nicholas D. Kristof, reported for the New York Times on March 6, 2007. A few months later at a Democrat fundraiser, Obama gave a "crotch salute" to the singing of the National Anthem followed in 2008 to proclaim to "fundamentally transform" the country. Then as president in June of 2009 he would refer to the killing and wounding of 33 at Fort Hood by a Jihadist as only an act of "workplace violence," refusing to give them Purple Hearts. Obama would then become involved in the murder of our human treasures in the attack on an American embassy in Benghazi in 2012, better than other presidential candidates, right?




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February 28, 2021


UN Agenda 2030 Unity Flag?

Easily stored in a glove compartment, night stand or pocket. You can even put it over your face to show others you support the UN's flag of unity.

Spainish lifeguard arrested, led away in handcuffs by Hazmat cops for ‘surfing with Coronavirus.’ . Breitbart

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: The Coming Dystopian Nightmare; On The Potential Dangers Of Coming COVID Vaccines. - Children's Health Defense



Top News Stories Of The Week



The UN Is Reported To Have Been Lying, Passing Names Of Dissidents To The Communist Chinese Party.

"Leaked emails prove that, contrary to United Nations denials, UN human-rights officials did in fact give the names of Chinese dissidents to the communist regime in Beijing before those activists were set to testify in Geneva against the Communist Chinese Party’s abuses.

In fact, it appears from the leaked documents that the practice of handing over names of Chinese dissidents to the dictatorship was viewed as a 'usual practice' by all involved. The whistleblower told The Epoch Times that it continues to this day, despite UN denials." - READ MORE / EpochTimes



Remember When School Boards Were About Kids?

"NorCal – The entire school board of the Oakley Union Elementary School District resigned late Friday after a video of them mocking parents was leaked to the public.

The president of board, Lisa Brizendine, resigned first then the other three members – Kim Beede, Erica Ippolito and Richie Masadas resigned later Friday.

School board members in Oakley, CA were caught mocking and trashing parents who desperately want their children back in the classroom during a virtual meeting. The board did not realize that parents could watch the meeting." - GatewayPundit

Video Source: NewsPilot



California Democrat Defecates On The American Dream

Representative Khanna (D-CA) doesn’t want small businesses to exist that can’t afford $15 an hour wage.

"Phillip asked Khanna if, given all of that is now the right time to raise the minimum wage? She noted that Republicans and even some Democrats are questioning the timing. While acknowledging the bill has stages, the immediate increase would amount to around 30%. Khanna doesn’t care.

'Abby, it’s absolutely the right time to give working Americans a raise. Let’s look at the facts. Amazon raised their wage to $15 nationally, not regionally. They have more jobs today. It didn’t hurt job creation or business. Target followed. They also did it nationally, more jobs.'

'Large businesses like Amazon and McDonalds, for example, can and perhaps should pay more, but I’m wondering what is your plan for smaller businesses? How does this, in your view, affect mom and pop businesses who are just struggling to keep their doors open, keep workers on the payroll right now?'

Khanna, typical dismissive leftist showed what he thinks about small businesses in his next statement, saying: 'Well, they shouldn’t be doing it by paying people low wages. We [Democrats] don’t want low-wage businesses.'” - LawEnforcementToday

Video Source: LawEnforementToday / CNN




PETA: People for the . . . Ethical Termination of Animals?

Do corporations love to "virtue signal" money to PETA? Does it make the suits feel good? But $50 million just to kill animals? What, the suits didn't know . . . or maybe better just too busy with other things to give a damn? Watch!

Click Here if video has been taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

"Let's be honest, I think we all know that PETA is a slaughterhouse for animals. So why are they so respected, and what do they actually do? Well, I decided to do some research to find out exactly what PETA shelters do, and what the company and CEO actually stand for. Check out what they've been doing at PETA's Community Animal Project in Norfolk, Virginia." - Steve Hofstetter

Video Source: SteveHofstetter




"Disney Has Decided 'The Muppet Show' Featuring Kermit The Frog, Fozzie Bear And Miss Piggy Contains 'Offensive Content' And Can Be Seen Only On An Adult Account." DailyWire
"'Biological Males' Competing As Females 'Are Just Taking It Away From Us': High School Athlete Blasts Biden DOJ For Turning Back On Transgender Lawsuit." - TheBlaze
[The 2021] Super Bowl Halftime Performance, Featuring Jennifer Lopez And Shakira, Was By Far The Most Raciest Halftime Since Beyonce [In 2013.] - BreakPoint
Joe Biden’s And Democrat's ‘War On Women’: If Passed, Equality Act To End Legal Recognition Of Biological Sex. - Breitbart
Big Tech Has Amassed Historically Unprecedented Levels Of Wealth Power By Selling American’s Personal Information." - CanadaFreePress
Without Subsidies, Countries Have Been Unable To Compete With China's & India's “Green’ Manufacturing. And Neither Will America! - cFact

Coca-Cola Whistleblower Reveals Training On How To Be 'Less White.'

China & Coca-Cola: A Common Development Trajectory - ChinaToday

Click Here to watch if video has been taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

"Organizational Psychologist Dr. Karlyn Borysenko joins Glenn to discuss the damning materials sent to her last week from a whistleblower within The Coca-Cola Company.

The employee, who Dr. Borysenko points out is NOT white, felt so uncomfortable with the diversity training (read: critical race theory training) circulated by the company that he/she decided to share it with the rest of the world. Listen for yourself, but Glenn argues that this material IS racist." - GlennBeck

Video Source: GlennBeck


Coke Without The Fizz. - AmericanSpectator

"Ivy League ‘Wokes’ Are The Biggest Supporters Of Political Violence. D.C. Doesn’t Need The National Guard, But Columbia And Yale Might." - Frontpage

Apparently, Hunter Biden’s life was even more sordid than we knew. - AmericanThinker
"Amazon Bans One Of The Most Thoroughly Researched Books On Transgenderism." - BreakPoint
Senator Rand Paul Hammers Biden’s Transgender Nominee On Child Surgery, Sterilization. - Breitbart




Other News Of The Week

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How The Elites Have Failed Us!
One comment wrote, "Teachers should be treated the way Reagan dealt with air traffic controllers: go to work or be fired." - Andrew Klavan
"What we are seeing now in America is the result of our elites failing us." - AndrewKlavan
The Truth About Bill Gates
One comment wrote, "When Gates talks about 'green energy' he's talking about the color of money." - Paul Joseph Watson
A short six minute video [about the vaccine profit margin man, Bill Gates.] - PaulJoesphWatson
'We Can't Be Disrespectful!'
"When someone sits in the Vice President's chair in the chamber of the Capitol during the riots, a man demands he get out of it and show respect." - DC Shorts
Surprising exchange during the Capitol protests. - DCShorts




And Then There Is . . .



What Are Your Kids Learning In School? - PragerU

"Has the leftist indoctrination so prevalent in college reached down into our elementary and high schools, too? If so, what can concerned parents do about it? Jill Simonian, Director of Outreach for PragerU Resources for Educators and Parents, has answers." - PragerU

Video Source: PragerU




FDA Has No Interest In Tracking COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths. What?


Epoch Times reports that Biden's FDA has no plans to develop database for adverse events among people who receive a COVID-19 vaccine! - Webmaster

Article Source: EpochTimes


"CDC Exposed: Inflated Covid Deaths By 1600% Throughout The Election, “Violated Multiple Federal Laws” Peer-Reviewed Study Finds…State, Local Governments Must Act."


Article by Patty McMurray, February 9, 2021, GatewayPundit


"100 Percent Fed Up reports throughout the election, Donald Trump was battered by CCP Virus statistics in order to hurt the American economy and his political campaign.

We know that it was shamelessly wielded as a political weapon to prevent President Trump and his supporters from rallying as Antifa and Black Lives Matter burned progressive poor and minority neighborhoods to the ground throughout the entire year. 

Now that Biden has been installed into the office of president, he promises to increase Covid lockdown measures and extend them further into your ability to travel and force unscientific mask-wearing for at least 100 days.

But, a new peer reviewed study has been released that finds the CDC numbers to be so wildly unsupported as to be pure propaganda that is based on wholly unscientific practices that were needlessly created on-the-spot."


'The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) Stands Accused Of Violating Federal Law By Inflating Corona Virus Fatality Numbers, According To Stunning Information Obtained By National File.'

CDC illegally inflated the COVID fatality number by at least 1,600 percent as the 2020 presidential election played out, according to a study published by the Public Health Initiative of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge.

The study, 'COVID-19 Data Collection, Comorbidity & Federal Law: A Historical Retrospective,' was authored by Henry Ealy, Michael McEvoy, Daniel Chong, John Nowicki , Monica Sava, Sandeep Gupta, David White, James Jordan, Daniel Simon, and Paul Anderson.

The study is 25 pages long with over 100 citations.  However, the main main points can be summarized.

A major point is that testing inaccuracies and unreliability combined with unscientific procedures and methods resulted in demonstrably massive false-positive spikes:

'The CDC is now legally requiring red-blooded Americans to wear face masks on all public transportation as globalists try to push the concept of 'double-masking' on the populace.

Since the election, the World Health Organization admits that PCR tests are not totally reliable on the first try and a second test might be needed.

This corresponds with CDC’s quiet admission that it blended viral and antibody test results for its case numbers and that people can test positive on an antibody test if they have antibodies from a family of viruses that cause the common cold.

Hospitals in Florida had so many accuracy complications that Orlando Health had to admit that its 9.4 percent positivity rate got recorded at 98 percent." - READ MORE / GatewayPundit

Complete article by Patty McMurray, February 9, 2021, GatewayPundit



The Truth About Fauci and Gates And NIH Owning A Stake in the Vaccine. - NationalFile








In 1941 they didn't surrender, the "Greatest Generation." - Webmaster

Fascist education of America's college students, by vile Marxist professors hired by many of our universities, has trained them to hate our founders along with those who won WWII, not as heroes but instead as racists.




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This is an ad from IBM about a decade ago, predicting the new technology for every day life in the near future that will change even the way we shop at a grocery store. - Webmaster

Video Source: IBM


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Spainish lifeguard arrested, led away in handcuffs by Hazmat cops for ‘surfing with Coronavirus.’ . Breitbart