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Famous Quote: "In some respects, Mr. Obama is far more experienced than other presidential candidates," Nicholas D. Kristof, reported for the New York Times on March 6, 2007. A few months later at a Democrat fundraiser, Obama gave a "crotch salute" to the singing of the National Anthem followed in 2008 to proclaim to "fundamentally transform" the country.

Then as president in June of 2009 he would refer to the killing and wounding of 33 at Fort Hood by a Jihadist as only an act of "workplace violence," refusing to give them Purple Hearts. Obama would then become involved in the murder of our human treasures in the attack on an American embassy in Benghazi in 2012, better than other presidential candidates, right?



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July 18, 2021


UN Agenda 2030 Equity Flag?

Easily stored in a glove compartment, night stand or pocket. You can even put it over your face to show others you support the UN's flag of "equity."

Spainish lifeguard arrested, led away in handcuffs by Hazmat cops for ‘surfing with Coronavirus.’ . Breitbart

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: The Coming Dystopian Nightmare; On The Potential Dangers Of Coming COVID Vaccines. - Children's Health Defense

Note: Robert F. Kennedy Was Kicked Off Of Instagram As A Conspiracy Theorist On The COVID vaccine.




Top News Stories Of The Week


Communists Everywhere, Especially In The Pentagon?

Graphic Source: Branco

Pelosi To Deploy Military Against American People In Federal Conquest Of State By State. - BeltwayReport

Black Lives Matter Blames Deadly Cuban Protests On U.S. Government, Defends [Cuban Communist] Regime. - EpochTimes



. . . While Leftist Group Hang 'God Bless Abortions' On A 65 Foot Christ Of Ozarks Statue

The group is so proud of their stunt that they are selling T-shirts to commemorate the event. -  Gateway Pundit

"The renegade Activist Art Collective, INDECLINE has unveiled its latest piece of protest art directly on top of the iconic 65 foot tall Christ of the Ozarks monument in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

The project, entitled 'God Bless Abortions,' is in direct response to the dramatic attempts being made in Arkansas and throughout the South, to ban abortion services to women in need. The heavy duty cloth banner carrying the message, spans 44 feet, weighs over 50 pounds and is equipped with locking mechanisms and pulleys.

Last night, it was transported through the nearby woods, smuggled onto the property by a small team disguised as a construction crew and strung up just before sunrise. This is not the first project the collective has unveiled pertaining to this issue and it is unlikely to be the last.

In an effort to raise support funds for the Arkansas Abortion Support Network, INDECLINE will be selling commemorative “God Bless Abortions” t-shirts . . ." - GatewayPundit



Welcome To Chiraq

Chicago's Black Violence Took The Name "Chiraq" . . .

. . . to represent the shooting death count in the American war with Iraq. The video below is from the Chiraq in 2014 and explains the symbol of the Chiraq in Democrat-run Chicago.

Let's get into some history of the Democrat Party and its own violence.

In 1898 white supremacist Democrats chased over 2,000 successful blacks from their homes and businesses in Wilmington, North Carolina. They murdered over 10 conservative REPUBLICAN black businessmen to show what happens when blacks got too uppity for their white KKK masters in North Carolina. The event was called The Wilmington Massacre of 1898.

White Supremacist Charles Aycock pushed for the riots at the time, later becoming North Carolina's governor to educate, in his words, those "Negroes." Democrat white supremacists applauded Aycock's plan, which also received attention in the northeast where Aycock gave speeches, I believe one also given in Baltimore.

After the riots, the whites in the Democrat Party of North Carolina adopted Aycock's beliefs by partially naming him after their North Carolina state annual Democrat fundraising campaign. You need to know the Democrat Party ONLY dropped Aycock's name in 2012 after holding Aycock's memory for 60 years. In other words they dropped Aycock just nine years ago. But it doesn't mean they have forgotten what he accomplished to try to suppress the freedom of a race of people in America.

We saw something like the Wilmington riots again in 2020, when Democrats again encouraged blacks to torch middle class businesses, white or minority, across America and mainly in Democrat run cities. It didn't matter to Democrats. Just burn it down to get rid of Trump with an upcoming election.

Democrat Nancy Pelosi even continued to approve the riots into the late summer, reporting to the press, People will do what they do.

In the Wilmington Massacre of 1898, Democrat white supremacists had also burned down the local black-owned newspaper. Many were found standing around the burned-out ruins for a trophy photo.

The 2021 Biden / Harris Regime and their fawning media continue to treat American blacks like Charles Aycock of 1898 had done, as if too stupid to be able to get a photo ID.

Cackling VP Harris didn't even know Kinko's office services haven't been around for years while blacks across America obviously know exactly where to go for a copy of their ID. If those blacks Harris mocked can run a million dollar music business as shown below, they don't need the Biden / Harris Regime to tell them where and when to vote.

Blacks all over America, who care about the future of the country they live in, need to push back against these Washington D.C. Democrat Congressional elected leaders, from President Biden on down, who are telling citizens through a fawning media megaphone that black Americans, along with those living in rural areas, are like helpless children and are not to be trusted to make the correct decision in a voting booth.

Click Here to watch if video taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

"In the first part of Noisey's 8-part documentary Chiraq, we head to Englewood, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city of Chicago, to meet Chief Keef, the most famous rapper in the drill scene.

Unfortunately at the time, Chief was facing legal trouble, so we instead found Young Chop, a producer credited with shaping drill music, and he gives us an overview of the scene." - Noisey, 2014

Video Source: Noisey




Dozens Of School Districts Are Teaching Book Claiming ‘Whiteness’ Is The Devil And That White Children Sell Their Soul For “Stolen Land And Stolen Riches.” - GatewayPundit
Judicial Watch: New Documents Show Wuhan Lab Asked NIH Official For Information On Disinfectants; Nine Fauci Agency Grants For EcoHealth Bat Coronavirus Research! - PJMedia
The National Football League Is Reportedly Set To Roll Out Even More [Obama / Ayers] Social Justice Messaging For The 2021 Season, Front Office Sports Reports. - TheBlaze
"Clemson School Administrators Used COVID Caps And Fake RSVPs To Suppress Turnout At Conservative Event." - CollegeFix
Whistleblower Leaks Email Revealing Biden Admin Using U.S. Military To Secretly Move Illegal Aliens Around The Country. - GatewayPundit
DeSantis Team Pushes Back After Establishment Media Smears Peaceful Cuba Protests To Protect Communists: "These Are ‘Not Riots.’" - Breitbart

Let The Light Shine On You, Too, Among All The Chaos

American Hero Jason Brown, Former Highest Paid Center For The NFL, Walked Away To Create "First Fruits Farm."

Hey, ESPN. Want Black Heroes. Here's One. Report On it!

This episode of Oliver North’s American Heroes tells the story of Jason Brown, who, while he was in his prime and the highest-paid center in the NFL, walked away from the league, fame and a $37 million contract offer to become a farmer [for the Lord]. - HCategory

Video Source: HCategory


"The Untold History of Juneteenth." - EpochTimes


Destructive Democrat Leadership Of LA Reimposes Masks As A COVID Variant Appears. [Fear Mongering? Dems May Also Start Lock Downs Again. Ready To Move?] - Newsmax

South Africa To Deploy 25,000 Troops As Country On Brink Of Civil War. - ZeroHedge
Religious Historian Sees The Same Rejection Of God & Tradition In Marxist America As In Original USSR. - WND
Macron Of France Announces ‘Mark Of The Beast’ Vaccine Passport To Eat, Buy Or Sell.. - WindsOfJihad





Other News Of The Week

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Dangerous MSNBC Rhetoric!
"In the almost-year since MSNBC’s The ReidOut was born, NewsBusters readers have seen host Joy Reid and the show foment dangerous and incendiary rhetoric against conservatives and Republicans. Wednesday’s show was one of the worst as Reid and a cast of characters painted right-leaning Americans as terrorists who want to commit mass murder, deny Black people the right to vote, and, if the For the People Act isn’t passed, it’d be on part with September 11, 2001." - MRCTV
"Reid, Pals Paint GOP as terrorists who want to create another 9/11." - MRCTV
Politics Out Of Sports!
"Sports is the great unifier. It brings people of all races and backgrounds together. Or at least, it did." - PragerU
"Podcaster and writer Jason Whitlock worries that when politics win, sports fans lose." - PragerU
The British Sportsball Scam
Miiddle East attacks England with racist social media to turn citizens against each other. - Webmaster
Political correctness in sports overseas, too, as the West collapses. - Paul Joseph Watson






And Then There Is . . .


San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir Promise To Convert Your Children, Calls It Humor. - GatewayPundit

Click On photo to watch video

As teachers' union tells parents we will teach what we want to, to your children, this gay San Francisco choir says we will convert your children.  With Womens' Sports now challenged, the Biden administration has rip the country's traditions to shreads. - Webmaster

"A portion of the lyrics for the song are as follows:

"You think we’re sinful, you fight against our right, you say we all lead lives you can’t respect.

But you’re just frightened, you think that we'll corrupt your kids if our agenda goes unchecked. Funny, just this once, you’re correct."

"We’ll convert your children, happens bit by bit, quietly and subtlety and you will barely notice it, you can keep them from disco, warn about San Francisco, make 'em wear pleated pants, we don’t care… we’ll convert your children… we’ll make them tolerant and fair."

"Just like you’re worried, they’ll change their group of friends, you won’t approve of where they go at night (to protests).

And you’ll be disgusted when they start learning things online that you kept far from their sight (like information)."

The song goes on to say that "Gen Z’s gayer than Grindr" and that "even Grandma likes RuPaul," the popular drag queen show.

The group also chants in a frenzy "we’re coming for them, we’re coming for your children."

On YouTube, the song drew in an abysmal rating, with only 88 likes and 5,000 dislikes before the video was made private." - PostMillennial



"Why I Think This World Should End." - Prince Ea, 2014

To The Biden / Harris Washington D.C. Regime:

Stop saying Americans like Prince Ea are too stupid to create a photo ID. It is this 2021 Washington D.C. Democrat regime that forgets when they point a finger at us three more are pointing back at them. - Webmaster

Click Here to watch if video has been taken down by YouTube's "Community Standards."

"Sorry if this offends you but it's time for this world to end." - Prince Ea

Video Source: Prince Ea







In 1941 they didn't surrender, the "Greatest Generation." - Webmaster

Fascist education of America's college students, by vile Marxist professors hired by many of our universities, has trained them to hate our founders along with those who won WWII, not as heroes but instead as racists.




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Video Source: IBM


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Too many of the Americans in this May 2013 video had a problem understanding what a Benghazi was, maybe a new popular drink at a local bar near Times Square? It proves that the mainstream media has morphed into the useless media, one that Washington, Jefferson and Adams would have probably spit on.

Why? Because with today's information technology, our media has no excuse for not having the details of a news story that would help educate the general public with their right to know the truth. Video source - FOXNews - Video: URL



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Spainish lifeguard arrested, led away in handcuffs by Hazmat cops for ‘surfing with Coronavirus.’ . Breitbart