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Photos from 2011 when the DNC was pushing Marxism hard to get progressive corporate news outlets to agree to promote it 24/7 onto the public.

Famous Quote: "In some respects, Mr. Obama is far more experienced than other presidential candidates," Nicholas D. Kristof, reported for the New York Times on March 6, 2007. A few months later at a Democrat fundraiser, Obama gave a "crotch salute" to the singing of the National Anthem followed in 2008 to proclaim to "fundamentally transform" the country.

Then as president in June of 2009 he would refer to the killing and wounding of 33 at Fort Hood by a Jihadist as only an act of "workplace violence," refusing to give them Purple Hearts. Obama would then become involved in the murder of our human treasures in the attack on an American embassy in Benghazi in 2012, better than other presidential candidates, right?



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July 25, 2021


UN Agenda 2030 Equity Flag?

Easily stored in a glove compartment, night stand or pocket. You can even put it over your face to show others you support the UN's flag of "equity."

Spainish lifeguard arrested, led away in handcuffs by Hazmat cops for ‘surfing with Coronavirus.’ . Breitbart

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: The Coming Dystopian Nightmare; On The Potential Dangers Of Coming COVID Vaccines. - Children's Health Defense

Note: Robert F. Kennedy Was Kicked Off Of Instagram As A Conspiracy Theorist On The COVID vaccine.




Top News Stories Of The Week


Are You Aware Independent National News Reporting Is Officially Unwanted / Discouraged?

It started years ago, first led by the Washington D.C. leaders of the Democrat Party along with the media's ASNE, all beginning in the 1980's. Do you remember when liberals told conservatives, who were complaining about radical TV programming, to "simply turn the dial." They sure aren't saying that 40 years later in 2021, are they. Why? Because they now own 90% of those dials, which was the goal.

National news reporting has evolved to "extreme content control" through progressive network program managers, hired for news rooms to ensure the same message, carefully monitored, goes out 24/7. It is referred to by those outside of this "exclusive leftist club" as The Echo Chamber.

Disappearing are the days of a reporter encouraged to ask "what, where, when, why, who and how" starting an investigation of a news story and then report what happened without becoming part of the story.

Today the progressive media itself will create the start of the story, pass it to one of its liberal media outlets so the fake story can be said to be verified "as true." This ensures the created spin achieves it political goal to sway the public in believing it. The left knows once "the public is trained" to believe the story, they will then help to spread the story while having no idea it was created in the first place as a distraction from the real facts.

Basically, this is identical to what the fascists did when creating the well-oiled machine that ran the politics of Germany's Third Reich.

In America it has already gotten to the point of where the Reich was controlling children, telling them in the 1930'a to whisper in ours ears of what mommy and daddy are saying around the kitchen table.

Yes, we have reached that point in America with Critical Race Theory, this time pushed by communists. They first entered into our higher education decades ago through institutions such as Columbia University and Harvard, attacks on America promoted by radical Marxists such as Derrick Bell of Harvard and Cloward & Piven of Columbia University and its corrupted "Teachers College." Bell was worshipped by Obama in his university days.

It evolved in 2020 to where we saw uncontrolled violence across the nation by the thugs running Black Lives Matter, the org that in 2015 shouted, while walking on highways, to "fry the police like bacon."

Democrat strongholds in those cities where violence was allowed, purposely held back police to ensure the burning and looting would continue. Then anyone caught breaking the law would be released the next day to continue with the agenda to frighten the American people before an upcoming presidential election in November of that year.

Nancy Pelosi even approved the violence with her press release statement that "People will do what they do," in total support of the Marxist revolution in America's streets. U.S. House Congressman Nadler had called the Portland, Oregon, 100-day riot and its violence as a lie over at FOX News, "a myth." While the third leg of the Democrat stool, Senator Schumer, had already threaten the lives of two Supreme Court justices.

On top of the madness,"Woke" corporate CEOs followed the money, falling all over themselves to be the first to donate to the well-funded BLM. One that stood out was Walmart's CEO, promising one million dollars to support BLM's equity agenda. These corporate suits knew full well, from Coke to Apple, that BLM was a globalist Marxist organization. Why? Because the founders of BLM told them so!

We saw this well-greased media machine work to perfection with the COVID virus in March of 2020. I already commented that I believed the CCP and Democrats worked together to take down a president they both hated.

The media was 99.9% in control of the COVID story from the get-go, directed by the Washington D.C. leaders and governors of the Democrat Party over what could be said about the virus, what could not be said about the virus and then who needed to be stepped on to stop their ideas from reaching the public's ears. It would ensure citizens to be like sheep in the pasture: put your mask on and shut up. And if a doctor says the mask does not help, that is misinformation and needs to be removed from the social media's so-called "public square." Social media censors are not doctors. They are thugs, and thugs tell you when you can talk and when you can't.

This media blackout on not being able to talk about COVID also included qualified doctors and researchers. It is probably the first time in American history that our medical system was compromised and politicized by basically what could be called media gangsters dressed in suits, who also stood in front of cameras on nightly news casts from ABC to CNN. Online streaming would be controlled by globally- run social media corporations, while some of the cable media hosts were earning very high salaries to keep the game going.

For an example, below is a video of a tech reporter for the corrupted MSNBC news. You will see him talking with another online host for CBSN, the CBS online streaming service. The tech reporter for MSNBC is saying "Q" members have had to go into hiding. He says, We know who they are when they use certain words.

This is what the Jews must have experienced in the early days of the Third Reich, which was also working well with their own fascist media at the time. In other words, like in Germany around 1935, as a Jew you were careful what you said to not get attention from the SS like in America you are careful to not get attention from MSNBC, CNN and other alphabet national networks.

You are seeing first hand how German Jews were gradually, yet quickly, reduced to non-human status within their own population through clever daily news reporting to the German people, denouncing their character to exist.

For instance, the MSNBC reporter says below that if you hear the word "patriot" being spoken, it's being spoken by "one of them," as in "them vs. us." This step is needed for any road to be paved for genocide for control of a chosen section of the population.

We see this come up again and again as reported in my last e-mail, proven by techniques used from totalitarian leaders such as Karl Marx and Adolph Hitler. The only question for today's fascist leaders is how to stop 74 million American people from pushing back before the goal can be completed. In Germany the Jews had no weapons, so at the time it was like shooting fish in a barrel for the Reich.

The MSNBC tech reporter, just like the SS is Germany, sees no problem with taking away someone's free speech. You can see he feels he has privilege over others in speaking and informing, President Biden the one giving him and other permission by saying white people in America were racist and endangering "our" democracy, more dangerous than ISIS.

The MSNBC's reporter's words and his host's reply are dripping with self interest and control. You can almost see them foaming at the mouth. Watch the arrogance at work below. But this time it is not only about race. It is about ideology using race for control.

Now we know exactly why great African-American men such as Dr. Ben Carson and retired Lt. Col. Allen West were never openly welcomed to the Congressional Black Caucus (CDC) in Washington D.C. when they became part of the membership, West elected and Carson appointed.

West, an Iraq veteran and war hero, pushed back when in the U.S. House. It was reported when it was his turn to provide the monthly dinner, he brought the black caucus members a delicious dinner of . . . wait for it . . . Chick-fil-A. - Webmaster

Click On the photo below to watch the dangerous cross-exchange to our freedom of speech within the new rules of an out-of-control media. You will see their words drip with arrogance of authority given to them by their own masters at CBSN and MSNBC corporate news.

“Patriot” Is Hate Speech: MSNBC Warns Viewers to Be on the Lookout for Online Groups That Use the Word “Patriot”." - Gateway Pundit

"MSNBC tech reporter Dan Patterson warned viewers to be on the lookout for hate speech like 'patriot' online. It is used by a very dangerous group of Americans." - GatewayPundit

Video Source: GatewayPundit / CBSN



So What If A Klan Wizard Tried To Sell Racism In 2021?

He would have discovered it was already the left's politically correct thing to do.

Click Here to watch if video has been removed by YouTube's "community standards."

"A young Klansman brings some new, progressive ideas to the KKK's table." - Babylonbee, May 2021

Video Source: Babylonbee, May 2021



[Dumb & Dumber!] Texas Democrats Spread COVID After Fleeing The State In Private Jet, Maskless, Too!

Click Here to watch if video has been removed by YouTube's "community standards."

As one comment read, "If you don't show up for work you get fired." [And hopefully they will! - Webmaster] - Story Source: GeneralDispatch

Video Source: GeneralDispatch



When America Becomes . . . Just Another Customer!

"Welcome to GrrrGraphics. Together we need to reclaim and fight for our rights as enumerated in our Constitution. It’s time to speak out and express our outrage at the growing tyranny of Big Government and the re-emergence of communism." - Ben Garrison
Graphic Source: BenGarrison




Federal Judge Ruled Justice Department Could Not Use A Contractor To Organize Grand Jury Materials Relating To 500 Defendants Who Have Been Charged In The January 6 Capitol Riot." - PJMedia
[What Happens When You Walk Into Nancy's House!] "Capitol 'Rioter' Sentenced To 8 Months, Not Accused Of Assaulting Anyone Or Damaging Property." - ZeroHedge
The Entire Fleet Of Philadelphia's Electric Buses Removed By Authority; Powerful Battery Cracked Vehicles’ Chassis While Battery life Insufficient For Routes. - WattsUpWithThat
"How Many Times A Day Do You Get Calls About Your Car's Warranty? Finally Fed Up With It? This Story Will Do Your Heart Good." - ZeroHedge
What Politically Correct Headlines Accomplish: 47 Churches Burned Or Vandalized – While Canadian Leaders Are Complicit. - WND
California Property Crime Plague Turns Deadly As Employee Tries To Intervene, Shoplifters Murder Him In Cold Blood. - WesternJournal

Young African American Michael Whaley, Former U.S. Marine, Reports Facebook Removed His Video Because He Discouraged Blacks From Following The BLM Movement.

Click Here to watch if taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

"He continued: 'All lives matter. That police officer that got killed by that black man because that black man listened to what y’all were saying about going out and killing white people. That police officer’s life mattered. That 9-year-old girl in Ferguson, Missouri, that got shot in the head while she was doing her homework in a drive-by shooting that none of y’all protested — her life mattered.' Whaley says that many blacks have 'slandered' him and call him an 'Uncle Tom” and “house ni**er.'"

In the video he fires back at the with truth missiles. 'I had drill instructors in boot camp that had better insults than y’all,' he says. 'I’m going to tell you the God’s honest truth. The reason why I don’t have a lot of black supporters is because black people can’t accept the truth about themselves. Black people admitting to the truth is like them snitching on themselves, and black people have this no snitching rule.'" - AmericasFreedomFighters

Video Source: AmericasFreedomFighters

Former Marine, Whaley, Says The U.S. Should Be Like The Military Where Soldiers Are Taught To Be Color Blind.

Wow, to that end maybe Waley should have used the words WERE TAUGHT when looking how fast CRT is being pushed by some U.S. general's, challenging America continuing to have a color blind military.

It will be the country's undoing. A soldier should never be worried about who is watching his back over killing the enemy.

NEVER forget the basic rule of life, which it's not nice to fool Mother Nature. If America falls, it will be the voters who will fall with it. losing freedoms and the neighborhoods their ancestors built and loved for the last 100 years since immigrating to America through Ellis Island.

And that would be justice for those young adults who were wrongly taught for the last two decades by overrun "Red Guard" universities such as Harvard, Yale and Columbia.

Those institutions seemed filled to the brim with hired Marxist professors (Bell, Obama, Cloward & Piven, Ayers) who "nudged" Biden into office believing "uninformed voters would vote for the government their education richly deserved.

But they were never taught it would be their only government from that point on!" - Webmaster


Emails Confirms [Gangster] Hunter Biden Wrote Facebook’s Adam Connor And Had Him Remove Account That Attacked Him. - GatewayPundit

Bill Burr Torches CNN: ‘Treasonous Un-American Pieces Of S***’, Biden ‘A F***ing Bore.’ - DailyWire
Virginia PTA Staffer Faces The Music For Wishing Death On Critical Race Theory Opponents. - PJMedia
[Oops?] Homebuilder Sentiment Slumps To 11-Month Lows, Home buyer Sentiment Worst Ever! - ZeroHedge





Other News Of The Week

Click on graphics below to go to selected videos.

Doctoral Candidate Who . . .
"Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Monday that police know the man who fatally stabbed her and are 'scouring the various homeless encampments downtown' to find him." - DC Clothesline
". . . sought to prove justice system was ‘racist against blacks’ stabbed to death in June by black male in Chicago." - DCClothesline
Not So Great, Are They!
"NFL star Richard Sherman was arrested after trying to force his way into his in-laws' home. Police used a canine to restrain him." - DC Shorts
Footage released of NFL star, Richard Sherman, trying to force his way into his in-laws' home, reported drunk. - DC Shorts
Surprise; Democrat Rep . . .
"Minnesota state Rep. John Thompson alleged he was profiled by a police officer for 'Driving While Black'.  Police released the bodycam video so the viewer can decide" - DC Shorts
". . . pulls "Race Card" on cop after getting pulled over." - DC Shorts






And Then There Is . . .


"Cuban-American UFC Star Digs Up Old Photo Of Kaepernick, Says 'Cowards Like This Fool' Should Be Sent To Cuba."

"In November 2016, Kaepernick was asked why he had chosen to wear a shirt that depicted a brutal dictator.  While he admitted that there was 'oppression' in Cuba, he said the country also had, you know, like, education and stuff." - Western Journal

"As the Cuban people engage in unprecedented mass protests against their authoritarian government, those who have not-so-subtly expressed admiration or even thinly veiled support for the Marxist regime are being called out by Cuban-Americans who know far more acutely just how cruel and wicked the dictatorship is.

This was most certainly the case with UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal, whose father fled Cuba on a raft assembled from discarded tires as a teenager.

Masvidal, while expressing his emphatic opposition to the communist regime on social media, called out famed anthem kneeler Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who peppered his divisive, anti-American protests in 2016 by expressing admiration for longtime Cuban dictator Fidel Castro." - WesternJournal

Photo Source: WesternJournal



As In The Days Before Noah . . .

Interested In A Biblical Warning You Can Hold In Your Hand?

Was the Biden family Biblically allowed into office as a curse on America; trans becomes beauty queen as the mad hatter destroys womens' sports?

"Leyna Bloom, a biological man who identifies as a woman, has become the first openly trans cover model in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue history." - Breitbart

Photo Source: Breitbart

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.







In 1941 they didn't surrender, the "Greatest Generation." - Webmaster

Fascist education of America's college students, by vile Marxist professors hired by many of our universities, has trained them to hate our founders along with those who won WWII, not as heroes but instead as racists.




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Video Source: IBM


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Spainish lifeguard arrested, led away in handcuffs by Hazmat cops for ‘surfing with Coronavirus.’ . Breitbart